LBLV Reviews & Comments 2019

At first, I wanted to make sure Lblv is a regulated broker or not. Now that I know they are legit I am don;t really know what else to check. I have no experience in trading and when it comes to make a choice, I don;t know how to choose a company. Do you have any suggestions? Does LBLV offer any bonus program? Much appreciated

Bran   23 May, 2019  

I have a question, what is a good choice for a beginner: to trade with a manager or by yourself? I just started trading and decided to start with a moderately volatile currencirs (I don't want to take extra risk). I know that LBLV company gives the opportunity to trade with specialists, but I also know that you should fitrst learn how to trade on your own and I,m not sure what is a right choice to do.

Scrup   19 May, 2019  

I started trading with in november and I was definitely not sure that this was a good idea. It was, like, an impulse. I didn't even read the reviews or documentation. Usually I don't act like that TBH.. But it was a right choice. I like trading conditions, although the spreads aren't s tight as I expected( But still, I have never had such high profits before (although I always knew that I wasn't not a good trader, I never tried to trade with a manager).

Ainsel   5 May, 2019  

How much have you invested? I'm going to trade with the and I'm a little mixed up about the most acceptable deposit. I heard that if you have a small deposit, like $100 or so, then you orders will have the lowest priority, whatever that means.

Frydo   15 May, 2019

Hi everyone, I need some help. I registered on the lblv site to watch video tutorials but then I received a few calls from the manager and now I'm thinking about trading. I have never tried forex trading before, but I understand its basics. And manager say that this was not a problem at all and he was working with several clients who had just started trading right now. Do I have a chance?

Marisn   25 April, 2019  

At first I had some prejudice against this broker, because it was founded not so long ago and at the same time, lblv is positioning itself as a premium broker. But I gave hte broker a chance, mainly because of the good recomendation of my good friend. And now after almost 5 months of trading, I can say that the lblv company - is a company that has surpassed my expectations. Trading conditions, as many said before me, are pretty good, but the real advantage of the lblv is the help of trade managers. I can discuss my trading strategy with the manager and I feel like an equal participant in the trading process.

Frank   20 April, 2019  

Where can I see the list of trading instruments? I downloaded the demo, but I only see about 20 instruments. I didn't know that you can't use all the instruments when you use a demo account( And I also don't see the list of instruments on the lblv website.

Paul   11 April, 2019  

You just need to expand the list of instruments in your terminal. Ofc you can use all the instruments on a demo,I mean, if you couldn't - what's the point of a demo?)

Fr.   30 April, 2019

The Lblv is probably one of the nicest brokers I have traded with. I have some experience and I'm involved in the trading community, so I can say I know something about forex. Trading conditions are more or less usual, perhaps.the lblv has some interesting advantages, but the peculiariy of this broker is definitely not in its conditions. Far more important is the fact that I've been trading since September, this is not so much, but this is the very first time that I have not encountered any problems at all. The most remarkable moment was whet I received compensation for an order that closed at non-mrket price, but I didn't even write to support. I hope to write the same review next year.

Mas0n   7 April, 2019  

I wonder if there is someone with a basic account or higher. I started trading with the broker two months ago, I earned $300 and withdrew them just to be sure. And now my manager is talking about increasing my deposit. Actually, I think this is a right decision, but I’m a little worried, I have never invested in forexso much.

Khalil   3 April, 2019  

Pretty good broker, I mean conditions and quality of service, but the main thing is that I can contact the manager at any time. Last time I also trader with a broker who allegedly "provided anaIytical tools", but I never ever got any help. Now I don't feel abandoned))) But no kidding, I like this broker. At least fulfills its obligations.

Deeen   15 March, 2019  

I have never had a trading experience with an anaIyst before and I don't know if this is really such a good idea. I used to trade on my own) And I actually don't think I need any help. Can I trade with the broker but not trade with a manager?

