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XTB Information and Review XTB
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Regulation FSC, FCA, KNF, CySec
Trading software xStation5
Headquartered 35 Barrack Road, 3rd Floor, Belize City, Belize, C.A

As one of the foremost stock exchange-listed FX & CFD brokers on a global scale, XTB Group has proudly positioned itself at the forefront of the trading industry. We open the doors for retail traders, granting them immediate access to a diverse array of markets that span the globe. Our Evolution With the ever-evolving landscape of trading, we remain committed to refining and enhancing our platform. We don't just aspire to keep up; our goal is to lead, ensuring xStation is regarded as one of the most advanced, dependable, and intuitive trading applications in the industry.

Regulatory Compliance: XTB Group takes pride in its extensive network, comprising entities meticulously regulated by some of the world's most respected supervisory bodies. Adherence to global standards is not just a commitment—it's a hallmark of our brand.

Our trading solutions, celebrated and award-winning, are meticulously designed. With a foundation built on experience and innovation, we aim to empower our traders, aiding them in realizing their trading aspirations. Boasting nearly two decades of industry experience, XTB Group stands tall as a dominant force in FX & CFD brokerage on the world stage. Our global reach is vast, with strategic offices located across 13 pivotal nations, including the UK, Poland, Germany, France, and Chile.

Our Guiding Principles

At XTB, our mission revolves around enhancing the trading journey for each of our clients, and our foundational values echo this dedication.

  • Innovation in Technology. In today's dynamic age, technology dictates the tempo of the finance and investment sectors. Recognizing its indispensable role, we consistently refine our trading application, ensuring it aligns with cutting-edge trends and solutions.
  • Trust & Reliability. Spanning almost two decades in the financial arena, XTB Group has garnered the unwavering trust of over 525,000 global clients. We're not just about numbers; we prioritize safety. Our entities operate under the watchful eyes of world-renowned supervisory authorities, including FCA, KNF, CySEC, and FSC.
  • Unwavering Support. Our commitment to our traders extends beyond platforms and tools. We're dedicated to nurturing growth, providing a dedicated 24-hour support team, five days a week. Further enriching the learning curve, our extensive repository of educational content, from videos and webinars to comprehensive courses, caters to both trading novices and seasoned experts.

Our Offerings

  • Dive into the world of Forex, Indices, and Commodities.
  • Engage with Stock CFDs & ETF CFDs.
  • Explore the dynamic realm of Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency CFDs.

Experience trading on a state-of-the-art platform that boasts:

  • User-friendly interfaces with full customization capabilities.
  • Exceptional execution speeds.
  • Vital tools like trader's calculators, performance analytics, market sentiments.
  • Advanced charting solutions and an in-depth look at market order depths.

Discover the XTB Advantage

At XTB Group, we don't just provide a platform; we craft an experience. As a globally recognized broker with a 5-star rating, our commitment is unwavering: to ensure our clients don't just trade but thrive. Every facet of our operations is meticulously designed with our valued traders in mind.

Our Offerings:

  • Diverse Portfolio: Dive into a vast realm of opportunities with over 2,200 instruments at your fingertips.
  • Safety First: We prioritize your security. With advanced encryption and security measures, you can trade with peace of mind knowing your investments are in safe hands.
  • Educate to Empower: We believe informed traders are successful traders. Benefit from our comprehensive educational resources, from beginner guides to advanced trading strategies.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our platform is not just a tool but a gateway to the world's markets. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, seamless trading is just a click away.
  • A Growing Community: Join our vibrant community of over 847,000 satisfied customers, each a testament to our dedication and expertise.
  • Support That Exceeds Expectations: Speed and expertise define our support team. Whether you have a query, need guidance, or face an obstacle, our highly qualified team is available to ensure you have a smooth trading journey.

Embrace the Future with XTB – Where excellence isn't just promised, it's delivered.

The xStation 5 Revolution: Your Trading, Elevated

When it comes to trading, the platform you choose can define your success. With xStation 5, both novice and seasoned traders are empowered to make confident decisions. Honored with awards and backed by advanced technology, we're here to transform your trading journey.

Why Choose xStation 5?

