Fort Financial Services Reviews & Comments 2017

Good broker. When I wanted to withdraw they ask me to verifiy. And I upload documents and they verified my documents with 20 minutes and withdraw my money. Compare other broker Fortfs have good spread and low commision. Fast withdraw, good support, help and friendly. I can recommend for trading on news. And their copytrade platform is very good. Good luck

Kamolchanok   17 November, 2017  

Hi, Forex-rating. Fortfs Account 3777282 Wthdraw decline #975969. I am writing to express my utmost fury at Fortfs as they rejected my withdraw request of $318.40 profits, I placed 1 trade fair and square with 1 trade position on Friday 23:55 pm at market price for the French Election and held over the weekend following the correct procedures and closed postion at Market open prices on Sunday only to be told that from the email that my withdraw was canceled due to: ''Your request was rejected due to the decision of risk-management'' 5. Non-market prices. 5.5. The Company shall guarantee that a non-market price will be deleted from the instant quotes by bringing the trading history in line with the actual market prices. 5.6. Provided that the Company or a Client could provide a sufficient evidence that opening and/or closing the trade has been executed with the price significantly different from the market price, the Company undertakes to recalculate financial results of such trade according to real market (exchange or interbank) quotations or completely cancel it.'' I have emailed their and have strongly asked that they recheck this as I have provided the evidence from screenshots taken during the trade this and and asked them to proceed with my withdrawal, they replied with the same email and now they are no longer responding to my emails. I have ask IFSC/FPA to raise a case against Fortfs to try and get my profits back especially when I traded to fairly, please see evidence below... Thanks.

Quy Truong   9 May, 2017  

It was a nice platform long time ago. I've discovered they increase spreads in some cases so you can't notice it. But my automated scripts identified that spreads are getting bigger when there is a flat market and no obvious reasons to get wider. So they get some extra income and we lose some advantages to make more profit. It's up to you to work with them. However, I encourage all traders to switch to another broker. Please, give some comments on it if you face the same problem.

Cesar   16 March, 2017  

Since I opened a trading account here, I could test out the options available using no deposit bonus without spending my own funds. I’ve chosen floating spreads and I am satisfied with their fair values. By the way they also provide pairs with zero spread and proper liquidity. There is a huge range of trading tools, which allow players to trade with profit easier. Withdrawal is available only after verification of a trading profile and that’s a perfect safety measures. Even if I try to mention some negative point, I couldn’t. In addition to its support service the broker offers online consultant, which renders assistance in trading right on its website.

Koor77   4 June, 2016  

This is a broker with a good trade execution and attentive customer service ready to answer any question. Here you find professional trading platforms offering relatively low spreads. Moreover, they give pleasant bonuses allowing easy trading without any financial risk. New traders get $ 5 no deposit bonus and trade with it. Hedging and scalping are available. During news you can face some slippage. But that’s ok. Much worse when the broker rejects withdrawals if, as they say, the trading terms are abused. And there is no chance to prove the opposite! So if you are not experienced, you’d better look for a less aggressive broker.

Josh   2 June, 2016  

Hello everyone! The Fort Financial Services broker is my favourite broker for now. Since I opened a trading account I was able to get no deposit bonus so I could test out the services without making any deposit. Currently I'm working on my floating spread swap free account and I enjoy it. The execution is fast, the list of trading instuments is huge and the spreads are fair. This broker requires verification of a trading profile for withdrawals, but it's very quick and easy. In fact if I have any problems with my trader's room or services I contact their support team. The support team is very good and operaties very quick. I can recommend Fort Financial Services broker to everyone who is looking for a trustworthy and fair broker.

