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Review Rating - 2
Looks like this broker is competitive compared to other companies. On other side, the trading software and services are far more appealing and easier to use than in other companies. Also, I have the opportunity to use trading signals feature that is getting probably the main competitive solution among brokers that I have traded with. In addition to developing trading strategy, broker offers effective software and metrics for continuous process innovation and improvement of trading strategies.

Review Rating - 3
It is new and it grows fast attracting a lot of traders by quite comfortable trading conditions and I am among those traders. eToro pays attention to education making forex easy for the beginners. It creates wide informational space using crowd-sourcing and comments of other clients – why not? it is cool and helpful to get the needed answers to the questions from people trading within eToro. I’ve learnt rare expert opinion and experience here. I like the eToro platform – here I can play in forex gaining retail trader experience! It is simple and flexible. The access to financial market is fast and steady. I am impressed by the broker’s perfect personal service. They send news and traders insight reports developed by their analysts. I can see, follow and copy the successful trading systems of other investors through the broker’s investment network. I enter it and can get the access to trading history of any trader. This is really like a game. There are no difficulties and tension, just amusement leading to the profit!

Review Rating - 4
i haven’t heard much of this broker … just recently decided to try it. it exceeds all my expectations. i enjoy trading here. it offers innovative attitude to trading and a lot of interesting and useful educational material. easy eToro platform is considered to be a social trading platform where i can copy successful traders using technology CopyTrader. they inform me of different facts and opinions. well, they create the conditions attracting rich traders establishing high spreads, large amounts of initial deposits and the price of trades. i haven’t withdrawn yet but until now there are no reasons to concern.

Review Rating - 2
The eToro's so called social trading network and auto copying of trades are just bullshit which has nothing to do with real trading and intended to only one goal - drain a novice's deposit. So do not even dream of enriching yourself with those beautiful fake promises.

Review Rating - 2
I have read recently that the broker started co-working with Sberbank and now have discovered that the bank's official web site even offers to register a real account with the broker. And it looks like the main idea of this cooperation is the promotion of the broker's social trading community. Going to test this.

Review Rating - 2
The connection is good and I cannot use it to my trading!! Too bad, I need to switch into another broker!!! I hope that they will fix their connection if they want to have more traders in their company!!!

Review Rating - 2
This is my 2nd broker and all I can say they were good at me on my first six months using them and their true colors appeared when I made a withdrawal 70% of my trading account balance. After that, they keep me disconnected on their platform and it took me a minutes before I can closed my trades and then my final hours came, they cancelled my profit and disabled my trading account.

Review Rating - 2
Apart from the spreads being a bit too high and a few teething problems with the copytrade function (resulting in me being fully reimbursed for the lost trade profit) I would say this is a great broker for entry into the Forex market and would recommend it simply because of the ability to copy the best performing traders.

Review Rating - 2
It is the worst platform I came across, freezes 2-6 hours every weekduring peak times and times when you can make money.
Poor execution (always 8-10 pip delay for execution on top of spreads). You cannot do market orders and have to wait manually to open trades and when you open you loose out 8-10 pips due to poor execution. There is no trailing stops either.

Review Rating - 2
Anyone who want to play this such of thing ust see for the comments to this company, if there is bad comment according to this company, so better to think for twice, because in this site, anyone can use different name, so i guess pierre and nomi6224 r the extoro team, so u must think for twice to believe them. i have no idea about ex toro, but maybe it's better for us to go find another company, because of the bad comment in etoro

Review Rating - 1
Apart from the spreads being a bit too high I would say this is a great broker for entry into the fx market and would recommend it simply because of the ability to copy the best performing traders.

Review Rating - 2
I have used Etoro over the past couple of years and never had a problem with them. As for google them an see. Google any forex broker and the word scam after their name and you will get the same results. A company with so many users cant keep everyone happy.

Review Rating - 2
i am using etoro and i have used almost 7 others, but really guys, etoro is the best of all. it is very user friendly.
the support team is available to you 24/7 and they are amazing while helping you in your problems.
thanks etoro suppot team, you rock!!!!!!!!

