CapitalXP Reviews & Comments 2019

Agree with the reviews below. I lost 250 euro. It's deffinitly a scam. My experience was with Helen Parsons. I am happy it didn't work for her to make me put more more in. So watch out, they are frauders!

Rayan   30 September, 2019  

I was just about to make a deposit with them, trading via a software called ***.There are so many positive reviews about this particular software, however, they work with various brokers and Capital XP is one of them. The guy on the phone basically would not let go of me until I make a deposit. The thing is, these softwares, you dont know who owns them, Capital XP is unregulated, I have been told that one can make an EFT deposit via South African banks and that it takes literally 3 to 24 hours to make a withdrawal. I am sooo glad i came upon these reviews. Thank you guys for putting it out there, saving others from being scammed. I hope you guys get your monies back. I have been vicitim of online scams too so I know how it feels.

Sally   16 October, 2019

They are dodgy, avoid at all cost, totally agree with reviews below. This is a total scam and they keep your money. You cannot withdraw and they are all fraudsters, do not fall for this.

CC   5 September, 2019  

Capital XP is an unregulated trading company They employ fraudsters, criminals and are not a professional company. Their operating staff that I dealt with are psuedo names; Adam Williams, Joe Robinson and Jason Hill. They operate supposedly from Cyprus but contact you from a Durban or JHB linked cell number. They all speak with a foreign accent, and dont like to discuss their own businesses.They are conmen.They apparently deal with the main banks in RSA and have plenty of SA customers. I have lost a lot of money in six weeks - due to what they call falling bitcoin prices. Now they want more investment to buy an insurance to guarantee my investment. What rubbish. This is a total scam and I trust South African investors hear my story and stay well clear of this company and its criminals. I am following up with international trading companies to take action. Only use professionally registered trading companies.

Willie   4 September, 2019  

Capitalxp befriended and manipulated my elderly father. They stole 55000$. We managed to get $20000 back, but are determined to bother and expose Capitalxp as the criminals they are. Please join victims of Capitalxp on fb so we can fight them. We are also in touch with tv and papers

Trine Johnson   15 September, 2019

Hi guys. Capitalxp scammed me. took all my money. the man called Adam Williams. how can we take these scammers down? especially Capitalxp.

Poppy   25 September, 2019

Scammers! I lost all my money without doing any trading. Someone has remote and go into my account to sell off the stock which (-) sign and all my money was gone within hour. Better watch out and stay away.

GMH   26 August, 2019  

Utmost scammers, defrauded me out of 27000euros. Mike Mills, Joe and Helen Parsons liers, cheaters and defrauders. Stay away, they will eventually steal your money!

Corn   20 August, 2019  

Guys, please pay attention to the amount you are making to withdrawn. I made a withdrawal of 380k EUR to my credit card and my funds got frozen for a week. A week was a nightmare and I was pissed off arguing with the bank all the time. Felt a huge relief when they finally arrived. You better use BTC or WIRE. Fewer problems.

Polly   11 July, 2019  

Is a terrible company, not professional keep on change account manager and acct manager look at their own interest (commission) only, mislead clients and end up I lose my capital.

Allen   11 July, 2019  

I have had 50 Euros docked from my account illegitimately and have struggled for the last month to get it back. These people do not have integrity. My "account manager" Tony Holtz has suddenly disappeared and I cannot email him (tony.h wasn't found at WTH? This company reaks of scam.

Eddie   5 July, 2019  

Love this company for different varieties of asets to trade with. Basically I trade with Bitcoin and Etherium and I love it. As you know trades for electronic coins goes 24/7 which means you can trade at night. Moreover I like to have trading sessions with electronic coins because no matter how the market feels you always have a chance to make profits.

Helen   22 February, 2019  

CapitalXP leverage is way bigger that half of the platforms which you can find. You are not obligated to invest a large sum of money to get profit. The more you invest the more you make. Eventually you will find out that if you want to eat big you have to play big.

