Admiral Markets Reviews & Comments 2018

Check out their Forex Calendar if you trade the news - the handiest thing on the Internet!

Ethan Melua   9 January, 2018  

There are plenty of online brokers out there, but Admiral Markets is one those that have everything you need in one place.

Ward Corey   13 December, 2017  

I joined Admiral Club some time ago and am now able to withdraw cash rewards just in time for Christmas. What an amazing gift for myself!

Henry Pitre   22 November, 2017  

I had my doubts looking to invest more, but Admiral Markets’ personal offer exceeded my expectations!

Silvia Kowalski   16 November, 2017  

If you are, or you ever meet someone who is interested in getting into trading forex, Admiral Market's 'Forex 101'-series is the furthest you/they need to look. Insightful, succinct and fun, this series will give you/them all the basics of forex trading and most likely inspire you/them to go on to study the topic further and start trading yourself/themselves.

Justas Petronis   30 October, 2017  

Admiral Markets has made trading fun for me - their awesome video tutorials are a great way to learn how to play around on the MT4.

Patrik Novak   27 September, 2017  

I'm currently on step 2 of the Admiral Market’s “Forex 101” course. Making good progress! It's so informative!

Leigh Woods   13 September, 2017  

I like my trading experience to be both stimulating and safe. There's no better broker for that than AM - whilst being able to trade so many instruments with wide-ranging leverage, I also have a peace of mind due to AM's FCA accreditation.

Tobias Roscoe   29 August, 2017  

I enjoy being part of Admiral Markets' network and have nothing to complain about. A secure and reliable broker I feel very confident about.

John Davis   18 August, 2017  

Admiral Markets certainly have one of the speediest and friendliest customer support teams I've ever encountered. You're doing a great job!

Niilo Schermer   28 July, 2017  

Admiral Markets never fail to surprise with the choice of instruments to trade. They've just added four cryptocurrencies. Wow!

Samuel Bonson   19 July, 2017  

I really appreciate all the tutorials on Forex indicators available in MetaTrader 4. I was finally able to learn everything about the features I'm using. Thank you, Admiral Markets!

Lance Davey   27 June, 2017  

I'm still using my demo account, planning to go live in a couple of weeks. I just wanted to say that thanks to Admiral Markets I learned everything I know about trading. Check out their articles, tutorials, and webinars.

Jan Daley Katz   9 June, 2017  

The webinars are just amazing! I'm following them religiously and I always learn something new! Thanks Admiral Markets!

Garfield Lagunov   25 May, 2017  

I'm always on the go so I was searching for a broker that offered mobile trading. I chose Admiral Markets and trust me, I was not dissapointed.

Hayim Duarte   17 May, 2017  

I started out as a newbie, and now I'm... still a newbie, but with a far greater understanding of the forex :) Thx 2 Admiral Markets!

Enzo Jimmie   28 April, 2017  

There are many brokers like Admiral, but none of them are exactly like it. I've yet to see trading education that would compare with Admiral's. Comprehensive, clear, insightful, everything I'm looking for in a broker. 5 stars!

Rex Corey   18 April, 2017  

I wanted to get into trading for a long time. Read a lot of books and articles on these topics, and this is how I came across Admiral Markets. They're articles really opened my eyes on a lot of different aspects of trading that I never paid attention to. Made demo account with them, tried it for a few weeks. I liked the experience well enough that I created a real account. Working out so far!

Tim Courrier   29 March, 2017  

It's not always that you come across the broker with a can-do attitude. Thankfully, I found out about Admiral from my friend who's been trading with them for quite a while, and now I'm trading them too! Can't say much other than I'm grateful for these past months. I feel like I'm on an another level entirely, trading-wise. Feels awesome!

Sigfrido   16 March, 2017  

Education section from Admiral Market is a must read! I really have been enjoying their blogs and articles. Recommended to everybody!

