InstaForex Reviews & Comments 2019

Don't use insta forex. their prices are not matching with market. Scam.

Srinath   17 June, 2019  

They write off bonuses from a trader for investors, write off $565 instead of $15 (and this is only one of three my accounts), and completely ignore my letters to InstaForex support! This is a nightmare! This company employs some frostbitten workers. Since September 2018 I have been trying to solve the problem with the funds they have written off. Described this issue in the chat, forum and e-mail. They stopped responding to my e-mails. From my account 20557916, 20559848, 20577621 I wrote off the erroneous profit on a bonus of $1265 (I learned from the history of trading accounts). From the conversations in chat rooms and forums with instaforex staff, I realized that I was written off the profits for investors, who took bonuses. But I am a trader who did not take the bonus and did not sign any bonus agreement. People who took these bonuses simply invested in me. And is it fair? Why should I be responsible for the investor, for another person? I also want to note that clearly written off more than 23% of the profits on the bonus! Having reviewed the history of my account, I was not lazy and considered everything. As a result, my numbers are far from the amount written off. Everyone with whom I spoke from this company cannot substantiate these illegal actions, they constantly refer to the clause of the contract that they never signed. Naturally, no one returned the money, moreover, no one even responds to my letters that I send them by mail. Apparently, they themselves understand that they are guilty, but do not want to return the money. This proves that they refuse to engage in dialogue with me. Therefore, before you open an account with this brokerage company, think carefully.

Anastacia   29 May, 2019  

Its a scam. I made more than 325$ profit on top of their 1000$ bonus. I can't withdraw my bonus

Teekay   24 April, 2019  

Instaforex $1000 bonus is a deseptive joke. If you make $100 profit from traiding with it they will automatically close all your trades, cancell the $1000 bounus and block your account untill you deposit $100! At that point you will be alowed to trade with $200 balance but to withdraw your original $100 profit you will have to trade 290 lots. Basically $1000 bonus makes you work for $100 bonus which than makes you take more risk and trade 290 lots before you can finally get your $100 profit! Waste of time.

Fred   27 March, 2019  

Its a scam, you will deposit and never make any profit!all my trades lost after they told me I can't withdraw 1st I had to make 150 lots then it was 195 lots after that all trades lost ,what a waste of my hard earned money!

Siphiwe   26 March, 2019  

Just one big scam, I can only suggest the positive reviews are written by InstaForex employees. For 7 months I tried to make a withdrawal without success. My advice is to steer well clear of InstaForex

Rob simpson   26 March, 2019  

Instaforex official office not have IB always cheat my client and stole my client. If office have IB this not happen because IB always monitor

Rizman   10 January, 2019  

Insta is 100% proven fraud. I very confidently recommending you not to invest here and not to waste your time and money both.

Raihan   13 December, 2018  

I was trade from more then 1 year. But with i was try to withdraw then they was don't give me my profit! Scam broker.

Al Mamun   21 November, 2018  

Dont waste time with this broker, i mean the deposit 10% of the bonus spoils it all. A clear sly marketing strategy. I wont use this broker and i wont recommend it to any one.

Obverse   19 November, 2018  

insta Forex will like to know if profits made off the bonus can be withdrawable .

Hench Marshall   28 October, 2018  

Insta forex, instantly your money dissapear. Don't waste your time. My stories follows d same this was back in 2017. Sure they have a good GUI platform for noons. But if ur serious, a bit more learning ain't a problem, try plus500 my suggestion. Or easymarket on android. Noob Confusion for a better payoff.

Ikster   5 October, 2018  

instaforex has requested i pay 10% of the bonus they gave me. i want to pay but i want to be sure i wont be scammed. for introducing people, they gave me bonus and an account number to this account. i cannot log into this other bonus account and instaforex has refused to respond to my mails, so i am confused about them. i dont know who has this kind of experience with them

stephen owuogba   28 September, 2018  

they are the biggest scam on earth, i had similar experience.

osas   21 April, 2019

Don't waste your time and money with this broker it's full of deception just to fool everybody. A great scammer

pax   26 September, 2018  

was exited trading with instaforex they gave me $1000 bonus and I was on my way of making a lot of profit they then disabled my trades thought maybe something happened on the market, so i went to review my account and well I was told to verify my account. I did and only to find out in oder to continue trading I had to deposit 10% of the bonus which is like $100 so I said *** it I'll find myself better investor so personally they full ***

bongiwe mbele   18 September, 2018  

Bonus review, 3500. I just started this program, I would suggest people read the terms and conditions and search the Internet for a clear explanation before they start traing, I well give an update of my experience. They don't explicitly say it here (and it's another thing I don't like about them, they're not very transparent) as soon as you reach 10% in profit or $100, they ask you to make a deposit first before the profits are transferred into the real trading account and then its considered a 'bonus' as per the terms above. It's all very confusing and I personally, I wouldn't even bother with this bonus. of which I can't fully decipher the terms of. You're probably better off choosing one of these smaller no deposit bonuses that seem more reasonable

Abb   15 August, 2018  

Instaforex is the worst scamming broker in the world. you will never withdraw they take money from your bank card when you try to withdraw.

