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If you trade without a system, it doesn't matter how good the broker is or how smart the manager is. So the negative reviews on the topic: the manager leaked me the deposit - I don't pay attention, and I advise you to do so. A trader bears all the responsibility, no one gives guarantees to anyone here, this isn't the place where such laws apply, and the manager isn't a robot adviser, who, by the way, works well until the first news. I personally had no negative experience with them, or even hints about it. It's logical to think what kind of feedback a young man can give about trading, who learns scalping, or opens deals without following the rules of money-management, it is clear that with losses both a broker and forex, everything will be scam for him.

Chang   20 November, 2018  

$ 250 is too high for the starting deposit, but this amount is trivial for the market, so I want to ask why hqbroker stopped at this amount. And I don't understand why scalpers like being there, they don't like to fill in more than a hundred. But this is just an interest. I trade long-termly with the broker, I started to trade in mid-August. So far the performance is pleasing, and communication with support too

Henry   19 November, 2018  

When I looked through the general information about the broker, I paid special attention to the negative reviews, it was very interesting what the clients wrote about the withdrawal, in the company's feedback there were very few negatives about the withdrawal, somebody can still say something bad about the managers. Withdrawals is a quite enough reason to trade with this broker. Trading in anticipation of a trick for a very long time, the terminal on the contrary worked very well, the quotes are always fresh, so I quickly got tired of watching the platform, I waited for the withdrawal, and not even a hundred dollars, I decided to take it higher, filed an application for withdrawal on Friday, it was interesting on what day money would come, and it came on Tuesday, I was surprised, I thought at least about Wednesday or even Thursday, so I am very pleased with the withdrawal, I like everything here.

Daniel   16 November, 2018  

This broker didn't surprise me, rather justified hopes placed on it, because the reviews are still good, nobody wants to be disappointed in the broker. I started trading, immediately went into a loss, and while I got out of a drawdown, I made sure that there were not only normal conditions, but also a terminal. I can say that the broker hasn't demonstrated itself, except for rare conversations with the technical support. 20% of my deposit is quite a decent profit, if to calculate all losses, it is even more, usually I do not trade very intensively, I don't like to rush. I even bring up this feeling in relation to forex.

Anon   15 November, 2018  

Worthy broker! Although I don't trade for long, but during the time that I'm here, it can be understood that hqbroker and scam are different things. Their site is good, and the support is also great, I often consult the broker for an advice, sometimes he advise points to enter, and usually always close profitably, I really like the broker.

Curt   14 November, 2018  

No complaints, and they can not be. Claims too. The conditions are favorable, the platform is with the best interbank execution, withdraws are in time. Only in this perspective, the broker can be considered, and for the year that I've been trading, nothing changed here.

Dave   13 November, 2018  

usually they advise not to get involved with such brokers, but I read their site and I liked it, and the broker itself, so I opened the account a long time ago, but I never regretted it. Only those who have been trading for a long time and get their profit steadily know which zone to put the stop in, understand the market with their experience, so I work purely for profit here, and I'm glad that I once paid attention to the company

Orlando   12 November, 2018  

Applied for a withdrawal last week, I already have the money. They should write somewhere on the site about the documents, which are needed for withdrawal, but I found out this information from the support. By the way, this operation was quick and, most importantly, successful. Sometimes you might read reviews, and it seems that some people came here purely to have fun, they don't think about withdrawals. I thought about withdrawal first of all, and when I started an account with the broker, I was worried about it, because I'm here to earn money, not just to try, so I was very pleased with the first withdrawal, and the broker as a whole is very interesting.

Santiago   9 November, 2018  

Experience is most important for trading, so at first it will not be possible to trade as an already experienced trader. This is my first broker, so I devote as much time as possible for learning. While we are trading only with currency, although they have many different trading tools, it will be possible to try something else.

intro   8 November, 2018  

I've been here for 10 months, and I love to read what people write on forums. So one moment is not clear to me. Do traders understand that trading isn't always about a positive result, I also sometimes have serious losses with the manager and sometimes not, and withdraw a normal profit. Is it possible to close all deals in plus? I also monitor the news, and not only open deals on signals. Some need to be smarter to be interested in what you are offered to trade

John M   7 November, 2018  

Initially I didn't like that the depot for entering the market is $ 250, which is quite a lot. But I've already earned 40 dollars, and I've been trading only for three weeks, now I understand this policy better, it's definitely not possible to trade free for $ 100. Beneficial to both parties.