  • Anywhere Trading: The world of trading in your pocket. Wherever you are, you're never far from your next opportunity.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Unlock the power of professional-grade analytical tools.
  • Vast Trading Spectrum: Dive into a portfolio of over 2,200 instruments. From FX CFDs and cryptocurrencies to global indices, commodities, stocks, and ETFs, your choices are limitless.
  • Simplicity Meets Sophistication: Our design philosophy is clear – streamlined, intuitive interfaces, allowing swift investment management without compromising on depth.

xStation Mobile: Trade On The Go

Tap into the world's financial markets, anytime, anywhere. Explore the newly launched xStation mobile app:

  • Stay Updated: With our award-winning market specialist team, never miss key breaking news and market shifts.
  • Unparalleled Ease: A design so intuitive, it feels second nature. Transparent, horizontal charts offer precise market tracking.
  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Pre-emptively manage risk with Stop Loss and Take Profit settings. Adjust on-the-fly directly from charts or via our advanced trading calculator.
  • Market Sentiments: Witness global trading trends. See how XTB Group clients globally are positioning and tailor your strategy.
  • Customizable Layout: Choose between the classic light or the sleek dark mode. Save battery and maintain visual comfort.

Discover the Web Trade Platform

Compatible with major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, our platform caters to traders of all levels. Whether you're looking for straightforward tools or advanced functionalities, we've got you covered.

Decades of Dedication

  • Proven Expertise: With over 15 years shaping the world of trading, XTB Group proudly stands as one of the largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD brokers globally.
  • 24/5 Support: Round the clock, our customer support team is dedicated to ensuring your queries are answered, and challenges addressed.
  • Trust and Compliance: We are more than a platform; we are a promise. XTB Group is regulated by foremost supervision authorities, including FCA, KNF, and CySEC.

Discover the Essence of XTB Group

For nearly two decades, XTB Group has been a beacon in the financial landscape, with a presence spanning 13 global markets and an ever-expanding clientele base, now numbering well over half a million. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence - from technological advancements to diversifying our product suite, we've been at the forefront of online investment innovations. With unwavering determination, we aim not just to be another broker but to be recognized as one of the world's premier and most sought-after trading partners.

By the Numbers

  • Global Footprint: Over 10 branches worldwide.
  • Rich Legacy: More than 18 years of navigating the financial currents.
  • Diverse Portfolio: Access to 2200+ diverse financial instruments.
  • Growing Clientele: Serving 847,000+ dedicated clients globally.

The Pillars of Our Ethos

  • Unwavering Commitment: At XTB, our primary goal is to deliver an unparalleled investing experience, and every decision we make is rooted in this commitment to our clients.
  • Technological Prowess: We don't just keep up with technological trends - we strive to be trailblazers. Our continuous enhancement of the investing application ensures it aligns with the evolving needs of our clients and the industry's best practices.
  • Trustworthiness: Over 525,000 individuals and institutions worldwide have chosen XTB Group as their trusted financial ally. This trust is both our proudest accomplishment and our most cherished responsibility.
  • Empowering Our Clients: Knowledge is power, and we are committed to empowering our clientele. Through a wealth of resources - from online courses and e-books to interactive conferences - we provide the tools needed for both novices and veterans to refine their investing acumen.

To truly understand what sets XTB Group apart, delve into our story, ethos, and offerings. Join us on this journey of financial exploration and excellence.

Embark on a Comprehensive Trading Journey with XTB

Forex Trading at Your Fingertips

  • Diverse Offerings: Engage with 50+ FX pairs and tap into global currency movements.
  • Optimal Leverage: Utilize up to 1:30 leverage to magnify your potential returns.
  • Ultra-Narrow Spreads: Starting from an astounding 0.00001.
  • High-Speed Commitment: Experience ultra-fast execution with zero requotes.
  • Smooth Financial Transactions: Enjoy swift deposits and withdrawals to keep your trading seamless.
  • State-of-the-Art Platform: Engage with our world-renowned trading platform.

xStation 5 - Award-Winning Excellence Whether you're just dipping your toes or are a seasoned trader, xStation 5 is tailored to ensure you thrive in the trading environment. Celebrated for its user-friendly interface, in-depth market insights, live performance analytics, and unparalleled charting capabilities, it's no wonder xStation 5 was distinguished as the 'Best Trading Platform 2016' by the Online Personal Wealth Awards.

