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easyMarkets Review and Information 2024

easyMarkets Information and Review easyMarkets
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Regulation CySEC, MiFID, ASIC
Trading software easyMarkets Platform, easyMarkets Trading App, MetaTrader4
Headquartered P.O. Box 53742 Limassol 3317 Cyprus

In the year 2001, a new chapter began in the trading world. easyMarkets embarked on an audacious mission: democratize trading for all. Historically, trading was an exclusive realm, accessible only to the affluent elite or sizable institutional entities, with activities confined to physical trading floors. The barriers to entry, particularly the high minimum investments, rendered many potential traders mere spectators.

However, easyMarkets envisioned a different, more inclusive future. They boldly challenged the status quo, introducing the convenience of $25 initial deposits via credit cards, sidestepping the traditionally tedious bank transfer process.

Initially operating under the moniker "easy-forex," the company evolved its brand identity to "easyMarkets" in 2016, signaling its diversification from primarily Forex trading into a broader suite of offerings—encompassing global indices, commodities like metals and energy, and beyond. Their forward-thinking nature is evident. They became trailblazers by introducing a safeguard ensuring traders could never lose more than their investment on their digital platform. This ethos of innovation is underscored by pioneering features such as the free guaranteed stop loss, insideViewer, Freeze Rate, and the trailblazing dealCancellation. Reflecting on challenging times, they proudly recount, "During epochal events like Brexit, our commitment to our traders remained resolute."

An Exploration of the easyMarkets Platform

Launched back in its founding year, the platform's design prioritizes both functionality and versatility. Catering to a spectrum of users—from trading novices to seasoned professionals—easyMarkets presents a suite of unique tools:

  • dealCancellation: A revolutionary tool granting traders the grace to rewind, allowing the negation of a trade within an hour, effectively recovering losses.
  • Inside Viewer: A window into collective trading trends, offering valuable insights into prevailing market sentiment.
  • Freeze Rate: An innovative feature that lets traders momentarily "freeze" volatile market rates.
  • Integrated Resources: In-platform access to indispensable tools—financial calendars, latest market news, detailed trading charts, and predictive signals.

Broadening Horizons with Diverse Trading Options

easyMarkets endeavors to offer something for every trader's taste:

  • easyTrade: A groundbreaking feature offering risk-capped trading in just three simple steps.
  • CFDs: Engage with over 275 markets without the need to own assets, ensuring flexibility and rapid trading.
  • Options: Especially popular among trading veterans, it offers trade hedging with capped risks.
  • Forwards: An opportunity to lock in today's rate for future commitments.
  • Pending Orders: A strategic tool, allowing traders to pre-set desired opening rates.

Your Marketplace Choices with easyMarkets

Dive into a world of opportunities:

  • Forex: Navigate the expansive and exhilarating domain of currency trading.
  • Precious Metals: Trusted refuges during market storms.
  • Commodities: Ranging from everyday essentials like oil to luxury items, a vibrant sector awaits.
  • Indices: Barometers of economic health, encapsulating top-tier global stocks.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Enter the thrilling realm of digital currencies.
  • Shares: Engage with shares from globally acclaimed companies.

Whether you favor easyMarkets' custom software or the renowned MT4 and MT5, the gateway to global markets is ever-present. Their consistent focus on stellar trading conditions, state-of-the-art tools, and unparalleled customer service ensures traders are well-equipped.

A Deep Dive into easyMarkets' Offerings

  • Trading Conditions: Renowned for its fluid trading environment, easyMarkets promises fixed spreads, shielding traders from unpredictable surges during pivotal market news. The dealCancellation feature adds a protective layer in volatile conditions.
  • Transparent Pricing: A hallmark of easyMarkets is its clear pricing. With competitive fixed spreads and no hidden charges, traders can operate with full clarity.
  • Tailored Account Types: From the entry-level Standard Account to the elite VIP Account, easyMarkets offers accounts to suit every trader's journey.
  • Educational Resources and Support: Their expansive educational resources, combined with a responsive, multilingual support team available round-the-clock, ensure traders never feel adrift.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Periodic incentives, such as deposit bonuses or reduced spreads, keep the trading experience invigorated.
  • Platform's Analytical Prowess: Tools like the insideViewer offer invaluable insights, and timely market news ensures traders remain in the loop.
  • Trading Software: With a focus on user experience, the platform is easily accessible across web and mobile interfaces, supported by MT4 and MT5.
  • Robust Regulation: easyMarkets operates under the strict guidance of regulatory bodies like the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), ensuring transparent operations and safeguarding client funds.
  • Reliability and Speed: Over its 20-year journey, easyMarkets has built a stellar reputation for its unwavering platform stability, even during market tumults, and its swift trading execution.