UFO   6 November, 2018  

No matter how it was, but with the output from hq broker everything is ok. I didn't have any support from therir technichal department. But I had to replace the manager, he often insisted on replenishment, it was impossible to trade, I've just started to work with the new one recently, 80% of the deals are profitable. I just don't like when somebody decides for me.

Mark   5 November, 2018  

I was looking for a company for the medium term, I only looked at the reviews on hqbroker, only few traders are trading seriously there, so I immediately called tech support, to clarify all moment, and what they can offer, I was satisfied with the answers and opened a silver account immediately, talked to the manager, decided to trade on currencies, I was generally a supporter of currency, so we started very well, the first deal was closed with a profit of $ 180, in September I withdrew $ 700

Guest   2 November, 2018  

I opened a starting account a month ago, and I don't plan to replenish it with large sums yet, I want to learn how to trade on a small deposit, and consistently make money, and then think about a larger deposit. What is the point in a large deposit if you don't know how to trade with a small one? The manager supports me in my decision, we've been trading together for a month, a good result was obtained, + $ 42, then the most difficult thing is to keep this result for several months.

trader sam   1 November, 2018  

4 months I live a quiet life. Thanks for this to HQ broker, it may sound strange, but the broker is amazing. During these 4 months I've never had any problems with the terminal or with managers, which is surprising, to be honest. This is for the first time in my practice. Maybe a few years ago I wasn't particularly nervous about brokers, trading was a bit calmer, but in the last 2 years it wasn't easy to find something normal. I didn't expect anything from a broker, but I'm glad that I was mistaken.

Anton   31 October, 2018  

I didn't like my manager at first, but the time and circumstances have changed a lot, now we are calmly looking for points to enter together, to place spot orders, and how to succeed. And you need to cope with losses, and without them there is no way, the main thing is that all stops should stand and work, and then things will go on

ASAP   30 October, 2018  

It's a reliable broker. For 7 months no failures, reliable withdrawals and platform. Recently I've brought $ 500, everything went fine, the second time I've withdrawn such amount, and everything is safe. Although the depot isn't small, but the broker is playing a fair game: quotes are honest, the execution is suitable, I like to trade here.

Lilian   29 October, 2018  

Patient support, called them to set up a terminal. Man from the support had to repeat 5 times same things so that I finally understood what to do. I understand that because of me, that guy was very nervous, but he wasn't rude to me and didn't shout. Patient guy. I still remember this case.

Dan   29 October, 2018  

Looks like all these reviews here are fakes. They are written almost every day and only seem positive comments. No one has mentioned the fact that the broker is unregulated and only in operation for 1 year and that ALL the reviews on [moderated] are bad with some reporting bankruptcy. Keep away.

honest Jim   27 October, 2018  

we have been trading with shares for 2 months already, I wouldn't have traded by myself, but the company has strong experts, so you can trade quite reliably with a manager. I came to this conclusion after having traded together with ine of them on a smaller deposit for about a month, personally saw the quality of support, and only after I decided to replenish for more. these 2 months on the shares brought me good money, although we hold only short positions

ares   26 October, 2018  

The broker is valid, if there was something unclean here, then the broker would have already issued himself in three months that I was trading, even after the withdrawal of money, and the terminal and support are at the same level as at the beginning.

Freddie   25 October, 2018  

I began to trade cautiously here, with practically the minimum lot, using already familiar tools to check the conditions and the platform. I liked everything here, the conditions are convenient for trading for leverage, spreads, illiquid currency pairs. The terminal is normal, they are all the same, but I set it up with support. Gradually I increase the size of lots, I've already gained a decent amount, while I really like trading with hqbroker.

