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Today I received my money. Thanks XM, although it took 9 days. I would recommend you to withdraw or deposit through instant method only.
  9 Jul 2021  
I did my withdrawal on 26th June, 2021 yet it is not transferred in my Bank. XM has shattered my trust, I will not recommend this broker to anyone ever.
  6 Jul 2021  
Hello everyone today my cash has been deposited in my Bank. Thank XM. Although it took 9 days, I will suggest deposit and withdrawal through instant method.
Afaq Khan   9 Jul 2021
I was interested in using XM as my broker but after reading all these reviews, I'm now sceptical. Approximately 90% of the reviews are bad and XM don't even bother to respond to them like other brokers normally do.
  4 Jul 2021  
Those who use high leverage in XM should be very careful with the spreads opened at night, every trade that is 200 pips away from the SL point becomes a stop. The spread, which is 7 pips during the day, goes up to 100-200 pips at 00:00.
  29 Jun 2021  
This is the reason I went to check their reviews. My profit was floating and I am confused cos no candle came close to my stop but I'm stopped out. I think I leaving them because of that. They can't do this. We can't hold for days now cos of this. I am so disappointed.
Lloyd   29 Jul 2021
Never use this broker, you wont be able to withdraw. It's 3 weeks since I made a withdrawal request and I recieved nothing. Don't fall for this scammers.
  9 Jun 2021  
Have you received the money till now?
Felix Kenneth   28 Jul 2021
I came here before trading with XM to check out reviews but I took my chance and traded with them coz I had no money. I traded the $30 bonus to a profit of $110 & I decided to withdraw $20 to test the waters. On 17/05/2021 I placed my withdrawal & seven days later I still got nothing. So I send an email to support on 25/05 & on 26/05 an account manager called me to further verify me by asking me a couple of questions coz he said I did not deposit before. 27/05 I got my $20. As a new trader I am over the moon. I am not promoting XM or suggesting anybody to use it but this is just my story. If you decide to take a chance with the $30 bonus make sure to carefully read their Ts & Cs.
  27 May 2021  
Xm is the best I traded with their $30 I was on -15$ then after I made $56 then I decided to withdraw $36 just to test the dollars within 24 hours the money was in my account. Let's say Danko.
Alie   3 Jun 2021
Don't even download their app, you will trace with their "free" $30 but when want to cash out they take all of it, even the profit you made, I made over $700 in days of trading when I wanted to with draw a lousy R300 next morning my account was empty, then you have to deal with the snotty costumer service that still has a bagel in his mouth. which lead me to uninstall. Don't waste your patience and hard earned cash.
christian   7 Jun 2021
I saw a lot of comments saying that XM is scam. And I had just started trade with XM. But after I search on Google. I realise that there is 2 website, one is xm.com another is ***. Can I know who can't withdraw which website you guys using?
  21 May 2021  
XM Global, in their emails, state that they trade under the trading name XM. I think it's the same.

