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are there people who trade on ready strategies in hqbroker? I want to try, are they paid or not, and is it worth the time to use them? please advise something new. I would be very grateful

leo   31 October, 2019  

All the tools for trading have certain specifics, including fluactations and so on. I would trade on those that have increased liquidity. These are the most profitable currency pairs, as for me, besides, the spreads are small and they can be well predicted. The most popular currency pairs in hqbroker are GBP / USD, EUR / GBP and EUR / USD. Especially for beginners, they are just right. But after some time and gaining experience it will be possible to expand my investment portfolio

Eylima   29 October, 2019  

Who tried math trading systems? I haven't met comments from hqbroker customers on this issue yet. Usually currency pairs, futures, precious metals, but not a word about it. Is the deal about the complexity of thiese trading systems? Who knows?

Finarp   24 October, 2019  

I have a Gold Account at HQbroker, trading with precious metals, gold and oil, this is the main tools for me. At first, I did everything wrong, but corrected myself over time:) Still, having a big deposit somehow makes your trade easier, but this is my personal opinion, so I do not impose anyone. Yes, there is more responsibility at HQBroker, but it's worth it.

Giguel   22 October, 2019  

From the very beginning I keep up with Hqbroker and I hope that I will stay with it until the very end, since I feel comfortable here, I do not require more. My requests are confirmed by the company, there is always access to them. I have never noticed any platform malfunctions. Well, that's enough for now.

Sophus Alanis   16 October, 2019  

Well, finally found a normal broker. And here I can earn and withdraw money on time. What I just didnt try, I didnt choose the companys names, because they have such a lot of work that they just stop paying attention to you, and in hqbroker managers are much easier with this, so far there is such an opportunity - its time to act

Foster   14 October, 2019  

I have not opened the account yet, but I consider HQBroker as an option for trading, there were several questions to HQBroker's technical support, I decided to leave a request on its site and not to postpone. They took much time, didn't rumble in a hurry, communicated politely, answered clearly on my questions. In short, I liked the support, the last step has been taken, I will open the account here.

RamizXer   11 October, 2019  

I want to earn money, that is why I've been increasing my deposit, now it's already $3000 on the account, the manager is ready to continue up in our financial aims, but for now I want to stop here. Withdrawing every month is pleasing, but the manager's limits in financial appetites would please even more. But I'm still grateful: if it weren't for the manager, I wouldn't have gone further than $500, I wanted to trade on that amount, but everything turned out to be much more positive for me in terms of earnings at hqbroker.

TerryM   10 October, 2019  

I almost totally lost my first deposit, but I was a newbie in trading, didn't want to trade with the anlyst, only after a loss I began to move on, I decided to study the market, because thought that it worked like a roulette. After 2 months I began to cooperate my trade with an anlyst, and things went up. In short, I'll say that it's possible for beginners to learn everything on their own, I devoted a lot of time to training, but I still can't cope with market anlysis, although I already have experience, since hqbroker's managers are normal here, then what for to loose your money, if anyway you do not know how to trade.

Sam   8 October, 2019  

There were some problems with the bank rejecting the findings, hqbroker kept up to date on the problem, the procedure for changing the bank took a long time. The situation has already been resolved, and the trial withdrawal was requested quickly. I am very grateful to hqbroker that all the questions are quickly resolved, if only there are any. I really appreciate it.

Donn   4 October, 2019  

I have an account with two more companies besides HQbroker. I decided to compare the spread, and here the currencies spread is a half lower than anywhere else, so for now I trade on currencies, not every day, but often enough. Execution is very fast, but so far still I don't risk transferring transactions the next day. The maximum withdrawal was 400$, the results were excellent, there are no complaints about the withdrawal service.

Ricky   3 October, 2019  

This company doesn't lie, and I've never been persuaded to replenish on a larger deposit. After the unpleasant experience of working with other brokers, it seemed to me that none of the brokers make it possible to earn money, but I've already withdrawn $ 700 from hqbroker and the money came in 4 days. This is probably the only company, which you can still think good about.

SQ   1 October, 2019  

Back in 2018 I opened a silver account, after that it has never even been replenished. For a year now, I've made a lot of money here, I've raised the deposit a bit, I like that you can safely trade here. I contact with support only when there is a need for this,nobody irritated me with calls. For me HQBroker is a time-tested broker.

Klara   30 September, 2019  

The broker is mediocre, but quite advanced. I've withdrawn sums about $ 800, and there were no problems. Initially, it didn't impress me with anything, until I started earning and withdrawing well with a manager, but it took several months. It was exciting to replenish for me, then I didn't understand much in brokers. And now I can confirm that HQ Broker works honestly.

Romi   26 September, 2019  

I use bitcoin in trading, I won't say that it is profitable, initially I earned money, now I have lost even more than I earned. Long story short, I do not advise anyone to use cryptocurrencir in their trade, if they doesn't have enough experience. It is impossible to understand how bitcoin will behave for a newbie.

