Trade12 Reviews & Comments 2017

I feel like a real trader now and this thanks to the patience of my account manager and the whole trade12 team. This has been a great experience for me but now because of some work commitments I have to stop trading and go abroad. Maybe when I return I'll start again with them. I've earned a lot from the account managers advices and we have become good friends. He has given me advices how to trade and even how to

Blake   5 July, 2017 is a total scam. Kindly stay away from them. If you deposit big amount they will never let you withdraw.

Sumit   25 June, 2017  

Yes, they will block any withdrawal request

Steven   1 July, 2017

I'm very happy to have chosen them for the moment. The platform is fast and it helps open/close operations in real time. The spreads are pretty low and this helps me because I open a high amount of operations. The account manager is to informed and has always helped me gain something extra and always tries to help me if I have any issues.

Sonor   21 June, 2017  

I am very satisfied with trade12. They convinced me to leave my previous broker offering low spreads and good conditions. At first, I was not sure whether to change my broker or not but since the last period I wasn’t earning much I decided to change. From the beginning my consultant was very helpful in explaining the platform and helping me with the operations. He explained the possible profits and losses and the strategies to follow in each operation. I'm glad I decided to go with this broker because the earnings also increased.

Tomas   14 June, 2017  

Have experienced almost everything in trading because it's been 6 years trading. 2 years ago I decided to leave my previous broker because their platform was a little slow and stucked. It wasn't easy to find a new broker but after reading in some forums I decided to join trade12. I thought it would be difficult but they managed to make me feel good from the start. They explained me the platform because it was something new for me and then we began making some demo operations. The platform is way better than the previous one and the staff seems more helpful. Let's wait and see.

Juan   6 June, 2017  

Hello Esteban! Thank you for your answer. I have been operating with the demo account because so I was advised by my account manager before starting the real trading. I have come to know the platform well and I think that next week I will start trading for real. They have been really polite and helpful with me so I think that what you are saying for the people’s comments is real. I hope that I will be able to write the same comment as you for this broker after some months.

Pearl   27 May, 2017  

Hello Pearl! For me trade12 is the broker I've always looked for. They have helped me a lot and continue to do so even now after 7 months, anytime I have difficulties. As for the comments on several websites I have read them too and as in all the sites there are people who write well for a company and even those who on the first problem they face they leave a negative review but if the problem is solved they do not even think of changing their review. In my opinion, you didn’t make a mistake to open the account, as a matter of fact you will see that you will be more than happy after the first month.

Esteban   23 May, 2017  

I received a call yesterday from a trade12’s consultant who offered me to start trading. I don’t have much experience because I have only worked on fictitious platforms but I wanted to start the real thing so I opened an account. Reading some comments on several forums I’ve seen that they are generally positive but I don’t know to believe them or not. I was attracted by their conditions but it didn’t cross my mind to get informed before opening the account. Is there anyone who can tell me if trade12 is a reliable broker?

Pearl   19 May, 2017  

I’m trying to be independent in trading and open operations on my own but every operation I make turns to be a negative one without his help. So, I asked him what should I do to start operating alone. He told me that I should control my emotions and for a beginner this is a bit difficult. I have to thank him not only for the operations he gives me but also for his friendly advices on how to survive in the world of trading. I wrote this comment only because they deserve it for having been so patient with me. Writing this comment, I saw that other people have had the same treatment and are also satisfied by this broker. The platform is user friendly and it's another advantage of this broker. A helpful broker, good platform and convenient conditions are what one should seek from a broker.

Paolo   12 May, 2017  

I had previously traded but without the help of any broker. I started because I was curious how this market worked. I started with a small sum as I had no experience but lost a considerable amount by feeding the account several times. I operated for several months but then I stopped because I was not gaining anything. Shortly thereafter I got called by a broker who was trade12 who proposed me to re-start trading, this time not alone but with the help of an account manager. I was not sure if I wanted to start again because I didn’t want to lose more money but in the end I decided and opened the account with them depositing only 100 euros. After a few months, I saw that the account had risen to 500 euros, which was not bad considering the amount invested. I came to recover what I had lost working alone and there I realized that trading is a complicated thing and you can’t operate alone without someone who can help you.

Pier   5 May, 2017  

I started trading because I had spare time in the afternoon so I needed something to pas the time and why not to earn something extra apart the usual monthly salary. I had only basic knowledge of the economy but I didn’t know how to interpret the charts. This thing was taught by my broker trade12. They were a new broker when I started. I thought as I was new too in the trading world, then I could start the growth path with them. And so it was. They taught me so much and they made me earn as well. At first I did not make risky operations because my account manager advised me not to do so. Now I do almost all kinds of operations because I'm already used to it and I know the 'strategies' of my consultant. I am more than happy with the service they have offered and they continue to offer me.