Two decades in, easyMarkets remains an influential force in the world of online trading. Their pioneering efforts have redefined the landscape, making trading accessible and attractive to many. With their potent combination of innovation, transparency, and customer-centric approach, easyMarkets stands tall in the global trading arena. As always, it's essential for traders to exercise due diligence and ensure their chosen platform aligns with their trading aspirations and risk tolerance.

Charting Our Odyssey: From 2001 Onwards

"Simply Honest" - this ethos doesn't just embody our philosophy. It encapsulates our business ethos, the foundation of our innovations, and the touchstone of our relations: straightforward, clear, approachable, and sincere.

Our Core Principles

  • Simplicity. From the dawn of our journey, our aim was to unravel the intricacies of trading. Being pioneers in initiating online trading, we designed our platform with an intuitive interface, ensuring it's accessible for novices while retaining advanced features for seasoned traders.
  • Integrity. In the tempestuous seas of trading, our anchor remains steadfast. We vow not to alter our trading conditions, even amidst market storms. With fixed spreads and a promise of no slippage on our web platform, traders can embark with a clear understanding of their costs. Our dedication to integrity is further reinforced by our accreditation from regulatory giants: CySEC in Europe and ASIC in the Asian Pacific Region.
  • Clarity. Our commitment to transparency is unwavering. Proudly positioning ourselves as market makers, we ensure trading remains uninterrupted during tumultuous market movements or pivotal economic announcements. Be it the seismic shifts caused by the Swiss Franc peg removal, the Brexit outcome, the Trump electoral triumph, or the whirlwind turbulence of the cryptocurrency realm, our commitment stands resolute.

Our Epic Tale

In the early 2000s, the world of trading was akin to an exclusive club, accessible only to the affluent elite and large institutional entities. easyMarkets was conceived with a vision to disrupt this exclusivity, to democratize trading, making it accessible to anyone with passion and drive. Our intervention transformed the fabric of the online trading domain, which was predominantly limited to Forex. In a pioneering move in 2001, we began accepting modest initial deposits as low as $25, offering the convenience of online credit card payments over cumbersome bank transfers. This approach resonated with many, forging a bond of loyalty and propelling our growth. As time unfurled, our spectrum expanded to encompass global indices, commodities like energy and metals, and beyond. This evolution led to our metamorphosis from easy-forex to easyMarkets in 2016.

As we tread this journey, our drive remains relentless. We've always strived to provide a protective canopy to our traders. We were the first to introduce a truly online platform where one's losses were capped at their investment.

Our innovative spirit continued to blaze trails with the introduction of invaluable trading tools such as the free guaranteed stop loss, insideViewer, and the Freeze Rate. However, the crown jewel of our innovations has to be the 'dealCancellation'* feature.

Embracing the World of Trading: A Multifaceted Approach

At easyMarkets, we recognize the unique trading aspirations of our clients. Spanning a plethora of markets from the dynamic realm of energy commodities to the pulsating heartbeat of major currency pairs and the globally recognized indices, we present an expansive horizon for our traders. Our aim? To equip you with a platform where you can tailor your trading strategy, ensuring it aligns with your vision, while safeguarding your interests with our cutting-edge risk management tools – tools that are exclusive to the easyMarkets community.

