InstaForex Reviews & Comments 2018

InstaForex is an excellent company to trade with.I have been trading with instaforex since 2 years now, and it has been a good experience. I started as a beginner, and I was able to read and study about forex trading through the educational materials provided by instaforex. I started trading in the year 2016 with a little amount of $30, and with the help of the pamm trader, he made some profits of $65 for me. Currently, I can effectively trade for myself and I have also registered as a pamm trader, I trade for people now. Instaforex is a great broker, especially for beginners like me.

guest   2 February, 2018  

I deposited money into my trading account few days ago but It is not yet reflected in my trading account, like why is it taking so long because it has been about 4 days now!

Themba   11 November, 2017  

I trade with InstaForex for over a year now and I am satisfied with their services. The broker is constantly improving their trading conditions. I first deposited 300$ with Insta.Standard account. As method to deposit I use ePayments, also the same system for withdraw. My funds were instantly in the trading account. I applied after that for the 50% welcome bonus, which I get 50% for each new deposit I make. The platforms MT4 and MT5 work with fast execution of trades, real time prices, and a big plus in my opinion is that the broker is not manipulating the prices. During a trading session I trade from currency pairs ( major and exotic ) , Crude Oil, Gold/ Silver, Bitcoin and shares from Amazon and Apple. Lately my profit is over 1400$, but at the beginning I was making 400-500$. Is not the same for each month. Also I deposited recently 1500$ to participate to the contest Win a Lamborghini. When I had problems with the platform if it crashes or bugs... their support team is helpful. For withdraw the broker doesn't have any hidden commissions. I recommend them, honest and reliable broker!

Supplyfx   11 September, 2017  

No deposit bonus. This is a scam. They will not release the profit on this account untill you made an equivalent amount of deposit. They will block your account cease the profit you made until you make the deposit. You should also disclose that in bold.profit not withdrawable.My account number is 2763438 so that you don't think that I have any agenda. I will ensure that no one else falls in this scam and waste there time. ALL the time I traded I made them profit and commission.

Muhammad Farrukh   7 August, 2017  

Instaforex is a well-organized and reliable broker and I experienced trade with them for 2 years. During early stages of trading phase my experience was too small and I have learned a lot of forex education mostly through Instaforex main site. I used to practice on demo account more than 2 months to enhance skills and understanding about trading system. Currently, I have Insta Eurica and Cent Eurica account while both are running well. As such, I mostly traded on favourite pair EUR/USD and I don’t have any issues about increasing spread, so far it is maintain and fixed at 3 pips. Frankly speaking, profit is not for me every day! In fact, it definitely occur so that I will always keep on improve trading plan. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Instaforex which allowed me to generate additional income and withdrawal process always run smoothly. Thanks Instaforex!

Ainani   27 March, 2017  

It was February 2015 when I started to fund my trading account and all my deposits were credited to my account after an hour. I never had a problem with them because this broker have a knowledgeable staff. The Callback request is very useful because they are very responsive and professional.

nattyinstaforex   10 March, 2017  

Dear NattyInstaForex, Thank you for considering InstaForex as your broker, we greatly appreciate your comment. have a good day! Sincerely, InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

I really like be a trader in InstaForex, and the most I like in InstaForex is trading with used InstaForex PAMM system, I am a user of PAMM Trader. It all started when I didn't have enough money for deposited to trade when I believe in my trading skills to be able to get a lot of profit with InstaForex, finally I use the program PAMM Trader. With PAMM Trader I could seek and get modal from investors who want to cooperate with me without having traded, with this program I didn't worry for trading at the time I was no modal for my deposit and until nine months as PAMM Trader I was get USD 550. I am very pleased with the PAMM InstaForex because it helps me in trading.

atallarahmadani   1 March, 2017  

Dear atallarahmadani,

Thank you. Your opinion is very important to make our more job better :)

InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

I use InstaForex more than 2 years, they provide good service. The main reason to join InstaForex is their nice platform. Basically I am a PAMM trader so need a solid platform where I could make money continuously. If I unable to make profit no one invest on my account. With their mt4 platform I can apply my own scalping strategy without any problem. They have tight spread, no slippage and fast execution. So my profit and loss ratio 43:37. PAMM investors are willing to invest my account. Every months I earned around 2000 dollar form my PAMM account. I am happy with this. I would recommend InstaForex experiment trader for PAMM trading.

ifxsohel   23 February, 2017  

Dear ifxsohel,

Thank you for choosing us. We wish the best of luck to you.

InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

I am a conservative trader and I started to trade with InstaForex by open an account with the minimum deposit only $1 and I choose 1:100 leverage. I like their trading platform, which doing very fast execution. I think InstaForex trading condition are transparent and their some bonuses such as No Deposit Bonus, 30% till 250% bonuses are good for me. I’ve ever seen that Instaforex provide many rare currencies, and these currencies provide many opportunities. And the Withdrawal system is working fast. So thanks to Instaforex for the most professional trading activity.

fxbdinsta   14 February, 2017  

Still enjoying the platform, withdrawal has been consistence and easy as before, even now as a Nigeria client I can now fund my instaForex with naira. I recently tried the PAMM System, because of the busy schedule I have, and presently the two professional traders that are managing my account for me has been able to make some profits for me at least in a week I usually withdraw #600 from each trader through wire transfer. No disappointed what so ever from InstaForex platform, planning to return back fully on the platform so as to be trading full time myself.

jayeola   3 February, 2017  

My experience with instaforex dates back to 2009, when they were just an ambitious newbie in the sea of shark rated brokers. But they proved to be even more than just someone who wants a piece of the pie, but a true gamechanger. The things, that keep me loyal throughout the years are the stable and responsive system, the constant care for their customers and the many functionalities of the personal wallet. I believe, that in the future there are many great things to come to the markets and I also believe that instaforex will be responsible for some of that.

MattTheBULL   27 January, 2017  

Everyone knows InstaForex is the best broker and I also love InstaForex. I invested about 1500$ and now I have about $5000. Thus, InstaForex has CFDs available stock indices and huge profits possible. I traded with InstaForex for 5 years. They have many great services such as: fast execution, tight spreads, and bonuses. Also, InstaForex is properly regulated and they have huge earning opportunity, and no mini accounts. Therefore, I am really glad to be an InstaForex client, and I’m sure this broker isn’t a scam. It’s legitimate. Hence, I highly recommend this broker to all traders.

chau.instarforex   4 January, 2017  

the best broker ever i had.The minimum deposit as low as $20 to enjoy their welcome bonus which is up to 250% was really great and exciting me to open trading account. As a start i'm taking an opportunity that they give to me which is no deposit bonus that give you 50 USD that allowed you to trade in real account but not using your money and you can withdraw the profit that you get from your trading. a big thanks to instaforex because give me an opportunity to make forex as my side income.

syazzrizall   23 December, 2016  

Since the last 2 years, I was actively trading with Instaforex. When I was a new comer with them, I used to start with demo account which really help me to expose in trading forex market. After I get familiar then only I open the real account, and decided to join forex clases at least to learn from professional traders which mostly experienced more than 10 years in forex. I really enjoy the welcome bonus up to 250% credited to my trading account after requested from the broker. Until now, I keep on trading with Instaforex, and if I faced some losses I will keep try to find out for new system because no matter the outcome either win or loss, it falls under my responsibility and always develop positive and learn to do better. Thank you Instaforex.

nourahevan   19 December, 2016  

I have been trading with Instaforex on and off for about 5 years. For any broker the withdrawal process was always the main concern for me as a trader. Just because I always invest or deposit a large amount of money on it which I started from $5000. A lot of traders has been spreading rumors or scandal about them but I rather will continue trading and stayed strong. I want to keep my trust with them and hopefully it will not be wasted. Platform technology is good. it has been improve and is from my perspective. Steady profits to date no further issues, am glad I stuck with it. They have BY FAR the most regulated jurisdictions in the world for FX brokers and deposits/withdrawals are both handled extremely quickly.

Bella.Park   12 December, 2016  

I recently deposited with InstaForex and I have been delighted so far with everything. I love the fact that they are regulated. I take advantage of their education and use a micro account to practice trading on. I’m not a huge trader so I have deposited the minimum of $100 and find it’s an excellent way to practice trading. I use the education resources to help me learn. I absolutely satisfy the service of InstaForex.

nattyinstaforex   6 December, 2016  

I am a satisfied client, I am a Nigerian, and like I told my Instaforex account manager I don't need to look else where for any broker anymore because trading on their platform since 2011 has been a great experience for me. The moment I made up my mind to open an account with Instaforex 5 years ago with only $20, It was so easy for me, I have never had any unfair tricks on their platform. The only time, I experienced a little issue with my account which, I contacted their support service, it was resolved immediately with politeness and one thing that amaze me about their customer support service is that, anytime I contact them they are always responsive, I do ask myself do they ever sleep or rest at all, they work 24/7. Instaforex till now is still the best for me, I recommend them!