Lorenzo   21 April, 2017  

I started trading with non-real platforms using different apps and financial websites that allow you to operate with real prices in the market. After a few months as I had figured out how markets worked, I wanted to start operating making real investments. I opened the account with a market maker broker but after two months I lost everything. After this I understood the risk of working with a market maker broker, they gain from your losses. Nobody told me this thing and unfortunately, I learned this the hard way but still wanted to try again but this time with an ECN broker. I opened the account with trade12 but I started with a small amount so I wouldn’t risk having other surprises. Fortunately, nothing bad happened and I've gained a lot from this relationship. I still operate with them because they knew how to treat me.

George   5 April, 2017  

trade12 is scam company. they know only to cheat people. please be aware they are not regulated to the said regulations. they change the confirmed order prices and not only that they also manipulate mt4. why do they do that first of all. this companies should be banned from trading.

suneeta   30 March, 2017  

I'm the type of person who likes new experiences and started this new experience as an adventure thinking that it would be a brief one. My lack of information on economy and finance made me think that I wouldn't have stayed for long in the world of trading. It's been a year now and I find myself with a good profit and I have to thank my account manager for this. He has guided me in the right path making me have monthly profits. The beginning wasn't easy and several times I lost interest but after operating with my account manager's signals and advices I noted that it's really possible making money from trading. I've made a withdrawal and I'm looking forward to raise my deposit and have the possibility to gain more.

Michael   27 March, 2017  

Is it true Trade12 really can be trust? About withdrawal is it easily to go transfer?

Alex   30 March, 2017

wait they wont leave u aswell they know only to cheat people. did u check the quotes in their software and other software. they manipulate it. and not only that once they handle the account without permission. u add more and burn ur hands its ur call.

raju   30 March, 2017

Do not fall for the Scam. Stay away.

Chris   27 March, 2017  

This company is not real and is not regulated. All they do is steal the money you deposit. They don't allow for any withdrawals. Beware!

Julie   26 March, 2017  

trade12 is a scam company dont fall for their bonus offers. they are very good at the time of account opening calling everyday but their tricks started after i requested for withdrawal. first they kept it pending for one month and when reminded them about it. they just traded my account with huge volume without my permission . and the worst part is the trade they did quotes never quoted till now., the trade happened 120 pips away from actual market. and not only that issue. one order i took in morning by evening order price got changed. never seen such thing from any broker before. dont fall for their bonus offers. and if you get into trouble their is nothing we can do about it. coz this company is using different country licneses and runs business somewhere else. so no one to even check the issue.

ch raju   24 March, 2017  

I've been in the world of trading for a while now and I've changed some brokers in this period. At first I wasn't informed and opened the account with the first broker that crossed my way. I wasn't wary about the importance the broker has in a traders progress. The first experiences weren't pleasant and I have thought in giving up on trading but I like this method so I decided to give myself a last possibility and try with trade12. In that moment I started noticing the differences between brokers. Trade12 not being a market maker was one of the most important things for me. At least you know that your broker isn't trading against you. It's been a year trading with them and I haven't had any problems. They have made me understand a lot of things I didn't know before.

Klivert   24 March, 2017  

Trade12 Review - Realm of Success. Investment possibilities through forex trading have never been this great with Trade12. Traders couldn’t just get enough with the return of profit with unlimited options offered on a daily basis. Take control of your now and prepare for your future through Trade12. Inside Trade12. Interested brokers should definitely give Trade12 a try. Trade12 offers valuable market information useful not only for professional traders, but comprehensive for novice traders as well. In this case, no trader should take a step back from trading forex. Aside from educational and basic trading blogs, Trade12 provides daily market news with market charts as well. Its Education center gets even better with video tutorials made available at your fingertips. Trade12 means easy trading. To start an account, you only have to fill up the registration and begin with $250 as your minimum investment. There’s a wide range of tradable resources, including commodities, stocks and indices. You only need to make a wise prediction whether a stock will go up or go down within 60 seconds and then you can have payouts as high as 80 percent. Once you get the profit on your investments, you may continue to trade without any worries at all. The platform is protected by seamless and advanced technology to make the safety of your account. Your safety is the highest priority of the company, in line with this, the make company utilizes SSL encryption system to ensure the security of client’s personal and financial information. How about that?! Isn’t amazing? Anytime, Anywhere, Any device. Trade12 has built a robust partnership with trusted payment systems. You can fund your account through Visa, Mastercard, Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Ali Pay and a lot more! You better check the website for this. The currencies accepted, and deposit limit and time are listed, making it terribly easy for anyone to fund. The customer support of the company accurately runs 24 hours a day for five business days. Any questions or concerns are properly addressed and it also welcomes comprehensive feedback for the betterment of its services. It caters international support lines, thus, you don’t need to worry whether you are from the west or from the east. Are you a traditional trader who uses a PC? Or are you part of the Millenials who do everything on mobile? Just sit back and relax. The platform can be downloaded on Google play and the App Store. You get endless access of your account, even if you are in the deepest sea, of course you should have stable internet connection with you. At the end of the day, Trade12 does not only grant your financial goals, but it also enhances your trading skills and strategies applicable in and out of the platform. Discipline is well implemented as it engages its clients with the proper sequence and systems to be followed. It is also strict when it comes to its terms and conditions for the benefit of current and future clients. Trading with Trade12 is not only about feelings or guts; it relies on facts and armored with experience to help traders achieve your dreams. Don’t get this wrong, but Trade12 is unquestionably a great forex broker! Start with a live account now and join the party of successful traders.