Delving deeper, easyMarkets takes pride in opening up a world of over 275+ CFD markets for its clients:

  • CFDs: Dive into a diversified realm without the obligations of owning the actual asset.
  • Forex: Navigate the vast seas of currency trading. Whether it's major, minor, or exotic pairs, we offer a platter of over 95 to choose from.
  • Cryptos: Engage with the future of digital finance, fortified with easyMarkets' premier risk management tools.
  • Metals: Whether you're attracted to the allure of precious metals like gold or the industrial significance of copper, we've got you covered.
  • Commodities: A holistic experience with both energy and agricultural CFD commodities at your fingertips.
  • Indices: Engage with the pulse of the global economy by trading the most influential indices, from the might of the S&P 500 to the dynamism of the Nikkei 225.
  • Shares: Dive into the corporate world with a selection of the most sought-after CFD shares across diverse industry landscapes.

Over Two Decades of Innovations

Since our inception in 2001, our compass has always pointed towards innovation. Our commitment? To consistently evolve and offer our clientele the avant-garde in trading products, tools, and services.

Rest assured with easyMarkets. Our regulation by CySEC ensures a secure trading environment, guaranteeing peace of mind. Complementing this, our full compliance with all ESMA regulations underscores our commitment to the highest standards of trading ethics and practices.

In today's fast-paced world, mobility is paramount. The easyMarkets app, crafted with innovation and user experience in mind, ensures you're never disconnected. Whether on an iOS or Android device, the world of trading remains at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Crafting Your Trade Journey with easyMarkets

Navigating the vast world of trading? Look no further. At easyMarkets, we've channeled years of research, innovation, and expertise to curate a suite of trading options designed around you. From the dynamism of CFDs to the pioneering essence of easyTrade, Options, and Forwards, your journey is tailored by choices, sculpted by strategy.

easyTrade: Simplifying Complexity

Dubbed as our zenith of innovation, easyTrade is emblematic of simplicity merging with efficiency. It's your avenue to trade with:

  • No Margin Requirements: Embrace trading without being stifled by margin constraints.
  • Zero Spreads: Streamlined trading with transparency at its core.
  • Defined Risk: You set the parameters, dictating your risk tolerance.
  • Three-Step Process: Decide your risk, duration, and market direction prediction. That's it!

Key Features of easyTrade:

  • Guard against unexpected market movements; your risk is predefined and fixed.
  • Dive into trading with an intuitive three-step initiation process.
  • Hedge effectively during volatile phases like market openings or anticipated policy unveilings.
  • Retain the flexibility to close out before the trade's expiration.

CFDs: The Dynamic Trade Instrument

With easyMarkets' CFDs, you are poised to potentially capitalize on both upward and downward price movements of your chosen instrument. Flexibility meets immediacy, reinforced by our exclusive trading tools.

Core Benefits of CFDs:

  • Robust Risk Management: Deploy state-of-the-art tools to safeguard your strategies.
  • Bidirectional Profit Potential: Whether it's rising or falling, opportunities abound.
  • Agile Trading: React in real-time, be it for seizing an opportunity or mitigating a risk.
  • Diverse Range: From currencies and commodities to metals and indices, spread your wings.

Diving Deep into CFDs with easyMarkets:

  • Day Trade: Embrace the most sought-after trading style, complemented by tools like dealCancellation, Free Guaranteed Stop-Loss & Take Profit**, No slippage, Freeze Rate, and the revealing Inside Viewer.
  • Pending Orders: Position your trade to launch at your predefined rate. It's a strategic approach, especially when hedging during volatility or automating your trading.

Options: Defined Risks, Infinite Possibilities

Vanilla options, the cornerstone of our innovative easyTrade, encapsulates the spirit of defined risk with an endless horizon of rewards.

Strengths of Options:

  • Exemption from Rolling Fees
  • No constraints of Margin Requirements
  • Zero stop-outs, enhancing trading confidence
  • Risk is meticulously defined and capped
  • The liberty to close before expiration

Forwards: Future-Proofing Today

Forwards present traders with a unique proposition: sealing today's instrument rate for a future date. It's a masterstroke, especially when hedging against forthcoming market gyrations.

Forwards in Focus:

  • A formidable shield against potential market shifts
  • The empowerment to lock in the present rate for upcoming dates, spanning up to 30 days.

