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The website went offline long ago. I think nobody here won't get money back. The only one regulator in offshore zone can't help you get your money back. No funds were ensured, so there is no compensation in case of bankruptcy. That's the fact. Crime was committed by this broker and we are all victims.

Joe   3 August, 2016  

any one got any idea of how can we get our money back or we all will just let them go with it ,,,,,,

Sam   11 November, 2011  

I am very sorry for me because this broker very bad and real scam i have 2 account 23500$ I'm from Iran

farzad   1 October, 2010  


74015 ACC   30 June, 2010 is a real scam ..beware people...they dont give money back...since 4 month ago..
i am going to complain to NFA..they are not reguleted ..they are a bigger lier..

ali   28 June, 2010  

prime is crime, scammer broker, my account have been closed without no prove that prime judge was very dissapointed broker, steal my profit $12.739,look my transaction, where is the mistake???610 transaction,where is the mistake???after 2 month trading no warning, suddenly closed after my profit $12.739
acc 49243

sony   3 June, 2010  

prime is crime, my account have been closed without no prove that prime judge
very disapointed broker, steal my profit
look my transaction, where the mistake???610 transaction,where the mistake???

sony   3 June, 2010  

Does anyone here speak decent English?? Or are you all employees of P4X??? I have never seen so many blatantly obvious fake many times can one "recommend" a bucketshop?

Mauritius...a truly financial regulatory world leader...investor beware!

investor beware   27 May, 2010  

my friend told me, he want to make withdrawal, but this broker only can pay 10% from his withdrawal because dont have money. What happen with this broker?

why   23 May, 2010  

they are not regulated but i am believe they are not scammer, and i am with them 5 month no problems wd. you can try

boy   17 December, 2009  

ok i agree, i am with them 6 month, it is very good, fast wd, consistency, appropiate for appling EAery good,

jony indonesia   17 December, 2009  

they won Best Forex broker in the middle east for2009 in the middle east expo in dubai

amaar   8 December, 2009  

I been with this broker for 6 mon , never had any problems , and i have use a lot of brokers , in my 5 years in trading, you need to check out how you are trading before you post are say something bad . .

JOHN RICE   24 August, 2009  

Don't worry. I think safe. I am with them for 3 months, and had no problems! Even with withdraws

Robert   26 July, 2009  

How could i know if my money are in safe place if i open with prime4x...?<br />
they are not regulated .... and there is no information about the company on the web....even there is no phone # contact !!

Asim   24 July, 2009  

good broker,good support, fast,safe,simple deposit and withdrawl....I like prime4x, recomended broker, get bonus $30 for account micro min deposite $100 and bonus $300 for standart account min deposite $ 2000.letst goo open live account with prime4x

shiren   13 July, 2009  

Iґve heard they are scam and many people are moving a process of 242k on them!

Aninha   11 July, 2009  

good company and good service. I like this broker..RECOMENDED BROKER

michael   8 July, 2009  

im from indonesia prime4x is good broker,fast withdrwal and deposit,simple,good suport...recomended broker and good broker....BRAVO PRIME4X

budi   5 July, 2009  

god company and recommended forex broker

arthur   1 July, 2009  

I like that company they offer no commision or margin call or even intrest even the banking fees they pay it I recommend that broker to everybody

karen   30 April, 2009  

Good company! they provide tight spread, execution service is quick. Recommend.

Tammy   14 April, 2009  

Their site doesn&#39;t appear to be working correctly. Does anyone have any feedback on this company? I wonder why they&#39;re considerably &quot;high up&quot; on this site&#39;s list.

Hmm   26 March, 2009  

Prime4x?? New kids on the block? OK line up, who's going to be the first brave guinea pig to place their hard earned money with an unknown?? Let's see if they last their honeymoon period!

WHO?   24 March, 2009

jumbo   23 February, 2009  

What about opening live account? Could not find terms &amp; conditions on the site! Anybody knows about this newcomer?

Tondy   13 February, 2009  

Would you like to know if Prime 4X is trustworthy? Many traders are afraid of opening an account with the 'wrong' company, as they have heard enough about the bucket shops and fraudulent activities in the field of currency trading. However, most of the forex companies are in fact secure, with responsible and honest operational practices; it is just important to choose the FX broker right.

Along with other factors that need to be taken into consideration, the potential client should get acknowledged with reviews of traders already registered with Prime 4X. Of course, the reviews can be of different kind, positive as well as negative, as it is unreal to find a broker matching everyone's expectations. But, taking a notice of the ratio between good and bad impressions, you can understand and conclude for yourself, whether this broker is credible.

Our team sees that the traders' reviews published with us are objective, realistic and do not contain any advertisement or subvertisement on Prime 4X.

Prime 4X
Prime 4X

Prime 4x has missed too many deadlines, broken too many promises and failed to pay too many traders.  The FPA has no choice but to declare Prime4x to be a scam.  They have been promising that issues would be fixed "soon" since the summer of 2010. Prime4x is now blacklisted by...


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