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CMC Markets Review and Information 2023

CMC Markets Information and Review CMC Markets
Voting Rating CMC Markets does not participate in the Forex Rating
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Regulation FCA
Trading software Next Generation, MetaTrader 4
Headquartered 133 Houndsditch London EC3A 7BX

Initiated in 1989, CMC Group has matured into a global vanguard in the sphere of online retail financial services, further enriched by a broad institutional portfolio. We endow our clientele with an all-encompassing array of financial instruments, channeled through our distinguished Next Generation trading platform. Noted for its meticulous charting techniques, keenly priced structures, and avant-garde automated trading mechanisms, we hold an enduring pledge to elevate each client's trading journey. By placing our clients at the nucleus of our operations, we magnetize budding traders and simultaneously cultivate a profound allegiance within our prevailing clientele, securing perpetual worth to our consortium.

Beyond Conventional Commodity Trading:

Empower Your Trading with Client Sentiment

Our client sentiment apparatus grants you a near-real-time vista of clientele dynamics and their associated 'Position Value'. Navigate the oscillations of market sentiment, adapting to its reactions to daily catalysts and price modulations—a quintessential tool, particularly during market volatility.

Rooted in 1989, CMC Markets has surged forward, creating a distinct imprint in the online trading ecosphere, emerging as a choice par excellence for traders globally.

Trading Ecosystem

CMC Markets unfurls a kaleidoscope of financial derivatives, spanning forex, indices, digital currencies, and commodities. The trading ambiance is crafted to be fiercely competitive, offering traders slender spreads and adaptable leverage mechanisms, catering to both novices and trading mavens. Transparent in its fee configuration, the platform vaunts some of the sector's most aggressive spreads, with forex starting from a mere 0.7 points. Albeit they abstain from levying commissions on CFDs and spread bets, ancillary costs such as overnight holdings or premiums for fortified stop-loss orders might be applicable.

Diverse Account Infrastructure

Client Assistance Par Excellence

Their UK anchorage, prize-winning support brigade is operational 24/5, accessible via real-time chat, electronic mail, or voice calls. Their prowess in resolving technical quandaries, account-related concerns, and generic trading inquiries epitomizes the platform's allegiance to client contentment.

Periodically, CMC Markets unveils enticing promotions, primarily targeting fresh account initiators. For the latest offerings, a perusal of their official digital presence or a consultation with their support team is recommended.

Armed with real-time news flashes and sage market analyses, they offer traders insights encapsulating market trajectories, fiscal proclamations, and global political currents, ensuring an informed trading fraternity.

CMC Markets' 'Next Generation' Software: A Paragon of Trading Excellence

CMC Markets' prized 'Next Generation' trading software emerges as the pinnacle of their digital offerings, a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Meticulously crafted for both the stationary desktop and the on-the-go mobile user, it resonates with an intuitive user interface that is both inviting for novices and comprehensive for seasoned traders. The software incorporates state-of-the-art charting utilities, ensuring traders have access to detailed visual data analytics. Additionally, its flawless automation features empower traders to design and implement intricate trading strategies with ease. The integration of avant-garde utilities such as 'Module Linking' and 'Price Ladder' accentuates its functionality, making it an irresistible choice for modern traders.

Elevating Your Trading Journey: A Pursuit for the Diligent

Unveil the Ultimate Trader Within: Harness the synergy of state-of-the-art Next Generation platform technology coupled with unparalleled personal client assistance to metamorphose into the trader you envision.

Trade the Pinnacle of Global Instruments

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Tailor-Made Trading Pathways

CMC Markets: The Confluence of Tradition & Innovation

For the Novices

For the Seasoned Maestros

Elevate Your Trading Experience with Our Renowned Platform Distinguished by Awards: Our Spread Betting & CFD Trading Ecosystem

With a synergized global workforce, CMC Markets prides itself on delivering region-specific expertise. This local knowledge is underpinned by the robustness and fiscal solidity of an internationally recognized firm. CMC Markets is unwavering in its mission: to extend its global influence, while ensuring an uncompromised standard of service and adhering rigorously to regulatory protocols within each operational territory.

