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AMarkets Review and Information 2024

AMarkets Information and Review AMarkets
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Voting Rating Overall Rating for AMarkets: 4 stars
Reviews Rating
Status Trusted
Regulation MISA, FSA, FSC, The Financial Commission
Trading software MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Copy Trading, Mobile App AMarkets
Headquartered P.B. 1257 Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Comoros, KM

Since its inception in 2007, AMarkets has burgeoned into a globally acknowledged broker, illustriously etching its name in the financial sector. Its journey, spanning over a decade, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of service excellence and innovation. The manifestation of these efforts is reflected in its expansive customer base, characterized by loyalty and a suite of international accolades, attesting to its exemplary standing in the industry.

Mission and Global Outreach

Embedded at the core of AMarkets’ ethos is a mission resonant with global inclusivity and financial empowerment. The broker strives to present an expansive horizon of opportunities to its clients and partners across the globe, enabling them to navigate and conquer the intricate terrains of financial markets successfully.

The commitment to superlative customer service is a distinguished trait of AMarkets, with an impressive average response time of one minute. This commitment extends to instant deposits and a remarkable pace in order execution, allowing clients to experience unparalleled operational fluidity.

AMarkets grants its clients a gateway to an elaborate spectrum of over 550 trading instruments. This vast repertoire includes currencies, metals, indices, commodities, ETFs, stocks, bonds, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies, fostering a diverse and flexible trading environment.

Innovative Copy Trading Service: A Gateway for Investors and Traders

How it Functions for Investors

Copy Trading Service demystifies the trading realm for investors, allowing seamless access to a plethora of strategies within the platform. It enables you to mirror trades from seasoned traders and share in the profit percentage, irrespective of your trading acumen or professional knowledge. This service stands as a testament to the innovative blending of simplicity and functionality.

  • Simplified Trading Experience. Embark on a trading journey without the necessity of being an expert. The essence of this service is to grant you the convenience of choosing experienced traders whose trades you can copy. The platform is meticulously designed to be user-centric, offering ease of navigation and operation.
  • Maintaining Financial Autonomy. An integral aspect of this service is the emphasis on financial control. You retain complete control over your funds without compromising their security. There is no requisite to transfer your funds under management; they remain securely within your account, providing peace of mind.
  • Tailored Strategies. The service offers a versatile range of strategies, allowing a personalized approach based on your preferences. Parameters such as profitability, investor count, and strategy age can be utilized to select the most suitable strategy aligning with your financial goals.
  • Safeguarding Investments. Incorporating loss limits ensures optimal protection for your funds, mitigating financial vulnerabilities and facilitating risk management.
  • Amplified Profits. The unique Profit Multiplier feature empowers you to augment your profits or curtail your losses up to tenfold by adjusting the Copy ratio parameter, optimizing your financial trajectory.
  • Web-Based Flexibility. Experience the liberty of a flexible, web-based platform negating the need for downloads or installations on your computer. Trades are meticulously replicated within this innovative web-based Copy Trading platform.
  • Transparent Fee Structure. Fees are streamlined and transparent, necessitating payment to the trader solely for the profits accrued through their strategy, ensuring an honest and fair financial environment.

For Traders: Crafting and Monetizing Strategies

Traders create and monetize strategies within their personal domains, allowing investors to mirror these trades and share profits. This symbiotic relationship allows traders to garner up to 50% of the investors' profit as a reward.

  • Weekly Remunerations. The platform engages in weekly calculations of trading results, ensuring prompt transfer of earned trader’s fees to the Copy Trading account, streamlining financial transactions.
  • Autonomy in Profit Setting. Empowerment is central to the service, allowing traders to set the percentage of the investor’s profit they wish to receive, tailoring financial outcomes.
  • Attracting Investors Made Easier. With the minimum deposit threshold for a Copy Trading account being a modest $100, attracting investors is significantly facilitated.
  • Seamless Automation. The system thrives on automation, requiring no alterations in your trading with new investments. From inception to closure, the investment process is fully automated, ensuring efficiency and convenience.
  • Comprehensive Strategy Statistics. Traders are endowed with individualized statements for each investor, allowing an in-depth view of all investor actions including investment amounts, trade parameters, and trader’s fees, enabling a holistic understanding of their investment landscape.

This revolutionary Copy Trading Service stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a harmonious blend of simplicity, control, and flexibility for both investors and traders. It addresses varied financial needs and preferences, allowing users to navigate and prosper in the trading ecosystem with tailored strategies, safeguarded investments, and transparent fee structures. Whether you are an investor seeking to mirror profitable trades or a trader looking to monetize your strategies, this service provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform to achieve your financial aspirations.

