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If you want to deposit everything is ok, it's really fast. But if you want to withdraw, then it all starts! You have to verify your account (strange you don't need to verify it when depositing). To verify my address, I sent them: the backside of my government-issued ID with address - rejected; utility bill for electricity - rejected; bank statement for last month - rejected. The same documents that are accepted by FCA/ASIC/CySEC brokers are not good enough for this offshore, dodgy broker! It's all clear now: they do NOT want you to withdraw and they do everything to keep your money!

Milan   21 October, 2019  

Do not use them. They will easily close your account! Give hard time with withdrawls aswell. Take your money elsewhere.

Hector   4 October, 2019  

I made some great money and I withdrew 5K from the bitcoin method, its been over 4 days and the only response I've gotten is "Give it 1-24 hours for the relevant department to review". Super frustrating even tho I like this broker

Hussein   9 September, 2019  

Long-term work in the forex market is already a big plus in favor of FXGLORY. Good trading conditions, the possibility of training on a demo account also attract customers. Technical support works, almost around the clock, respond quickly and on business. Started working here with minimal deposit. Not in a hurry to increase due to large sums. Risks are minimized.

Sam   12 August, 2019  

FXGlory is an amazing broker. It has changed my life. Their withdrawals are absolutely perfect. I have been using PAYPAL as my withdrawal method and once i submit the withdrawal request, it is in my paypal the next day. FXGlory has made me financially independent.

Syed   29 August, 2018  

This is a lie. FXGlory takes funds and deny withdrawal request.

FX Glory Trader   20 September, 2019

Terrible the worst forex broker out their I have had profits taken away saying I couldn’t trade during news releases. Now I’ve waited two months two withdraw $5k still have yet to be paid out stay far away.

Matt   7 April, 2018  

Wich leverage is on your account at FxGlory? I Just chattet with them and they said that news trading is allwed but only with an account leverage of 1:100

Sven Mueller   24 May, 2018

This broker is made for professional traders or for new traders who desire to become good at trading currencies. I tried some brokers regulated buy FCM and NFA, but fxglory is providing excellent services and I'm planning to replicate all my results on metals and futures with them. I want to ask any member of this forum to give me feedback about trading spots on precious metals and futures through fxglory. Thanks in forward.

Love2trade   27 March, 2017  

I almost ignored FxGlory due to negative reviews on some websites.My friend encouraged me to try FxGlory and showed me proof of his repeated withdrawals.Ijoined in 2014and have been trading with them and my account is growing by the months.I started my account from just 3 figure equity now to 6 figure equity.What I do monthly is to withdraw 50% of my monthly profits.I get my withdrawal paid without delay. Now I use both NETELLER and PAYPAL to make withdrawals. It is too unfair to violate violate user`s agreement and then move from forum to forum calling good brokers like FxGlory names.

bandbforex   14 December, 2016  

FxGlory is a broker that I am proud to recommend to both new and professional traders. Those that complain are the ones having problems observing the terms and conditions. I like the excellent customer support services rendered by this broker and their fast processing of payment transactions (both withdrawal and deposit).

successpower   19 November, 2016  

As I am an amateur Forex trader, I was searching for differences between Forex accounts in Forex brokerage. Some brokers such as Exness.com or Fxdd.com has not Islamic account or swap free but some others such as Fxglory.com or Alpari.com has got these type of accounts. What are the benefits of a swap free account in compare with a no swap free account?

tomsmart2001   21 October, 2016  

I changed from my old brokers to FxGlory two years ago based on recommendations from my friends. I like them for the following reasons: * acceptance of paypal; *effective customer support; *negligible slippages, *Timely processing of my withdrawal. All these and many more are what makes me to prefer FxGlory above. other brokers that I have ever used. The conditions around their 50% bonus is more friendly than what I found elsewhere.

successpower   23 November, 2016

Have you ever faced the cancellation of profit from account? I did it! That’s my earning! And this broker just decided to cancel it! It did not even refuse the deal. Everything was agreed but when the deal occurs to be with profit they say there is a breach of client agreement. Why then was not trading interrupted? Why did not they respond at once? Moreover I do not agree. There isn’t any breach and they do not even hear what I am saying. The trader has no rights at all here! Stay away from FX Glory! – that is my conclusion.

