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Guys, I feel sorry for all you people rated this broker as best. pls understand and calculate your profit in points. then u will understand the scam behind the scene.

Kishor Kumar J   30 October, 2018  

I've participated in several FXTM's weekly webinars and want to say that they are quite interesting and useful. I've gathered a lot of helpful from them.

Leo   4 October, 2018  

This is the best broker I've been with so far. Fast and easy withdrawals and deposits on accounts.

Rahul Tanuja   1 October, 2018  

I couldn't agree more. unlike hotforex's well planned scams! especially the competitions. hot forex (competitions) seem legit but are scams. FXTM is the best for me so far, their competions are open and you can check yourself as you please. no suspicious activities and the spreads are just sweet!no hick ups on the platform. I'm really loving this broker - competition wise.

Trader 101   7 August, 2018

I feel sorry for you. find out some other good ECN/STP broker. i bet you will end up blowing your account. If you still have doubt, pls check the spread level, try converting profit in points to deposit currency.

Kishor Kumar J   30 October, 2018

Join FXTM and get frustrated. They put Moneynet on their website as a bank wire deposit method. After I deposited then they remove it and put Armswissbank and then tell me moneynet is no longer available. And now i lost my money because they dont even respond to my emails. On their live chat you keep getting someone who will tell you we will check and then they are gone...the next day they ask you the questions again and again. Boring.... my acc is 61116318

mani   10 September, 2018  

Excellent company for trading! I can not say anything bad. If you have your hands in proper place, knowledge is enough. You are not a loser and you know how to trade, then this company is right for you. Well, personally, I have never had any problems, I always withdraw everything without any problems. As I was assured in the department of customer support, any problems are solved, all okay.

Peter   26 July, 2018  

I like the broker, first of all, the quality of execution of orders. Everything works quickly, without delay, without hanging. Requests are missing. I also have an account with a fixed spread. There, in general, the trade is a song, and if I do not bother that the spread is slightly larger than in other cases, I have not seen a more comfortable company. Although, to trade here, you need to invest more than with other brokers. From 2 thousand dollars, which I think is not small. But then to trade and earn much easier, because of those things about which I wrote in this review.

George   10 July, 2018  

I sincerely wish to drop this review at least to aid others especially fellow Armenia in their choice of broker, FXTM is no doubt one of the best if not the best, excellent trade execution, transparent, trust worthy and highly reliable, the keep to their word and promise. I really appreciate their the great efforts the put in rendering excellent services and i hope the maintain the high standard. I placed a withdrawal of 4100$ my account was credited as promise and am indeed really proud of FXTM. To all armenia people seeking of a reliable and trust worthy broker fxtm is your top choice and i highly recommend them to everyone.

vartan78   29 May, 2018  

FXTM is a very good site to obtain trading tools that are difficult to find elsewhere. However, you need to be sure of what you're looking for or using in trading decision process, e.g., subscribed to analytics that was correctly provided for my needs but did not applicable as expected. It's appeared to be difficult to use in particular market situations. Also, trying to get hold of customer service by phone is impossible. They do not list a phone number for these sort of services. I also found lots of negative reviews on fxtm. Don't think they are all based on real experience but in few cases broker refused to take responsibilities for price errors, which lead to stopped out my opened positions.

GregorSt   18 May, 2018  

The site of FXTM has enough information, which helps to get the basic knowledge on the trade. before opening a real account, you should try to get the maximum knowledge. If there are necessary materials on the website of your broker from, it makes your task simpler. In fact I combined theory with practice. Due to this very I acquired all skills very quickly.

wymer01   3 May, 2018  

FXTM is a reliable company which offers the best of the services to its users.My handling with this site has been absolutely smooth and comfortable. FXTM is undoubtedly excellent,trustworthy and highly reliable. The efforts they put in providing their users the best services is appreciable and i have high hopes with them that they continue to maintain their standard.This site provides sufficient knowledge of trade before having a real time experience.