Indices - The Pulse of the Market

  • Broad Spectrum: Access 35+ indices CFDs capturing global market trends.
  • Leverage Potential: Up to 1:20 for optimizing trading strategies.
  • Transparent Operations: Direct rollovers are discernible right on your trading chart.
  • Device Flexibility: Trade seamlessly across multiple devices.

Commodities - Harness Global Demand and Supply

  • Varied Portfolio: Engage with 20+ commodities CFDs, encompassing a range of goods.
  • Swap-Free Options: Enjoy no swaps on a majority of commodities.
  • Cross-Device Access: Trade conveniently across PC, tablets, and smartphones.

Equity CFDs - Dive into the World of Stocks

  • Extensive Choices: Engage with CFDs across a vast spectrum of over 1500 equities.
  • Trading Versatility: Enjoy the flexibility to go long or short based on market sentiments.
  • Renowned Platform: Experience our award-winning services and platform for equity trading.

ETFs - Diversify with Ease

  • Portfolio Building: A streamlined method to craft a robust investment portfolio.
  • Low-Cost Advantage: Minimal transaction costs starting at 0.12% and competitive commissions.
  • Accessibility: Dive in without any minimum investment constraints.

Cryptocurrency CFDs - Future of Finance

  • Expansive Crypto Offerings: Trade 49 distinct Crypto CFDs, including renowned ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and rising stars like Dogecoin.
  • Transparent Trading Environment: Safeguarded by CYSEC supervision, ensure the transparency and security of your accounts.
  • Negative Balance Protection: Trade with confidence, knowing you're shielded from potential pitfalls.

Join XTB and immerse yourself in a holistic trading environment, curated to suit every need and preference.

Understanding Professional Client Reclassification: Professional clients inhabit a distinctive realm within the investment world, and their classification comes with both perks and responsibilities. Here's what you need to know:

Rights & Limitations:

  • Professional Clients aren’t eligible for compensation under the Investor Compensation Fund.
  • The firm isn't mandated to provide detailed information about services, associated charges (like fees and commissions), and other company-related updates.
  • Restrictions imposed by the European Securities and Markets Authority to safeguard retail traders—such as leverage limits, margin prerequisites, and mandatory risk warnings—don't bind professional clients.
  • Such clients are inherently presumed to possess adequate experience and profound knowledge, equipping them to discern the inherent risks of complex financial ventures.

For an In-depth Look: Explore our Client Categorization policy to better understand the exclusions for professional client protections.

Transitioning to a Professional Client Status: To ascend to this exclusive tier, one must meet at least two of the following three criteria:

  • Execute transactions of considerable magnitude on the relevant market with an average frequency of 10 transactions per quarter during the past year.
  • Boast a Financial Instrument portfolio (including cash reserves and instruments) that surpasses the threshold of 500,000 Euros.
  • Have professional experience in the financial domain for a minimum duration of one year, in roles demanding astute knowledge of related transactions or services.

Portfolio Components: The portfolio can consist of versatile liquid assets such as:

  • Shares, Derivatives, Debt Instruments, and Money Market Instruments.
  • Cash reserves with banks or brokers intended for investments, and fixed deposits maturing within two years.
  • Life insurance policies with invested collateral, Crypto Assets, and other instrument portfolios.
  • Assets acquired with the aim of future resale for profit. Even illiquid assets might qualify if the client engages in professional investment in such assets.

Interested in Acquiring Professional Client Status with XTB? If you reckon that you qualify for the elite tier of XTB's professional clientele, initiate your journey by:

  • Expressing Interest: Forward the relevant details to your dedicated Customer Support Agent via email.
  • Collaboration & Verification: We'll liaise with you to evaluate requirements and validate eligibility.
  • Finalizing Application: Upon dispatching the essential documentation, we'll review and inform you about your eligibility status.

A Word of Caution: With greater leverage accessible to professional clients, one should tread judiciously, acknowledging the heightened risks associated.