Glen   21 February, 2019  

As a person who have a work on daily basis I love have active trading sessions at night. CapitalXP is good platform directly for this operations. The whole market meanwhile you can work with of electronic coins and still make some profits.

Alex   18 February, 2019  

Hi. I want to start trading with capital xp, I'm afraid my financial advaser advise me to start with big capital.

Thandi   13 June, 2019

Opened an account with the help of Kaycee Brians. Gave me a perfect picture of what I want to do with my life and that is how I brought to CapitalXP. Prior opening the trades I went on my demo account and started opening trades prior getting into real deal. If this platform didn't offer educational center I would be having a double trouble. I was glad when Helen Parsons one of the CapitalXP financial got me under her wing. She had a few live trading sessions and I was totally satisfied with the work she did in one session. One of her skills which are the proof of professionalism is the logical structure of opening trades. Having around five monitors at the same time she does anysis what are the news and how it affect the market and only after she does trading. Being a hot headed person would be a total disaster. Going to invest 10k in a couple of days.

Ronaldo   18 February, 2019  

Great broker, had his first trading experience here. Got all my info in the beginning, I don't remember the last name, but Karin was the first. She explained all the advantages of capital. The platform offers MetaTrader 4, which is known to every broker. There was one, it's a demo account that allowed me to test the system, I found it a little later when I opened my trading account. Had several deals when received a call from one of Capital XP's financial advisors Helen Parsons. I don't mean to be rude, but I was surprised that with such a beautiful voice, it explains how the market works. I was literally shocked. We had a live trading session where it was in real time how the news can affect the company. We made about ten grants in three days. The withdrawal was approved and sent the same day. It took about three working days for the money to reach my Internet Bank.

Jack   16 February, 2019  

I am an experienced trader and look into details prior choosing the trading platform. It took time for me to figure out what are commission and fees. I left my request and only after the support contacted and informed me what are the numbers. It has zero swap and zero commission. That is perfectly what I was looking for. The only con that I didn't like is that you have to ask by yourself or download MetaTrader 4 and search all the info there.

Patrik   15 February, 2019  

MAM accounts are the greatest feature which CapitalXP offers among the others. This account allows you to make money out of your capital. If more detailed, CapitalXP has a financial ana'lyst who is professional in ana'lytics and understand the market. He trades for you. Meanwhile you are on vacation or working he will trade for you. Moreover he don't have access to your funds, which means he is responsible only for trading, everything other is restricted. I were able to make ninety thousand euro meanwhile I were at Bahamas.

David   14 February, 2019  

Does capitalXP really the best do they offer no deposit bonus? If so how long does it take you to withdraw from the bonus profit made?

Chris   18 February, 2019

There is one thing that you are going to love about CapitalXP. They have zero swap and zero commissions. What could you ask for? Experienced traders will understand what this actually means. You definitely have to get into CapitalXP.

Andrea   13 February, 2019  

I personally don't like anything that comes with that FREE in this business. You end up paying for more!

Joseph Christopher   14 February, 2019

Got recommended this platform by a good friend of mine. In general I can state it is good. Everything works with no problems, fair fees and withdrawals are done in time. If you are knew I would recommend you to push with the bonuses they can provide and ask for demo account to test the platform itself.

Jack   11 February, 2019  

With the help of Joe Robinson were able to make good profit here. Got transferred to him on the other hand, it happened when Elon Musk was having problems with SEC about 420 price for one share. We predicted Elon Musk company shares will go down in price what eventually happened. In three days with this SEC scandal I've made 127 000 euro. Went for withdrawal and got my profits in bitcoin at the same day, which was the best thing I've had in one day.

Nikolas   10 February, 2019  

Made three hundred thousand in six days with this brokerage. Waiting for my wire to be payment get on to my bank account. I would like you to recommend you Victor Davis. He knows what he does, my profit got done due his predictions. I am freaking in love with work he did. Thanks Vic

Hyten   9 February, 2019  

This brokerage is in my top five list. Different varieties of deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals are fast, it took me two days to receive my check.