Review Rating - 3
oh c'mon don't even try to put some water on the fire "etoroteam", i used etoro for some time as my broker, firts of all i didn't got my money from the challenge, i sent my identification card, a letter from the bank with my adress, my driving license, everything that was asked even the 250$ to fund the account, nothing, then to withdraw the money i recieved half the money i requested on my account by money transfer, it took 17days, a wire transfer, i complained to etoro, they said they would take a look on the withdraw, another week they said it was mistake they were going to withdraw the rest that was missing, another week, finally i recieve the money, i complained on the chat several time to other users, i was blocked for 2/3 days, couldn't "log in", was more like a "shut up", when i finally got my money back, 2months were gone and a lot of headache.

P.S. everytime i was winning money or loosing the connection got slow and sometimes i couldn't log on to close position, lost some money with that, although i had a superfast ADSL network.

There was a lot of things i just can't find words to express what my review is from etoro, i mean, it's so bad, so bad, please get metatrader4 or something else as a broker

Review Rating - 2
Almost openend an eToro acount. that was close!
I had an account with iForex, try getting profit or your money back from those guys!
Are all the Brokers based in Greece and Cypres dodgy? Tough for me to say as I am part Greek.
Will go to 4XP. I have not really heard any bad stuff about them.

Review Rating - 2
I used different platforms over time. Etorro is simply the best and easy to use for newcommers. There is a difference between losing because you made the wrong decisions and a poor site. Most of the comments on this site tell me more about a poor loser than Etorro.

Review Rating - 2
How true!! It will block you from entering the system if you are in profit but if it's in the loss, you can easily log in! I lost a few hundreds this couple of days with them. This is because when I tried to log in to stop the trade, I just could not log in so in the end I lost all the money. Hmmm before I thought Etoro was the best platform. Only when you have experienced what NEO said then you will realise that this Etoro is so dirty...

Review Rating - 3
Dear traders,

I would like to respond once again to some of the latest things that have been said here. Regarding the stop loss and take profit, these can easily be managed after opening the trade, so there is no need to waste time to set them up before opening the trade.

As for connection problems, there are various reasons why these can occur. The major factor is usually your connection, but there can be other factors, such as the other programs running on your computer. As Trader pointed out, there was another platform open on his computer while he was using eToro with a relatively slow connection. This means that the other platform is taking up some of the bandwidth, and as forex trading platforms are constantly streaming live market information this takes up a lot of bandwidth which can cause connectivity problems.

As I said before, most of our traders do not experience these problems, however, we are more than happy to compensate you if you have suffered any losses due to connectivity problems. If this is the case please contact us through our website.

I wish you all happy trading,
Laura, eToro Team

Review Rating - 1
Yes , I am 100% Agree with NEO, I have lost a lot of money because of the ticks in etoro platform , they are real pirates.
please don not ever think about using that broker.

Review Rating - 3
Newbee Trader - VERY TRUE...

Neo - As i'm just a beginner i'm working on practice accounts, That connection problems, also happens with me oftenly... I only have 2mb... I really thought it was my net problem, but then one day i had 2 different brokers platforms open, etoro and gomarkets platform. i just or.dered on etoro then i came on other platform when etoro platform "ding" sound pop.. connection out... but my other platform was still working... Since then i never used eToro... The only thing i liked about it was the traders current stats... i use to depend on it (Stupid Trader).. now that you point out that it could be the 1000's of newbies - making a matrix(1 following another)... this Platform loses all my likes... And that stop loss o.r.d.e.r. problem just made me so confuse... this so what easy panel made forex trading real hard...

P.S - i'm not promoting any broker, I won't recommend anyone to use this gomarketsaus either as its not much known... just saw its ad at babypips... just practicing don't have any plans to trade on it for real...

Review Rating - 1
Trying out eToro and found it ok except for the length of time it takes to edit the stop loss and take profit options. By the time I got through these the market had moved by more than 20 pips.

Review Rating - 3
Dear Neo,

We’re very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our platform, however there is a simple explanation to the connection problems that you described.