Further Details:

  • Delve into our instrument specifications for an intricate understanding of our products.
  • Kindly observe that for Trading Accounts exceeding $2 Million, the Leverage will be capped at 1:100.

XTB Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.xtb.com/
Address 35 Barrack Road, 3rd Floor, Belize City, Belize, C.A
Headquarters 35 Barrack Road, 3rd Floor, Belize City, Belize, C.A
Free phone +357 257 25356
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Fixed/Variable
Pip spread on majors 0.2-0.5
Maximum Leverage 200
ECN, $ 250
Standard account, $ 250
Mini account, $ 250
Popular payment methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, e-Wallets
Account currencies GBP, USD, HUF, EUR
Available assets Indices, FX, Stocks, Commodities and ETF
Languages English, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Polish, French, Slovak, Czech, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian
Platforms Broker
Broker type Execution only, STP
Regulation FSC, FCA, KNF, CySec
Foundation 2002

XTB Traders' Reviews

Having navigated through the world of online trading platforms, I recently stumbled upon XTB. One of the first things that caught my attention was their lack of a minimum deposit requirement. This factor, combined with their inviting and informative website presentation, nudged me to explore their offerings further. Taking the cautious route, I initiated my journey with XTB by setting up a demo account. This allowed me to acquaint myself with their trading platform, risk-free. To my delight, the platform was rich in features, enhancing the overall trading experience. The trade calculator was a particularly handy tool, simplifying the trading process and ensuring that I was always aware of potential risks and rewards. Moreover, the ability to execute trades directly from the charts, with a single click, was a feature that I found both efficient and user-friendly. Throughout my demo experience, I observed swift order executions, and the stability of the platform was commendable, without any notable glitches. Feeling confident with the demo trial, I transitioned to a live account by depositing $50. While my bank deducted a 1% commission for the transfer, I was relieved to see that XTB remained true to their word, not charging any deposit fees - a testament to their transparency. As for trading specifics, I noticed that the spreads on cryptocurrencies were average, neither too high nor too competitive. I'd recommend new traders to be particularly watchful while trading cryptocurrency CFDs. Though it's entirely feasible to trade at a profit with XTB, I found the best potential returns came specifically from cryptocurrency CFDs. In sum, my initial foray into XTB has been promising, and I look forward to further exploring what they have to offer in the world of trading.
  2 Nov 2023  

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When venturing into the realm of online trading platforms, I came across XTB, a broker that intrigued me with its wide array of trading instruments, notably including cryptocurrencies. While many brokers have ventured into the cryptocurrency space, the depth and breadth of offerings at XTB stand out. One of the key aspects to consider when trading cryptocurrencies is the leverage provided. At XTB, the leverage ratios are consistent with industry standards. For the renowned cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, XTB offers a leverage of 1:5. However, for the lesser-known or less popular coins, the leverage varies between 1:2 and 1:4. This variance ensures that traders have a level of flexibility, allowing them to make choices based on their risk appetite. XTB's convenience isn't just limited to its trading instruments. Their variety of payment methods is both commendable and user-friendly. It’s a boon for traders that XTB accommodates both electronic wallets and card payments, making the process seamless and adaptable to individual preferences. From my experience, the efficiency of their withdrawal process is another feather in XTB's cap. Requests for withdrawals are typically processed within a day, ensuring traders have timely access to their funds. Additionally, their fee structure is transparent and favors the trader. Withdrawals amounting to more than USD 50 are exempt from any fees, which is a significant advantage for traders looking to minimize transaction costs. However, while XTB does boast a rather expansive selection of crypto assets, there are certain noticeable omissions. Renowned coins such as Dash and Tether, which have substantial market presence, are unfortunately not available for trading on the platform. In summary, XTB provides a comprehensive and trader-friendly environment for those keen on diving into the cryptocurrency market. While there's room for expansion in their crypto asset portfolio, their current offerings, combined with their user-centric approach, make them a worthy contender in the world of online trading platforms.
  18 Oct 2023  

