LiteForex Reviews & Comments 2017

I chose the normal account, which means market fulfillment and no requotes, when the market is calm, executions of orders is brilliant. Of course, the news market is stormy, the average slippage is possible, but this is not critical. In perspective, I wanna open ECN account, it has more facilities without limits etc.

guest   22 May, 2017  

Due to lack of live trading experience, I opened several trades without stop losses that lead me to huge losses. The market turned away and just for one night, the balance has decreased by half of the total amount. It was like a nightmare. The first rule of thumb is to fix losses but i was waiting and hopefully market got back. Again, it was necessary to close the open orders with losses. It's just a luck and the same day I quit the market with 8% overall losses. The bottom line is that if the margin requirements and leverage were different, all positions could be liquidated due to Margin Call. I was lucky that broker didn't close them forcibly. So I think we can definitely deal with them and work more closely if needed.

Max Lean   12 May, 2017  

i have clasic and ecn account with liteforex, trading is good on both of them but i can not transfer money between accounts. i think that i can not transfer money between trading accounts because they have different types. Everything else suits me.

Salih   15 April, 2017  

Everyday i read useful economic news from this broker. It helps me to make my trading more better. LiteForex think about traders and help us in trading.

Duvain   19 March, 2017  

If you tried to find good broker with perfect support and fast withdral you need try to trade with liteforex. I have two trading account with this vroker cent and ecn. Cent account i am using for tests and ECN account i am using for my general trading. on cent account i have requotes sometimes, but on ECN account i do not have any problems, and i earn money with this broker. you can trust them.

Usman11   9 February, 2017  

I read complaints on this broker. Here is what I tell you. First you need to understand difference between how broker makes money on commissions. Here is no other models except commission one. Broker is not market maker so you don't need to worry about conflict of interest and how it affects your performance. Maintain your strategy properly and do not take too much risk on a single trade. If you are still thinking about moving from this broker to another one for better services, don't do it because It's not worth it.

forum_master   8 January, 2017  

LiteForex is my favourite broker because i never have any delay in my trading process and with my withdrawals. I will continue to trade with LiteForex

Ramses   27 December, 2016  

I trade with LiteForex because this broker have fast metatrader terminal. also i can take part in their new bring a friend program and get additional profit from trading of my referrals.

Taiti   1 November, 2016  

I start to tade with this broker because i can start to trade on ECN acount with 50$ . If i have some questions i can ask their support and i can be shure that i will get answer in shortest time.

Nasim   13 October, 2016  

I have tried to use new 200% bonus GO from liteforex, i can say that it is a super bonus because i can trade with this bonus.

Marta   22 September, 2016  

I have few trading accounts with LiteForex. I have compared cent and ecn accounts and i can say that ecn account is better. this broker allowing me to use any trading strategies by using ecn account. I recommend this broker for newbies and professionals.

Edvin   12 September, 2016  

during my trading with this broker i have only one small problem, withdrawals take more than 24 hours usually it take 2-4 days. this broker have good support also and a lot inovative services. For example socoal trading platform which allow to copy trades of profitable traders.

Dominic   28 August, 2016  

I do not have any problems with this broker. They have good service and fast mt4 terminal.

Kira   9 August, 2016  

Using social trading really amazing. I like this trading platform, many features that could make my trade more worthy.

agitfx   21 July, 2016  

i am also trading with lite forex from last one year i found it useful instead of getting into other brokers. the eye catching thing is recently introduced social trading platform.

anderson55   20 July, 2016  

i trade with liteforex from last year, I can say that they have different services for clients and it is very helpful in trading, also they have fast withdrawal of funds.

Emilio   17 July, 2016  

If you want to save your money, refuse trading with LiteForex. Why? Here are the reasons: the broker minuses the account because it has the right to adjust financial results of transactions, which considered to break its rules – something about the price change occurred at inappropriate moment; the broker cancels profit rather often delivering different explanations; the support is weird, I’d say. One representative, who I turned to by phone, almost cannot speak English in a proper way; the withdrawal process is rather painful. the broker promises about 48 hours but I was waiting for my money for almost five days. and I believe that I’ve got it only because the amount is small – about $ 150.