Gabriel   26 May, 2016  

It is 100% doubtless and confidently said that Fort Financial Services as one of the best brokers.I have a/c newbie Flex. low spread mostly withdrawal is very smoothly. Live long, Forts. Rezaur Rahman.

rezarahmanbd   29 April, 2016  

Hi! I have an account with the broker and being working with them for a while. Personaly, I rate Fort Financial Services as one of the best brokers available for the traders like me. I have a deposit about $2000 and I use their free VPS. Generally I use in my trading several accounts, depending on a strategy. My VPS allows me to use at the same time five the MT4 trading platforms and it works well with me EA. A couple times I had problems with my EA due to its hyperactivity, but it was easy to fix and Fort Financial Services customer support quickly helped to me to solve the problem. What I especially like about the broker is: quick exectution, fast withdrawal request processing, low spread, a wide range of trading instruments provided. So far I have only positive experience with the broker. Five stars out of five.

geramigelius   9 February, 2016  

Hello everyone. I trade on news and scalping is my strategy. The broker is appealing for me in the sense that there is no limitation of the duration of an orde r. Not at all. That means that an orde r can be closed immediately after it was opened. I also like that I could start my trading with a free $5 bonus. Everyone is allowed to get the bonus after verification. So go ahead get registered than verified and get your free bonus. Better try it once rather than speculate about it.

gammymaggy182   5 February, 2016  

Fort Financial Services has some good points in comparison with other brokers. They have low spreads and they allow to use some strategies that are forbidden in other companies. They also provide pairs with no spread for those who don't want to deal with it. All this makes Fort FS a perfect broker for newbies and experienced traders.

ian_glover   29 January, 2016  

I'm taking a part in S.T.A.R. program offered by Fort Financial Services. Currently i'm working as investor - not because i'm a new one but due to the fact that see that serious traders work with them and i can feel myself calm investing money in good manager. After some time i would definitely become a manager by myself. I recommend to check their conditions as well as managers of this investment program. Highly recommended service, great service!

proof_cat   20 January, 2016  

Fort Financial Services is good for several reasons. They work with most countries in the world and provide their service professionally. They grand welcome bonus to all clients and let withdraw it without depositing your own funds. They have all instruments that you need in trading. Their support is always ready to answer your questions.

Paula   18 January, 2016  

Not so long time ago i've been spending my days in searc of a good and fair broker. On some forum i found the article tell us STAR programs which is offered by Fort Financial Services. Sounds good - I thought. I checked this program and it is appeared the one i was looking for. I'm good in trading but from time to time i do not have my own free funds to invest and that is why i prefer to be a manager. The conditions these company offers are quiet comfotrable for both sides - you agree the amount of profit each of both sides get. You can use the leverage up to 1:200 and trade a big list of instruments. In next few weeks i'm goint to test this program

Graham   20 December, 2015  

I prefer day time trading and like to trade on CFDs mostly. This company offers good conditions for them. No requotes or others delays were detected by me within few years of my experince here. As a next step - i'm going to try CQG - want to see am I ready for the real market conditons or not. The main doubt is not about my professionalism or sufficient amount of funds but about the behavior of the market. I could definitely say that if any questions arise from my side - the support serivce of Fort Financial Services would be helpful as they always do. Wish all the best to this company.

Faire1988   8 December, 2015  

Hello! I really enjoy doing business with Fort Financial Services. I started with their $30 welcome bonus and now on my way to complete the bonus conditions. Verification is required, but it's easy. Good partnership programs with rebate are also available. High quality support and services. That is what I expected. Excellent broker.

Laskas   4 December, 2015  

Greetings! At the current moment Fort Financial Services is the broker for me. I found everything that I need with this broker. Fast execution, wide range of trading instruments and more. Also I'm participating in their promo of Support Margin Bonus. The bonus is just nice addition to their high quality services. My highest recommendations, 5 star broker.

PaoloKiyanti   5 November, 2015  

Fort FS is an amazing broker. They have everything that trader needs. Comfortable and easy terminal, big number of payment systems and trading instruments. Their bonus programs are quite interesting. Apart from 5 usd bonus, they provide 15 usd bonus every 3 month and such actions as support margin

JustinThomson   3 November, 2015  

There are dozens of brokers nowadays - some of them appears fast and disappear even faster. Some are founded few years ago and continue to develop and grow up as professionals. I want to share my experience with Fort Financial Services. Trustworthy, honest and very competent broker. Within year and a half of work with them I have not got any issues or problems with them. It is noteworthy that trading conditions the same as listed on the web site of the company as well as o.rders execution speed. If you do fair trading - the company will always on your side. If any disputes arise - you are always free to send your request to re-investigate your o.rders' results. Good company that knows how to work with people of different tastes and interests.

greench   24 October, 2015  

Fort FS platform is the fastest platform and has almost no requotes and slipages. I tried many brokers but now I trade only with Fort FS because this is the only broker that has really high quality platform. This is very important. Also I like the START investments accounts on Fort FS website so now I can manage or invest in other managers. Really better than PAMM!

