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Review Rating - 2
Dear Mike. Our company constantly improves it's services. If you face with any difficulty, please, don't hesitate to contact us and provide your trading account number. We will do our best to help you. Sincerely, RoboForex.

Review Rating - 2
It was funny to read the beneficial feature of this broker - free withdrawal of funds twice a week. Most brokers refuse the commissions and here I should wait those two magic days to make only one withdrawal free of charge. I doubt it will help because even with fees I had problems paying out and that lasted for almost a week.

Review Rating - 2
Dear Masood Hussain. The funds were transferred to your account 2774725. This info can always be found in the commentary of the balance operation. Please avoid spreading false and misleading statements about the company. Sincerely, RoboForex

Review Rating - 3
i am here to discuss about a broker roboforex. My roboforex Account number is 5161813. this broker is worst broker i have seen they have eaten my profit and my own investment as well i deposit 3k and i earned 6k
but now this broker is not giving me not my profit nor my deposit back. it's been few days now and i am still waiting for withdrawal. this sluggish and dishonest broker transferred my funds in someone else account and now saying that we cant do anything. even they don't have any regulation so i can claim my funds back. i have never seen this kind of bad brokerage. they have eaten my funds in front of me and now they are just giving me lame excuses.
the thing is i cant do anything i don't know where to go and have my funds back. i am writing here for other peoples .please do not conduct business with roboforex this broker is scam broker they just want deposit they won't give any withdrawal if you are making money with them.

Review Rating - 2
Overall this broker has good conditions, suitable platform and good customer support. Account openning are very quick and easy. Also has different bonuses and contests that makes trading even more interesting.

Review Rating - 1
Me too, I also using this broker to make money online except liteforex and Mayzus. Robo forex pretty fair.

Review Rating - 2
I'm very satisfied with RoboForex so far. Have been trading with them for more than four years. I had to address the customer support only once three years ago to ascertain the details of partnership program. The trading conditions are very comfortable. Never had any problems with profit withdrawal.

Review Rating - 2
RoboForex is a very good dealing center. I like its partnership program and the system of trades copying. I'm not yet a highly experienced trader myself, but can select trades to copy from. I try to choose from the top ones and always get some profit as a result.

Review Rating - 2
It is just a pleasure to trade the ECN accounts with RoboForex. The spread is lower on ECN, by the way. I haven't connected my account to the rebate program yet, but I'm going to. Have been trading with the broker for almost half a year so far. Today I've ordered my sixth profit withdrawal, so I'm thinking of going on trading with them for a long time.

Review Rating - 1
Dear Terro.

Situation was solved few days ago and money was debeted on your trading account. Problem was from payment system's side. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Sincerely, RoboForex

Review Rating - 2
I made a deposit 7 days ago using my credit card ( which is supposed to be processed immediate),the are still not reflecting on my account. I send them emails and proof ( bank statement ) that my bank account credited with the deposit amount and roboforex name on it. The last time they responded was 6 days ago when they said they are investigating. They have not responded to any of my emails after that...

Review Rating - 2
Dear Sherif.

Unfortunately, the company can not be held responsible for market influence to traders' decisions.
Roboforex only offers the service which helps investors to find traders and is trying to make system the simplest and clearest.

If you have any suggestions how to improve the system CopyFX - Please, write us.
Thank you for your feedback!

Sincerely, RoboForex

Review Rating - 4
Roboforex is strange, they offer COPYFX where u can follow a successful trader automatically. Everytime I subscribe to one of their top rated traders I lose money, it is weird. At last, I opened a cents account (they offer that stupid service) deposited 10 USD which is 1000 cents and had 8USD which is 800 cents, so my balance was 1800 cents approx., I followed their top rated cents trader and lost that too :) U can't win with their COPYFX system, there seems to be something weird and of course there is the usual disclaimer that 'Past performance is not indicative of future performance' bla bla bla

Review Rating - 1
Started to work with RoboForex recently, interesting company. Good broker, like them. Very fast withdrawal!

Review Rating - 1
If Roboforex almost bankrupt they must stop accept deposits and start only withdrawals! But it seems they really try to escape with all money.

