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GKFX Traders Rating on Forex-Ratings.com 3 based on 122 reviews
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Review Rating - 2
Here I can get a rather high leverage – 1:400. Thus, my comparatively small deposit still allows me opening large positions. There is a risk, of course, but if a trader is experienced, even with a minimum deposit of $10 he is able to get a rather large profit. One more feature I appreciate with GKFX is their application added to the standard MT4 widening its functionality. You will certainly enjoy it, as far as I can judge, the options are useful.

Review Rating - 2
I have been working as an IB with GKFX for many years.
They are offering very low spreads.
The transfer/withdrawals are made immediately without any commissions.
I never had any problems with them, their customer services are amazing. They are always in contact with the clients.