jayeola   21 October, 2016  

I am a businessman and have my retail business. I was looking for a safe forex broker in which I can put my investments since I am a big time trader. Upon lot of research I come to know that only a handful of brokers are really safe to trade with and one of my friends. I have been trading with InstaForex for now 2 years and I have high volume trades which are executed at international market rates. Thus, I have no problem of missing out on any good trading opportunities. Since I trade using the fundamentals my trades give good profits and I am able to withdraw my funds. If you are looking for a safe broker, you will find no one better than InstaForex.

chau.instarforex   29 September, 2016  

I use Instaforex for couples of years. Because Instaforex can provide all services and tools I need, I almost forget the fact that it is not the only broker. For example, I used my cent account a lot when I was new in Forex, I also learned from copy others' deals through their Forexcopy system, and I withdraw profit by their card. Name a service, I can always find it at InstaForex.

dong   15 September, 2016  

On instaforex i think best is thier bonus program where give you 30% on each deposit. Also i tried some of their withdrawal options and all work ok. Its fast and fee is not so big like i see before in some other brokerage companies. Finally also forexcopy system is perfect cause my friends can copy my trades and i not need to email them what i go trading.

alexf11   9 September, 2016  

InstaForex is a good broker. This broker works really well, they have a good customer service and it quick to responses my problem.

Subuhrabbani   1 September, 2016  

Good Broker with a good spread,good bonuses and good trading platform. So far, I don't have any problem with them.

Andy   8 August, 2016  

This few years trading with Instaforex, it's a satisfied journey. Good customer service, stable platform, and many more. Thanks Instaforex.

Aleeya   31 July, 2016  

A very good broker. The spreads they offer are very tight and execution of trades is very fast, compared to other brokers. Support team also is professional, and available all day in several languages.

ecadanderson   15 July, 2016  

Broker is strongly recommended for all traders. InstaForex provides great profit but with doposit minimum of only $ 1. Many also offer other trading on their lucrative clients such as Swap-free, the system PAMM, ForexCopy and many others. You must all join this broker.

alienhanun   15 July, 2016  

Looks like their supports know what they are doing. They provide me accurate details whenever I have questions regarding their system. Very pro to work with. When it comes to their offered services, very excellent.

adom   13 July, 2016  

I'm very satisfied with their services. InstaForex offer a good bonuses and a good spread. Their PAmm System is very useful for me.

Didie   11 July, 2016  

I've been using InstaForex for 3 years. In my opinion, InstaForex is a good company, spreads widen more often but overall they respond fast to all of your request. I would say their customer service is good at least they speak Bahasa or English. I have never had any problems with them. Their platform is good with basic free charts. I have been with them for about year now and it has been a good experience. Highly Recommended.

gynp151090   6 July, 2016  

Good trading with this broker. I joined it in 2012 and up to now I am very happy with all its services because I could generate good earnings in all this time. Trading platform is easy to use and support team is available all day.

nattyinstaforex   29 June, 2016  

I am very satisfied trading with instaforex. Because they serve me very well and they led me to be able to maximize capital with many bonuses. Now I am doing the excellent trading with them, they have the fixed spread which are very low. They perform bad executions and impossible fills. Sometimes big slippage occurs on unexpected times and opens trades in odd times. They will only stop when you lose your entire account.

fxbdinsta   28 June, 2016  

It is difficult to overestimate the role of clients' reviews about brokerage companies and dealing desks. Such reviews are the most objective statement in favor of a certain forex company or against it. Once you are not sure if InstaForex is reliable, read reviews left by traders who have been trading in the forex market with this company before. Although just impressions and experience of other people are not enough to make a final decision about the forex broker, they are the evidence that will assist you in forming an objective opinion.

Opinions left by traders about InstaForex may serve well to both forex newbies willing to learn most about the company and to the experienced venturers who are up to testing a new forex broker. Whenever the traders are unhappy with any element of the broker's operations, or, on the contrary, if they wish to praise the company, they are able to leave their actual comments about InstaForex. These comments will help their less experienced fellow traders to make proper decisions.


Forex broker instaforex was established in 2007. Nowadays the company has a vast clientele including more than two million traders. On a daily basis around one thousands new real trading accounts are opened by traders throughout the world with the broker. broker instaforex offers its customers...

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