At easyMarkets, our mantra is simple – infuse flexibility, empower choice. We invite you to sculpt your trade story with us, one strategy at a time.

Elevate Your Trading Game with easyMarkets

Enter the League of Elites Whether you're dabbling in shares, diving deep into forex, prospecting metals, navigating the world of cryptocurrencies, or mastering vanilla options, at easyMarkets, you stand with the champions.

Discover Your Potential:

Unparalleled Trading Environment Awaits

  • Cryptos Around the Clock: Dive into the crypto realm anytime, anywhere, across all our platforms.
  • Attractive EUR/USD Spreads: Experience as low as 0.5 pips on MT5, all without the burden of commission.
  • Diverse Trading Arenas: Seamlessly transition between easyMarkets web/app, TradingView, MT5, and MT4 platforms.

Where Integrity Meets Excellence

  • Zero Slippage: With easyMarkets, the rate you see is the rate you get. No unpleasant surprises during market turbulence.
  • Unwavering Spreads: Our commitment to price transparency ensures our spreads remain consistent during trade hours. Predictability, always.
  • Safeguard with Stop Loss: Available on easyMarkets Web & App platforms, ensure your trades are fortified against unexpected market swings.
  • Protection against Negative Balances: With easyMarkets, you're always on the safer side. Trade confidently, knowing you're shielded from unforeseen debts.

Empower Your Decisions with easyMarkets App

Streamlined. Insightful. Efficient. Dive into the global financial markets, right from the palm of your hand.

Trading Crafted to Perfection

  • easyTrade: Trade with a clear vision - limited risk, boundless potential, and no margin strings attached.
  • dealCancellation: Our innovation jewel - Erase the traces of an unfavorable trade within select timeframes.
  • Freeze Rate: Seal the moment. This tool gifts you precious seconds to finalize your trade at a fixed rate.
  • Vanilla Options: Equip yourself with this potent tool, a favorite among institutional traders, crafted for hedging against market volatility.

Diverse Platforms, One Commitment: Excellence

easyMarkets Platform (Web & App):

  • Consistent fixed spreads
  • Assured stop loss & profit booking
  • Absolute zero slippage
  • Transparent dealings with no hidden costs


  • Maintain your fixed spreads
  • Engage with an expansive trader community
  • Dive into detailed charting & analytics
  • Trade without the weight of commissions or concealed charges

MT4 & MT5 Platforms:

  • Experience unwavering fixed spreads on MT4
  • Benefit from variable spreads starting at a mere 0.5 pips on MT5
  • Leverage the prowess of Expert Advisors
  • Relish a trade environment free from commissions or undercover fees

Join easyMarkets and forge your legacy in the trading world.

Discover easyTrade: Where Precision Meets Potential

Tap or hover below to delve deeper into the nuances of easyTrade:

  • Pre-Defined Risk: With easyTrade, empowerment begins even before you make your move. Settle on the maximum amount you're willing to stake, ensuring you never exceed your comfort zone.
  • Trade Duration: You determine the lifecycle of your easyTrade. Whether it runs its course to expiration or you opt for an early exit, the choice remains yours.
  • Dynamic Payout Graph: Visualize your potential returns with our intuitive graph. Watch how your prospective profits evolve based on the parameters you set.
  • Equivalent Deal Size: Get a clear view of your trade's magnitude. This metric reflects the scale of your trade relative to the options you've selected.
  • Current Market Rate: Stay updated with real-time figures. This denotes the ongoing price of the market asset you're eyeing.
  • Directional Prediction: The crucial decision – once your easyTrade parameters are in place, gauge the market's future direction. Will the rates ascend or descend? Your call.
  • Payout Target – A Game Changer: Enhance your trading strategy by setting a desired exit price. With the Payout Target feature, your position automatically closes once your specified price is met. To leverage this advanced feature, simply launch the easyMarkets Web Platform or our dedicated mobile apps (iOS/Android), select your active trade, and click the 'edit' icon to define and activate.

Join the realm of strategic and empowered trading with easyTrade.