George_Finch   27 February, 2017  

Beginner here! Thanks to Admiral Markets, I was able to considerably widen my knowledge about forex. I can now understand charts, specific market news, etc. I'm not an expert YET, but I'm getting there.

Diederick_Rose   18 February, 2017  

My top choice. Really satisfied with everything they've given and taught me so far. I wasn't a newbie back when I started, but I still learned so many things thanks to them! Webinars, seminars, blogs, etc. - what a great find. Please, go check it right now!

Nathan   24 January, 2017  

Really impressive rate of winning trading signals. Their FX automated signals probably the most required must-have feature for all level of experience. No time is spent on research and market analysis. It's automated, fast and accurate. I use zulutrade network as an option but mql signals are also available for mt4 platform. It has been helpful for me placing automated trades based on profitable strategies of savvy traders. Money management module available as well.

betways1990   18 January, 2017  

A good, reliable broker that I hadn't had a single problem with so far! I had some issues with my previous brokers, mostly to do with withdrawing funds, but with Admiral Markets, it is going fast and smooth.

Slyvester   10 January, 2017  

Thanks to Admiral, I started following Nenad kerkez on twitter, got many great advice and recommendations from him, now I understand trading and earned something as well.

Louie_Goodwin   21 December, 2016  

With Admiral Markets, I felt I was a like a real trader! I started thanks to their Zero To Hero program, which is a web course, and when I finished I opened a demo account and then a real account. I've been trading for a couple of weeks now and so far so good! Can't say I've made much but I'm just getting started.

Ted_Barclay   8 December, 2016  

Very good spreads and great on-line support, at least from my experience, make me a happy trader with Admiral markets. Also, their superb technical & fundamental sections add strength to my trading balance.

Sidney_Gardyner   27 November, 2016  

My acquaintance recommended them to me, and since he is a trader whose advice I trust, I decided to give Admiral Markets a chance. Boy am I glad I did. Before that, I was going through a few brokers and was never completely satisfied with what they had to offer. Admiral Markets gives the whole package: the service, the conditions, the support. Really great overall!

Brady_Boothman   22 November, 2016  

Before you trade with any broker, definitely read up on their licenses and regulation. Some brokers may try to hide it or make this information inaccessible. Admiral Markets put all the details in plain view, which is definitely the way to go. If you're a new trader, AM is a good choice. I myself first started with demo account, even though I was experienced at the time already, but I advise everybody to get the feel of trading through demo account first.

Martin   27 October, 2016  

I'm not what they call a novice trader, and I've tried many brokers in my days. I don't really have a ranking system for them, but if I did, Admiral would easily be Top 3. I won't go as far as saying they put their customers above their profit (they're brokers, after all), but they really put nice effort. They were really helpful back when I started, and their customer support is top-notch.

Olev_Cleveland   5 October, 2016  

Would you like to know if Admiral Markets is trustworthy? Many traders are afraid of opening an account with the 'wrong' company, as they have heard enough about the bucket shops and fraudulent activities in the field of currency trading. However, most of the forex companies are in fact secure, with responsible and honest operational practices; it is just important to choose the FX broker right.

Along with other factors that need to be taken into consideration, the potential client should get acknowledged with reviews of traders already registered with Admiral Markets. Of course, the reviews can be of different kind, positive as well as negative, as it is unreal to find a broker matching everyone's expectations. But, taking a notice of the ratio between good and bad impressions, you can understand and conclude for yourself, whether this broker is credible.

Our team sees that the traders' reviews published with us are objective, realistic and do not contain any advertisement or subvertisement on Admiral Markets.

Admiral Markets
Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is a leading online trading provider, offering trading with Forex and CFDs on stocks, indices, precious metals and energy. The broker currently counts more than 94000 active clients and a total monthly trading volume of $50 billion. In 2011 alone, the Admiral Markets Group...

Regulation: EFSA (Estonia); FCA (United Kingdom); ASIC (Australia); CySEC (Cyprus).

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