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XTB, as an online trading platform, stands distinctly apart from typical cryptocurrency exchanges in several ways. While crypto exchanges often offer unique features like staking - a process by which users can earn additional cryptocurrencies by holding and "staking" their assets - XTB does not currently provide this service. This could be seen as a limitation for those specifically seeking staking opportunities, but it is essential to remember that XTB's primary focus is on trading. Regarding transactions, XTB operates primarily in fiat currency, particularly the U.S. dollars. This means that traders looking to make deposits or withdrawals in digital currencies might need to look elsewhere. However, this fiat-centric approach ensures that pricing remains consistent and is not subject to the high volatility commonly associated with cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the cost of trading, XTB's Contract for Difference (CFD) trading fees are in line with industry standards. This means that traders won't find themselves at a distinct advantage or disadvantage in terms of costs when trading with XTB as opposed to other brokers. For those who are already familiar with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, you'll be pleased to know that XTB supports it. This can be particularly useful for traders who might find the transition to a new trading platform challenging or time-consuming. However, for those willing to explore, XTB does offer its proprietary platform, which boasts a range of features tailored to enhance the trading experience. In the realm of customer support, XTB generally delivers a swift response. But it's worth noting that their live chat support isn't operational on weekends. This could be a slight hindrance for those trading over the weekend or seeking immediate assistance outside of regular business hours. Lastly, on the matter of trustworthiness and regulatory compliance, XTB doesn't disappoint. While my interactions have been with the branch regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Belize, it's reassuring to know that XTB also holds a license from the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Holding an FCA license is often seen as a hallmark of reliability in the brokerage world, given the strict regulatory standards of the UK. In conclusion, XTB offers a comprehensive trading experience that bridges the gap between traditional trading and the world of cryptocurrencies. While there are areas where XTB might diverge from typical crypto exchanges, their regulatory compliance, platform offerings, and customer support make them a strong contender in the trading platform arena.
  27 Sep 2023  

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XTB have several issues apart from the withdrawals issues, when. I started trading with them and everything seemed fine, but when I increased my lots, the platform started randomly logging me out. Several times when I expected a big profit, they closed my positions at a loss, explaining that the position was too large, although I still had enough margin. I no longer advise trading with XTB and recommend caution.
  8 Aug 2023  

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XM Human Broker - Transparent, Fair and Focused on the Client

No hidden terms in pricing, execution, or promotions. Same quality of services, market order execution and level of support for all clients regardless of investment size, investment goals and financial situation. Easy and convenient systems for opening and managing account(s), for depositing or withdrawing funds. and for trading the international markets.

The securities recommended to me by XTB turned out to be quite attractive. There is nothing complicated here - it is worth investing in stable, reliable companies, it is important just to find an entry point. And I have already made several investments, and I see that these shares are in the black. I have never had any problems with opening and closing orders. All questions - technical support answers quickly enough. the only thing I don't like is the personal account, which the developers should still work on, since it is more perfect on other platforms.
  19 Jun 2023  

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XTB is one of the few DCs where you don't get annoying phone calls. They don't bother, they don't call, they don't offer anything. This is their main advantage. According to the trading conditions, everything is fine, what is the reason for the negativity of some people, I don’t understand, the panic is out of the blue. In terms of the speed of execution of transactions, as many people write, it is really top. The variety of financial instruments is decent. My rating for the broker is 5 points!
  8 May 2023  

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My experience with XTB has been above average compared to some of the other brokers I've traded with, who I've been frustrated with at times due to a lack of care and indiscrepancies on their part. I am happy to say that's not the case with x trade at all. They respond to my questions quickly, the platform is top notch and though spreads can be improved on certain markets I'm satisfied (for now).
  7 Nov 2018  

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Happy to trade with XTB for so long. I was just a person who had no experience in trading currencies. However, I gained my expertise through many losses, through months of demo testing until I developed my own approach of trading. Anyway, it was always with xtb and their support, which brought me to this point of success. I don't need its academy or education seminars, but their market analysis still very useful for me. I've made almost 180% for one year just trading indices and forex. I have DMA access and huge range of markets to trade. I’ll tell you more, it makes me feel safety when I know that xtb is regulated by FCA. And it’s not some kind of Cyprus or Panama firms…
  13 Aug 2016  

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Im using this broker for 7 year. Im very satisfied.
  30 May 2015  

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good b roker I'm working with them in Poland.
  27 Sep 2011  

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