LBLV Reviews & Comments 2018

My trading experience is quite large, so I didn't think that a broker might surprise me, but trading with LBLV broker chandge my opinion. Spreads are low, support is also goor and wokrs 24/7.

N_Wizard   8 November, 2018  

Fairly good broker, but not flawless. I am waiting for the withdrawal on average for 2-3 days, and this is quite frustrating. Eeer, now 2018 and I can't get my money mithout a few days of waiting?

Reckon   6 November, 2018  

For the last 2 years I have been trading with a broker I thought was good, but I no longer trade with that company. After all my account was freezed without a reason and I lost my money and time. So I was looking for a company that I can trust. LBLV broker was recommended to me by a forex friend, and, to be honest, first I took it with suspition. LBLV is a rather young broker and LBLV requires a big (for me) deposit. But I tried and my first trading month was good, almost perfect. I have slippages only few times, and when I set limits for slippages, they always works. 90% of time spreads are below 0.8 pips. I have withdrawn only once, but it was ok and I don't worry.

Rymmo   6 November, 2018  

I've been trading with LBLV broker sinse august, I have both demo and real accounts and I want to open once more account but I don't know if this is a good idea. LBLV suits me, it's really good company with nice trading conditions, fairly low spreads, and if I compare LBLV with other brokers with whom I traded, LBLV is for sure better. But I don't want to risk, maybe I should to wait a while?

VirusX   5 November, 2018  

Virus, for what purpose do you want to open a new acc? I don't understand you, do you want to open one more account with LBLV broker or with another broker?

Sup74   9 November, 2018

Er, I was a little concerned about how big the LBLV deposit, but when I found out about the 30% bonus, my opinion changed) I trade with manager and I have nothing to complain about

Dgavid   3 November, 2018  

All brokers seems alike for me and LBLV company isn't an exception. I dunno why you all admire so much... Yes, quite good conditions and trade executions, but LBLV isn't unique in this. Yeah, and don't forget about enormous minimum depo...

Umartian   2 November, 2018  

Umartian, what do you want to see in a broker? What unique features do you need? I'm never looking for a "special" broker, I'm looking for a trustworthy broker with acceptable conditions. And LBLV broker meets the requirements. If you don't need good conditions and fast execution, what do you need then?)

Suburbanist   7 November, 2018

I started for about 2 months ago with a minimal $1000 depo. All my profit is $340, which is not as much as I expected, but still good. I plan this week to try to withdraw a small amount of money, $100 or so. I'll write about results so wait))

Vanish30049   2 November, 2018  

I opened an account with lblv about a month ago and in that time has earned $110. Is this ok for forex? I trade almost every day and, to be honest, I expected a higher profit. LBLV broker seems ok, but I don't understand where I messed up that I have such a low profit.

Alterer   25 October, 2018  

What is the minimum deposit to trade with lblv? I heard that the depo is $1000 is that true? I have never traded with a broker with such a large minimum deposit before...

Muz   18 October, 2018  

Muz, almost correct. $5000, not $1000) Yes, a deposite is quet large, but it's worth it: alalytics tools, 20+ timeframes, low (less then 1 pip) spreads, managers, trading signals.

Semored   8 November, 2018

I am not a pro trader so my asessment of LBLV can be naive... But I really like LBLV broker. I trade with the manager and our results are pretty good. I earned almost $120 in less than a month and I want to make my first withdrawal)))

Spelllboun   17 October, 2018  

Spreads are tight and execution is ok, but the withdrawal isn't fast enough( I traded with a broker, where all my withdrawal requests were proceed automatically and I got my money in 1-2 hours. In LBLV withdrawal takes at least 2 days.

Dio2   12 October, 2018  

hi) I can't find where I can read about conditions on LBLV ECN account? (Leverage, minimal deposit, margin call, spreads). Can you give me a link? Thanks a lot

Fitios   11 October, 2018  

I've been trading with LBLV broker since august and I can say that the broker didn't disapoint me. Spreds are low, and when I say "low", I mean just that) The only flow is withdrawal. It's really long( I withdraw money to my credit card and I always wait 3+ days.

Isk993   10 October, 2018  

Isk993, I remember how I traded with a broker, where I could wait for a withdrawal for a week or longer. And, most interestingly, that broker wasn't a fraud)

77Ifyou   7 November, 2018

I don't think that 3 days of waiting is too long... I try to withdraw as rarely as possible and instead or withdrawing, I improve my deposit.

Nere5995   8 November, 2018

Hi) Who knows something 'bout LBLV broker? Maybe someone trades with LBLV? I heard a lot about this broker so I interested in trading but... Depo as for me is big and i want to be sure if I'll open the account.

Carmamar   8 October, 2018  

Yesterday I had a call from LBLV broker and LBLV seemed good to me. But I'm a little worried that the broker is new and there are almost no reviews. Do you any thougts about LBLV?

Hiala   6 October, 2018  

Hiala, let me ask something: have you ever traded with a forex broker? 'Cos LBLV broker, on the one hand, has a qualified trading managers, but also requires a fairly large investmetns. I'd say that the LBLV is reliable company, but, as you rightly noted, a new one.

Babylon   8 November, 2018

I've been trading with LBLV for about two month. Broker seems fine: execution is fast, support is nice)) Sometimes I use their ana_lytics tools, this is a good alternative to MT5's regular tools.

Hiko   1 October, 2018  

Hiko, what tools? Er, LBLV uses MT5 trading platform) Or maybe you're talking about trading apps for android/ios?? But I guess these apps are based on MT5 too

Ligot   31 October, 2018

Ligot, tools, not apps. I mean trading signals, indicators, especially indicators. I find them very useful, although so far I have tried only a few. Sorry if my comments aren't clear, I'm not a native English speaker.

Hiko   7 November, 2018

Hiko, I asked about strange spelling of the word "ana*ytics", but when I tried to send this comment for the first time, I got it. If you use LBLV trading tools, tell me about indicators. Are they free? P.S. So am I.

Ligot   9 November, 2018

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