Korovin   18 October, 2015  

Hello everyone! Everyone has an opinion what's the most important in forex trading. Of course anyone would say that first of a broker should be trustworthy, and I agree here that's essecial. However there are a couple more points which no one can ignore such as fast execution, no slippage at the time of trading, low spread and time efficient trading conditions. All that things I found at Fort FS. I've about 1,5 year experience of trading with them and never was dissapointed. The broker has many different ways for deposit and withdrawal and the list of payment systems is being extended all the time. Nice and high quality services for profitable trading what more is there to ask for ? My rate is 10 out of 10 for Fort Financial Services.

proof_cat   9 October, 2015  

To begin with, when I trade, the most important thing for me is the trust between a broker and the customer. Usually I open a cent account to test out a broker's services. From that perspective, Fort Financial services is quite an interesting broker. In January 2015, I opened a Flex USD cent account. First, I made a deposit of $100 (10000 US cents). My Flex cent account has floating spread and I have chosen 1:1000 leverage, which is essential for me, since I prefer scalping, also execution time is quite satisfactory at about 0.5 seconds, and probably my powerful PC processor contributes to this speed as well. Sometimes due to a high volatility on the market, execution time gets worse, which is kind of predictable, but overall it is OK. Generally speaking:The deposit is instant, and withdrawal to my Neteller took just about 2 or 3 hours on a business day and that is huge for me; nice and friendly customer support, I contacted them to receive my SMS code for verification and in a short time it arrived with the code, no problems. Here is my conclusion about the broker: it seems to me the broker is trustworthy and I would love to continue my trading here. Also I like to have a wide range of trading possibilities, I really want to try their Ninja Trader platform offer, however there are several other ones such as the CQG platforms, the standard MT4 and even a Binary options platform is available for trading. To sum it up, I'm pretty pleased with this decent broker.

gerrald   15 September, 2015  

I like Fort FS because of very fast platform. The fastes i have seen so far especially on PRO accounts. I trade now 2 months and I have fastest trading than before.

Enriko   6 August, 2015  

I've discovered Fort Financial Services only after they announced the receiving an international brokerage license. After the broker has become licensed and regulated it's became clear they are not a day-fly, but a team striving to offer high-quality services. I am currenly very satisfied with the company's services. Now I'm working with them not only as a trader, but as a partner, engaging new traders to use the broker's services.

ProfitMan   1 August, 2015  

Very good Broker! easy to trade and withdraw bonuses and friendly trading conditions and spreads

Komando   26 July, 2015  

I like FortFS because it is easy to trade and make money with this broker. Platform is fast and many good bonuses.

Arham   8 July, 2015  

In my opinion Fort FS is very fast broker. Fast verification, fast platform, fast withdrawal. I hope the will remain like this in the future too.

Kamil   16 June, 2015  


STARFX KAMIL   1 June, 2015  

this is the best broker I ever seen FORTFS is a big broker with perfect conditions trading and stable platform many promotions I like this trusted broker

M.DALI   19 May, 2015  

Fort FS has great opportunities for active traders such as free VPS, great executuion, 0 % comissions and bonuses. I am very happy with fast withdrawals and deposits with Neteller and Cradit cards. Recommended!

Timur   19 May, 2015  

FORTFS is my favourite brocker with low spread and fast execution they gives me real money to trade without risking my own, and another chance to trade if I lose my bonus, really a good broker with fast custmer service.

MARWANE DAJI   12 May, 2015  

Fort Financial Services
Fort Financial Services

Fort Financial Services is a licensed international financial broker which operates under a license IFSC/60/256/TS/14 issued by International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company is operating since 2010 and is trusted by clients from more than 30 countries worldwide. The unique...

Regulation: IFSC

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