CMC CONNECT - For the Institutional Vanguard

Tailor-Made Ingenuity: We don't just offer solutions; we sculpt them to align seamlessly with your enterprise's distinctive requisites.

CMC INVEST - Retail Segment (UK)

Empower Your Investment Strategy: Our Retail Platform’s Might

CMC INVEST - Retail Domain (Singapore)

Steer Your Investment Odyssey: We empower you to dictate the terms of your investment journey. While many platforms lurk behind veils of small print, we champion a clear, asterisk-free approach. Join the progressive ranks of our burgeoning community and set forth on your transformative investment pathway with CMC Invest.

Welcome to the elite domain: CMC PRO Where Seasoned Traders Assemble

What makes CMC PRO stand out? CMC Pro has been meticulously curated for seasoned spread betters and adept CFD traders in pursuit of a platform that resonates with their fervor and dedication to trading. Kindly be informed, the safeguards extended to retail clients aren't applicable under the CMC Pro purview. Dive into our FAQs section for a deeper understanding.

A legacy of CMC MARKETS Spanning three enriching decades, our expertise has been instrumental in presenting an award-laden trading ecosystem and impeccable client service to a burgeoning community of 90,000 global traders†. CMC Pro is our tribute to this legacy, sculpted to offer our adept traders an unparalleled trading voyage.

Are you the right fit for CMC PRO?

 To be christened as a CMC Pro trader, one needs to align with our professional client eligibility metrics. If you find yourself nodding affirmatively to at least two out of the trio of queries below, the CMC Pro realm could very well be your next trading home. Do note, retail client safeguards aren't operational within CMC Pro. For a more detailed view, peruse our FAQs section.

Eligibility Checkpoints:

Why CMC Markets Should Be Your Prime Choice Navigating through the myriad of trading partners can be daunting. Let's simplify it for you. Here's an in-depth overview of what sets us apart. Journey with us to discern why aligning with CMC Markets is a wise choice.

Customer-Centric Approach: You Matter Most

The quintessence of our ethos revolves around you. We don't just offer a platform; we craft an experience. Every innovation, every strategic move we undertake stems from our passion to revolutionize the online trading domain for you, our esteemed clients. Regardless of market turbulence, our focus remains on delivering tight spreads, ensuring you get optimal value. From a mere 0.5 pips on EUR/USD and 1 point on pivotal indices like the UK 100 to 0.2 points on Gold, our spreads are designed with your profitability in mind. Our favorable margin rates further emphasize our commitment: 3.3% for forex, 5% for indices and commodities, and an enticing 20% for shares and treasuries.

Expansive Trading Universe. Dabble in the diverse world of:

The expansive spectrum of trading instruments, ranging from forex, indices, and commodities to the volatile realms of cryptocurrencies and treasuries, empowers you to craft a multifaceted portfolio. This not only adds layers to your trading strategy but also magnifies your avenues for potential opportunities.

CMC Markets Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.cmcmarkets.com/
Address 133 Houndsditch London EC3A 7BX
Headquarters 133 Houndsditch London EC3A 7BX
Free phone +44 (0)20 7170 8200
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
1st deposit bonus
Trading by phone
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 0.7-2
Maximum Leverage 200
STP, $
ECN, $ No
Standard account, $ 1
Mini account, $ No
Popular payment methods Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking
Account currencies EUR, USD
Available assets CFD trade/Spread bet on: Bonds, Stocks, Futures, Interest Rates, Energy, Commodities, CFDs, Metals, Oil, Commodities, ETFs, Indexes, Shares, Indices, Forex, Spread Betting
Languages English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish
Platforms Next Generation, MetaTrader 4
Broker type Broker
Regulation FCA
Foundation 1989