Enhanced Legal Framework: Licenses, Regulations, and Professional Memberships of AMarkets

AMarkets manifests as an amalgamation of international entities, unified under one distinctive brand, epitomizing the essence of reliability, business steadfastness, and the indispensable safety of client funds and interests. The meticulously structured legal framework of AMarkets is a testament to its commitment to uphold operational integrity and safeguard client priorities, reinforcing the core values of trust and transparency in every transaction.

Legal Entities and Licenses

  • AMarkets LTD has been accredited and operates as an international brokerage and clearing firm located in the Island of Mwali (Comoros). It holds the license number T2023284 and functions under the diligent supervision of the Mwali International Services Authority (MlSA), fortifying its position as a trustworthy financial entity.
  • AMarkets LLC, anchored in the Cook Islands, holds the registration number LLC14486/2023. It is meticulously registered and monitored by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), enhancing its credibility in the financial spectrum.
  • Another subsidiary, AMarkets LTD, is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with the registration number 22567 BC 2015, and is conscientiously overseen by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

AMarkets prides itself on being a reputable member of The Financial Commission, a revered independent entity in the financial services sector. This affiliation accentuates AMarkets' commitment to maintaining transparency, integrity, and ethical conduct in its operations. It also serves as an assurance to clients, offering a robust Compensation Fund covering up to €20,000 per trade claim, acting as a financial cushion and reinforcing client trust.

Quality Assurance and Execution Audits

The dedication to impeccable service quality is evident through the rigorous order execution audits AMarkets undergoes monthly. These are conducted by Verify My Trade, an independent third-party auditor, to validate compliance with the highest execution standards. To sustain this certification, AMarkets is obligated to present 5,000 trades every month for comparative analysis against esteemed first-tier liquidity providers, ensuring the continuity of best practices in trading executions. The extensive audit report is readily accessible in the public domain, symbolizing transparency and commitment to accountability.

Client-Centric Approach and Reliability

AMarkets' expansive legal structure, encompassing various international registrations and licenses, amplifies its reliability and stability in the financial world. The robust regulatory frameworks ensure a seamless and secure trading environment, fortifying the protection of client interests and funds. AMarkets' enriched legal and regulatory structure, professional memberships, and commitment to transparency and quality are foundational to its success. The comprehensive and structured approach underlines the company's unwavering dedication to client safety, business stability, and operational reliability. Clients engaging with AMarkets can rest assured, knowing they are interacting with a financial entity that prioritizes integrity, quality, and the safeguarding of their assets and interests in every facet of its operation. The open availability of audit reports and adherence to stringent regulatory norms further echo AMarkets' mission to provide a trustworthy and client-oriented trading environment.

Experience Premier Trading Conditions with AMarkets!

Unparalleled Trading Environment

Venture into a world where trading conditions are supreme, harboring hundreds of assets and offering an expansive array of trading options. Since our inception in 2007, AMarkets has been a beacon of impeccable service, merging innovation with customer-centric approaches to present our clientele with a seamless and rewarding trading experience.

Wide Array of Assets and Exceptional Leverage

  • Diverse Asset Portfolio: Trade globally with a vast range of 18 Commodities, 27 Cryptocurrencies, 427 Stocks, 16 Indices, 44 FX, and 19 ETFs.
  • Incredible Leverage: Empower your trading strategies with leverage soaring up to 1:3000, enabling you to maximize your trading potential.
  • Currency Flexibility: Choose from a versatile selection of account currencies, including EUR, USD, and BTC, catering to the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Customer-Focused Services and Offers

  • No Swaps on Selective Assets: Experience the luxury of trading with no swaps on indices and commodities, diminishing trading costs and optimizing your trading profits.
  • Regular Bonuses and Promotions: Revel in our regular bonus offers and promotions, designed to enhance your trading journey and make it more lucrative.
  • Instant, Commission-Free Deposits: Enjoy the convenience of instant and commission-free deposits, enabling seamless transactions and ensuring more funds are available for trading.

Optimized Trading Conditions

  • Competitive Spreads & Swift Execution: With spreads starting from 0.2 and order execution from 0.03 sec, we ensure that our clients can capitalize on market conditions efficiently and effectively.