Review Rating - 5
Unfortunately, the "black PR" virus that infected the medium of the Forex brokers on the Internet has affected and our company.
Undoubtedly, it is very flattering that our company is considered a strong opponent, since we became the object of such obvious informational (or rather dis-informational) blackmail.

Despite this, we are not planning to justify ourselves by the groundless accusations against our company, but they cannot be overlooked and we must give a few appropriate comments:

1. Concerning the before-mentioned website and the published information on it, all we want to say it is that it is a collection of disinformation with unjustified hypothesis and utter lies, without any feasible objectives that are followed by the makers of this resource.

2. The appearance of such information by this time on several Internet sites under different nicknames, which use fake IP addresses, indicates that it's obviously done by hired persons and is designed to hurt the company's image in the eyes of the customer, without any argumentation and providing specific facts. The persons who are performing such kind of dis-informational activities should not forget about some very specific sanctions of the criminal law of CIS and European countries that are sure to follow their illegal activities.

We recommend that the administrators of website to check the IP addresses and nicknames, from whom the reports have been sent and draw conclusions and take action.

We sincerely hope that Forex-Ratings is a well-respected and professional web-resource, and not a place for false and not verified reports, but a platform on which customers can solve a real dispute or make a comment on the work of our company.

3. We are sincerely sorry if the current financial situation of the company Forex4you is so badly that she made such a desperate step and has used such a Black PR.
It is also possible that everything that happens is planned by third parties in form to cause a conflict between our company and Forex4you.

4. The RoboForex group of companies are robust, financially stable and smooth day-to-day operations prove it with our actions, not only in words:

- We received the European licence in Cyprus and will be announcing in the near future of the second license.
- We are a truly international company and recognized by the clients from over 144 countries.
- We continuously launch new projects to our list of products and services, and only in the past year, we introduced,, and projects.
- Moreover, this month we will be running a new and ambitious project of social trading platform called, which enjoys great popularity among the customers in the countries of the CIS and Russia.

In other words, while other companies make us "black PR" unsuccessfully trying to interfere with our business, we will continue to implement new and even more ambitious and exciting projects.

Best wishes,
RoboForex Team

Review Rating - 1
Be careful!!!
Roboforex is almost bankrupt and under international investigation because of cheating with clients funds and trading.
here see the articles:

Review Rating - 1
Sometimes it is very difficult to connect with their server especially when a market is active.

Review Rating - 1
Is this a scam forex??? im not sure??. If you fail deposit from paypal, you should ask the paypal costomer service first then to roboforex.

Review Rating - 1
Best Broker forex now! ,Very fast execution and withdrawal

Review Rating - 2
Dear Satria.
We suggest you contact the support service PayPal, to find out all the details of your payment. On our side, no receipts to your account from PayPal did not have to give any more information on this issue we can not afford.
Sincerely, RoboForex

Review Rating - 3
Beware of Realy BIG SCAMMER
Roboforex scamm. Beware of this broker.
I made deposit yesterday by paypal. it's succeed payment but on roboforex account status was not performed. and I try contact suppert by ticket and they say Your deposit 2013-08-21 12:52:06 Not performed
You can try one more time.
It was credited from my paypal account and they told me to try one more time???

here is from support ticket
[Question] paypal deposit
# XDA-618063
Department Live Support
Created 22.08.2013 12:07
Updated 22.08.2013 17:21
Status Closed
2013/08/22 12:07:50 - -edited-
Account Number: 4004996

Message: I made deposit yesterday via paypal. please check and process asap.
2013/08/22 17:21:11 - #1 Customer Support

Your deposit 2013-08-21 12:52:06 Not performed
You can try one more time.
Sincerely yours, RoboForex

they closed ticket and I cant answer to respond
and the day after all my support ticket gone, fortunaly I still have some ticket on my email

Review Rating - 1
Small spreads, good trade conditions, excelent withdrawal - very good forex broker

Review Rating - 2
Its very pleasure to see our earnings , that the same day we ask for a withdrawal . forex market is always a risky one. if, our broker refuses to give our earnings , then what can we do for it? in this way ,roboforex is good now. enough spread , fast execution , instant payment . nobody knows about the future. at this moment , they are very good........

Review Rating - 1
I'm happy. They are workig with scalpers without problem. Very fast execution! Thank you for advertising roboforex