CMC Markets Reviews and Comments

A broker that never forgets to improve and respond to customer needs. Of course, there are priority points common to many in choosing a broker, such as commissions for transactions, a modern brokerage mobile application, etc. for me too, but also a choice of trading instruments. I got bored with trading in stocks only after I figured out how to earn money on this asset (buy and sell, hold in debt), I began to look towards other assets. So gradually, in addition to shares, I buy bonds, including those in yuan, and not just dollars. And for the shares, I had some kind of new discovery - CMC Markets has recently been adding Asian issuers listed in Hong Kong, respectively, and buying in local dollars, that's what I'm interested in, and for the portfolio, the plus is that it becomes even more diversified both by country of assets and their classes. The broker is distinguished by the fact that it constantly launches something, updates it, and it turns out that it improves. High marks from me, well deserved.
  7 Jun 2023  
I want to write that the training materials and information that the manager sent me to my email for free could be sold for money. Really interesting manuals, but in my opinion, the most valuable thing is that you can call your personal manager and he explains what I myself did not understand. I am new to trading and this is important to me. The commissions for withdrawing funds are really small, and most importantly, everything is as it is written, and it comes, without additional charges from payment systems or the broker itself. In comparison with other brokers, very transparent conditions for withdrawing funds. I have withdrawn 3 times in the last 4 months and everything is fine.
  7 Jun 2023  
People like this broker. However, I found it reliable one. Slippage is worse than average among other brokers but they offer the most efficient platforms probably. Easy to operate and intuitively simple. And it is one of very few brokers that was founded in the eighties. In 1989 to be exact!
  4 Feb 2017  
They offer the intuitive Next Generation platform. Well, I have tried it and can say that I can set it up just as I want customizing design layouts. It allows great control of executions when placing and closing the trades from charts. There are also useful options like one-click trading, boundary orders, price ladders, guaranteed stop-loss orders and others, which I really appreciate as far as they improve trading. Besides, the platform offers an access to different sources of market news. What else? I can look through the number of traders and their position values in real time and learn different types of behavior at the market improving my strategy.
  21 Jun 2016  
Collaborate with a Reliable Forex Broker

HF Affiliates is one of the leading Partnership Programs in the industry featuring competitive commissions, marketing tools and exceptional support. With the best commission structure and tailor-made products, we can help you achieve your expectations with high revenue share, multi-tier affiliate tracking system, no set-up fees to join and an auto-rebate system.

CMC Markets is registered bookmaker. And still it provides very good trading, approach to thousands of markets and good prices on different currency pairs. I compare the prices with other brokers – there are differences but very slight. Here I trade within contract for difference between the opening and closing price of the contract. The price movement allows me to ignore the market in general and the broker creates the comfortable environment for that. They guarantee execution of stop losses at the price I set and they do it!
  18 Jun 2016  
Just imagine! It allows traders to trade with more than 7000 products including currency pairs. to stay here you should choose one of the platforms it offers. I trade on their unique product – “Next Generation Platform” because it provides automated execution and customizable options. I’ve been adapting the facilities in such a way the platform complies with my needs and strategies choosing the necessary indicators out of 80 ones available. also use such tools as helpful charts, pattern recognition and boundary spread bets. In order to stay informed of the market conditions, I integrated Reuters news. This platform is really good.
  17 Jun 2016  
Great! Great! And once again great! I’ve been with it for quite a while. The platform – I could not ask for better! There are no limits within reason. The order is executed rapidly - just within a second. If there are some technical problems with the system and as the result the money is lost, they are ready to reinstate the lost positions. It happened to me and I call a manager, she solved the problem. Customer support is solid here. Taking into account the deposit requirements this broker is meant for advanced traders.
  15 Jun 2016  
competitive spreads and rather good overall. feel a lack of options sometimes. but customer service specialists treat a trader respectfully and respond the questions straight away. it’s a pity that they refuse their old convenient platform. there are some problems with news within this latest version, only limited number of it is available. and the prices can differ from real ones. as far as i know old traders are leaving because of this discomfort. i am still here. my recommendation is you can trade here with profit if you are experienced but you’d better look for the more flexible broker.
  10 Jun 2016  
All CMC Markets Reviews

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