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After engaging with EasyMarkets, my feelings are somewhat mixed. Let's unpack this broker from various angles to understand its standing in the marketplace. From an IT specialist's standpoint, I find their platform to be competent. It's user-friendly, responsive, and has a decent layout. But as we all know, a stellar platform alone doesn't define the entirety of a broker's value. The noticeable absence of modern features like copy trading services and dynamic investment programs feels like a missed opportunity. Similarly, an outdated educational program doesn't align with the current demands of traders, especially beginners who seek fresh, relevant content to enhance their trading skills. In today's competitive landscape, traders like me seek a one-stop solution. We want our broker to offer a comprehensive ecosystem where everything – be it information, services, or market conditions – is available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, I felt the need to step outside EasyMarkets' platform on numerous occasions to seek additional services. On a brighter note, EasyMarkets scores well in terms of spreads, commissions, and the array of payment systems it supports. They also house a decent variety of assets. While some might argue for a broader spectrum, I believe their current offerings are sufficient for a majority of traders. This is an area that, in my opinion, requires immediate attention. The elongated response times from their support team don't sit well with traders like me, who value swift issue resolution. In the high-paced world of trading, time is money, and waiting indefinitely for a support response can be off-putting. While EasyMarkets has its strengths, notably its platform and financial structures, it does have some evident areas for improvement. A more holistic approach, updating educational content, integrating modern trading tools, and enhancing customer support can propel them from being 'average' to 'exceptional'.
  12 Oct 2023  
Upon my exploration of EasyMarkets, I must say I came away generally impressed. Here's a breakdown of my journey with this broker. One of the standout features of EasyMarkets is its user-friendly interface. The platform's design is intuitive, making navigation a breeze, even for a novice trader like me. Importantly, the transparency of information stood out. In an industry often criticized for its opacity, the absence of "information on personal request" or cryptic "it is confidential" labels was refreshing. Onboarding was a seamless process. I appreciated the straightforward registration and the ease with which I could fund my account, first through Visa and subsequently via Neteller. Throughout, the transaction processes were speedy and glitch-free. While most elements of EasyMarkets were straightforward, the bonus system did throw me for a loop. It took some time to fully understand the intricacies, such as which portions were withdrawable and the conditions under which they could be accessed. Though the bonus size does correlate with the minimum deposit, expecting a lucrative 50% might be a tad optimistic. However, in the grand scheme of things, the bonus is just a small piece of the trading puzzle. This is where EasyMarkets truly shines. The trading experience is smooth, bolstered by relatively low and fixed spreads – an attribute I particularly value. As someone who predominantly trades currency pairs with occasional forays into options, I found everything I needed right at my fingertips. What genuinely surprised me was EasyMarkets' dedication to trader education. It's not every day you see a broker offering formal training certificates. While I'm still progressing through the course, I'm eager to see how it compares to other trading courses in the market. Initial impressions suggest that this educational module might be all that a trader requires, but only time will tell. EasyMarkets presents a holistic trading experience. From its transparent information to its robust trading platform and its commitment to education, it appears to have all the ingredients for a trader to operate efficiently and grow. I'm optimistic about my journey ahead with them.
  30 Sep 2023  
For those stepping into the dynamic realm of the Forex market, easymarkets emerges as a valuable ally, offering an array of instructional resources and enlightening weekly webinars. The goal? To empower newcomers with a nuanced understanding of the market's intricacies. What's more, the flexibility of their mobile platform ensures that trading opportunities aren't bound by location, presenting the convenience of trading nearly anywhere. You know, there's this thing about the broker – feels like they could do better, especially with that Standard account. I mean, it's still hanging onto those 4 digits, which doesn't quite match up. The market's like this big puzzle, and even the tiniest price bit matters. So, those 4 digits, they don't really cut it. But hey, here's a trick: you can get around it by checking out the market on platforms like trading view. Those open-source spots? They can show you the way.