Z.Molz   1 July, 2016  

I have been with FxGlory for over 2 years now and I have not experienced such problems. The fact remains that traders must play by the rules(terms and conditions that bind their trading on any brokerage platform). I always familiarize myself with rules and that is why I don`t have problems with FxGlrory. The only business with business is business, and as such, we cannot infringe with impunity.

successpower   28 November, 2016

I had same bad experience with this broker and they scammed 2k6USD after I gain this profit. Just wanted to warn people for this Scam broker: FXGlory. I has been got profit 2600$ in my balance. When I try to withdraw 600$ they do disable my account. And throw me an email that say: Your account is disabled according to user agreement part 5 paragraph 4 which you signed while your registering electronically : Part V: Fraudulent activities and prohibited transactions I had same bad experience with this broker and they scammed 2k6USD after I gain this profit.

boy_pr86   26 September, 2015  

I'm glad with you guys, till date I have no problem.

Maxx   14 April, 2015  

Have been trading with this broker for over an year now, only problem i had was that address verification was delaed, everything works perfect.

Jacek   6 April, 2015  

I prefer fxglory with its goood offers and conditions. Mostly i use their free VPS and it's working perfectly

roger   3 April, 2015  

I'm totally satisfied with this broker. I trade with anothers too before. Fxglory is the best one as I see by now.

akifujimoto   3 April, 2015  

I am so happy I took my profit. Thank you guys for a good job!

Jim Mcmilan   13 March, 2015  

Hello I deposited 300$ last week and got 150% bonus. I made profit on EUR/USD and now I am going to withdraw. Let me see what happens then. I hope I will not have difficulties with withdrawal. I will be in touch soon.

Jim Mcmilan   12 March, 2015  

be careful. Scalpers MUST hold their o.r.d.e.r.s open for 5 minutes or longer. they removed alot of money from my account stating the trades were not open for the 5 minutes.

Charles   10 March, 2015  

I have been trading in fxglory for 5 months now and have no complaints. I am fully satisfy with their service

Alexander   4 March, 2015  

wow i cant wait to see my profit and widtraw it

lenne   3 March, 2015  

what i like most here is that u can start trading with very little money. I deposited 5 dollars for my first time.

Andrew   27 February, 2015  

I registered real account in jan 2014. Yeah spread is not too low but still can make money.

Martin   23 February, 2015  

I deposited hugh amount and after reading negative posted i was wondering about my money but luckily I could withdraw my money + profit less than 2h. so, i got my money + i got it so fast :) Do not worry

Karlis Gutmanis   20 February, 2015  

mi piace questo broker, perch

Bertuzzi   17 February, 2015  

mi piace questo broker, perch

Bertuzzi   17 February, 2015  

I like this broker the most. Clear rules, good offers. always ready to help clients.

Thomas Masche   17 February, 2015  

Hi man... I tried many brokers before. At last I found Fxglory! I've had lots of transactions there. Believe me I can differ a scam broker from an honest one. This broker is transparent. And the main thing is I've never had any delays in withdrawals.

Thomas McDorman   10 February, 2015  

I think best services,fast process,very good support,

david   5 August, 2013  

Their support is always ready! i have real account with them not bad broker.Their registration process is so quick and simple.

elli   4 June, 2013  

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FxGlory brokerage is the only brokerage in the world which presents the leverage of 1:3000 for the small amount of deposit. Though, we do not charge our clients for this service. The spread offered by the broker ranges from 2 to 10. Also, the trades of our clients are automatically connected to a...

Regulation: IFSA

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