Mike   8 August, 2018  

I'm ready to transfer money to Instaforex. Tell me more about your experience, please. I don't want to make a big mistake. Thank you!

Nicolas   10 August, 2018

Do they have none card deposit methods if so did you try those instead what was your experience, thanks for your review

Abb   15 August, 2018

I have used InstaForex for a few months. I started to go live with InstaForex after using their demo account and I did not find any difference between them. I have opened live account with $360 and got 55% welcome bonus that was very helpful for me. My account was increased by $198 dollar. I have found their executions to be instant and their platform is very good although it needs time in which to get used to it. The most important point is, InstaForex is really very honest about their pip spreads calculation. Slippage is also rare, just once I got few pips slippage on GBP/USD pair but that was on high volatility market. After trading one and half months real trading I made a profit of about $ 300 and 3 days ago I withdrew $250 successfully just in 5 hours via Neteller. They got my recommendation an 5 stars.

Jysesno   7 May, 2018  

Now spread increase to 5 intead of 3.

Cherek   16 April, 2018  

Recently I start trading with InstaForex after getting $2500 startup bonus. This promo I have seen on Facebook first then apply and get it instantly. As I am a new trader and didn't know about trading. But they give me some link of educational articles and videos on their website. I was saw and learned, besides I trade by their bonus amount by the android apps on my smartphone. Now I have understood about the market and trading. While InstaForex broker is too much reliable, fair and responsible to me. As I found their Mt4 platform is so fast and easy to open or close a position. Besides they have a lot of services, like forexcopy, PAMM and a lot of promotion. So I have decided to invest 250 dollars with InstaForex and I hope I could reach my target to make the $1K profits.

guest   24 September, 2018

Instaforex set up two valid accounts for me after I engage heavily in promoting their: No deposit Bonus., after people sign up to it. Now they are telling me I cannot access the money because they made a mistake. I believe they are not dealing fair and square with their affiliates. All of a sudden their is a millions fine lines to read with none in your favour. Nor is there anyway for you to know if your personal campaign is producing results because they have stop informing me when someone signs up

Glynn Connor   11 April, 2018  

I wonder, from where so much naivety in you, to remind you that InstaForex is a broker, if you will not get profit in any case, this broker is a great scammer.

guest   26 April, 2018

I am quite displeased with how their binary options platform always freezes, really frustrating! Any way to resolve of this?

stokely   2 April, 2018  

I deposited the 10% (100$) deposit to activate my account, I used a debit card which was suppose to take 24 working hours but it has been 7 working days my account has not been activated and when on the 5th of March 2018, there was a transition that was pending to activate the account but up to now the account isn’t activated. I am now starting to worry about the legitimacy of this broker. I feel this brokers should be closed, their system doesn’t deserve to be called brokers, you can’t take 7days to process a payment

Nhlanhla   6 March, 2018  

Can i ask any update to your account? Im planning to deposit to my account

Rangie   2 April, 2018

Nhlanhla, has there been any update on your account? I'm keen to find out! Thanks

Connie   21 September, 2018

InstaForex is an excellent company to trade with.I have been trading with instaforex since 2 years now, and it has been a good experience. I started as a beginner, and I was able to read and study about forex trading through the educational materials provided by instaforex. I started trading in the year 2016 with a little amount of $30, and with the help of the pamm trader, he made some profits of $65 for me. Currently, I can effectively trade for myself and I have also registered as a pamm trader, I trade for people now. Instaforex is a great broker, especially for beginners like me.

guest   2 February, 2018  

fake positive review. pushing it so hard and keep on doing it repeatedly. stop with this nonsense. people are not stupid.

Darkcaster   10 April, 2018

Fake review. InstaForex are scammers. Avoid them like a plague!

A.B   19 April, 2019

I deposited money into my trading account few days ago but It is not yet reflected in my trading account, like why is it taking so long because it has been about 4 days now!