Assurance through Renowned Affiliations

  • Comprehensive Client Protection: The interests of our valued clients are meticulously shielded by the Financial Commission's Compensation Fund, offering protection for up to €20,000 per claim, fostering a secure and reliable trading environment.
  • Verified Execution Quality: The execution quality of AMarkets is authenticated by Verify My Trade (VMT), ensuring compliance with the best execution standards and reinforcing our commitment to providing unparalleled trading services.

Why Choose AMarkets?

By opting for AMarkets, you are choosing a trading partner that is devoted to offering not just a platform but an enriching trading journey. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with a wide asset range, state-of-the-art trading conditions, and a secure environment, ensures that you get the optimum environment to succeed and achieve your trading aspirations.

Global Clientele Trust

AMarkets is a respected name in the trading industry, fostering relationships with over a million clients across the globe. Our widespread clientele is a testament to the trust and reliability that we have cultivated over the years, ensuring that traders from various regions experience the premium trading services that we offer.

Industry-Leading Trading Conditions

We take pride in providing some of the most favorable trading conditions in the industry, setting us apart from our competitors:

  • Unmatched Order Execution Speed: We offer one of the fastest order execution speeds, clocking in at just 0.03 seconds, allowing our clients to capitalize on market movements effectively.
  • Tight Spreads: Our tight spreads ensure that clients can trade with minimal transaction costs, maximizing their potential returns.

Innovative Trading Tools and Insights:

  • Exclusive Trading Signals: Our clients have access to unique trading signals, aiding them in making informed and strategically sound trading decisions.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: We offer profound market analytics, enabling traders to understand market dynamics and trends thoroughly.
  • Advanced Indicators: Utilize our cutting-edge indicators to monitor market movements and identify potential trading opportunities effectively.

Unwavering Client Protection

At AMarkets, the interests of our clients are of paramount importance. We go above and beyond to maintain a secure trading environment:

  • Robust Compensation Fund: Our clients enjoy the peace of mind provided by the Financial Commission’s Compensation Fund, which offers protection for up to €20,000 per claim. This safeguards clients’ interests and investments against unforeseen adversities.

The AMarkets Advantage

Choosing AMarkets means aligning yourself with a broker that is committed to delivering exceptional trading conditions, innovative tools, and steadfast client protection. Our focus on client satisfaction and empowerment, coupled with a constant drive to improve and innovate, makes us the preferred choice for traders seeking a reliable, advanced, and client-centric trading partner.

We invite you to experience the distinctive AMarkets advantage and to navigate the financial markets with a partner who understands your needs and aspirations, and who is dedicated to helping you realize your trading goals.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or embarking on your trading journey, AMarkets is the ideal companion, equipping you with the tools, opportunities, and security you need to navigate the financial markets confidently and proficiently.

MetaTrader 5: The Advanced Multi-Asset Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 stands as a revamped, cutting-edge multi-asset platform designed to provide an enhanced trading experience. This state-of-the-art platform harbors a myriad of features that are instrumental for both novice and experienced traders.

  • Partial Order Filling Capabilities: Enables a smoother and more flexible trading process by allowing partial filling of orders.
  • Extensive Indicator Options: With 38 available indicators, traders can conduct a comprehensive market analysis to make informed decisions.
  • Multiple Time Frames Support: MT5 supports 21 time frames, offering versatility in analyzing market trends and patterns.
  • Built-In Economic Calendar: A seamlessly integrated economic calendar keeps traders informed about significant market events.
  • Advanced Strategy Tester: The updated strategy tester allows traders to assess the efficacy of their trading strategies with precision.
  • Embedded MQL5 Community Chat: Enhance your trading knowledge and connect with other traders within the platform.
  • Variety of Pending Orders: Six types of pending orders facilitate a diversified and customizable trading approach.
  • Market Depth Information: Detailed market depth aids in understanding market liquidity and price levels.
  • Hedging Option: Traders can hedge their positions to manage risks effectively.

MetaTrader 5 incorporates superior trading functionalities and advanced tools, ensuring comprehensive price analysis, sophisticated algorithmic trading, and optimal copy trading experiences.

MetaTrader 4: The Industry’s Standard Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4 is universally acknowledged as a superior trading platform, esteemed by novices and professionals alike, due to its symbiosis of convenience and functionality.

  • User-Friendly Interface: MT4’s beginner-friendly environment makes it a suitable choice for those new to trading.
  • Comprehensive Indicator Range: With 30 available indicators, users can effectively analyze market dynamics and trends.
  • Supports 9 Time Frames: A variety of time frames provide flexibility in analyzing and interpreting market data.
  • Single Thread Strategy Tester: This feature allows traders to test and optimize their trading strategies effectively.
  • Locking Option: Offers the ability to lock positions, providing another layer of flexibility in trading strategies.