Eshvi   11 January, 2018  

I have been trading well with Fxtm until one day, i logged off and when I logged in after 20 minutes two of my orders in negative were closed on behalf and I am absolutely sure cause before I logged off my balance was still the same but when I logged in my balance was less which I didn't get, still waiting for my situation to be resolved. Anyone ever experienced this with Fxtm or other brokers?

Rose   30 December, 2017  

According to so many comments, FXTM is reliable company. But I have some question regarding withdraw funds and using bonuses capital. In my case, I wasn't able to withdraw bonuses. It took me several days to figure out that money still on my balance. I made a phone call immediately to customer support. Can you guess what they said to me? There is no actually an access to bonus capital until you make specific amount of transaction and generate enough commissions. The problem that the broker promised to allow withdrawing all money from trading account. So it took me 2 weeks to get money back. I closed my account but I wouldn't able to get $300 bucks as bonuses for opening account and extra deposits.

KevinRae   25 September, 2017  

I joined fxtm few years ago and demo traded for 2 days. Live account from 2017, withdrew some money as a test, all went smoothly.

Don   3 August, 2017  

I am not really into trading but my friend told me that it is best to invest doing online trading, i can do it during my free time and no need to start really big but can earn good profit. Not really into it but i gave it a try with this broker. They have ecn brokers and expert broker that is willing to help me and show me updated strategies. I have learned so much from my broker, They have quick customer support, I can reach them be it on chat, phone or email easily. I withdraw my first profit and did not have any problem, easy process. I like how they handle traders and how i earn from this company. Don't just take my words for it, try it and start earning!

nowarat03   11 January, 2017  

Are you sure that you, like so many other "reviewers" on this site, aren't just typing positive comments because you've been paid to?

David Spader   8 October, 2018

I am retired and just at home most of the time, so i needed something to get busy with and earn profit, in short i need to do something to keep me busy. my neighbor told me about this broker. Interesting enough, knowing i can invest and earn profit for a minumum trading amount with this company, so i did! i have upgraded my account already and earning more profit now that i used to do. happy being online and earning at the same time. thankful to this broker.

Ilias.Morgan   5 January, 2017  

i have started trading with FXTM after attending their seminar in korea. I am happy with customer support that they are very nice and helpful

lee19dong   29 December, 2016  

I'd been with fxtm for about 1 year. There is no perfect brokers anywhere. I started with standart account and I got good result from them. everything up to now is really smooth and I have no complaints what so ever, spreads widen during big movements but I also read that its really normal with brokers, I consider fxtm a good broker.

fakhir75   28 December, 2016  

I have a triangular EA project, and looking for a broker to forward test my EA. Some of brokers does not fit with this EA, because their spreads are too high. Some of brokers are not allow this technique. only few of them that fit with this EA. And i find that fxtm have better results than the others.

tommy_white   22 December, 2016  

This is my second broker and in general, their service is not bad. It has fast execution and better spread than my previous.

demetri4   20 December, 2016  

I was looking for a forex broker and a friend of mine recommended me FXTM. I’ve been trading with this forex broker for 2 months now. I had little issues with MT trading platform and they were resolved by FXTM support very quickly. the results as of now are good so far and I would like to say few things about this broker as per my experience. Good stable MT4 platform, even webtrader seems stable. Good responsive support team. The leverage on cent, standart and Ecn accounts are nice you can trade up to 1:1000. Good broker FXTM.

barbaso31   16 December, 2016  

I agree with most of the reviews already written here. I used to have accounts with 3 different brokers and fxtm is one of them. I opened an account with these guys about 2 years ago and back then they only offered a very basic trading platform so I mainly used them for my active trades. However, these guys have been adding more free tools lately that really makes you wonder why keep accounts with other more expensive brokers, I still maintain an account with another broker as a backup but I do most of my trades through 10m. My Pros: Great commissions; Excelent execution; Great Customer service; good for new traders. Overall, this is the perfect broker for me.

akhas07   13 December, 2016  

Well designed website. Contrary to other brokers, the members area is equally good, and responsive. Many deposit and withdrawal methods, including CC. They've pretty much got all of them covered. Good support from rep. They will try to call you and respond to any questions you have. I was impressed. Email support is reliable, and response time is quite good. Quick execution time.