Cheetos   19 March, 2019

Cheetos, why not? I think you can refuse any help if you want or you can do like me: take only those advice that seems right. No one can force you to open only those deals which are offered by your manager. LBLV is a forex broker, not a pamm service or some kind of investment company.all in your hands.

leox   27 March, 2019

leox, but what the point to trade with a broker who provides anaIytics services and do not use them? If you don't need them, you can choose any other broker you want. I mean I know the lblv broker just because of their anaIysts..

guest   2 April, 2019

This Broker platform was great! I start with their demo and learn various trading lessons. Will continue trading with them especially now that I've already enjoyed how great their platform is. Execution and trading condition were convenient yet still a little slower pace when it comes to withdrawal. But there's nothing to fear as they complete the process all the time. My almost three months with this broker is worth it!

HarveyT   5 March, 2019  

I hesitated and couldn't make a decision for almost a month whether to open an account or not. Then I told myself that I needed to stop being such a mumble and at least try. I traded for two weeks and then I got scared and withdrew almost the entire deposit) But now I think it wasn't the wisest decision, because my trading was fine and the manager gave good advice. So I want to trade with the LBLV again and this time not to be so emotional. It's just money, after all. And this broker is a good one - LBLV withdrew my money and I had no problems at all.

guest   4 March, 2019  

you know, this is a non-trivial way to check a broker) but at least now you know that withdraws money. it's okay to be nervous, forex is really unfriendly to newcomers.

nik   11 March, 2019

I've been trading for years, but still worrabout withdrawal every time I start to trade with a new broker. When I started trading with the lblv broker, I did my very first withdrawal after one month of trading. That month I earned a little, I had almost nothing to withdraw, but I decided that I needed it to calm myself. It's okay, your money - it-s your business.

guest   21 March, 2019

I'm interested in lblv broker, but I have a few questions and I want to hear answers from the trading community, not from a broker. First of all, how much should I actually invest if I want to earn, let's say, 500 USD a month? And I didn't get this thing about a margin call. The broker told me that this is a safety measure to protect my account from negative balance, right? So if I invest money, will I actually own only part of it?

Olfen   1 March, 2019  

It depends. Really, some traders say that 20% per year - is a great profit, the others say that if you earn less than 30% per MONTH you are a loser. I think you should ask your manager what profit he is counting on and base you strategy on this. Your question about margin call I actually didn't understand.

Sax11   5 March, 2019

Sax, but what do YOU think? How much do you earn (if, ofk, it isn't an inappropriate question) per month? And this may sound rude, but if one person earns 30% per month, and the other earns 20% in a whole year and we compare them, then the second one will looks, eeem, let's just say, not that good? And if an ordinary trader is able to earn 30%, then the LBLV broker is capable of even more.

Yezz   29 March, 2019

Hi everyone! I need some help. I have an account with LBLV broker, but don't trade yet. Here is a brief retrospective: very, very long time ago, when I was a student, I had the experience of the forex trading. It was awful, really awful. I literally knew nothing and didn't even hear the word forex before. And, as you might have guessed, I lost money then. Thanks god it was a little money (cos I had no money)). And I forgot about trading for many years. And now I want to take another chance, and this time I prepare myself: I studied and still study a theory, I've trading with demo more than a 4 month and I feel ready to start a real account. But there's an issue: I used to trade with a quite big deposit and I didn't sure if I have to put on my account a minimal required amount of money or amount which I used to trade with. How big was your first depo? How much do you increase it?

D.Di   20 February, 2019  

I started trading with LBLV broker less than 3 months ago and all my whole experience is one week of trading on a demo account. Shame on me) But honestly, I don't care. I trade with the manager and even if I don't understand a thing, he does. I have a profit and I withdraw money and I don't know what else I need? So don't be afraid and try)

Omikron   25 February, 2019

Thanks for all your comments, you helped me a lot, today I finally opened an account with the lblv company an put a $1500 in my depo. My manager has already called me and we opened the very first order and I have a good feeling about my trading career.

Alex   19 February, 2019  

Knows what I need and sharing great advice that brings great results. Will recommend this broker especially to beginners. Hoping for this company's success in the near future.

Landon West   18 February, 2019  

Especially to beginners? Why? I think it is better to start with a cent account, and then, when you gain experience in trading, you can open a regular account.

Splun   21 February, 2019

I don't think that there is a reason to divide brokers into for-beginners and for-experienced-ones, it literally makes no sense. And I can guess why Landon West called the LBLV a company for beginners, because LBLV has managers and allegedly only beginners can trade with managers. But I think so: if you want to trade with a manager you can trae with a manager whether you're a beginner or not, and you still can to trade with a manager even if you have years of experience.