MetaTrader 4 is revered as the industry standard, offering an unparalleled combination of ease of use and functionality, making it the quintessential choice for online trading. Whether you are an amateur looking for a user-friendly interface or a professional seeking advanced trading tools, MetaTrader 4 caters to the needs of all trading spectrums, sustaining its reputation as the best platform in the trading community.

Step into the realm of unparalleled trading conditions, where your aspirations meet our dedication. Explore the diverse asset classes, leverage innovative trading solutions, and discover the limitless possibilities that AMarkets brings to your trading adventure!

Technological Innovations & Trading Conditions

AMarkets perpetually positions itself at the forefront of technological evolution, incorporating groundbreaking technologies to facilitate optimal trading conditions. The clientele is endowed with comprehensive tools essential for both independent and algorithmic online trading. The broker integrates modern trading platforms and advanced liquidity aggregation technologies along with STP and ECN mechanisms, offering direct access to the interbank market. The initial deposit threshold for an ECN account is pegged at a modest $200.

Enhanced Trading Economics

Striving to create an economically conducive trading atmosphere, AMarkets exempts swaps on commodities and indices and has refined swaps for metals, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. This refinement results in a 30% saving on swap fees for clients, augmenting their financial latitude. Additionally, the broker facilitates 24/7 cryptocurrency trading via the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewarding Loyalty

AMarkets’ dynamic promotional landscape empowers clients to amplify their trading profitability. New clients operating on the MetaTrader 4 platform can avail themselves of exclusive welcome bonus offers, potentially doubling their initial deposits. The broker’s distinctive cashback loyalty program is tiered, rewarding clients based on their trading activities, making it a lucrative proposition for active traders.

Demo Trading with Real Profit Possibilities

A noteworthy feature of AMarkets is its provision allowing clients to accrue real profits while trading on a demo account. This distinctive approach not only educates clients but also enables the transition of profits to live accounts upon successful trading, merging learning with earning. AMarkets stands as a pinnacle of brokerage excellence, harmonizing impeccable service, innovation, and client empowerment. Its diverse trading portfolio, coupled with cutting-edge technologies and client-centric approaches, accentuates its global appeal. The intricate blend of regulatory adherence, promotional benefits, and educational opportunities further cements its status as a broker of choice for traders seeking reliability, diversity, and growth.

AMarkets Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.amarkets.com/
Address P.B. 1257 Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Comoros, KM
Headquarters P.B. 1257 Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Comoros, KM
Free phone +44 330 777 22 22
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Fixed/Variable
Pip spread on majors 2
Maximum Leverage 3000
ECN, $ 200
Standard account, $ 100
Popular payment methods VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire, Skrill, TopChange, Perfect Money, WebMoney, ADVcash, FASApay, Neteller
Account currencies EUR, USD
Available assets Copy-trading service
Languages English, Russian, Turkish, Farsi, Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and others
Platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Copy Trading, Mobile App AMarkets
Broker type Broker
Regulation MISA, FSA, FSC, The Financial Commission
Foundation 2007