albertjohnson039   1 March, 2017  

When it comes to gaining money my account manager is always ready to take the opportunity. He has called me several times when there were important operations to make. For the moment Im trading in small amounts because I dont want to risk all my money.

chloe118   18 November, 2016  

One of the best Forex brokers I've dealt with. Awesome direct support and easily withdrawn earnings. Thumbs up on my side!

valeriyau2pet   24 October, 2016  

I am replying to your reviews on withdrawals. I have been trading for 2 months now and would like to know if withdrawals are efficient and effective - hope there are no problems. Can you please advise me?

CliveR   11 June, 2017

I am feeling good trade12 broker and have nothing to complain about their service. They inform me whenever there is something to know and send the signals in my mailbox. The platform is very fast, but the spreads are low, the account manager is capable and never had any difficulty with their support. The money withdrawal system is very fast maximum in 5 days if received my money.

santygill6   18 October, 2016  

I think that one of the most important thing to do for being successful in trading is choosing the right broker, because the signals, charts and the account manager is 50-70 % of the work. I made the right choice with Trade12, they proved to be the right broker since the beginning. They allowed me to trade as i like it, slow and safe. I never gambled, the operations were always studied and not huge amounts, that's why I am sure that every month I have a second income without risking to lose all my investments.

sarah456   27 September, 2016  

Trade12 has been a great help to me. I dont't have too much time to study the market and read all the necessary information to make operations. They save me a lot of time and for me is easier to understand my account manager than read the info without his interpretation. The gain with them is good because the bonuses and the leverage have always been a great help.

sunny1981.john   27 July, 2016  

Great review. Yes Trade12 has been known for being dedicated in providing the best services to their customers. I'm glad you too had a great experience with Trade12 forex broker.

albertjohnson039   10 March, 2017

I think that Trade12 is the only broker that treated me the same since the beginning when I invested only 500$ and it is the same( maybe something better) now that I invest higher amounts. That's why i would give 5/5 stars!!!

greco.bruno13   6 June, 2016  

Working with this society i have found the wright place. I can choose where to invest, forex or binary options. They offer the possibility to make binary options with options12. The platform is very easy and a good one. The signals help me to make the wright decision.

raskaanika   23 May, 2016  

This was a great day! The account manager advice me yesterday of the big movements of today. After seeing the data I opened a short position EUR/USD at 14.31 and 16.32. The gain it's great, just great. I have to thank my account manager and Trade12!

Stiv.B   18 May, 2016  

When I created the account Trade12 gave me 100% bonus on my deposit. Then after some operations i understood how it works so i increased my investment and even if it wasn't my first deposit they gave me 100% bonus again so after some operations i had made enough gain to make the withdraw and there was no problem on it. So for me Trade12 is the best.

coppola.albertoonline   12 May, 2016  

The most important thing is the money and the guys of Trade12 knows well how the money can be done. I'm not going to tell you stories about services, spreads or other things (we all already know that the broker to, need to gain something on our spreads or else). Now I'm sure that this guys knows how to guide me, knows exactly where and when to move. Their advice helped me so much, they are just geniuses.

Mastroiani   6 May, 2016  

As all over the world, in Italy they are a lot of brokers so the choice is not easy. I am working with Trade12 because of their welcome bonus, they gave to me 100% bonus at my first deposit so we started working together since 2015. For the first operations, the account manager advice was to make the first movements with little amounts so i could understand how the markets works. I like the fact that their leverage is flexible ( up to 1: 400 ) so on the next movements i increased the amount to gain even more on the market. The spreads are lower then other brokers could offer so it is fine. My account manager is always informed on the market calendar so he anticipates the movements and calls me on time so i can make the right decision. I am not a lover of the social trading honestly even if i used it sometimes just to see if it would be a system that i could use for the future so it is positive that they offer that service and i am still considering it. The website ( in Italian obviously ) keeps me updated with a lot of information. So generally i am really happy of my choice because i think Trade12 is a great broker and i will work with them because i trust them even more after getting the gaining they promised at the first calls. Good luck to everyone and keep trading because who knows what destiny brings.

scalagianni81   29 April, 2016  


Trade12 is an international brokerage brand owned and operated by Exo Capital Markets Ltd, a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands with Registration Number 68798, processing services provided by Global Fin Services Ltd, 1 Straits Parade, Bristol, England, BS16 2LA. This reliable company,...

Regulation: GFS

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