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Review Rating - 2
I have no idea why so many people here cannot leave detailed review about this company. From my review, I would say that it's a broker with advanced software. They offer order book, access to liquidity etc. Please, let me know if I'm wrong but it looks much better firm with advanced trading solutions than any other retail broker does.

Review Rating - 1
This company is out of business now. They are in bankruptcy proceedings.

Review Rating - 2
I taught i was the only one who had the worst experince with Tradexfx, I had one position open for 2 days last april and all the sudden was closed, I called them to find out why after making sure that it wasn't margin call, guess what?
They told me is the end of the month and they have to clodse all the open positions. I agree with stephan stay away

Review Rating - 1
they offer a structured product on their website. does anyone know anything about it?

Review Rating - 1
Total Scam this guys.. Keeps on emailing you.. They are not like broker, they are just greedy ppl, giving wrong advices.. and not interested to put money with them..

Review Rating - 1
This company stay away from.