  30 Aug 2023  
Navigating the world of online trading can be daunting, especially for beginners. Having explored numerous platforms, I landed on EasyMarkets and here's my nuanced take. For those stepping into trading, EasyMarkets is certainly worth a look. Their offerings like a demo account and an array of analytical services provide a solid foundation for understanding the market dynamics and making well-informed decisions. That said, is it the ultimate go-to for beginners? Perhaps not. One of EasyMarkets’ standout features is its reliability. The platform is sturdy, and with an optimal minimum deposit, it offers accessibility to many. Additionally, the diverse range of trading instruments available ensures traders have ample choices to diversify their portfolios. The essence of EasyMarkets seems to cater to those with a more proactive approach to trading. While there is some educational content, it doesn't extensively cater to the novice seeking in-depth learning. As someone who has been in the trading game for a while, I value observation and practical experience as much as theory, if not more. EasyMarkets may not be the most comprehensive learning platform, but for those who know the ropes, it's a gem. The spreads, platforms, and technical intricacies are all tuned to perfection, reminiscent of the precision of a Swiss watch. It’s a haven for active trading. While EasyMarkets serves as a stellar platform for active trading, when I wear my investor cap, I tend to lean towards other brokers. The platform, though robust, might not have the depth that a long-term investor might seek. In Summation: EasyMarkets, with its reliability and precision, is fantastic for those who are well-acquainted with the dynamics of trading. For those just starting, it's a good stepping stone but might not be the ultimate mentor. As with any financial endeavor, the key is to know what you seek, and then determine if the platform aligns with those goals.
  1 Aug 2023  
Responsive brokers and support. Crypto trades are critical, good thing they attend to trading concerns promptly. Good thing, they respond quickly. I am getting good support and I am successful on my trades so far. I can trade at a lower cost. They've got affordable initial deposit and some affordable trading advantages. Signals are reliable.
  21 Jul 2023  
This broker is indeed one of the best partners to trade forex with. They are helpful and effective in getting good profit. They have fair trading terms and withdrawal is smooth and easy. I am happy with trading conditions. Tight spreads, good leverage and fast execution. Signals are reliable and services are dependable. I do suggest this broker to all traders. I get good profit here. No problem with transactions, I get the support I needed.
  11 Jul 2023  
I've been with easyMarkets for over a year and have no plans to close my account yet. I am satisfied with the execution of pending orders, and there are really no slippages in practice. In practice, this concept is of course loose, but everyone already understands when slippage is very bad, or when you open a trading order at almost the same price at which you set it. This is already better than a lie from a broker that there are no slippages at all. So far, I'm happy with everything, the easyMarkets broker is really good, there is something to praise them for.
  4 May 2023  
Hello, I'm also quite familiar with easyMarkets, I've seen slippage too. But I have them both in minus and in my favor. I haven't seen big slips, have you? The biggest slippage was around $10, well, for my volumes it’s not scary, I wonder how it happens with others. I have no negative feelings about this at all, it's normal. You correctly said that you can immediately see when this is done on purpose, and when it happens quite rarely. I am also very satisfied with the services of this broker, everything is always on time, and with respect.
yan   15 Jun 2023
I tried to trade with them but they don't use the VertexFX Trading platform, I used VertexFX from 10 years ago and actually, it is the best forex trading platform ever.
  29 Oct 2021  
I will say briefly - of those brokers with whom I had to work, easyMarkets is still the best. I switched to easyMarkets mainly due to more flexible conditions, but I unexpectedly found other advantages as well. The mobile platform is very good, the support is good and the main thing is a wide selection of trading tools. I really like working through the easyMarkets Platform. The terminal does not freeze, not bugs, easy to understand at all, user-friendly interface, a minimum of unnecessary information. I also tried the mobile version, but the stationary platform is more convenient, more features and do not hurt the eyes of all these tiny graphics.
  7 Jun 2019  
Very nice company to work with! They do not put the forks in wheels and let their clients to earn. I trade on CFD contracts and quite satisfied with their conditions. Highly recommended.
  27 May 2019  
One of my open position pair which expires on the 23rd October 2019, when I woke up this morning is just disappeared. And easy markets tried to deduct $26 from my bank account with out concern and I haven't opened another position yet but they helped themselves in my bank account.
  29 Apr 2019  
This broker simply makes its own fake positive feedback to build the reputation. Cysec should fine this broker.
  14 Dec 2018  
Dear all, I need a Cent Broker which has low spread very low spread, if there is commision on lot size so no problem for me but I need low spread broker for CENT or MICRO, because I'm using EA, and it has a trailing stop. so please recommend for me the cent brokers.
  9 Nov 2018  
At first I thought easymarkets was a genuine broker to do business, which I considered by seeing many positive reviews. But turns out that those positive feedbacks were fake to misguide the investors and affiliates. One of my friend works as a affiliate for many brokers and he said that easymarkets wanted to pay him to establish fake positive reviews for them. What a shame easymarkets?
  17 Oct 2018  
Really nice trading here. I am an experienced trader and can compare the conditions. The execution speed is rather fast. Though there are commissions but they are reasonable. The spreads depend on trading environment: tools, time, market volatility and other factors but in general it’s ok. And you know there are no spread widening, spikes and all that tricks! What else? It is easy to withdraw without any stupid questions called verifications. So, you should try it.