No Way   22 June, 2016  

LiteForex is the best broker that i know, my trading is very profitable with this broker. I trade with LiteForex more than 1 year.

Garsia   20 June, 2016  

Try Liteforex and you’ll know what broker should not be traded with. They are story-tellers turning profit into loss without any comprehensive reasons! Thanks God, I’ve got a small amount on my account.

tOO mUch   19 June, 2016  

Bloody damn customer support service here! I decided to change a broker and withdraw my money from Liteforex account. Or I’d say to withdraw the sum left after they took my profit but remain deposit. Should I be grateful? My account manager informed me that its security department investigated the situation with my profit and declared that I was trading breaking the established rules. But why did they keep silent when I hedged. How should I know that this is not allowed here? Moreover I cannot withdraw my deposit bcoz… I do not understand why I cannot do it. They require verification. What for? Now trying to cope with all this…

Only think.!   14 June, 2016  

The order execution in LiteForex is satisfactory. As to trading conditions, they are just like many other brokers, not much better not much worse. So if you can trade in general, you'll make profitable trades, as the broker is not making obstacles.

Namiz   2 December, 2015  

Trading using their ECN account really great. All proses trading fast and make me happy, coz I can get hundreds pips every month.

eko_dedie   26 October, 2015  

Been trading with them for three years so far. Their conditions are clear and honest. If the client breaks the trading rules surely they will investigate the account. So everybody read the regulations before opening the real account.

Jaden   23 October, 2015  

LiteForex is good broker. I have good profit with liteforex. withdrawal requests usualy take 1 day. I recommend this broker to other traders

Cembri   1 October, 2015  

I using local WD and it just need some hours. Its fast and totally secure.

eko_dedie   26 October, 2015

I'm not experienced in currency trading enough to trade myself, so I've decided to try LiteForex investment programs. I was lucky to get a good account manager so now I'm receiving not huge but stabe profit without excessive risks.

Sergio   31 August, 2015  

I've heard that this broker open new official representative in kenya. ts great move from Liteforex with opening office in arround the world.

Dannis Crist   25 August, 2015  

This broker always improving their companies, it is indicating that this broker really have good its business and of course many hundreds and even thousand traders have been trade with this broker,,salute for this broker

kurnia   27 October, 2015

An integer Fx broker is an excellent broker I ever worked with. The verification and execution is really fast. The technical support is perfect 24/5.

emilytaylor   20 March, 2014  

Yeah i agree with you,I like its NDD account. all its execution is very fast..

evaa.soraya   16 April, 2014

I like liteforex broker, absolutely fair and never cheat us.

sampoerna   18 March, 2014  

Warning with broker, is a scammer, you get tired of waiting to claim your money and keeps your money,

Abibie   12 February, 2014  

Dear Abibie,
We are very sorry that you are experiencing this delay.
Let me as|sure you that we are doing everything possible to deal with these issue.
Could you please provide us with your account number?

LiteForex representative.

LiteForex   12 February, 2014

Ablsolutely Abibi is a scammer from other broker. Im sure 100%. let's see all his post. I know more about which is fair broker, lite is better and abibi post is unreasonable.

sampoerna   18 March, 2014

I've join in many brokers and know more each of them. liteforex is one of my best place to make dollar every night. trading forex is my favorite activity..

sutitis81   2 February, 2014  

Would you like to know if LiteForex is trustworthy? Many traders are afraid of opening an account with the 'wrong' company, as they have heard enough about the bucket shops and fraudulent activities in the field of currency trading. However, most of the forex companies are in fact secure, with responsible and honest operational practices; it is just important to choose the FX broker right.

Along with other factors that need to be taken into consideration, the potential client should get acknowledged with reviews of traders already registered with LiteForex. Of course, the reviews can be of different kind, positive as well as negative, as it is unreal to find a broker matching everyone's expectations. But, taking a notice of the ratio between good and bad impressions, you can understand and conclude for yourself, whether this broker is credible.

Our team sees that the traders' reviews published with us are objective, realistic and do not contain any advertisement or subvertisement on LiteForex.


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