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Review Rating - 4
This is definitely right place for right start. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can choose from five different accounts. By trading variety of currency pairs simultaneously, I have no limits in margin because all positions can be hedged. 300 bucks on account enough to cover all requirements due to high level of leverage. Actually, this is a minimum balance to get new account. About bad things, I think spreads too high. Eurusd is from 2 points during flat market. It is above than most brokers offer. Therefore, I can cover these "expenses" by more accurate market entrance. Actually, it's not a problem if you can switch to ECN without spreads. Just get ready to take $1000 from your pocket.

Review Rating - 2
My father was a businessman in the US. He wanted me to continue his work but I loved sculpting instead of scalping :) It has changed... I love my dad as well. I want to follow his ghost. Did you know that 3TGBrokers does scalping too? Uh it's exciting! I truly don't understand why isn't 3TG much better known on the market. It's definitely only a question of time for them to become as successfull as my father was... and I'll stay by their side as a trader... or as a rich sculptor.

Review Rating - 1
I use their ecn account for 3 months. I can scalp there which is not so common...

Review Rating - 1
I like RHO managed account running there

Review Rating - 1
Among brokers providing ECN system I would advise to choose 3TG FX. I enjoyed their conditions

Review Rating - 1
3TG FX is a good and reliable market maker. I like their tight spreads and execution becomes more better. Minimum requotes is also important. Good.