First let me make it clear, we don’t use temporary IP blocking. Most of our users trade with our platform without experiencing any problems of lagging or freezing. However, if your connection is unstable that will cause temporary freezes because the connection goes on and off. Normally, a 20mbps connection is very fast, however speed doesn’t guarantee that it’s a stable connection or that you’re not experiencing connection problems. Unfortunately, while half an hour for a movie is pretty good, with a 20mbps connection you should be able to download a movie in 15 minutes tops. The fact that you didn’t experience any connection problems with your neighbor’s wifi only points to the fact that your connection is not working properly.
As for the issue with the managing of stops, we do limit the rates at which you can set stops simply because eToro discourages scalping – it’s much too risky for beginner traders. However, if you’re interested in scalping eToro has other options it can offer you, all you have to do is contact us for more details.

And lastly, eToro’s brokers are all regulated by respected regulatory authorities world wide. For more details please see the “license and regulations” page on our website.

We would still however like to compensate you for any inconvenience caused to you while using our service. Please contact us through our website and inform us of the precise details of your complaint, including your username at eToro.

We wish you happy trading,
Laura, eToro Team

Review Rating - 1
its very simple & user friendly, gives amazing offers, etc

Review Rating - 2
wow! I was about to open an account with them, but your comment makes me think twice about it...their charts and interface are very user friendly and when u see how much money the best traders are aking on the weekly competition, you tell yourslelf well that could be nice...anyways I will definitely dig more about them before comitting eventually...but this IP BAN THING is really horrible!!!

Review Rating - 5
eToro ? I used this "THING" for 2-3 years...(playing...I only deposited 50 bucks two times during this period...try to understand why....)
You know what...? The first times you enter the Forex , you just make errors and errors and , you don't even mind blaming the "broker"...but once you get used to it (the market) and once you start getting serious about building up a portfolio(bu.ying books , studying and reading and practicing on free accounts) you start realizing things you wouldn't ever realize...
I 'm a software programmer and I've never seen such a SCAM , even in VIRUSES.....
True , their application "SEEMS" a lil'bit more serious NOW , BUT IT ISN'T !!! IT IS SO FULL OF BUGS IT SEEMS MY DIRTY TRASH CAN !!!
Here's a list of the things I hate :

- in practice/real mode ( with both the desktop version and the webtrader version) , if you're goin well/bad , they'll BLOCK YOU preventing you to be able to enter again in the software WITHOUT EVEN DISPLAYING ERROR MESSAGES !!
They used to call this "network error" or "LAG" know what ? IT IS NOT !!! How can I be so sure ? Cause I tried connecting with my neighbor's open-access wifi lan AND IT JUST WORKED !!
You know how's called that ?? TEMPORARY IP - BAN ( I wonder about "the others" by the time I found this....) !!!

-the stop losses / take profit editable parameters ARE LIMITED TO BROKER's DECISION ( but this software is such a crap I could be able to find a trick to over this limit..problem is it requires so much time I just say "who gives a f***" sometimes...I'll never put another cent there...)

-ultra slow slow I wonder why I'm still paying for a 20mbit adsl....damn..I live in Rome !! I can download whole movies in less than half a hour in this city and from servers from the world !!!!

-you just cannot leave this thing unhattended...and that is BAD . The last thing you need while trading is fear ...ou..hey ?? guess what ?? eToro GIVES YOU THAT TOO and IT ISN'T EVEN FREE !!

-surprise spreads !! so high you'll only scalp 1buck each 10 !! in sum : you're not the "white collar" , you're the BLUE here (besides all those green stuff....)

Also , THE FORUM DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE and the major part of their " indicators " are based on their STUPID CLIENTS 's DECISIONS (don't worry reader...I'm stupid too...) !!!
Imagine a bullish / bearish trend indicator based on mere irrational decision taken from THOUSANDS newbies....
Without even talking about the chat.....if there's something really unprofessional for a trader IS A CHAT ROOM TO WASTE TIME (while ,instead, TIME IS MONEY)
And if you're psychologically-weak , enough to believe other users're lost...and your money too....

Here's your "deal"

Take care guys.

PS : regulated ?? LOL !! I wonder who's the bastard wich is drowing under our money........

PPS: tell you're webmaster this "word checker" cannot even recognize the word "" (the dot is used to avoid it) from "" .........DUDE !! are you working with eToro or what ?
is all this for real ????