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Review Rating - 4
They really had compatible spreads until one day they changed it. Gave them a try and made mistake. We all know what we pay for each mistake in trading currencies. My small take profits and stop losses stopped working. It didn’t changed during next few months. My balance curve dropped down. Relative drawdown was below 50% of max balance two months before. I believe that each broker should change services for better but this company doesn’t. If you strategy stopped working suddenly just don’t do the same mistake. Change broker to another one.

Review Rating - 2
Ikon-Royal is a SCAM. They stole 14k of my money. They closed my trade without notice to me and caused me to loose 14k. I called and spoke to the manager and he said he closed my trade because he could. The reason he closed my trade was to steal my money. Stay far away from this broker.

Review Rating - 1
Very good broker

Review Rating - 1
big time scam ,took my money on verry large spread in normal trading hours