Elevate Your Earnings: Earn Up To $1,000 For Every Referral

Forge a Rewarding Partnership with easyMarkets. Become an integral part of one of the pioneering and most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry. Stand a chance to earn as much as $1,000 for every client you refer who registers and achieves a set trading volume with us.

The easyMarkets Advantage: Why Choose Us as Your Partner?

  • Stellar Conversion Rates: We pride ourselves on our impressively high active client conversion.
  • Flexible Commission Structure: Tailor-make your CPA model, with the potential to earn up to $1,000 per client.
  • Diverse Payout Options: Seamless withdrawals through methods like bank transfers, e-wallets, and even Bitcoin.
  • Robust Promotional Toolkit: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of promotional materials to enhance your campaigns.
  • Personalized Support: Benefit from a dedicated affiliate success manager, ensuring your ventures thrive.
  • Reputation Matters: Partner with one of the most reputable and long-standing brokers in the industry.

With easyMarkets by your side, you're endorsing a premier broker. Our unparalleled trading platforms, coupled with swift order executions, groundbreaking risk management tools, and top-tier trading conditions, have solidified our position as a favorite among traders.

Voices of Trust: What Traders Say About Us

If you resonate with any of the following, you're a perfect fit to join our partnership program:

  • Owners of websites focusing on financial markets, investments, or cryptocurrencies.
  • Social media influencers with a strong presence in the trading or financial domain.
  • Educators and content creators who shed light on trading, finance, and related topics.

Embarking on Your easyMarkets Partnership Journey:

  • Step In: Register and handpick the partnership plan that aligns best with your vision.
  • Spread the Word: Proactively share your exclusive affiliate link, directing potential clients to our platform.
  • Maximize Conversions: Rest assured, our adept sales team will convert your leads into valued, active clients.
  • Reap the Rewards: As you unlock milestones, we'll ensure your deserved commission seamlessly reaches your account.

Seize the opportunity. Collaborate with easyMarkets and unlock unparalleled earnings potential.

Exploring the World of Trading with easyMarkets

In 2001, we embarked on a transformative journey by offering our clients the chance to navigate the enticing Forex waters. easyMarkets pioneered online Forex trading combined with the convenience of credit card funding. Although our offerings have metamorphosed over the years, our essence remains unaltered: relentlessly innovate and empower traders with unparalleled tools and trading conditions.

Why Trust easyMarkets for Forex Trading?

  • Consistency in Spreads: Unlike many brokers who fluctuate their spreads based on market activity, we promise fixed spreads, giving you clarity on costs.
  • Ensured Balance Safety: Your peace of mind is our priority. No trade will ever plunge your account balance below zero.
  • dealCancellation Benefit: Hesitant about a trade? For a nominal fee, we offer the unique ability to nullify a losing trade within a specified timeframe. Consider it a safety net for uncertain market moves.
  • No Extra Charge for Stop Loss: Define your risk threshold and set a stop-loss without any hidden charges on our platform and apps.

Step into the Exciting World of Share Trading

easyMarkets doesn't just give you access to a diverse selection of popular global shares. We complement it with trailblazing tools and enviable conditions. Shares, as distinct CFDs, offer insights through company earnings, news, and more. With easyMarkets, you can:

  • Shield Your Investment: Enjoy perks like free guaranteed Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Negative Balance Protection.
  • Experience Clear-Cut Trading: With fixed spreads, no slippage, and an intuitive platform, your trading journey remains transparent and hassle-free.
  • Data & Flexibility: Seamlessly trade shares while accessing data and tools on our multifaceted platforms.

Embark on a Cryptocurrency Adventure

Cryptography and Currency, Unified: Dabble in the digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more. Here's what makes trading these cryptos with easyMarkets unique:

  • Zero Slippage Assurance: No hidden spread changes, even during high volatility.
  • Locked-in Spreads: Our Price Transparency Promise ensures unchanging spreads during trading hours.
  • Inherent Protection Features: From Free Guaranteed Stop Loss to Negative Balance Protection, we've got you covered.