Jeronimo   24 September, 2019  

a reliable broker, have earned and withdrawn about 5 000 dollars for 7 months of trading with hqbroker's financial manager. hqbroker is an excellent and conscientious company

harold   4 September, 2019  

did you withdraw it at once or separate that sum? i want to know this because i'm plannint to withdraw $3000 for 1 payment and i don't know if my request is approved by hqbroker

aaron   6 September, 2019

The platform is great, at first I looked for every opportunity to open a deal, sat at the terminal, now everything is a bit different. To make a long story short, there are a lot of instruments at hqbroker, broker's execution is okay, the second most important thing is to learn how to use all these pros.

Albert   28 August, 2019  

I once argued with a friend that Forex is more accessible to us than we might have thought. That was over two years ago. It was then that I opened an account with HQbroker. After some time, I not only proved, but also convinced this friend to open an account with HQbroker. We are now trading with various analysts, but both are satisfied with the company and the trading results.

Thompson   23 August, 2019  

I have been working with HQBroker for over 2 years.During this time,I managed to check this company for honesty.For some,this company may seem most ordinary.But I don't think so.I once transferred here after a bad experience with another broker.Therefore,I have something to compare.My conclusion about the company is based on facts,and first of all it is the balance of my account.

Alex   22 August, 2019  

After a year of trading with the hqbroker brokerage company, I can only say good. First of all, the broker did not let down his reputation as an honest company, and did not let my trust down. Trading with minimal drawdowns, I consistently receive profit from transactions. Withdrawals usually take from three to five days. I don`t think I really can rate my analyst `cos sometimes his recommendations was useful but he also can be wrong...

Den   20 August, 2019  

Sometimes it seems to me that you need to stop trading and withdraw all the money. This happens when the trade is not going.But this moment passes and profitable deals come, and I understand that it is not in vain that I trade, and it is not in vain that I chose HQBroker.

Eva   20 August, 2019  

This company is quite good, I realized this only when I started trading on a larger deposit. The market execution was impeccable, and there were no failures. Although the number of profitable transactions still needs to be worked on by hqbroker's manager and me. It's the time to do the nalysis and correction of your own trading strategy

Qwaya   19 August, 2019  

A cool broker that really provides good trading conditions. I didn't initially have such an opinion, it was formed during the trading process, after those withdrawals of funds which I had earned with a HQbroker manager. Company's main feature is a serious approach to customer support.

Ollie   14 August, 2019  

Did HQBroker manager help you to open profitable withdrawals? Or their promises on HQBroker website is a lie?

David Capossela   14 August, 2019

No? it's true. My manager helped me a lot both with deals and forex education progress. Everything that is written on hqbroker official website is definetely true. Why do you ask?

Ollie   16 August, 2019

I haven't been fooled, and my money haven't been stole money by a broker. That's why I believe hqbroker. Not a single conclusion was cancelled, the company isn't a scam. I've been here since the fall of 2018, probably, if hqbroker lets me down, I'll be completely disappointed in the market.

Tan   13 August, 2019  

I've tried to start trading here with 100 dollars, I even had profit, but I didn't continue to trade here, I traded with another broker, but I returned here anyway. It was my first broker, I didn't understand much, but when it came up with something to compare, it appeared that HQbroker was better under the terms and conditions, and they worked honestly. Only a newcomer can't immediately realize it.

Bigantoma   12 August, 2019  

i was very nervous. have withdrawn $ 8,000 from my account, and i didn't expect that everything would go so easily. on the one hand, when you withdraw $ 100, and on the other hand, $ 8,000 is a very big difference in feelings. but thanks for hq broker's honesty, they work fairly. my account number 2007965310

henry   8 August, 2019  

The first deal to buy, and the first profit + $ 27, I already like everything here. I have opened for only one reason, and that was earning. The account was immediately replenished with $ 2000, and I'm planning to continue to replenish it, so now we are only talking about the honesty of the company, which, I hope, it has.

Ronald Franco   7 August, 2019  

A worthy broker, it's pretty 'pretty' quietly here, no one doesn't bother you, and you can discuss with a manager how you want to trade exactly. There are a lot of trading tools, all the cards are in hand, but how to play depends on a trader, you need to constantly learn forex

Riccky   6 August, 2019  

I have been trading on stocks for 11 months, almost a year has gone. The conditions for trading are complied by a broker with, since they do not interfere into the process of my CFD contracts. So hq broker acts more as an intermediary, the result of such cooperation is my profit

Sufjan   1 August, 2019  

I will share something that anyone can face. There has been a situation, when lost my identification card, made a new one, but then I didn't know what to do. I wrote to HQBroker support, everything turned out to be so simple. They proposed to send new scans of the docks. It's cool that everything was so easy to solve, I thought there would be a lot of promlems, but we decided everything quickly. This can be called a high-quality work, when a company doesn't complicate anything, but everything is documented, and is consistent with a bank, so the procedure is safe.

Milo   30 July, 2019  


Brokerage company HQBroker shift online trading to more qualitative level with the help of professional analysts. Although company was founded in 2017 at this moment it offers advanced trading solutions and state-of-the-art environment for every trader. Company pay close attention to client’s...

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