ProfitiX Reviews & Comments 2019

what's the update, tan?

mark   15 October, 2019  

Hi Mark. Yes. Finally received. But it really take a lot of time and effort. You need to keep chasing their online chat and helpdesk until I get so angry that I add VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, Discover (the credit card companies) in the cc list of my email. What I know is that you only have 90 days to request for a charge back through your bank. Please keep all evidences of your conversation with them. For the losses, which was created by their broker James, they say they will help me make back through the market. Let wait and see what action they will take. For deposit, I was shocked that my latest credit card statement reflect an advance fee of $171.79 and $257.68 and finance charges of $78.67. The previous and latest credit card statement reflect that the transaction go to 2 different companies. Previous statement reflect "RaveByFlutterwave Lekki NG" but latest one reflect "Profitix Victoria Isla NG". That is as good as 7% of my deposit for the fee! I will keep you updated. What i feel is their brokers are too eager for deposit and keeping you in the company and making you to trade perhaps due to their company commission structure for their brokers.

Tan   17 October, 2019

Good. May I ask what is the withdrawal amount?

Boon Wee   18 October, 2019

I withdraw all my remaining balance and closed the account after chasing them for 3 weeks. My broker James Warren once told me that I can only withdraw 1 to 2% of the Free margin every month unless i have a contract with them then can withdraw 3 to 4% of the free margin per month. For the last 5k deposit I made with them, my broker promised that I can withdraw back this 5k within a week, but after that he went missing and contactable. I made a request to withdraw this amount but helpdesk say I cant because of open trades. When my broker James finally reappear claiming that he was involved in a motorbike accident, I told him that I want to close my account and withdraw all my money, he told me his finance department only allow to withdraw 5k per month and ask me to continue to trade. There seem to be no standard on this. The best is to keep away from this company.

Tan   21 October, 2019

Bunch of sums, I came across this George guy he wanted me to put thousands of dollars when I refused he messed with my account giving me very high spreads up to 154 pips. I sent them an email requesting to close my account and withdraw my money they said they will submit the request and would take some time but I just have to wait and see. I would never deal with them again and would not want anyone else to.

Mano   7 October, 2019  

Their usual trick to increase the spread. They are acting like daylight robbers.

Boon Wee   7 October, 2019

Hello Mano, have you already made a withdrawal request on your ProfitiX client area? Or have you submitted the necessary documents needed to verify your account? If yes, please leave your details below for us to check the status of your account.

ProfitiX   9 October, 2019

They guys are full of liars they didn't return my money yet.

Ankush Bhardwaj   7 October, 2019  

Hello Ankush, please leave your details below, including the date when you made your withdrawal request on your ProfitiX client area. This is for us to check the status of your account. You can also reach us at

ProfitiX   9 October, 2019

Dear Profitix, i made a request on 17 Sep to withdraw my money but till now i have not receive it. Previous time i tried to made a withdrawal, you say i can't because of my open trade (very interesting as i still have quite a big free margin). Now that i closed all position and want to close my account, my broker James Warren say i can only withdraw 5k per month. Can you explain?

Tan   27 September, 2019  

Hello Tan, Please leave your details below for us to check the status of your account. You can also reach us via email at

ProfitiX   30 September, 2019

Hi Profitix, I have been contacting you all through online chat many times, but my withdrawal is still pending.

Tan   1 October, 2019

Dear Profitix, At 8:11 pm (Singapore time) last night, Your live chat, Rene Corin say "As checked the last update we received from the finance team is they are an alyzing your trading history to complete the process of your withdrawal request. I will again have them informed that you followed up for your request today for them to update you." What has your an alyzing of my trading history got to do with me receiving my withdrawal?

Tan   2 October, 2019

Dear Profitix, after chasing you for so many times, finally you came back with a termination letter for me to sign. In your termination letter, you put a sentence "i will accept, with my full knowledge and responsibility, the possible fees that might arise as i did not fulfill my obligations towards the company". May I know what obligations are you taking about? You put a general statement and ask me to sign! I have not even ask you why your broker James Warren can ask me to open a trade and ask me to set a take profit level that resulted in a loss? For example the one which are open on 10 Jul and 30 Jul resulting in a loss of USD 201.17 and USD 323.13 respectively. There are a few others resulting in losses of 90.71, 66.59, 179.79, 108.25, 110.56 and more. Is this a scam?