Metal Trading - A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Metals, both precious and commodity types, have universal applications, from electronics to jewelry. easyMarkets brings the metallic world closer to you:

  • Versatility in Trading: Be it a novice or a pro, day-trader or investor, our platform caters to all.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Trading: Accessible from any internet-enabled device, our platform truly globalizes trading.

Commodity Trading - A Historical Wealth Vault

Trace back human history, and you'll find commodities. From grain to oil, sugar to spices, they've been pivotal to civilization's growth. Today, they offer a stable trading avenue:

  • Innovative Tools like dealCancellation: Enjoy the freedom to withdraw from volatile markets.
  • Diverse Commodity Options: From agricultural to industrial commodities, there's something for every trader.

Indices Trading: Harness the Power of Global Markets

Trading indices offers a gateway to the global financial pulse. Whether you're eyeing the S&P 500 or NASDAQ, easyMarkets ensures a seamless experience:

  • Diverse Global Indices: From EU to Asian markets, find your fit or diversify across multiple markets.
  • Exceptional Trading Environment: With features like fixed spreads, negative balance protection, and free stop loss, we offer an industry-leading trading ambiance.

Dive into the dynamic world of trading with easyMarkets. Experience, explore, and excel.

easyMarkets Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.easymarkets.com/
Address P.O. Box 53742 Limassol 3317 Cyprus
Headquarters P.O. Box 53742 Limassol 3317 Cyprus
Free phone +357 25 828 899
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Sponsorship contests, competitions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Fixed
Pip spread on majors 1-1.8
Maximum Leverage 100
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 25
Popular payment methods PayPal, Giropay, Ideal, Maestro, JCB, China Union Pay, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney
Available assets Forex, Precious Metals, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Shares
Languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish
Platforms easyMarkets Platform, easyMarkets Trading App, MetaTrader4
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC, MiFID, ASIC
Foundation 2001
Copy Trading Brokers
Bitcoin Forex Brokers

