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FxCast Traders Rating on Forex-Ratings.com 3 based on 122 reviews
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Review Rating - 4
Don't trade on news and you'll save your account. Too many complaints regarding commissions and re-quotes during important events on market. People don't realize that if broker can't provide commission size in acceptable range then it means a fraud or scam. No, it's not necessarily so. First, stay away from the volatile market. Each broker has weak sides when price moves to fast. Fxcast is not an exception. Second, company claims that they have no commissions. It means you have to read all terms and conditions agreements before start trading. There is some cases and you have to know about them. Broker is fine. Most problems come from traders. My advice is to know what you are doing first, and then criticize the broker.

Review Rating - 1
why has there been no comments in a long time, dont know much about fxcast

Review Rating - 1
Good company! Recommend!

Review Rating - 1
well - what funny - no reviews and only voting without details? And this should be a reason to select a broker? I am FXcast customer and happy. This is my vote.