Tan   3 October, 2019

Likely a scam. Hope you are able to get back your money.

Ong   4 October, 2019

I have been trying for about a month now to withdraw my money and they kept asking me to provide more information about myself than they ever had before just to validate me - wt...? Then when it was finally done they fobbed me off with promises to transfer it within a few days and I'm still waiting. Don't trust these guys - it is a scam!

Liz Sier   16 September, 2019  

Ms. Liz Sier. Client's account security is paramount with ProfitiX. We need to make sure that we are sending the money to the right person. Withdrawal on the other hand, takes 1 to 5 business days. Please leave your email and account ID below for us to check the status of your account or you can email us at

ProfitiX   16 September, 2019

Did they expect you to perform certain number of volume?

Boon Wee   19 September, 2019

Hi Liz Sier, you manage to get your withdrawal?

Tan   3 October, 2019

Hi Boon Wee, if you are in a contract with them, they will need you to perform a certain volume. But the thing is when I ask my broker James what is the volume, he cant answer me and yet except me to sign a contract with them by promised a free gap event every month.

Tan   21 October, 2019

I decided to test ProfitiX as it is sounds tempting. compared to other companies that I have invested with through my entire life, I can withdraw my money. Although that it takes a lot of time, I received my 250$ investment after 2weeks of waiting. Now I will most likely start with 10k and I will give you an update once I get one.

Honk Lee Ching   12 September, 2019  

Mr. / Ms. Honk Lee Ching. We look forward trading with you for the long-term. If you have any question, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   13 September, 2019

Hi Honk Lee Ching. If you like broker who keep asking you to increase your credit card limit to deposit money, then please go ahead.

Tan   27 September, 2019

Probably those positive reviews are all fake.

Boon Wee   7 October, 2019

LMAO go lose your money then. Look how many bad reviews are here

Mano   7 October, 2019

I'm trading with Profitix and enjoyed their platform. However, the withdrawal process can be painful despite meeting all their requirements. Uncertain about the delay since 15 Aug and helpdesk cant do much but just forwarding customer request. The process must be improved and helpdesk needs to be empowered. Customer ID - 425712565

Boon Wee   11 September, 2019  

Mr./Ms. Bong Wee. We have forwarded your concern with the relevant department. For any additional concern, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   13 September, 2019

Apparently helpdesk can't do much but acting merely like a messenger. Hope Profitix can honor their words on the withdrawal instead of coming out with new requirements for customer to fulfill.

Boon Wee   17 September, 2019

Hi Boon Wee, you manage to get your withdrawal?

Tan   3 October, 2019

Broker came out with lots of excuses from didn't meet minimum trade volume to scalping trading. When I no money to invest, the spread loaded on my existing trades are insanely huge. Some larger than the price. Eg 1000050 for Nadq. Price runs straight to negative.

Boon Wee   4 October, 2019

I am currently trading with this company and I am very happy to share my experience. This broker is really the best one for me. Not only that I gained so much profit with them compared to my previous broker, but also their withdrawal process is as extremely easy and fast. The brokers signals are always timely and accurate. And most of all, I can trust them with my money on my trading account.I feel safe trading with this brokers because everything is transparent.

Willie Brown   26 August, 2019  

What a joke. They keep asking t add money in order to close positions. It does not make sense. Dodgy company

Joe   28 August, 2019

Mr. Joe. For any concern, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   30 August, 2019

i had make a request to withdraw my money on 22/07/2019 but until today (21/08/2019) the customer service just answer to me that Vanessa Wiggins - Mon, 08/12/19 3:16 am - We sent a follow up request to our Finance Team how long it will takes for you to received the funds.

Alex Lee C K   21 August, 2019  

Mr. / Ms. Lee. Please leave your details below, including your email and account ID, for us to check the status of your account. You can also reach us at

ProfitiX   22 August, 2019

did you get money?

mark   9 September, 2019

Hi Alex. How's the status?

