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Review Rating - 4
I’ve never met the customer support worse than this one. There were difficulties with withdrawal to Skrill, the money was withdrawn but I could not see it on my Skrill account. My messages were remained without any reply until the fourth time when she tells me something like: “all questions should be asked to the payment system not to ForexYard”. No payment history and details offered, no excuses, no assistance rendered. In a couple of days the money was returned to the broker account. The system informed of some error. ok. I’ve made an attempt to withdraw to my VISA card and now I am waiting when two days pass… now pause in trading because if there are such problems with paying out, there is no sense in continuing.

Review Rating - 5
Tuesday,21th of August 2008 , I opened a forex traders

account (SuperMini) with a company by the name FOREXYARD.COM.

Something I today certainly regret ...After some suspicious readings I

started to "clock" them and ran 3 traders accounts simultaneously while

trading as I have earlier been pretty puzzled over a few things

regarding the occasional timing versus movements of the chart indicators

and the "data-feed" FOREXYARD provide for their clients.Cant say I was

surprised to find that the feedings & readings simply didnt "match" and

the synchronicity was a joke...There

is no question in my mind that these folks is simply making a living on

stealing other peoples money by introducing the necessary oscillations

in your quotes to help you lose so they can pocket your balance...

Today I have gained more experience and knowledge and do realize that

virtually all forex brokers are bucketshops.They don't really b u y or

sell the currencies for you when you place o r d e r s .

They just keep your money, and simulate trades (bucketing), since most

traders lose money, they make every dollar their clients lose.

I showed my "readings" to some of my friends that also enjoy the world

of trading whom suggested that I send my

screenshot-chart-signature-material in its entirety to the

NFA or another larger investigating body for a comment but I thought I

would first post my experience on the "Theforexreviewer" wich seems to be

a good place to start with.

I was thinking , couldnt a forex chart signature from that very day and

minutes perhaps be seen as a "historic fingerprint and evidence" when

compared with true market activity?

18th of April 2008 I lost 600 dollars on their methods and decided

after a large number of letters to them without any results or refunds

of any kind to withdraw my remaining 324.99 USD wich I did on 29th of

December 2008(see copy below).

Until this day I have still neither heard from them or received my


I have read at other forums about other peoples unability to get their

own money back after withdrawals from FOREXYARD.COM so ,again, Im not


----------EMAIL COPY OF MY WITHDRAWAL ATTEMPT----------------------

Date Mon, 29 Dec 2008 8:01 AM ( 4 months ago )

From "FOREXYARD Withdraw Request"

To "Myname"

Subject FOREXYARD Withdraw Request (TRID: 314446)

Dear "xxx",

Your withdrawal request of 324.99 USD from SuperMini Account #1573 has

been registered. The transaction will be applied within 96 hours. Until

then you still have the opportunity to cancel your withdrawal and return

the sum to your FOREXYARD account. Your Transaction ID is 314446.

FOREXYARD Customer Support

TEL: 1-212-796-6939

htt p s://ww


Despite many things , I do enjoy forex trading and the "gambling

factor" thats involved in it.

Nevertheless I have worked hard for my money and it doesnt exactly make

you happy to see your hard earned money get stolen by these unscrupulous

figures.A loss is a loss and its something I would certainly accept as

long as it happens in a fair and natural trading enviroment.

This was the way I felt as a beginner anyway..Today I know considerably


So what should I do? I certainly would like to get my money

back,preferably the whole sum of 1000 USD...Shouldnt I be able to sue


Cant help but wonder how these folks sleep at night? Perhaps thinking

just before tucking in , "Another good days work "...Sad group of people...

Thank you for your time...


Review Rating - 1
Has anyone else have a live trade comment about forexyard?

Review Rating - 2
sorry but the above comment is a total lie there demo account spread is very different from there real live spread, when I wanted to fund my account due to a near margin call their funding system was close, scam keep away from them. Just type there name in and see other negtive reviews there pips are not in line with real time pips fraud

Review Rating - 2
Excellent executions and very good customer service. Also trade with FXCM, and it seems like the main advantage for Forexyard is during new announcements. They have fixed spreads and you can take advantage of guarnteed stops and limits under any market conditions.