Ozzy   24 October, 2018  

My biggest problem is the lack of opportunity to increase the deposit, because during the trading time at hq broker I see that this is exactly the company that gives the opportunity to develop and earn. I've been trading with $ 400 here for 3 months now, and working together with the manager is bearing fruit even with such a sum of money, and even more than I had originally expected, so I managed to withdraw it twice, the output is really reliable, though not immediate. The company is good, the support is powerful

juci   23 October, 2018  

I trade here, I like it, I withdrew profit several times, and yesterday I realized that It's already pased half a year, as I trade here, so, as it seems to me, I've been here for a long time, but I don't feel like it. At first, I didn't want to go up to higher deposit, but nevertheless I replenished it to a thousand. I want to withdraw at least small amounts every month, and this is $ 1,000 regularly. So the last 3 months have been profitable for me, but, speaking very frankly, the manager helped me, I don't plan to trade with HQBroker all alone, as long as I am satisfied with the results of conscientious trading with the manager

Connan   22 October, 2018  

Hello everyone. I've been working with HQBroker for a long time and I know this company well. I agree with others who are dissatisfied with its service, for example, the design of the site or the lack of attentiveness from the side of the manager. Although the first is nothing compared to the inattention of a manager to a client. There was a similar case in the same company. Manager Dmitry, who was my first manager, was also not so enthusiastic about my trades and gave me little time. For the first two weeks everything had been fine and he called with recommendations very often, which, by the way, worked very successfully. I have seen that the result from trading is good. Dmitry recommended replenishing another deposit, but I didn't do that. The fact is that I had a common budget with my wife and I didn't want to ask her to invest in the trade, even though I understood that we could make money on it, but I also understood that it was wrong, because there are risks. Dmitry disappeared shoving up once a week and wondered whether I would move on (as he put it). One day I asked him a very straightforward question: I understand that you won't be interested in me if I don't increase the deposit amount? Dmitry answered very honestly that he had many clients and basically all of them worked with accounts from 10 000 and above, and that their earnings are his earnings. He said that many managers were willing to work with clients who had small accounts, but he preferred medium-term trading more, and there it is necessary to take into account possible drawdowns, so the deposit should be higher. Then we agreed that I would ask for a manager replacement and that was all. Basically, that's what happened. He was replaced with Sergey, who was less experienced, but he didn't care so much about whether I was making a deposit like Dmitry. I think that if the client manager isn't satisfied, then you can always find an alternative. If I hadn't replaced in due time, I would have withdrawn the money and remained dissatisfied with the company. And so I continue to work with them and everything is ok.

Alexey   20 October, 2018  

My dumb broker puts my trades in a lock position. Now I can't do anything with my trades. I guess what everyone was saying was true that HQ Broker was a scam always seeking ways to get more money from you.

Noahwil   18 October, 2018  

This is my first broker, I had the experience of trading on a demo account before hqbroker, but I don't take it seriously. Trading is when there is income, so I was happy about 50 dollars, as if I earned 500, it was nice to withdraw money for the first time. I would like to make forex something more than just the opportunity to earn $ 50, but this is a long-term goal.

Shean   11 October, 2018  

If hq had a special section with forecasts from a broker, I would try to trade by myself, but I can't take much time to anlalyze. Therefore, initially I trade with the manager. This simplifies trading a lot, most of all in this cooperation I like that the broker doesn't interfere with the trade. You can really rely on the manager. This is probably the main advantage of HQBroker. Now I can say that Forex for me is no longer just entertainment, but a way to make money, although not so long ago I treated it as not very healthy and inexpensive entertainment.

Exk   10 October, 2018  

I won't go into details, I'll just say on the merits. For a trader, the most important thing is for the broker not to interfere with trading and withdraw how much the trader has earned. I like this broker because it doesn't violate these rules. If there're bad trading conditions here, no one would pay attention to the broker, and if there were problems with withdrawals, then I wouldn't have to wait long. If the goal of the company is to find customers who will be permanent, then they do a good job.

Oscar   9 October, 2018  

I think that the most important thing is NOT interaction with a broker, but your OWN choice, your own financial forecast and abities to trade profitable. HQbroker is only an instrument. Yes, perspective instrument, but it's not the main thing. You should develop your skills and that's all.

Marshall   12 October, 2018

very often the web terminal helps out, when there's no enough time to trade;you can sit down, read the news, think about your ts, so i use it at work, and it doesn't take so much time, and works fine;it's good that the broker did'nt lose sight of this question, a very convenient and important addition to a good company

dinasoar   8 October, 2018  


Brokerage company HQBroker shift online trading to more qualitative level with the help of professional analysts. Although company was founded in 2017 at this moment it offers advanced trading solutions and state-of-the-art environment for every trader. Company pay close attention to client’s...

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