Manoj   26 February, 2019

Manoj, yesss! I have been tradig since 2011 and now I trade wiht and yes, I trade with my broker. It's jist more convenient)

Bartolomej   7 March, 2019

I've been trading with LBLV not so long ago, for about 2 and a half months, but earlier I traded with a demo account and learned from the lblv lessons. I have sometimes attempted to start trading on the stock exchange before, but I lost either money or itterest. It's difficult to maintain interest in what is all Greek to you. But in the LBLV broker lessons start at level zero, there is a vocabulary of traders slang and the lessons are arranged in categories. And I didn't notice how I got involved in trading, how I started earning, albeit with a demo. And then I opened a real account and have no regrets)

Logan   12 February, 2019  

I am a new trader and I'll say nothing about LBLV's trading conditions - I just don't understand this well. But I like LBLV's educational center, I get almost all the knowledge from trere.

Yanek   4 February, 2019  

I also learned from lessons on the LBLV site. These lessons are good for begginers, because they're wellstructured and really simple (and written in simple language), but I felt that the information from the lessons wasn't enough for me. LBLV lessons can be a great start, but they cannot cover all the needs. I can understand this - after all, LBLV is a forex broker, not an educational center...

RDfan   11 February, 2019

To be honest, I think that these lessons are mediocre and cannot really teach you something. But it doesn't matter. LBLV is a forex broker, not a forex trainer. And as a forex broker, LBLV is good. At least for me.

Samttt   6 March, 2019

Account types look identical, I'm used to, that the conditions for different deposits should be different, nice conditions though. I'm trying the demo now, seems good, maybe I'll open a real account...

Filo   30 January, 2019  

I like that LBLV uses mt5 instead of outdated mt4. I will never inderstand why so many NEW brokers continue to use mt4 if there is a newer and better alternative. You know, I'd have like LBLV just for mt5)

Tox   25 January, 2019  

Execution is ok, as well as trading conditions, but withdrawal is just inconvenient. First of all, I must to close all my orders if I want to withdraw money. Sometimes I prefer to open a long-time deals, and at that time I can't to do anything with my depo. Besides the withdrawal is long. It takes at least 3 days, more often all week.

Gero   5 January, 2019  

Gero, but demand to close your deals is clear - what if you will withdraw money with open deals and prices will change dramatically? Then you can lost your deposit.

Alex02017   8 January, 2019

I understood your point... But this rule is really inconvenient for the long-term traders. I have to plan the withdrawal a few weeks before... I'd like the LBLV to make a special account for the long-term traders where you could withdraw at any time.

Gero   23 January, 2019

Gero, have you talked to your manager about withdrawal? Maybe he can help you in this situation? I always find a compromise with the LBLV broker, maybe you can change your trading system?..

Burhn   15 February, 2019

At first, I estimated the LBLV company for five stars because of the nice conditions and quick execution, I liked everything. But I have to lower my rating after the second withdrawal - I waited for the money more than a week and no one explained to me and didn't apologize. I asked my manager, he promised to find out about the delay, but he didn't even answer... I got money, after all, but I don't know how to respond to this...

Mai   3 January, 2019  

Sorry to hear that (My experience is different for the better. I made a withdrawal only once, so my experience isn't so relevant, but my manager called me and asked if I received money or not. I thought it was a common practice in the lblv company.

Nechar   27 February, 2019

I apologize for the stupid question, but how do you know about lblv broker? I never heard about them and I know almost nothing about forex, and I got a call today, the guy introduced himself as a manager of the lblv broker and offered me something like internet earnings. He said that I can earn 15% per month. But I don't sure that it's a good idea and, I don't know a thing about this company. What can you say about it?