AMarkets Traders' Reviews

  9 Jan 2024
The conditions of cooperation allow them to receive stable income, and the commissions system, when replenishing the account with users attracted, adds an additional incentive to attract new customers.
  13 Dec 2023
My trading with AMarkets has spanned almost six years, a testament to the trust and reliability I've found in their services. Initially drawn by a promotional offer for new clients, my experience with AMarkets has been a profound journey of growth and learning in the Forex market. My initial encounter with AMarkets was through an appealing promotion targeted at new clients. This strategic approach not only caught my attention but also presented an inviting opportunity to venture into Forex trading. The onboarding process with AMarkets was streamlined and user-friendly, making my initial steps into trading both exciting and less daunting. Over the years, I've noticed several areas where AMarkets excels compared to other brokers. These advantages have significantly influenced my decision to continue trading with them. AMarkets offers a wide range of trading instruments and sophisticated tools, which have been instrumental in my trading journey. Their platform caters to both novice and experienced traders with its versatility and depth. My confidence in AMarkets has only grown over the years. They've consistently demonstrated a commitment to their clients' needs and a high standard of service. One of the hallmarks of AMarkets is their serious approach to client service. Whether it's addressing inquiries or providing market insights, their dedication to supporting traders is evident. My long-term engagement with AMarkets reflects the sustained satisfaction and trust I've developed with their services. Over half a decade, I've witnessed AMarkets adapt and improve their offerings, aligning with market changes and client feedback. This adaptability is crucial in the ever-evolving world of Forex trading. My experience with AMarkets has been more than just a trading experience; it's been a partnership that has grown stronger over the years. Their commitment to client service, coupled with a robust and versatile trading platform, makes AMarkets a commendable choice for both new and experienced Forex traders. As I approach my sixth year with them, I look forward to continued growth and success, firmly believing in the trustworthiness and reliability that AMarkets has consistently provided.
  28 Nov 2023
AMarkets emerges as a commendable brokerage, offering a seamless and efficient trading experience that caters to the active trader. Its platform is comprehensive, providing access to a wide array of trading assets, including stocks and a variety of other investment instruments. The ease of navigating the platform is notable—just a login away from diving into the markets. The financial mechanics of trading with AMarkets are streamlined and user-friendly. Deposits are processed with remarkable speed, and the withdrawal system operates with similar efficiency, accommodating diverse account preferences. This flexibility is further enhanced by the rapid registration and verification procedures that AMarkets has put in place, complemented by a multitude of payment systems at the trader's disposal. Transitioning from trading with various companies, my experience with AMarkets stands out. The platform contends admirably against some of the most prominent and established brokers in the industry, thanks to its user-friendly interface. A salient feature is the transparency of its fee structure - no hidden charges lurk behind transactions, and the transfer of money to a bank account is consistently completed within a few days. Reflecting on over three years of partnership with AMarkets, I can affirm a period devoid of major issues. The broker's support service deserves special recognition for their prompt and effective resolution of inquiries. The one-time verification process I underwent was straightforward, and I've since encountered no hindrances with card withdrawals. A commendable aspect of AMarkets is its dedication to improvement, particularly in the variety of methods offered for fund deposits and withdrawals. Although a withdrawal fee is present, requests are handled expeditiously. This demonstrates the broker's commitment to evolving with the market and prioritizing client convenience. In sum, my experience with AMarkets has been positive and rewarding. The broker has demonstrated its capability to compete with well-known counterparts through its accessible platform, transparent fees, and responsive customer service. Therefore, I can confidently recommend AMarkets to fellow traders seeking a reliable and progressive trading partner.
  24 Nov 2023
As an experienced trader with AMarkets for over three years, I've found their platform notably reliable and consistent, void of significant issues. Their customer support stands out for its responsiveness and efficiency, quickly resolving any queries I have. The verification process was smooth, and since then, withdrawals to my card have been hassle-free. AMarkets continually updates their deposit and withdrawal methods, adapting to financial trends, which I appreciate. Although there's a withdrawal fee, the speed of processing makes it a reasonable trade-off. Overall, my experience with AMarkets has been positive, marked by reliability, excellent support, and a commitment to adaptability​​.
  19 Nov 2023
In my three-year journey with AMarkets, the reliability of their platform has been paramount. Transactions are seamless, and the platform's stability is noteworthy. Whenever I've faced ambiguities, AMarkets' support team has provided prompt, articulate, and comprehensive resolutions. The verification process was straightforward, leading to consistent, hassle-free withdrawals. I value their commitment to evolution, evident in their updated financial tools. The withdrawal fee is offset by the expediency of their processes. The range of account types caters to various trader needs, allowing me to start with minimal investment and gradually increase as my confidence in the platform grew​​. I've been impressed with the variety of instruments and account types at AMarkets, making my trading experience quite comfortable. I rarely face issues with withdrawing funds, which is a crucial aspect of trading. The flexibility offered by AMarkets, with its diverse range of trading tools, aligns well with my trading needs and strategies. This user-friendly platform ensures that I can manage my funds efficiently and adapt my trading approach as needed​​.