easyMarkets Traders' Reviews

  12 Oct 2023
After engaging with EasyMarkets, my feelings are somewhat mixed. Let's unpack this broker from various angles to understand its standing in the marketplace. From an IT specialist's standpoint, I find their platform to be competent. It's user-friendly, responsive, and has a decent layout. But as we all know, a stellar platform alone doesn't define the entirety of a broker's value. The noticeable absence of modern features like copy trading services and dynamic investment programs feels like a missed opportunity. Similarly, an outdated educational program doesn't align with the current demands of traders, especially beginners who seek fresh, relevant content to enhance their trading skills. In today's competitive landscape, traders like me seek a one-stop solution. We want our broker to offer a comprehensive ecosystem where everything – be it information, services, or market conditions – is available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, I felt the need to step outside EasyMarkets' platform on numerous occasions to seek additional services. On a brighter note, EasyMarkets scores well in terms of spreads, commissions, and the array of payment systems it supports. They also house a decent variety of assets. While some might argue for a broader spectrum, I believe their current offerings are sufficient for a majority of traders. This is an area that, in my opinion, requires immediate attention. The elongated response times from their support team don't sit well with traders like me, who value swift issue resolution. In the high-paced world of trading, time is money, and waiting indefinitely for a support response can be off-putting. While EasyMarkets has its strengths, notably its platform and financial structures, it does have some evident areas for improvement. A more holistic approach, updating educational content, integrating modern trading tools, and enhancing customer support can propel them from being 'average' to 'exceptional'.
  30 Sep 2023
Upon my exploration of EasyMarkets, I must say I came away generally impressed. Here's a breakdown of my journey with this broker. One of the standout features of EasyMarkets is its user-friendly interface. The platform's design is intuitive, making navigation a breeze, even for a novice trader like me. Importantly, the transparency of information stood out. In an industry often criticized for its opacity, the absence of "information on personal request" or cryptic "it is confidential" labels was refreshing. Onboarding was a seamless process. I appreciated the straightforward registration and the ease with which I could fund my account, first through Visa and subsequently via Neteller. Throughout, the transaction processes were speedy and glitch-free. While most elements of EasyMarkets were straightforward, the bonus system did throw me for a loop. It took some time to fully understand the intricacies, such as which portions were withdrawable and the conditions under which they could be accessed. Though the bonus size does correlate with the minimum deposit, expecting a lucrative 50% might be a tad optimistic. However, in the grand scheme of things, the bonus is just a small piece of the trading puzzle. This is where EasyMarkets truly shines. The trading experience is smooth, bolstered by relatively low and fixed spreads – an attribute I particularly value. As someone who predominantly trades currency pairs with occasional forays into options, I found everything I needed right at my fingertips. What genuinely surprised me was EasyMarkets' dedication to trader education. It's not every day you see a broker offering formal training certificates. While I'm still progressing through the course, I'm eager to see how it compares to other trading courses in the market. Initial impressions suggest that this educational module might be all that a trader requires, but only time will tell. EasyMarkets presents a holistic trading experience. From its transparent information to its robust trading platform and its commitment to education, it appears to have all the ingredients for a trader to operate efficiently and grow. I'm optimistic about my journey ahead with them.
  30 Aug 2023
For those stepping into the dynamic realm of the Forex market, easymarkets emerges as a valuable ally, offering an array of instructional resources and enlightening weekly webinars. The goal? To empower newcomers with a nuanced understanding of the market's intricacies. What's more, the flexibility of their mobile platform ensures that trading opportunities aren't bound by location, presenting the convenience of trading nearly anywhere. You know, there's this thing about the broker – feels like they could do better, especially with that Standard account. I mean, it's still hanging onto those 4 digits, which doesn't quite match up. The market's like this big puzzle, and even the tiniest price bit matters. So, those 4 digits, they don't really cut it. But hey, here's a trick: you can get around it by checking out the market on platforms like trading view. Those open-source spots? They can show you the way.
  1 Aug 2023
Navigating the world of online trading can be daunting, especially for beginners. Having explored numerous platforms, I landed on EasyMarkets and here's my nuanced take. For those stepping into trading, EasyMarkets is certainly worth a look. Their offerings like a demo account and an array of analytical services provide a solid foundation for understanding the market dynamics and making well-informed decisions. That said, is it the ultimate go-to for beginners? Perhaps not. One of EasyMarkets’ standout features is its reliability. The platform is sturdy, and with an optimal minimum deposit, it offers accessibility to many. Additionally, the diverse range of trading instruments available ensures traders have ample choices to diversify their portfolios. The essence of EasyMarkets seems to cater to those with a more proactive approach to trading. While there is some educational content, it doesn't extensively cater to the novice seeking in-depth learning. As someone who has been in the trading game for a while, I value observation and practical experience as much as theory, if not more. EasyMarkets may not be the most comprehensive learning platform, but for those who know the ropes, it's a gem. The spreads, platforms, and technical intricacies are all tuned to perfection, reminiscent of the precision of a Swiss watch. It’s a haven for active trading. While EasyMarkets serves as a stellar platform for active trading, when I wear my investor cap, I tend to lean towards other brokers. The platform, though robust, might not have the depth that a long-term investor might seek. In Summation: EasyMarkets, with its reliability and precision, is fantastic for those who are well-acquainted with the dynamics of trading. For those just starting, it's a good stepping stone but might not be the ultimate mentor. As with any financial endeavor, the key is to know what you seek, and then determine if the platform aligns with those goals.
