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I appreciate their extensive range of educational materials that have helped me better understand the market and develop my strategy. Also, the reliability and transparency of a broker is always important and provides a reliable platform for trading. The only thing I would recommend to improve is to reduce fees on some types of accounts.
  3 Oct 2023  
AMarkets is a broker that has caught my attention for several reasons. Firstly, they offer the convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds in stablecoins, which is a godsend for those who have encountered issues with traditional payment systems. This flexibility in payment options is a notable advantage. Another strong suit of AMarkets is its robust analytical foundation. They provide traders with a wealth of tools such as advisors, signals, and market sentiment analysis. This arsenal of resources empowers traders to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends. I've also appreciated that AMarkets maintains stable spreads even during news releases. This is crucial for traders who want to avoid significant expansions in spreads, which can often lead to unexpected losses. However, it's essential to note that the broker lacks regulatory oversight. While they are affiliated with the Financial Commission, this entity primarily deals with dispute resolution rather than comprehensive regulation. Instances of unfavorable decisions made by the commission have been reported online, raising concerns about trader protection. Moreover, in the absence of a dedicated regulator, there may be challenges in enforcing decisions made in favor of the trader. It's worth mentioning that I haven't encountered any issues with AMarkets thus far, and I haven't had any disputes with them. However, to err on the side of caution, I recommend periodically withdrawing funds from your account to mitigate potential risks.
  21 Sep 2023  
I've been trading with AMarkets for several months now, and there are a few key aspects I'd like to highlight. Firstly, I'm impressed by the broker's commitment to providing a high level of market analysis. Their market forecasts have proven to be quite accurate and serve as valuable confirming signals. This is especially beneficial for traders like me who rely on fundamental analysis in their trading strategies. When it comes to order execution, I can't complain. While slippages do occur occasionally, it's worth noting that I've never experienced orders failing to trigger or encountered inaccurate quotes. This reliability in order execution is crucial for maintaining trust in a broker. Although I don't have direct experience with other brokers to make a direct comparison, I can confidently say that I'm satisfied with my experience with AMarkets. The combination of accurate market analysis and dependable order execution has contributed to my overall contentment with their services.
  20 Sep 2023  
I've been acquainted with AMarkets for quite some time, particularly since they introduced their unique algorithmic trading product, RoboX. This platform offers a fantastic tool for constructing investment portfolios. Recently, I received a newsletter from AMarkets featuring the Ilan EA along with detailed settings. It's worth noting that I receive intriguing and valuable information like this from the broker quite regularly. While I can't say that I'm entirely thrilled with this broker, as I do have some significant reservations regarding their "market" spreads, I find AMarkets to be highly suitable for trading with expert advisors. This makes it a compelling choice for traders who utilize automated trading strategies.
  19 Sep 2023  
Having been an active trader with AMarkets since 2019, I can confidently state that I've had a largely positive experience with them over the past three years. The trading terms have consistently aligned with my expectations and trading style. One standout feature I've noticed is the commendably tight spreads on the ECN account, particularly when it comes to major currency pairs. This has significantly improved my overall trading experience and profit margins. However, no broker is without its challenges. During periods of high market volatility, I've observed some minor slowdowns with the MT4 platform. While these moments were rare, it's essential for potential traders to be aware of such possibilities. When it comes to account funding, AMarkets shines through. The process is streamlined, efficient, and notably hassle-free. This efficiency extends to their withdrawal system as well. But a word of caution: always ensure you're well-acquainted with the withdrawal conditions. While my personal experience has been smooth, it pays to be prepared and informed. One of the deposit and withdrawal methods I particularly appreciate is the use of USDT. Not only are deposits instantaneous, but withdrawals are also impressively rapid, usually completed in under four hours. In summary, while every trading platform has its strengths and weaknesses, AMarkets has consistently delivered a satisfying trading experience for me. Their conditions align well with my trading needs, and I've found them to be a reliable partner in my trading journey.
  5 Sep 2023  
Having been associated with AMarkets for an extended period, I've gained a deep understanding of their operations and service quality. Over this duration, I've come to appreciate the reliability and professionalism of this company. In the vast and often confusing world of trading, working with a credible broker is of utmost importance, and AMarkets has consistently demonstrated its credibility to me. One of the standout aspects of their service is the speed and accuracy of trade executions. In my experience, trades are not only processed promptly but are also executed at the quotes stated. This precision provides traders like me with a sense of confidence and trust in the platform. Furthermore, closing trades in alignment with real quotes is another attribute that underscores their transparency. While such a feature might be available with some other brokers, the consistency with which AMarkets offers this stands out. To sum up, in the competitive landscape of trading platforms, AMarkets has established itself as a genuine and dependable broker. Their commitment to providing accurate and timely trade executions, along with transparency in their operations, makes them an excellent choice for traders, both seasoned and newbies alike.