  10 Nov 2023
Allow me to offer insights into my extensive collaboration with AMarkets, a broker with whom I have maintained a successful partnership for over three years. This duration has been characterized by a notable absence of any significant issues, underscoring the reliability and consistency of AMarkets in facilitating a seamless trading experience. One of the standout features of AMarkets is its responsive and efficient customer support service. Whenever queries arise, the support team exhibits a commendable ability to swiftly and effectively resolve issues, contributing significantly to the overall satisfaction of the trading process. This level of support creates a sense of assurance, fostering a positive and secure trading environment. Having undergone the verification process once, I can attest to its smoothness, and since then, I have encountered no difficulties with withdrawals to my card. The ease with which funds can be withdrawn adds to the overall convenience and user-friendliness of the platform. It is noteworthy that AMarkets consistently updates its array of available methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, showcasing a commitment to staying abreast of evolving financial landscapes and ensuring flexibility for its users. While there is a withdrawal fee in place, the processing speed of withdrawal requests remains commendable. This efficiency is a crucial factor for traders who prioritize timely access to their funds. Despite the presence of a fee, the prompt processing compensates for any inconvenience, creating a well-balanced trade-off. In summary, my experience with AMarkets has been marked by a trifecta of reliability, excellent customer support, and a commitment to adaptability. The broker's continuous updates and efforts to enhance user experience contribute to its appeal. As I look back on three years of successful collaboration, I find AMarkets to be a trustworthy partner in navigating the dynamic realm of financial markets.
  7 Nov 2023
The presence of a large number of instruments and a choice of various accounts for trading makes it possible to make your work quite comfortable and there are almost never problems with withdrawing funds.
  24 Oct 2023
Diving into the world of trading requires not just skill and strategy but also a reliable partner by your side. It's with this sentiment that I wish to share my unfolding journey with AMarkets, which has spanned over three enriching years. Upon embarking on this partnership, my foremost concern was, of course, the integrity and efficiency of the brokerage. And AMarkets, over these years, has consistently shown itself to be a beacon of reliability. Whether it's the seamless transactions or the stability of the platform, every interaction has been nothing short of exemplary. One of the standout attributes of AMarkets, in my experience, is their impeccable support system. Whenever ambiguities arose, I was always met with prompt, articulate, and comprehensive resolutions from their support team. Their commitment to fostering a smooth trader experience was further evident when I underwent the verification process. Not only was it straightforward, but post-verification, my withdrawals have been consistently hassle-free, effortlessly landing in my card account. Moreover, AMarkets has showcased a commendable commitment to evolution. Their persistent updates in the deposit and withdrawal methodologies are a testament to their dedication to providing traders with the latest, most efficient financial tools. While there exists a withdrawal fee, the expediency with which they process requests often makes it a worthwhile trade-off. Navigating through AMarkets' offerings, I was also impressed by the diverse range of account types they put forth. The flexibility ensures that traders, irrespective of their expertise or investment capacity, find an environment tailored to their needs. Personally, I commenced my AMarkets journey with a conservative approach, opting for the minimum deposit. This allowed me to acquaint myself with the platform's nuances, assess its reliability, and experience the withdrawal process firsthand. Once comfort and confidence were firmly established, I progressively ventured with heftier investments, all while nestled in the security that AMarkets consistently offers. In sum, reflecting on my ongoing association with AMarkets, I find it to be a paragon of a dependable brokerage. Their unwavering commitment to user experience, coupled with their forward-thinking approach, makes them a formidable ally in the trading arena. For both seasoned traders and novices charting their initial course, AMarkets emerges as a robust choice, one I can vouch for with genuine conviction.
  23 Oct 2023
Very convenient interface of the broker, quickly registered and started trading. All currency pairs are available, and also the stock market is well represented. In general, I can say that they have all the tools for trading. In general, it is as convenient as possible, I will continue to buy shares here for myself. I see that it is possible to grow very much.
  9 Oct 2023
