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Review Rating - 4
The best experience I have ever had. In my opinion, the bigger company, the more services with fewer commissions you get. The same I would say about IB. The biggest aggregator of all kinds of brokerage services. Everything is great except minimum balance for trading. You have to deposit minimum $5K to start trading. Believe me, you can find something better in terms of one service from another broker, but you won’t find better as a complex of all available services for trading and investment in one place. Interactive broker is for those who want access to most trading instruments and exchanges. I never had something like widen spreads or slippages. API for external platform is working perfectly. I have stable execution whether I use my own platform or trade manually through their platform.

Review Rating - 1
And up from me !

Review Rating - 1
I used them for a couple of years, never had any problems. Thumbs up from me.

Review Rating - 1
Bad customer service, nothing but sarcasm and bullshit.
Took five days to process my funds withdrawl.
NFA and CFTC complaints pending.

Review Rating - 1
very good