  1 Sep 2023  
I find AMarkets' fee structure transparent and competitive. Their commission rates are fair, but it would be helpful if they could make certain non-trading fees more prominent. I haven't encountered significant issues related to AMarkets' reliability. The platform's uptime has been consistent, with no unexpected disruptions during my trading sessions. Regulation is a crucial aspect for me. While AMarkets does have regulatory credentials, I would advise traders to always dig a bit deeper to ensure they're entirely comfortable with a broker's regulatory status.
  22 Aug 2023  
Order execution at AMarkets is efficient. I've rarely encountered issues with slippage, and my trades generally get processed without undue delays. The analysis tools at AMarkets are quite extensive and cater well to an intermediate trader. They offer valuable insights but can sometimes feel a tad advanced, making me wish for more beginner-friendly annotations. The stability of the AMarkets platform has been good, without significant glitches. I haven't delved deeply into their partnership program, but it seems promising. The range of tradable assets they offer is commendable, giving ample opportunities for diversification. My journey with AMarkets has been generally positive. They cater well to intermediate traders, though there are areas they can refine. Continuous evaluation and research are key for traders to ensure they get the best experience.
  22 Aug 2023  
My experience with AMarkets in terms of service quality has been satisfactory. The platform is reasonably user-friendly, but I feel there's room for refining the user interface to be more intuitive for traders like myself. When it comes to withdrawing funds from AMarkets, the process is generally efficient. On most occasions, the waiting time was within the industry standard, but there were a couple of instances where I wished it was quicker. Customer support at AMarkets has been a mix. While I've had some really prompt and helpful responses, there have been times when the support seemed less attentive. I do appreciate their periodic feedback surveys, indicating they're keen to improve. The array of trading tools offered by AMarkets is commendable. They're reasonably comprehensive and cater well to an intermediate trader's needs, though more in-depth tutorials could make them even better.
  22 Aug 2023  
The Social Trading feature allows traders to learn from experienced traders, enhancing knowledge sharing and potentially improving trading performance. While AMarkets offers a range of assets, further enhancing educational resources could provide more support to traders looking to refine their skills. AMarkets' analysis tools empower traders with insights into market trends, aiding in making well-informed trading decisions. The multi-regulatory approach demonstrates AMarkets' commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy trading environment for clients. The availability of high leverage might appeal to experienced traders looking for amplified trading opportunities. Traders should be vigilant while using high leverage, ensuring proper risk management practices are in place to safeguard their capital. AMarkets offers a well-rounded trading experience with its range of tradeable assets, competitive spreads, strong regulatory presence, and diverse trading platforms. Traders should be mindful of leverage considerations while leveraging the unique bonuses offered. AMarkets' commitment to regulatory compliance and user-friendly features makes it a notable player in the forex market.
  15 Aug 2023  
The availability of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, coupled with Copy Trading functionality, ensures a seamless and reliable trading experience. Get Cashback from AMarkets loyalty program offers a unique bonus experience, enhancing the overall trading journey. Traders should carefully review terms and conditions before participating. The availability of MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and Copy Trading functionality offers diverse options for traders to choose from, catering to different trading styles. AMarkets stands out with its range of tradeable assets, competitive spreads, strong regulatory backing, and user-friendly trading platforms. While AMarkets offers high leverage options, traders must exercise caution when utilizing such high leverage, considering the potential risks.
  14 Aug 2023  
With a diverse range of tradeable assets including Forex, Copy Trading, and more, AMarkets caters to various trading preferences. AMarkets maintains a transparent fee structure, and their competitive spreads starting from 0.1 pips contribute to cost-effective trading. Tight spreads combined with leverage up to 1:3000 offer traders the flexibility to tailor their strategies to different market conditions. AMarkets offers various account types to accommodate different trading styles and preferences. The minimum initial deposit requirement of $100 is accessible for traders of varying capital levels. AMarkets boasts a robust regulatory framework, being regulated by MISA, FSA, FSC, and The Financial Commission, providing traders with a secure and reliable trading environment.
  14 Aug 2023  
AMarkets consistently provides top-notch service, catering to traders' needs with a variety of trading tools and a user-friendly interface. Withdrawals with AMarkets are remarkably swift, ensuring that traders can access their funds promptly without unnecessary delays. The customer support team at AMarkets is highly responsive, addressing queries and concerns promptly. Their receptive attitude towards feedback demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement. AMarkets offers a comprehensive suite of analysis tools, equipping traders with both technical and fundamental insights to make informed decisions.
  14 Aug 2023  
AMarkets has been my introduction to forex trading, and I'm quite satisfied. The customer support team was responsive and helped me with setting up my account. The withdrawal process was smooth, and my funds arrived on time. I appreciate their educational resources, but the trading platform could be more intuitive. I've had a positive experience trading with AMarkets. Their customer support was patient with my questions, and their spreads are competitive. I've had a few profitable trades, and the withdrawals were processed without any issues. The only downside is that I sometimes experience slippage during high volatility.