When embarking on the vast and intricate landscape of trading, finding the right broker often feels like navigating through a maze. This was the backdrop against which I was introduced to AMarkets approximately three years ago. Here's a distilled version of my experience. AMarkets, by no means, is a novice in the trading arena. Its reputation often precedes it, amplified by its commendable ratings and the buzz within the trading community. This widespread acclaim was my first brush with the company. Intrigued, I delved deeper into the firm's offerings, pouring over user reviews and meticulously examining the trading conditions they offered. The transparency and lucidity of their terms fostered an environment of trust, prompting me to initiate my journey with them by opening a trading account. Six months into this relationship, I experienced the exhilaration of withdrawing my first profit. What amplified this joy was the efficiency and swiftness of the transaction. The funds seamlessly transitioned into my wallet within a day, reinforcing my belief in AMarkets' credibility. In these three years since 2019, the trading terms have been largely in alignment with my expectations. One of the highlights has been the tight spreads on the ECN account, especially when it comes to major currency pairs. Yet, like all trading platforms, AMarkets too has its quirks. During moments of soaring volatility, I did notice that the MT4 platform could experience slight lags. However, this was a sporadic occurrence and not a recurrent issue. Another aspect worth mentioning is the streamlined process of account funding. The agility with which deposits are processed ensures that traders can capitalize on opportunities without delay. Withdrawals, while mostly smooth, do come with specific conditions. It's crucial to familiarize oneself with these to ensure a seamless experience. Notably, I found using USDT for deposits and withdrawals particularly advantageous. The instantaneous nature of these transactions, especially with withdrawals being processed within a mere four hours, is a testament to AMarkets' commitment to efficiency. In summation, AMarkets, with its blend of competitive trading conditions, swift transactional processes, and a robust reputation, has emerged as a reliable partner in my trading voyage. For both seasoned traders and those just dipping their toes in the water, I believe AMarkets offers a comprehensive and trustworthy platform.
  4 Oct 2023
In the intricate world of trading, the bond between a trader and a broker is akin to a long-standing partnership. My association with AMarkets mirrors this sentiment, having spanned over many years, and allowing me to garner a nuanced understanding of the firm. Reflecting on my journey, AMarkets emerges not just as a competent broker, but as a dependable ally in the trading arena. What underscores their credibility is the precision with which trades are executed. As a trader, it's paramount that trades manifest as per the stated quotes, and AMarkets has consistently delivered on this front. Moreover, the alignment of trade closures with real-time quotes, a feature I've observed across multiple brokers, further cements my trust in AMarkets' authenticity. My trading endeavors predominantly revolve around cryptocurrencies, a domain known for its volatility and dynamism. In this context, opting for AMarkets over an obscure cryptocurrency exchange was an informed choice. The broker's approach to cryptocurrency trading strikes a harmonious balance between competitiveness and fairness. The spreads, for instance, are optimally set, ensuring that even during instances of spread widening, my stop-loss levels remain untouched. This is complemented by an expansive array of assets, providing ample avenues for diversification. While I tread carefully with effusive praise, AMarkets' evolutionary trajectory stands as a testament to its commitment to excellence. Anyone familiar with the broker's historical journey can attest to its growth and dynamism. The firm has consistently adapted, not just in terms of technological advancements but also by curating engaging promotions for its clientele. This, coupled with their unwavering emphasis on optimal trade execution, ensures a gratifying trading experience. AMarkets is not merely a broker for me; it's a seasoned partner that has been instrumental in sculpting my trading story. Their reputation, bolstered by years of relentless service enhancement, makes them a standout choice for both budding and seasoned traders.
  3 Oct 2023
I appreciate their extensive range of educational materials that have helped me better understand the market and develop my strategy. Also, the reliability and transparency of a broker is always important and provides a reliable platform for trading. The only thing I would recommend to improve is to reduce fees on some types of accounts.
  21 Sep 2023
AMarkets is a broker that has caught my attention for several reasons. Firstly, they offer the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds in stablecoins, which is a godsend for those who have encountered issues with traditional payment systems. This flexibility in payment options is a notable advantage. Another strong suit of AMarkets is its robust analytical foundation. They provide traders with a wealth of tools such as advisors, signals, and market sentiment analysis. This arsenal of resources empowers traders to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends. I've also appreciated that AMarkets maintains stable spreads even during news releases. This is crucial for traders who want to avoid significant expansions in spreads, which can often lead to unexpected losses. However, it's essential to note that the broker lacks regulatory oversight. While they are affiliated with the Financial Commission, this entity primarily deals with dispute resolution rather than comprehensive regulation. Instances of unfavorable decisions made by the commission have been reported online, raising concerns about trader protection. Moreover, in the absence of a dedicated regulator, there may be challenges in enforcing decisions made in favor of the trader. It's worth mentioning that I haven't encountered any issues with AMarkets thus far, and I haven't had any disputes with them. However, to err on the side of caution, I recommend periodically withdrawing funds from your account to mitigate potential risks.
  20 Sep 2023
I've been trading with AMarkets for several months now, and there are a few key aspects I'd like to highlight. Firstly, I'm impressed by the broker's commitment to providing a high level of market analysis. Their market forecasts have proven to be quite accurate and serve as valuable confirming signals. This is especially beneficial for traders like me who rely on fundamental analysis in their trading strategies. When it comes to order execution, I can't complain. While slippages do occur occasionally, it's worth noting that I've never experienced orders failing to trigger or encountered inaccurate quotes. This reliability in order execution is crucial for maintaining trust in a broker. Although I don't have direct experience with other brokers to make a direct comparison, I can confidently say that I'm satisfied with my experience with AMarkets. The combination of accurate market analysis and dependable order execution has contributed to my overall contentment with their services.