Faith   30 May 2021
they own both websites. one catches the novice and one catches the high roller. most companies like this own their opposition or competition. two heads one stomach.
christian   7 Jun 2021
The real one has a trademark "TM".
Josh   9 Nov 2021
I make deposit and it became OBT. then they askad a lot of details. what a lousy service.
  18 May 2021  
I won 78$ in trading with xm, but later I opened metatrader5 in my phone and I saw I lost all money and the balance was negative. so I complain about this fraud xm trading app.
  10 May 2021  
All the bad reviews about XM are lies or maybe you guys just sign up with XM that it's not real. I am a forex trader XM is my broker I haven't been scammed about them and I have 6months bring their clients. You guys just signed up with the wrong one.
Neo   3 Jun 2021
I think most of this comments and bad riviews are lies, because people get paid by other brokers to throw thier rivals to the dirt, xm is a good broker, I admit their spreads are a bit high but overall they are good. I think most of the people here giving bad reviews are other brokers' people.
Johnny   20 Oct 2021
That is not XM that you registered. I have never had problems with them. They work for many, many years.
Draco   16 Nov 2021
Scam this one, I've made a withdrawal three weeks ago and still haven't received my money. XM cannot be trusted, shame.
  6 May 2021  
Hello. I just want to know, did you get the money you invested or did it not really come to your account?
Wendz   23 Jun 2021
Keep away from this broker, have used them a while snd keep making losses even as making profits with other brokers. Traded without stop for a bit then decided to put two stops; within seconds market rally to my stops and reverse. Better go pay a commission to reputable brokers than this.
  5 May 2021  
Very true xm makes sure you lose more than you win. I just dumped this broker when I trade with a stop loss they hunt it with spread and when you don't use a stop loss they widen their spread so u won't hit tp.
Larius   2 Jun 2021
XM is a big scammer, I traded their R347 bonus and made R500 profit, yesterday I tried to withdraw it and today I just got an email telling me I have violated some rules.
  2 Apr 2021  
I used XM. they have $5000 belonging to me, when I try to withdrawal they email yearling me I havn't meet the requirements. That my balance needs to be $10000 before I can withdraw. has anyone ever retrieved their money?
Lisa Amers   12 Apr 2021
I used XM. someone taught me to use it. after depositing many times and trading when I tried to withdraw my funds it says I have to pay the 20% tax. when I paid it the customer service says I have insufficient trading record so I tried to trade again. when I tried to withdraw again it's successful but still the customer service refused my withdraw, says someone is using my account. maybe others have the same xm platform. I think it is a scam different from the xm which is legal.
May   25 Apr 2021
Seems like there 2 XM brokers. I don't know how to differentiate them. One who replied (May on Apr. 25, 2021) described a typical scam situation: request to pay commission for withdrawal that constitutes a sure extorsion. She should report them and file a complaint. So should do everyone with a valid complaint.
LenS   26 Jul 2021
Absolutely a fraud broker. Stop losses don't work. I had put a stop loss and it slipped 20 pips past my stop loss 20 pips and had the money taken. You cannot win as they push you out of you positions.
  3 Mar 2021  
That is normal in forex trading. It also happens when you set tp. With experience, you would know that it's not a fault.
Chikadibia   14 Mar 2021
Same thing happened to me and my account blew they don't care about stop loss and tp.
Larius   2 Jun 2021
Xm is total fraud. They take all your money during trading and crash fake stock online markets until your account balance is negative. That happened to me, I lost 10000$ in 2 minutes. after my total stock balance is zero, market again go to original position in 2 minutes. highly recommended everyone to stay away from these cheaters and make complaints again them.
  23 Feb 2021  
I worked with XM since last 3 years. Never faced such problem. Yes, you may have used maximum leverage to open trades and entered at a wrong time. There are timing slots, when even experts should avoid taking trade in market. And there are timings after which if you enter, you hardly book a loss, unless really do something very hardly.
Syed Razi Uddin Ahmad   25 Feb 2021
Been doing forex trade for quite some time now with this trader. Easy withdrawal and if you made a good judgement on a transaction, the profit will be up for taking immediately. Good place for intermediate to advance trader, just wish if they can improve on their graph. A bit hard to read and predict.
  4 Feb 2021  
I can't trust xm anymore. I deposited money and I made so much money but when i wanted to withdraw they said I have violated the rules. I don't recommend xm anymore amd they took all my money.
  29 Jan 2021  
I've been trading on XM and there trades lag whenever I have made profits that are half the money I used to fund my account. The lag is for a minute or two. By the time the lag ends i would be in the red- with a blown account. I'm shutting down XM. XM trades against you.
  28 Jan 2021  
They took money without my permission send via BTC to another account that is not belong to me. Choose very carefully your broker, I do not recommend to use XM.
  24 Dec 2020  
They don't use BTC for deposit and withdraw money.
Draco   16 Nov 2021
I made a withdrawal over a week ago and i still haven't received my money in my bank account. but The deposit takes a mater of few seconds to happen. i'm very unhappy with that i can't get money back now. called the bank and they said no money has been sent to my account from XM. stay away from this broker. it will end in tears.
  24 Nov 2020  
I wish I came to this review site before I started trading with with those scammers. I was trying to withdraw R1800 today and was told i violated rules. They use people to trade for them and steal their money when we try to make withdrawals.I wanna sue them or something. Why aren't we doing anything about this we all have the same complaints.

Mo   8 Jan 2021
XM for me is a genuine broker. First they offer 30$ bonus and trust me this is the best in the industry since they have a very few conditions to meet for profit withdrawls. second, They dont charge any % for all deposits and withdrawals and moreover the withdrawal are very fast as compared to other brokers. They have a very huge options for CFD tradings. Overall, I have used XM for 5 years now and I am a very happy client. I also use FxPro and HotForex sometimes, they are also better.
  24 Nov 2020  
They will offer you a free $30 no deposit bonus and the account become profitable you will received an email that you violated rules without an explanation. If you asked their chat agent you ended up talking to a robot.
  23 Nov 2020  
Please read the T&S properly,
Sanjog   24 Nov 2020
I got the bonus traded and made $61 profits then the moment I withdrew it I got an email that said I have viloted section b of the terms and conditions of the broker.

philani   29 Nov 2020
I opened a standard account with xm and the spreads for currency pairs are way too high. then I opened an ultra low account still all I see is fixed spreads but when you review their services they say they offer tight spreads.
  12 Nov 2020  
I haven't recieved my withdrawal, it's been a whole week (7 days) now. XM isn't a trustworthy broker for real. The transaction says "approved" but there is no action that has been made. they're 100% scammers.
  30 Oct 2020  
Siphiwe, did you finally get your money? Your response is crucial because I want to fund.
Forex Gump   15 Nov 2020
I withdrew my money and xm decided to terminate my account and took all the profits I made now I have nothing on my platform. Xm is a broker you no longer have to trust.
  29 Oct 2020  
I would like to warn all South Africans about XM. I made $750 from that $30 promo when I sent withdrawal request my account was freezed and I was told someone close to my I.P (let say it was my neighbors) uses XM too, my question is how do I avoid this? So must I go around and tell neighbors not to use my broker?
Parol   14 Oct 2021
I withdrew 2 times, I did not receive my money even today.
  23 Oct 2020  
Try withdrawal using the "local bank transfer" option, it's works for SAn bank accounts, you won't regret it.
Pieceofmind   23 Nov 2020
XM closes my trades while I'm still making profits.
  19 Oct 2020  
I have deposited my money in xm. But in trading sl and tp don't work. They guide to use lots from 0.10 and above no low that. Bad broker ever.
  16 Oct 2020  
Xm didnt't allow me to place more than 2 oders. stop loss doesnt work, even take profit.
  7 Oct 2020  
Xm closes my winning trades, bad broker, don't trust them.
  2 Oct 2020  
Xm automatically closes all your winning trades, but keeps your losing trades running. Run away from Xm.
  30 Sep 2020  

XM Group (XM) stands as a conglomerate of online brokers, meticulously regulated and dedicated to providing a plethora of trading opportunities for investors globally. The inception of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd in 2009 marked the beginning of XM’s journey, subsequently...

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