Themba   11 November, 2017  

I trade with InstaForex for over a year now and I am satisfied with their services. The broker is constantly improving their trading conditions. I first deposited 300$ with Insta.Standard account. As method to deposit I use ePayments, also the same system for withdraw. My funds were instantly in the trading account. I applied after that for the 50% welcome bonus, which I get 50% for each new deposit I make. The platforms MT4 and MT5 work with fast execution of trades, real time prices, and a big plus in my opinion is that the broker is not manipulating the prices. During a trading session I trade from currency pairs ( major and exotic ) , Crude Oil, Gold/ Silver, Bitcoin and shares from Amazon and Apple. Lately my profit is over 1400$, but at the beginning I was making 400-500$. Is not the same for each month. Also I deposited recently 1500$ to participate to the contest Win a Lamborghini. When I had problems with the platform if it crashes or bugs... their support team is helpful. For withdraw the broker doesn't have any hidden commissions. I recommend them, honest and reliable broker!

Supplyfx   11 September, 2017  

No deposit bonus. This is a scam. They will not release the profit on this account untill you made an equivalent amount of deposit. They will block your account cease the profit you made until you make the deposit. You should also disclose that in bold.profit not withdrawable.My account number is 2763438 so that you don't think that I have any agenda. I will ensure that no one else falls in this scam and waste there time. ALL the time I traded I made them profit and commission.

Muhammad Farrukh   7 August, 2017  

Instaforex is a well-organized and reliable broker and I experienced trade with them for 2 years. During early stages of trading phase my experience was too small and I have learned a lot of forex education mostly through Instaforex main site. I used to practice on demo account more than 2 months to enhance skills and understanding about trading system. Currently, I have Insta Eurica and Cent Eurica account while both are running well. As such, I mostly traded on favourite pair EUR/USD and I don’t have any issues about increasing spread, so far it is maintain and fixed at 3 pips. Frankly speaking, profit is not for me every day! In fact, it definitely occur so that I will always keep on improve trading plan. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Instaforex which allowed me to generate additional income and withdrawal process always run smoothly. Thanks Instaforex!

Ainani   27 March, 2017  

It was February 2015 when I started to fund my trading account and all my deposits were credited to my account after an hour. I never had a problem with them because this broker have a knowledgeable staff. The Callback request is very useful because they are very responsive and professional.

nattyinstaforex   10 March, 2017  

Dear NattyInstaForex, Thank you for considering InstaForex as your broker, we greatly appreciate your comment. have a good day! Sincerely, InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

I really like be a trader in InstaForex, and the most I like in InstaForex is trading with used InstaForex PAMM system, I am a user of PAMM Trader. It all started when I didn't have enough money for deposited to trade when I believe in my trading skills to be able to get a lot of profit with InstaForex, finally I use the program PAMM Trader. With PAMM Trader I could seek and get modal from investors who want to cooperate with me without having traded, with this program I didn't worry for trading at the time I was no modal for my deposit and until nine months as PAMM Trader I was get USD 550. I am very pleased with the PAMM InstaForex because it helps me in trading.

atallarahmadani   1 March, 2017  

Dear atallarahmadani,

Thank you. Your opinion is very important to make our more job better :)

InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

I use InstaForex more than 2 years, they provide good service. The main reason to join InstaForex is their nice platform. Basically I am a PAMM trader so need a solid platform where I could make money continuously. If I unable to make profit no one invest on my account. With their mt4 platform I can apply my own scalping strategy without any problem. They have tight spread, no slippage and fast execution. So my profit and loss ratio 43:37. PAMM investors are willing to invest my account. Every months I earned around 2000 dollar form my PAMM account. I am happy with this. I would recommend InstaForex experiment trader for PAMM trading.

ifxsohel   23 February, 2017  

Dear ifxsohel,

Thank you for choosing us. We wish the best of luck to you.

InstaForex Gertrude

IFXGertrude   20 March, 2017

It is difficult to overestimate the role of clients' reviews about brokerage companies and dealing desks. Such reviews are the most objective statement in favor of a certain forex company or against it. Once you are not sure if InstaForex is reliable, read reviews left by traders who have been trading in the forex market with this company before. Although just impressions and experience of other people are not enough to make a final decision about the forex broker, they are the evidence that will assist you in forming an objective opinion.

Opinions left by traders about InstaForex may serve well to both forex newbies willing to learn most about the company and to the experienced venturers who are up to testing a new forex broker. Whenever the traders are unhappy with any element of the broker's operations, or, on the contrary, if they wish to praise the company, they are able to leave their actual comments about InstaForex. These comments will help their less experienced fellow traders to make proper decisions.


Forex broker instaforex was established in 2007. Nowadays the company has a vast clientele including more than two million traders. On a daily basis around one thousands new real trading accounts are opened by traders throughout the world with the broker. broker instaforex offers its customers...

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