  19 Sep 2023
I've been acquainted with AMarkets for quite some time, particularly since they introduced their unique algorithmic trading product, RoboX. This platform offers a fantastic tool for constructing investment portfolios. Recently, I received a newsletter from AMarkets featuring the Ilan EA along with detailed settings. It's worth noting that I receive intriguing and valuable information like this from the broker quite regularly. While I can't say that I'm entirely thrilled with this broker, as I do have some significant reservations regarding their "market" spreads, I find AMarkets to be highly suitable for trading with expert advisors. This makes it a compelling choice for traders who utilize automated trading strategies.
  5 Sep 2023
Having been an active trader with AMarkets since 2019, I can confidently state that I've had a largely positive experience with them over the past three years. The trading terms have consistently aligned with my expectations and trading style. One standout feature I've noticed is the commendably tight spreads on the ECN account, particularly when it comes to major currency pairs. This has significantly improved my overall trading experience and profit margins. However, no broker is without its challenges. During periods of high market volatility, I've observed some minor slowdowns with the MT4 platform. While these moments were rare, it's essential for potential traders to be aware of such possibilities. When it comes to account funding, AMarkets shines through. The process is streamlined, efficient, and notably hassle-free. This efficiency extends to their withdrawal system as well. But a word of caution: always ensure you're well-acquainted with the withdrawal conditions. While my personal experience has been smooth, it pays to be prepared and informed. One of the deposit and withdrawal methods I particularly appreciate is the use of USDT. Not only are deposits instantaneous, but withdrawals are also impressively rapid, usually completed in under four hours. In summary, while every trading platform has its strengths and weaknesses, AMarkets has consistently delivered a satisfying trading experience for me. Their conditions align well with my trading needs, and I've found them to be a reliable partner in my trading journey.
  1 Sep 2023
Having been associated with AMarkets for an extended period, I've gained a deep understanding of their operations and service quality. Over this duration, I've come to appreciate the reliability and professionalism of this company. In the vast and often confusing world of trading, working with a credible broker is of utmost importance, and AMarkets has consistently demonstrated its credibility to me. One of the standout aspects of their service is the speed and accuracy of trade executions. In my experience, trades are not only processed promptly but are also executed at the quotes stated. This precision provides traders like me with a sense of confidence and trust in the platform. Furthermore, closing trades in alignment with real quotes is another attribute that underscores their transparency. While such a feature might be available with some other brokers, the consistency with which AMarkets offers this stands out. To sum up, in the competitive landscape of trading platforms, AMarkets has established itself as a genuine and dependable broker. Their commitment to providing accurate and timely trade executions, along with transparency in their operations, makes them an excellent choice for traders, both seasoned and newbies alike.
  22 Aug 2023
I find AMarkets' fee structure transparent and competitive. Their commission rates are fair, but it would be helpful if they could make certain non-trading fees more prominent. I haven't encountered significant issues related to AMarkets' reliability. The platform's uptime has been consistent, with no unexpected disruptions during my trading sessions. Regulation is a crucial aspect for me. While AMarkets does have regulatory credentials, I would advise traders to always dig a bit deeper to ensure they're entirely comfortable with a broker's regulatory status.
  22 Aug 2023
Order execution at AMarkets is efficient. I've rarely encountered issues with slippage, and my trades generally get processed without undue delays. The analysis tools at AMarkets are quite extensive and cater well to an intermediate trader. They offer valuable insights but can sometimes feel a tad advanced, making me wish for more beginner-friendly annotations. The stability of the AMarkets platform has been good, without significant glitches. I haven't delved deeply into their partnership program, but it seems promising. The range of tradable assets they offer is commendable, giving ample opportunities for diversification. My journey with AMarkets has been generally positive. They cater well to intermediate traders, though there are areas they can refine. Continuous evaluation and research are key for traders to ensure they get the best experience.
  22 Aug 2023
My experience with AMarkets in terms of service quality has been satisfactory. The platform is reasonably user-friendly, but I feel there's room for refining the user interface to be more intuitive for traders like myself. When it comes to withdrawing funds from AMarkets, the process is generally efficient. On most occasions, the waiting time was within the industry standard, but there were a couple of instances where I wished it was quicker. Customer support at AMarkets has been a mix. While I've had some really prompt and helpful responses, there have been times when the support seemed less attentive. I do appreciate their periodic feedback surveys, indicating they're keen to improve. The array of trading tools offered by AMarkets is commendable. They're reasonably comprehensive and cater well to an intermediate trader's needs, though more in-depth tutorials could make them even better.
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