  21 Jul 2023
Responsive brokers and support. Crypto trades are critical, good thing they attend to trading concerns promptly. Good thing, they respond quickly. I am getting good support and I am successful on my trades so far. I can trade at a lower cost. They've got affordable initial deposit and some affordable trading advantages. Signals are reliable.
  11 Jul 2023
This broker is indeed one of the best partners to trade forex with. They are helpful and effective in getting good profit. They have fair trading terms and withdrawal is smooth and easy. I am happy with trading conditions. Tight spreads, good leverage and fast execution. Signals are reliable and services are dependable. I do suggest this broker to all traders. I get good profit here. No problem with transactions, I get the support I needed.
  4 May 2023
I've been with easyMarkets for over a year and have no plans to close my account yet. I am satisfied with the execution of pending orders, and there are really no slippages in practice. In practice, this concept is of course loose, but everyone already understands when slippage is very bad, or when you open a trading order at almost the same price at which you set it. This is already better than a lie from a broker that there are no slippages at all. So far, I'm happy with everything, the easyMarkets broker is really good, there is something to praise them for.
Hello, I'm also quite familiar with easyMarkets, I've seen slippage too. But I have them both in minus and in my favor. I haven't seen big slips, have you? The biggest slippage was around $10, well, for my volumes it’s not scary, I wonder how it happens with others. I have no negative feelings about this at all, it's normal. You correctly said that you can immediately see when this is done on purpose, and when it happens quite rarely. I am also very satisfied with the services of this broker, everything is always on time, and with respect.
yan   15 Jun 2023
  29 Oct 2021
I tried to trade with them but they don't use the VertexFX Trading platform, I used VertexFX from 10 years ago and actually, it is the best forex trading platform ever.
  7 Jun 2019
I will say briefly - of those brokers with whom I had to work, easyMarkets is still the best. I switched to easyMarkets mainly due to more flexible conditions, but I unexpectedly found other advantages as well. The mobile platform is very good, the support is good and the main thing is a wide selection of trading tools. I really like working through the easyMarkets Platform. The terminal does not freeze, not bugs, easy to understand at all, user-friendly interface, a minimum of unnecessary information. I also tried the mobile version, but the stationary platform is more convenient, more features and do not hurt the eyes of all these tiny graphics.
  27 May 2019
Very nice company to work with! They do not put the forks in wheels and let their clients to earn. I trade on CFD contracts and quite satisfied with their conditions. Highly recommended.
  29 Apr 2019
One of my open position pair which expires on the 23rd October 2019, when I woke up this morning is just disappeared. And easy markets tried to deduct $26 from my bank account with out concern and I haven't opened another position yet but they helped themselves in my bank account.
  14 Dec 2018
This broker simply makes its own fake positive feedback to build the reputation. Cysec should fine this broker.
  9 Nov 2018
Dear all, I need a Cent Broker which has low spread very low spread, if there is commision on lot size so no problem for me but I need low spread broker for CENT or MICRO, because I'm using EA, and it has a trailing stop. so please recommend for me the cent brokers.
  17 Oct 2018
At first I thought easymarkets was a genuine broker to do business, which I considered by seeing many positive reviews. But turns out that those positive feedbacks were fake to misguide the investors and affiliates. One of my friend works as a affiliate for many brokers and he said that easymarkets wanted to pay him to establish fake positive reviews for them. What a shame easymarkets?
  9 Oct 2018
Really nice trading here. I am an experienced trader and can compare the conditions. The execution speed is rather fast. Though there are commissions but they are reasonable. The spreads depend on trading environment: tools, time, market volatility and other factors but in general it’s ok. And you know there are no spread widening, spikes and all that tricks! What else? It is easy to withdraw without any stupid questions called verifications. So, you should try it.
does it have crazy spread on news events?

edi.   10 Feb 2019
  5 Oct 2018
This is a very good broker. Professional. Excellent customer service
  1 Oct 2018
Hello, just want to drop some words in support of easy fx. I have a live account with them formerly known as Easy-Forex live account. They have many markets to trade in access. Even though I only trade with futures and forex. Customer support has been on top with quick response. Managers clearly and professionally discuss all concerns and inquiries I have. You can also customize your account needs according to your preference and trading style.
  26 Sep 2018
I was very impressed with their customer support because they are very professional. I spent a lot of time finding the right broker and I am happy that I finally found easy forex :)
  28 Aug 2018
Forex trading involves a lot of strategies and speculation, which can only be done once you have the right platform to do it. Hence, it is very important to get the right trading platform for all your trades. easyMarkets features some of the best trading platforms in the market, which can help any trader to function fully in the forex market.
  31 Jul 2018
I have been with easyMarkets for a few years. I'm satisfied with their support service. And also satisfied with the services that they offered to us as their client. They have numerous offer for us to choose.
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