Boon Wee   9 September, 2019

I came across this broker about 6 months ago and was a bit hesitant to try their services because I have lost a lot with my previous brokers. But I had second thoughts and decided to try with the minimum amount required. much to my surprise, the minimum amount gained profit and transaction is smooth. So I have decided to add up to my trading account and I've got no regrets. Their signals are reliable and profitable. withdrawal is smooth and fast.

Liam Tremblay   20 August, 2019  

Mr. Liam. Thank you for choosing ProfitiX. We look forward for more profitable trades with you.

ProfitiX   22 August, 2019

Never believe them, these profitix is100% scammers. If you don't think so, try it, and you will lose all your money: brody, Cathy, many more cheaters.

raj   20 August, 2019  

Mr. / Ms. Raj. Are you a client of ProfitiX? If yes, please leave your details below for us to check the status of your account. You can also reach us at

ProfitiX   22 August, 2019

I really like this company. Service is very good, profits, withdrawals. I'm very satisfied. Thank you

Cheng Li Hong   5 August, 2019  

How long did they take to process the withdrawal?

Boon Wee   19 August, 2019

Mr./Ms. Bong Wee. Withdrawal process takes 3-5 banking days. If you have more questions, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   22 August, 2019

Mine is surely taking longer than that and still waiting.

Boon Wee   11 September, 2019

I think that I can give an objective opinion, because I trade with ProfitiX and can tell from my personal experience, I have trading accounts with five other brokers. I do not trade all the time with every of them at once but quite constantly and for a long time. I mean, I compare in real time. Only one difference is that only from all brokers at broker ProfitiX trading terminal mt5 and not mt4, but I do not think that the terminal version should and can strongly influence something. By this, I estimate all brokers without looking at the platform version. And I see that: execution is about the same everywhere, it may not be a big plus in the credit of the ProfitiX broker to work out the transaction, but surely there are no obscure delays of several seconds. Besides that, everything is quite usual in trade. Spreads are lower than that of my other companies, but very selectively there are quite high, high-average, so to speak. List of tools! Well, extensive yes but almost all brokers provide hundreds of tools to choose from, I believe that when choosing a tool, you don't need to look at all of them. I myself do not look at the tools which the broker offers and have never missed any. If a person can trade can, then this is one thing when it does not know how this is another matter.

Larry   31 July, 2019  

Have you ever withdraw from profitix? How long did it take

Andrew   16 August, 2019

I was very confused at the beginning about investing with this company or not, because it's new. takes some time until you will get the withdrawal but so far so good.. I deposited 20k and they made me 7k profit in less than a month. I decided to withdraw the 27k back and I got it after a week, because trading is not for me, but that company seems to be reliable.

Johnson Mathew   24 July, 2019  

It's a scam. They take ur money n run away. Lost 1000$ with this scam. Please don't invest.

Hari   21 July, 2019  

Hello Mr. Harry. Are you a client of ProfitiX? If yes, please leave your details below, including your email and Account ID, for us to check on the status of your account.

ProfitiX   24 July, 2019

I'm in the same situation only with a bigger loss. they looked so real for four months and now I can't get in touch with them. anyone in the same situation? Please let me know.

Gabby   27 September, 2019

Hello Gabby, Have you tried contacting our support team regarding your concern? If not, please send us an email at

ProfitiX   30 September, 2019

Hi Gabby. Same. My broker James Warren went hiding and don't pick up my call nor reply my message. He kept asking me to increase my credit card limit to deposit more money. He used bonus, free holiday, laptop, gap event to entice me to keep depositing money. But when i want to withdraw, he say can only within 1 to 2% of free margin. Before depositing, I asked him again and again whether i can withdraw by a certain date. He confidently say yes. But after that is another story.

Tan   3 October, 2019

When I read a lot of literature and understood a bit the essence of Forex, I started choosing a broker. I found ProfitiX broker a month ago and I really liked the terms of trade, especially they are acceptable just for beginners. But it stops me that the company is quite young, there is no information from people and feedback about the company ProfitiX, who trade with it for a long time and can say exactly about the shortcomings of the company. Although, as practice shows, brokers who have long been on the market are far from being the most reliable. I still ponder whether I am ready to invest in a young company. While the balance is leaning towards "working" the conditions for them are really good, and I already meet the first feedback from the company's customers - so far the positive ones. In general, I will still think.

