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Review Rating - 2
No, website is not opening anymore. I think it's too late for all of you to get any cent from your accounts back. I had used fund management account before bad things happened. So I was lucky to withdraw funds with profit, but it wasn't possible to do for all customers two month later. My friends also failed to get money back. I don't know what happened but many traders were cheated by ibcfx.

Review Rating - 1
the website is not opening

Review Rating - 1
IBCFX is a scam, fraud The IBCFX and 'a fraud, they stole money to lots of people. Smetettela to publicize this society which has no regulatory authority. It 'possible that you dont know it?

Review Rating - 1
yes they are not answering

Review Rating - 2
I have an account with this company, if you loss the company is good , but if you profit and want to withdraw your funds , the company will reject your request and no one will answer you and your account manger will not reply on your emails or call you back. My recommendation do not open any account with this company.