matteo007   10 December, 2016  

So far, so good, no problems, been using them since last sept, quick response from customer service and very helpful. For news trade, in general that i found all brokers and platforms does have requotes, so there is nothing new to it. Overall fxtm still my choice of broker.

prabowo77   5 December, 2016  

I have four trading accounts of differnt brokers, one of them is fxtm. In last time I've noticed that acc in fxtm more profitable, than other. i used ecn account in fxtm. And now I started to use different strategies here to find more profitable strategies. I was really surprised that here there are no any limits on many strategies, it's good because I like to make experiments in trading. I also think that here is the faster execution really fast! So I think that in future I'll close the account in another broker and will trade only in fxtm.

boyd77   30 November, 2016  

There was a mixed emotion when I first started with fxtm, for new comers its really hard to decide on what broker to join, everyone claims to be number one, I went for fxtm after doing some research and I’ve read some good reviews about them. I did their demo it was ok, but as we all know demo and live are different, when I went live I started with only a cent account, everything up to now is really smooth and I have no complaints what so ever, spreads widen during big movements but I also read that its really normal with brokers, I consider fxtm a good broker.

constantin43   29 November, 2016  

I trade on FXTM only 5 months at all. One of the best things for forex they have indoneisan support. but the bad thing is it is not available at weekends. I have tried to verificate my ID on saturday. what about the spreads it actually true that they are tight. I have compared them to other forex brokers on different sources (just because I have trading accounts in only 2 brokers and want to know who has the minimum spread). eurusd is usually almost less than by other brokers! the only thing along with the leverage why I am still here. I like the execution only on ECN account. I have my experience with ecn account, on ECN account the execution is much better and you see it on the news.

rachnapramesty88   24 November, 2016  

I use ECN account. my typical trades is swing trades there where my trades keep open for more than three days sometimes. And depending on trend swaps can be positive or negetive. But it does not create any problem for me or till now I did not get any complain from them. deposit and withdrawal Its only takes a few hours. FXTM was one of my wise decisions that I have made in my trading career.

lawsonbutt20   22 November, 2016  

I have 2 years of experience as Fx trader and had accounts with two different brokers. I was not satisfied so I did my homework and was searching for a GOOD Forex Broker. I decided to open a live account with FXTM. Customer service representatives are friendly and professional. Today I had some problem with my mt4 (it was my mistake) so I talked with my account manager in FXTM She was very helpful and professional and she fixed my error. I like their ECN zero very low spread and no commissi ( its was amazing ),fast execution, instant deposit and withdrawal, (check other brokers how much time it takes!), webinars, bonuses ... and many many other things. Just go to their website and you will see what I am talking about. I highly recommend this broker.

rois8019   16 November, 2016  

I compared more than 7 companies and they all had something that didn't suite to me. FXTM was better for me then the others. The size of minimum deposit is ok, not big and not small. Spreads are really tight, for eurusd on ECN Acount it's starts from 0,1 and FXTM pro starts from 0.0, it's great spread for me as a trader. The 1:1000 leverage for Ecn is fantastic, other brokers has much less leverage. I can open big positions with small amount of money.
for deposit and withdrawal FXTM have alot ways payment. I read the reviews FXTM in several forum about FXTM and many of them were positive. that is quite informative. When I called to their customer support first time, I was surprised that their have good responsive. So it's very very cool broker!

chuongdahn111   14 November, 2016  

After a few months since i open my account, I have No Problem with FXTM. if we talk problems of indicator or expert advisor that we use in one of the charts, I think it might be wise if we re-check settings of the indicator or EA.
Because my experience of using indicators that I often use in another broker, there is no problem when I use in FXTM. I'm sorry if there are less good sentence to be heard, this is only my personal experience during use FXTM as my broker. Thanks to its service Dear Admin FXTM.

honggaoliang999   9 November, 2016  


The FXTM brand was launched in 2011, with a unique vision to provide unparalleled trading conditions and all-encompassing educational tools for clients in the forex industry. In the course of just a few years, FXTM has firmly established itself as a global broker; basing its entire philosophy...

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, IFSC

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