Gerald   19 July, 2019  

SCAM! these people will take your money. Don't trust this company. Worst company ever. i have deposited money in their platform and can not withdraw. Bunch of thieves

mano   17 July, 2019  

Hello Mr. Mano. Have you already send the required documents needed to verify your account? Meanwhile, please leave your email and MT5 ID below for us to check the status of your account.

ProfitiX   19 July, 2019

veri good company i make 2k profit i deposit 10k in 2week veri good profit

zven klisofra   9 July, 2019  

Hello Mr. Zven, We are happy to hear this. We look forward to making more profits with you.

ProfitiX   12 July, 2019

I have been trading since 2010. Traded with many large brokers. For myself, I chose from five companies that meet my needs. ProfitiX among them. Now on the pros and cons of this company. I'll start with the cons. The entrance is quite high, with 250 dollars under their conditions it is not that easy to trade there, you need at least 1000, and this is already quite a money. Spread in my opinion a bit too hihg for majors. Quite long withdrawal of profit. Everything is written accordingly in comparison with other companies that have something better than ProfitiX, and something worse. Now about the pros. For me it is very important that the terminal works like a clock, without slippage and hangs. Their terminal is one of the best on the industry. Only one this factor covers most of the cons. I do not often use someone else's analytics and signals, but for some unknown reason I watch it and read it regularly. The analyzes are clear, the thoughts are understandable. In general, I described all the main things that are pros and cons. They still have a lot of improvement work. But the company is reliable, they have not thrown profit from them more than 10 times, although the withdrawal itself is a laborious and lengthy process. I continue to use their services.

Ken   25 June, 2019  

Cautition! ProfitIX is scam. They break their own rules and policy. I request an withdrawal/refund of my money, and according to their policy it should be happen latest after 30 days, but nothing happens. I do not get even a confirmation email within 7 days after the refound request, like stated in their policy . Also they will try to persuade you to transfer 10 000$, after I reject it they call me an looser, lol. So, it not an professional company, stay away if you like your money. Regards

Krele   4 July, 2019

good experience as of the moment

milon md   12 June, 2019  

ProfitiX is a company full of lies, I received a call asking to start trading with them. They promised me to give me a trading bonus (which it never happened). Then, i received a call from someone called Brody acting as my financial adviser, he has over 10 years of experience(as he mentioned) which i doubted. He opened a trade without my permission (AUD/NZD) which made me lose over $200 in 1 day, then he closed it without my permission. Please do not fall for their trap, they are a bunch of thieves.

Joseph Chwayri   6 June, 2019  

Hello Mr. Joseph, For any question or concern, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   12 July, 2019

Highly questionable on the way they handle customer portfolios.

Andy   5 June, 2019  

Hello Mr. Andy, For any question or concern, you can reach us at

ProfitiX   12 July, 2019

I am overall satisfied with the services and support i am getting from Profitix. They are very responsive, they communicate with me on a regular basis, which is something I did not receive from my previous broker.

Bryson Bailey   31 May, 2019  

My experience with profitix is good - my withdrawals always reflecting my account with the time frame they mentioned, their support are highly responsive, and the brokers knows the work. i would recommend!

Dean Marcis   31 May, 2019  

Have you actually tried to make withdrawals

Dwight   26 June, 2019

From a technical point of view on the process of organizing trading, ProfitiX is probably one of the few brokers who provides the opportunity on one account to open transactions with different kind of execution. Personally, I have never seen this anywhere. You want a market, you want an instant, just open an order. They really give the opportunity to trade with any strategy and, plus to everything, to combine them with each other. I prefer trading on the news, so I use instant, although sometimes I put the market. Very flexible features. For this I can already rate ProfitiX with the highest rating. Although there are still enough advantages with them and for other aspects of financial services.

Johan   28 May, 2019  

Good service. Been using their automatic software and it's great!

Chris Miller   23 May, 2019  

Doing bussiness with them for a few month now and until now no complains

Erik-Jan   15 October, 2019

Doing business with these guys for over a month now and having no complaints. There is no liquidity issues. Withdrawals took no more than 24h to hit my bank account!

Duncan Miller   22 May, 2019  


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