766351   28 December, 2018  

If you don't have any trading experience at all, but you want to try, you have two choices. Or you open a regular account, but trade ONLY with an account manager. Or you can try a demo account. If you want to make money, choose the first option. If you want to learn how to trade, and, perhaps, once to earn money yourself, then choose the second one. Answering your question: I know about the LBLV broker because I'm a trader) I heard about many brokers, I even traded with some of them)

Buz   13 February, 2019

Hello everyone! I'm thinking to open an account with LBLV, but the last time I traded was eight years ago. I see the that the LBLV works with the MT5 trading platform and I have already downloaded the demo and little by little I restore my skills (not that I really was a skilled trader)). But to be honest, I'd like to trade with a manager if it is more profitable. And therein lies the snag. How can I be sure that my manager will be a good specilist? Will I have any guarantees? If I lose my money due to a manager's fault, will I get it back?

Lucio   22 December, 2018  

nope, you cant put the guilty in someone else, that is the thing in trading. the profits are all yours and so as the losses. the manager will try his best (i guess) to make you good profits simply because he profits from that too.

Paulo   9 February, 2019

I opened an account in september and deposited $5000. All this time I didn't do any withdrawal and today I left a withdrawal request. I know it takes several days, but I'm already nervous.

Led   10 December, 2018  

Don't be nervous, it really needs some period :)

Andrew   19 December, 2018

Sometimes my profile is unavailable, I just can't log in. Not very often, but it's kinda annoying. At last week I couldn't log in the whole evening.. But, strangely, a trading terminal works perfectly.

Isado   3 December, 2018  

Did you contact support? Cos I have never had a problem like this, my account is always available. Maybe you entered the wrong pasword or something?) And I literally have never read a review about LBLB broker in which traders mentioned about troubles with their accs.

Marc   28 February, 2019

I trade with LBLV demo account and I like everything. Literally evetything. Reviews about LBLV are good, trading conditions seems profitable, and especially I like an opportunity to trade with a manager. But I don't know... Maybe because of inexperience I don't see any problems, but in fact they are?? I can't decide to open a live acount(

Nartan   26 November, 2018  

Looks familiar to me) I was in a very similar situation. In fact, many beginners have troubles opening first real account. But there are account managers in LBLV.

Razoeo   5 December, 2018

I have never had any issues with LBLV and I appreciate it. I have never even contacted LBLV's tech support) I installed and configured MT5 by myself and MT5 works perfectly stable.

Xman   21 November, 2018  

I understand you. I spoke with support only when they asked me to verify my lblv account. Trading platform never failed

Fiveyeard   27 November, 2018

My ex-broker was pretty good, except high spreads, so I opened an account with LBLV. You can imagine how surprised I was, when I realized that I couldn't in any way significantly increase profits... But spreads are really low) Then I started to learn how to trade better (first I read guides from LBLV website, but they're too brief and don't help much, so I don't reccomend it), started to trade with a manager. It isn't easy, but it possible. I can make money, and now forex isn't just a gambling for me.

Levf   20 November, 2018  

Yes, I also really like LBLV's lessons. Well structured, understandable, interactive.. I am interested in forex more than a year, but I always was too lazy to learn) And now I can make time for lessons LBLV at least 2-3 times t week, I think, because I see a progress bar. I always want to do a little more)

Judas   29 November, 2018

LBLV has an easy-to-use trading platform and user-friendly website, which is great, but technical support is nice only first time, when they offer you to help with installing the MT. When you ask for help next time, you can wait for a responce for several hours or even days. I don't know... LBLV is a good broker in many ways, but sometimes it seems to me, that they care only about new clients.

H12   14 November, 2018  

No hidden fees or another petty fraud. Among others new brokers LBLV is leader, but I don't think that LBLV is good for beginners.

Aruso   14 November, 2018  

Why not? LBLV broker is my first forex experience and I found it prospective. I trade almost three months, I withdrew $300 in total, and I feel confidence)

Uriah   22 November, 2018

Aruso, I'm a beginner and I don't understand why you think that the LBLV isn't suitable for beginners. Really, why? This is my very first broker, I've been trading since October and I haven't had a single unprofitable month. If I started alone, without the help of my manager, I don't know how long it would take to get to my current earnings.

Kartrak   14 February, 2019


LBLV is a brokerage company that caters to the needs of existing and aspiring traders from various parts of the world. The company offers services related to trading with a wide-ranging set of financial instruments such as currencies, commodities, indexes, and equities. The company’s...

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