  9 Aug 2023  
I am dealing with this platform and I can make a $450 profit without any issues. As here I found the fastest execution and fixed spread, as I can do scaling trade. Besides I am amazed at withdrawal processing time. So I am satisfied with the AMarkets broker. Smart brokers, they are good in providing sound investment advice. Services and tools are good also. Definitely recommended.
  7 Aug 2023  
In my personal opinion, the most important characteristic of any company that deals with money is that it reliable. This applies to banks, e-wallets and brokers as well. AMarkets never have any problems with reliability or reputation. The company have a great reputation among traders and have confirmed it by obtaining several international licenses. I am sure that these qualities of the company are enough to draw conclusions about its reliability. Personally, I have no doubts.
  5 Aug 2023  
I joined AMarkets as a beginner, and their customer support was helpful in guiding me through the account setup process. The spreads are reasonable, and I appreciate the variety of trading tools available. On the downside, I noticed that the platform can sometimes lag during peak trading hours. AMarkets has been a solid broker for me. The educational materials helped me understand the basics of forex trading, and their demo account allowed me to practice without risking real money. I've made some successful trades, but their overnight swap rates are a bit high.
  2 Aug 2023  
AMarkets offered a smooth onboarding experience for a newcomer like me. The demo account was invaluable in learning the ropes. Their customer support was prompt in addressing my inquiries, but I did encounter a delay in one of my withdrawals. Overall, I've found their trading conditions to be fair. I'm fairly new to forex trading, and AMarkets has been a supportive platform. The educational resources and webinars have helped me improve my trading skills. I appreciate their range of account types, but the spreads could be tighter. Customer support is responsive, and I've had no trouble with withdrawals.
  26 Jul 2023  
Services are all good and withdrawal is smooth and easy. I felt like I found a good broker company to trade with. Support are professional and services are all efficient. I gain profit and withdrawals are quickly processed. I am glad I found good tools and services to help me succeed in trading online. They are using advance software with so many good features making trading easier and more organize. When it comes to signals and trading advice, all are proven effective. I am overall satisfied with this broker service.
  18 Jul 2023  
I have been trading with AMarkets for five years and have had no problems. Trading conditions are normal. There are no problems with trading orders. Stops, pending orders - everything works as it should. And most importantly, do not interfere with trade. The only thing is that my manager is a little jarring with the offer of various new services. How many times I say that if something is interesting to me, I will ask myself.
  5 Jul 2023  
AMarkets offers a user-friendly platform for beginners. Their customer support was friendly and informative, helping me navigate the trading environment. The only drawback is that I experienced occasional requotes during fast-moving markets. Nevertheless, I've managed to make some profitable trades. I started trading with AMarkets as a newbie, and their educational resources have been beneficial. The spreads are reasonable, and I haven't encountered any major issues with order execution. However, the withdrawal process took a bit longer than I expected. Overall, it's been a satisfactory experience.
  30 Jun 2023  
My experience with AMarkets has been mixed. On the positive side, their customer support was quick to assist me with my queries, and I found their trading tools helpful. However, I've faced slippage on a few trades, and the swap rates are higher than I'd prefer. Still, it's been a decent introduction to forex trading. As a beginner, I've found AMarkets to be a decent broker to start my trading journey. The spreads are competitive, and their customer support was attentive to my needs. However, I did experience a delay in a withdrawal request, which was a bit frustrating. Overall, I believe AMarkets offers a fair platform for beginners to learn and trade.
  14 Jun 2023  
This platform has a lot of tools for effective trading and I`m really glad that I found it and keeping using it. For 3 years of trading I haven`t been finding the same platform like this, so take my recommendation.
  14 Jun 2023  
I have been working at AMarkets for over a year. And I'm even surprised that there have never been communication failures, with manual transactions, with the processing of orders. I also withdraw profits without any problems. I recommend.
  23 Dec 2022  
I’ll note right away that input and output are operational from 2 hours to three days. There is reporting on the trading account by e-mail. mail. on financial transactions. No problem with support.
  23 Sep 2022  
I can now compare and say that AMarkets did not disappoint me! The technical side of the company works more than well: software, communication quality, order processing - everything is on top.
  9 Jul 2022  
The arbitrageurs have never let me down during the entire time I have been working here. They give out high-quality traffic, and, as I set everything up, I get targeted traffic exclusively!
  31 May 2022  
I am quite pleased with this broker. It is so hard these days to find a good broker. AMarkets seems a great one!
  23 Nov 2021  
I withdrew my money 1 week ago, provided all necessary documents, but so far, AMarkets still didn't pay, I hope they can refund my withdraw money quickly.
  29 Jul 2021  
Amarkets provides a very good offer for those who want to make good money, you can use the RAMM copy service. And I consider quick withdrawal of funds to be quite important.
  29 Aug 2020  

Since its inception in 2007, AMarkets has burgeoned into a globally acknowledged broker, illustriously etching its name in the financial sector. Its journey, spanning over a decade, has been marked by a relentless pursuit of service excellence and innovation. The manifestation of these efforts is...

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