  9 Oct 2018  
does it have crazy spread on news events?

edi.   10 Feb 2019
This is a very good broker. Professional. Excellent customer service
  5 Oct 2018  
Hello, just want to drop some words in support of easy fx. I have a live account with them formerly known as Easy-Forex live account. They have many markets to trade in access. Even though I only trade with futures and forex. Customer support has been on top with quick response. Managers clearly and professionally discuss all concerns and inquiries I have. You can also customize your account needs according to your preference and trading style.
  1 Oct 2018  
I was very impressed with their customer support because they are very professional. I spent a lot of time finding the right broker and I am happy that I finally found easy forex :)
  26 Sep 2018  
Forex trading involves a lot of strategies and speculation, which can only be done once you have the right platform to do it. Hence, it is very important to get the right trading platform for all your trades. easyMarkets features some of the best trading platforms in the market, which can help any trader to function fully in the forex market.
  28 Aug 2018  
I have been with easyMarkets for a few years. I'm satisfied with their support service. And also satisfied with the services that they offered to us as their client. They have numerous offer for us to choose.
  31 Jul 2018  
My friends advised me to start trading in easyMarket. They said that the conditions are very human. Execution and spreads for medium-term suitable. And you know what, I do not regret choosing easyMarket for trading. I like everything.
  8 Jul 2018  
I've chosen this broker due to segregated accounts and other nice features. The idea to store my virtual money separately from the broker's funds seems to be rather reasonable because I am going to deposit quite large amounts. I sent the papers required by the broker to open the VIP account with this service and, after I got a positive reply, I transferred 30% of my deposit to my account here. Also I provided the broker with a bank confirmation of availability of the rest sum on my bank account. Thus, I can use the 100% amount when I am trading while the most part of it is kept off the broker's balance and in such a way I can protect the money from a range of risks. The formal procedure was very fast and accurate. My personal manager is polite and professional. In addition this account provides personal market analyst support, free SMS alerts and other useful options. First class service!

  18 Jun 2018  
Their demo account is easily available upon request and I like it. They did not kept me waiting. Their customer support are always there to help me whenever i have lots of concerns because I am only a beginner. thank you for the patience :)
  1 Jun 2018  
Opinions about this broker?
  1 Mar 2016  
Their registration process is so quick and simple and it is easy to make a deposit of funds :)
  23 Jul 2012  
Very unprofessional broker, I stated with them and after two successful wining days this broker closed my account without any notice and promised to return only my initial funding, guest what! Even that wasn’t paid completely. What about the wining money, they took it. I was told they don’t accept clients from my country because of the company policy. On a reply I told then why in the world you let approved my account? They had nothing to say. If you ask me, I will tell go to another broker. Good look everyone.
  20 Aug 2011  
With regard to comment by Nael , Nov.23, 2010 I have to say, this company is permanently in a re-structuring process . It is an old strategy to justify its lack of transparent forex trading platform. If Nael was told the company was in the process of re-structuring, I was told the same three years ago. Even more , they kept sending me promotional material after I told them not to send me their e-mails anymore and have had unsubscribed several times from their e-mails.Be careful with this unethical company.
  14 Feb 2011  
Easy-Forex-its an Israeli company with tricks and lack of support trading companies. The current re-structuring of management that took place recently made the company even more unprofessional due to trading. I burn substantial amount of money trading with them because i was not able to safe my position by depositing funds to my account to move my S/L further away from the market price. The current COO and some Business Unit managers, are very far behind how to help traders to win. All they do now is making trading Difficult and NOT EASY. They should change the name from Easy-Forex to Hard Core Forex...if u smart DO NOT trade with them!!!
  23 Nov 2010  
very bad broker.......beware if you are using any other currency for deposit apart from USD$ as anytime when you start your trade, you will either have an advantage or disadvatage on the base currency that you used to deposit due to open market movement on this. This even happens to pending orders ( Scam).........spread and interest rate as most of you have been aware, very wide in term of other market maker. Charts isnt streaming real time quote....and the use of Java has also make the chart slow to flash up ( especially in busy hours) that is making you losing out on yout trade opportunity....Customer service is equally bad as there system
  31 Jan 2010  
After 7 e-mails which promissed transfer of my funds I had to call...and call...and call...good luck zainar.
  2 Dec 2009  

In the year 2001, a new chapter began in the trading world. easyMarkets embarked on an audacious mission: democratize trading for all. Historically, trading was an exclusive realm, accessible only to the affluent elite or sizable institutional entities, with activities confined to physical trading...

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