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Don't be fooled by this broker they scam people. Am speaking from what they did to me. I made enough profit from them after that they took it all.

Cidy   11 February, 2019  

They are *** brocker. They close orders without my consent .whilst you think you winning you check the account you see they closed long back at a loss. I'm not talking about triggered stop losses, they just close, these ***. Their MT5 account freezes a lot and I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Nqobani   3 January, 2019  

You were right! Trade closed but stop loss not hit. Broker must be a scam. Disappointed

KG   6 March, 2019

I'm so not impressed with XM, spreads are very high, they create false gaps, money disappears from your account and closes trades for no reason.

guest   2 January, 2019  

Im ringing my bank as they have ripped me off the scamming pieces of ***

Terry   3 January, 2019

XM is a *** brocker, i opened and closed a trade with huge profits and i transferred the profit to another account, that profit was frozen later on i was sent emails that my account will be closed and all the money i have made including my own was no where to be paid back to my account. To date they not even responding to my emails.

DM   11 December, 2018  

All is well... Except for the crazy spreads.

Lesang Ngidi   19 July, 2018  

i am a long time with XM, and on my IB account is more than 500 traders, i speak with them on my Facebook, they proof to me there trades, but my commission is reduced drastically. XM have a way of blocking most of the traders on my IB account, so that i dont get commission , only a very small amount. i dont recommend XM. Guys go for HYCM.

Walter Weakley   4 May, 2018  

In general, the trading platform is good, it's simple and I (as a trader) think its features are effective. But execution is not good. I thought their explanations were nothing about their related platform or maybe it was because I couldn't read the documentation carefully. However, I wasn’t able to setup expert advisors properly. And the number of indicators on platform are very limited. This is what makes analysis very difficult. The commissions also are too high. There is not Holy Grail for traders.

Mark_98   20 September, 2017  

Don't get fooled by XM promotions! These are all for advertisement purpose. I opened a live account for the first time, but didn't received the $30. They said you had an account before. Read their terms and conditions first! they say we will give you %50 on your deposit but if you withdraw any amount from your account all the bonuses even previous ones will nullify immediately. It means, you can deposit, you can earn profit but you cannot use your money, It’s ours!

aariapoor   28 August, 2016  

I would say that this is the best broker but sometimes its variable spreads can suddenly become high! Though, it should be mentioned that at average they are really tight. I am trading on standard account. For example the highest average for EURO/RUB is about 0.5 here. I can get the best prices by applying fractional pip pricing with 5 digits. There are really no requotes, no commissions and no hidden costs. I feel relaxed here because I do not expect any unpleasant tricks with order execution or slippage as it can be with other brokers. Sometimes I turn to expert advisor trading. It is rather reliable and reasonable, makes profit for me. I like forex world championship here hold every month. I took part in it once but couldn’t win $50.000. Perhaps I should try again to get to the final round with the prize money amounting to $500.000.

PascalY   25 June, 2016  

You know, I am trading within several brokers so this one is not better or worse compared to the others. Of course to succeed one should be experienced and stay informed of the events influencing the prices but still the options and trading conditions of a broker do matter. So, depositing is quite easy here. Though, you can have some delays in withdrawing and the process itself is rather complicated. The support is not helpful. Perhaps, only beginners can turn to them. I’ve heard that this broker changes its name and that is not a good sign. And the spreads can be high.

freed   1 June, 2016  

The main issue I came up against which was often enough for me to decide on another broker was the execution time on trades. Sometimes they would take 5-10 secs and others just timed out. Although Tech support was generally pretty good...they seemed to be a bit closed eared about this one...

FXYun   25 May, 2015  

Now that's smart investing.
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Good luck everyone!

hebaa   2 February, 2015  

at first they will offer good things to make you interested to open an account with them and make a deposit, but after a few days of trading they will tell you that your account has not been verified even though you can see the status of your account in the control panel. They terminated my account after a week without any further notice. So please take note of this incident and be aware of this broker.

Touhidul   21 May, 2014  

XM is fraud, and web side is closed

Muhammad Imran   9 May, 2014  

they are very good

zaffar janjua   21 November, 2013  

Xemarkets definitely a good broker.I have one std a/c with them.fund and withdraw one time.The real problem is the spread variation.compare with other brokers,the spread is too high.It widens sometimes while the market news time.Every trader in the world trade for a win,not for a loss.If the spread is higher,then how to scalp?how to make profit?.They are regulated ,have a lot of payment methods,especially Liberty Reserve.A lot of people in asia region,using LR to trade forex.Everything is ok with them. 100% bonus is not worth.If they reduce the spread or offer an ECN,they'll become No1 in the world.Because people search for All-in-all forex brokers......

Daya   23 May, 2013  

I closed my sell trades for EurUsd because I had strong signals that Eur will turn bullish.

Elijah   26 July, 2012  

I used their support chat and I was amazed because they answered me in just a seconds.This was excellent!! Hope they will continue to help every trader who is needing a solution in their problem :)

Erika   23 July, 2012  

The widening spread in news affects my open position and no matter if you have Hedged a bad position the widening spread can kill your account! Not recommended!

Herman   23 July, 2012  

They have fast execution with low spread, the customer support are always responding properly to all my questions and concerns.

Monica   10 July, 2012  

tradingpoint will become broker is the best at future..

suherdi   30 January, 2012  

Im a newbie with Trading Point... my comment: so far so good, fast execution & No Reqoute....ALL THE BEST TRADING POINT....:)

Manny Fx Trader   20 November, 2011  

future of forex market tradingpoint

amit bangre   13 November, 2011  

trading-point is the best broker in execution

roni mazumdar   12 November, 2011  

Trading point is cheating for rating.

reza   12 November, 2011  

Trading Point is the best. I cuurently trade with this broker and have no problem at all. no requotes.
Excellent customer service. Fast deposit. I like this broker.

Arif Hossain   11 November, 2011  

best forex broker no requotes
acc no 18907

rajat agarwal   11 November, 2011  

I think Trade- point are the most reliable in the Forex universe.

joel longji   11 November, 2011  

брокер просто супер, безупречное выполнение своих обязательств.

Viktar Zihinau   11 November, 2011  

I like trading-point that is good broker

meyti60   11 November, 2011  

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