eXcentral Reviews and Comments 2020

I have put 250$ and not doind anything yet as I'm new to it. But reading those negative reviews I'm not sure I did a right thing. Will I be able to get my money back? Now I'm worried.

Jack   26 March, 2020  

Following the advice of my account manager I ended up losing more than 2000 euros (almost 400 of which was costs!) in no time. It was a real.fight to finally close the account (took more than two weeks) and when I was finally able to convince the account manager that I was serious about terminating the account he went from being friendly to extremely RUDE! Be careful! they tell.you that if you make a withdrawal requsest it will be in your bank account the next day which is just not true. I feel lucky that I got out. This was a very stressful and upsetting experience my advice: think carefully before getting involved with this company!

Maurice   13 March, 2020  

I was scammed. They set many rules to set me up for withdrawal request. It makes extremely difficult to pay my money back.

Victim   3 March, 2020  

I have just deposit $250 and I think I was scammed. Just send a withdraw request I hope I can get my money back.

Danubia Reinjak   17 February, 2020  

My advise is stay away from these people.

Mpume Mbatha   1 March, 2020

We have been requesting a refund for weeks now, no success. They do advertise one can request your money back within 30 days. and they charge $80 for not trading. We just want our money back.

Leezel Joubert   10 February, 2020  

I opened account, but due to time differences my manager was only available at 9 pm in evening to 5 am next morning, this was hopless asked for refunв, hope they are ligimate company and pay back.

Graeme ONeill   11 February, 2020

account manager doest not have any knowledge in trading market. my 12000 usd is gone in just 10 days with bankrupt. don't trust this platform.

Rajaram   25 January, 2020  

Been trading with them for a month now, and I'm very happy with the service. The most important thing for me is to be able to reach my Account Manager whenever I need it, and for my money to be safe. And all of that is good here!

Valentine   16 January, 2020  

I registered but didnt deposit as I wanted time to research. All comments thus far are negative except this one. Is it legit?

Janille   1 March, 2020

Hi guys, I've been searching for testimonials and reviews to establish whether this company is legit before making my investment. Thanks for sharing, and preventing me from making the same mistake. Plse post on social media. I see that they have a facebook presence.

Rusaan   7 January, 2020  

Same happened to me. They don't even respond to my request of reversing my deposit. Think this is a very very big scam. How do we go about and tell it in on social forums to warn others.

Adri   28 December, 2019  

Same happened to me. Feel ripped off. I'd be lucky to get US$170 back. Wish I'd read these reviews before making first deposit. Companies like these should be banned.

Raul   16 March, 2020

I opened a account and after a couple of days decided not to trade and asked that my deposit must be reversed into my credit card. Then they started to bombard me with posts, that i must do at least 2 trades before they pay back whats left. Its thiefing and corrupt. I will do my utmost best to report eXcentral to Google and social media.

Daniel de Vries   11 December, 2019  

I opened an account but then decided I don't want to trade anymore. As with Daniel de Vries I got the same message that I have to trade before they can refund me. If I don't trade there they will deduct $80 of my $250 which I paid in initially. I'm not happy!

Brenda Day   26 December, 2019

I have just deposit $250 and I think I was scammed. Just send a withdraw request I hope I can get my money back.

Anson   28 December, 2019

Did they deduct their several kinds of charge? So could you get whole money back?

Victim   3 March, 2020

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