Anna   8 February, 2019  

Have tried several different platforms before I came to CapitalXP. I stayed here because this brokerage allows you to make deposits and withdrawals with a huge variety of ways. The withdrawal process does not take a lot of time till your money gets on your account. Had two withdrawals of Bitcoin and it went to blockchain swiftly and were able to see the money on the crypto wallet soon. One day I requested to have withdrawal in Wire and it took around 4 working days till money got dropped on my account.

Jimmy   6 February, 2019  

If you are new to Forex you are obligated to know such tools as trading signals and stoploss function. Trading signals will increase your win rate instead of blindly opening the trades and a stoploss function will close the trade as soon as the aset face the price you didn't not predict.

Jeff   5 February, 2019  

Great service. MetaTrader application works perfectly being a trader you will understand what it means. Love that deposits and withdrawals can be done in Bitcoin and other electronic coins. Fast and secure.

Jack   3 February, 2019  

CapitalXP have different promotions which are happening from time to time. They can give you a hundred dollars bonus, which will be available on your real account and you can try trading. If you are just not yet sure, you have to ask about demo account and try a couple of trades. You will be able to try the system and understand how the Forex works before the real money gets in.

Andrew   2 February, 2019  

Just got registered to the platform and started my first trade. I am the person who loves trading with electronic coins such as bitcoin, litecoin and etc. Love the part about this brokerage that you are allowed to make deposit and have withdrawal in this currencies which totally suits me up. By the way there is some idea I brought to the financial managers. Telegram is the only messenger I use for communication. I have read the news that they are going to present their own coin in March this year, which means you can be the first one who will invest money in it and make profits eventually, as Telegram is widely spread in the world and this will raise its price.

Oscar   29 January, 2019  

I have been trading on this platform almost for a year now. Despite the whole time trading here I made a withdrawals of money around twenty times. And that is the greatest thing I love about this brokerage. They get really strict to withdrawals which are done. They keep good service and I can point that my money got to my personal bank account really fast. CapitalXP allows you to withdrawal money using different methods. It can be a credit card, or the crypto-purse. Victor Davis as my personal provided me with a lot of info how to do

McAlen   15 January, 2019  

Got into a several brokerages which a low level of service and it was totally awful. Regarding this platform I can't point any bad sides. CapitalXP allows you to withdraw money and they don't come up with a nonsense as fines that I met on one well-known site. Well done, it turned out to be a good one. Kaycee Brians, one of the agents with whom I talked on the beginning didn't lie and I am greatly satisfied. That is how you work with new clients.

Dennis   12 January, 2019  

Started my trading journey from the beginning of the previous year. I am not satisfied as I didn't earn much here. I can say that it was not worth the time spent, but still it is worth noting that at first I hadn't much experience in this sphere. The first few months got me into the big minus. After doing a pretty good ana lysis I can indicate it happened due to inexperience. I am going to take a rest and go into books before starting trading again. Joe Robinson suggested this idea in the begging, I was a little bit dull when remember his sayings about this in the begging. My bad.

Sherman   12 January, 2019  

It seems to be an adequate broker, but I do not like that there is too much functionality here. In general, nw I have a feeling that all brokers are competing in who of them has the coolest site. And that is not the great thing you should be proud about. At least I am not very pleased to work in a crypto-exchange, which makes a deal with everything besides other electronic coins. Why is this all for? Kaycee Brians insisted me on working with other stocks but I refused to. You can just become the best in your field. No need to intervene in everything. For me this is a disadvantage. However the platform looks convenient.

Max   12 January, 2019  

Brokerage is not that bad compared to others. Even though I am not a very competent expert in the field of cryptotrading, but I like the fact that there is a lot of training content based on which you can quickly learn the basics and start trading. I love that this platform has a lot of study cases presented on the website and Joe Robinson, the company anaIyst provide an online web trading which is free to watch.

Frank   10 January, 2019  


CapitalXP, a brokerage firm, has entered the stock market in 2015, acting as an intermediary that allows for margin trading with any CFD contracts and currencies.  The broker quickly gained trust among investors and traders, providing them with a convenient platform for trading and high-level...

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