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Top IronFX Forex Trading Strategies in 2022

A forex trading strategy refers to a unique technique used by forex traders to guide them regarding whether or not to buy or sell a currency pair at any given point. Forex trading strategies are built around technical and fundamental analyses or news-based market events and are made up of trading alerts. These are used to trigger the buy or sell option. Nowadays, there are numerous forex trading strategies available online, but traders can always develop their own by themselves.

What are the best strategies to trade forex?

Being a rather intimidating endeavour, online forex trading requires that you find and use the most effective strategies. Having this in mind, it is important to consider some of the best forex trading strategies so as to boost your trading experience, sharpen your skills and potentially bring better results. Below are some of the key strategies to consider for 2022. Keep in mind that there is no strategy that guarantees successful results. You will need to choose one based on your needs and trading style.


Forex scalping is a popular trading strategy that focuses on small movements of the market. Traders implementing this strategy open many trades with the aim of generating smaller profits per each trade. This is the exact opposite of holding a position for many hours or even days. Those using it in CFD trading may try to take advantage of its liquidity and volatility which sometimes results in price fluctuations that are beneficial to scalpers.

However, scalping is quite stressful as it requires fast decision-making, it is time-consuming and a bit demanding as you will need to constantly check the charts for new opportunities.

Day Trading

This is a strategy mostly used in forex and refers to trading currencies within the same trading day. In other words, traders speculate on securities and buy or sell financial instruments in one trading day, meaning that positions are closed before the end of the trading day. This is a way to avoid negative price fluctuations that you couldn’t potentially manage.

Usually, day traders follow the news or scheduled events like elections, statistics, or interest rates, to base their strategies, as these can greatly influence the market.

Position Trading

This a trading strategy more suitable for longer-term results. Position trading differs from scalping and day trading in that traders hold positions for several weeks or months in the hope of catching a big price move. Therefore, various small fluctuations in the market do not heavily affect the overall market picture so they are not taken into account under this strategy.

What position traders actually do is keep an eye on monetary policies from central banks or other political or fundamental factors and developments. Their aim is to identify trends. Keep in mind that these traders may even open only a few trading positions over a year so patience is key in this strategy as results may take months or years.

How to choose the best forex trading strategy? Useful tips

As already mentioned, there is not a single strategy that will always perform well under any market condition. In fact, they may all work just fine. Most forex brokers offer trading blogs or educational resources that can also be of great help when developing your strategy. After looking at some key strategies, let us know move on to some useful tips on how to choose the most appropriate strategy. Try to choose based on your:

Don’t forget to find your preferred timeframe, position size and number of trades you are looking to open. These can also guide you to choose the most suitable strategy.

Developing the most effective trading strategy

Traders do not need to stick to just one trading strategy. The key factor here is to be able to adjust each strategy based on opportunities that may arise. As a result, getting acquainted with each and every strategy would be a nice choice and then combining techniques into your trading. Remember that you should not be disappointed should any losses occur. On the contrary, successful traders always anticipate losses. Be patient, track your profits and losses and be consistent and disciplined across all your trades.

Also, be prepared to test strategies on the best online trading platform for beginners, the MT4 or practise on a demo account so as to see which strategies are more effective to you.

Changing strategies: Good or bad?

In order for your strategy to work well, you will need to follow the rules. Nevertheless, as previously mentioned, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach towards forex trading strategies. If something is profitable for you today may not be the other day. So, if a strategy does not bring the desired results, bear in mind the below before you go ahead and change the plan.

Familiarity with strategy: If you are unfamiliar with the strategy or don’t understand how it works, then there are high chances that your strategy won’t work in your trading. Knowing the rules is important especially when issues come up so as for the effectiveness of the strategy to remain intact.

Changing strategies may turn out to be good. However, all should happen in moderation as it can turn out to be costly. Choosing a reliable CFDs broker can also turn out to facilitate your efforts in finding the most effective trading strategy as they provide useful insights and tools.


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