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eToro Review and Information 2024

eToro Information and Review eToro
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Regulation CySEC, ASIC, FCA
Trading software eToro webTrader, etoro Openbook, eToro Mobile Trader
Headquartered Level 3, 60 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Everyone seeks to make their hard-earned money work smarter. Whether you're dipping your toes into the investment waters for the first time or have been navigating the financial seas for years, we all aim for a stronger financial future. Founded in 2007, eToro was built upon a vision of creating a world where anyone and everyone can trade and invest seamlessly. We envisioned an ecosystem where shared knowledge reigns supreme. Thus, eToro emerged as a pioneer in social collaboration and investor education, ensuring everyone has the tools and community to navigate the financial world.

Why eToro?

  • Empowering Global Investors: As trailblazers in social investing, our aim is not just to change the investment game but to also elevate financial literacy across the globe.
  • Founder's Touch: Steered by our original founders, the eToro management team comprises a diverse set of industry professionals bringing together a wealth of experience.
  • The eToro Community: Join the largest global investment family, where individuals can invest in everything from stocks and cryptocurrencies to global markets.
  • Your Investment Hub: With eToro, you're not just getting a platform; you're gaining access to a world of financial tools and a community to guide you.

Diverse Investment Opportunities with eToro's Multi-Asset Platform

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, diversity in investments is paramount. The eToro platform embodies this philosophy by offering its users an expansive range of over 3,000 distinct financial assets. Whether you're inclined towards traditional assets like stocks, or the more contemporary cryptocurrencies, eToro has you covered.

Beyond stocks and digital currencies, users can delve into a rich portfolio that includes ETFs, global indices, diverse currencies, and a plethora of commodities. Such variety ensures that investors can tailor their portfolios according to their risk tolerance, market insight, and investment horizon.

Furthermore, eToro recognizes that every investor has a unique strategy. Whether you're a newcomer wanting to start with minimal risks or a seasoned trader looking for high-reward leveraged positions, our platform caters to all. This flexibility grants both novice and experienced investors the capability to engage in short-term speculative trades or adopt a long-haul investment approach. Dive deeper and explore the vast opportunities the eToro platform offers by visiting our detailed 'Trade Markets' page, where you can gain comprehensive insights into each asset class and the potential they hold. Join the eToro community and embark on a bespoke investment journey tailored to your financial aspirations.

Features At Your Fingertips:

  • Multi-Asset Platform: From stocks, ETFs, and cryptos to indices, our platform hosts over 3,000 varied financial assets to suit short, mid, and long-term investment strategies.
  • Competitive Fees Structure: Enjoy 0% commission on stocks and ETFs and access transparent fee structures across other asset classes.
  • Premium Insurance: Eligible Platinum+ and Diamond Club members can enjoy insurance of up to 1 million euros/AUD against unforeseen insolvencies and specific misconduct events, courtesy of Lloyd’s of London.
  • The Power of Social Trading: With over 30 million users spread across 100 countries, you're in good company. Share ideas, strategies, and insights with seasoned investors and enthusiasts alike.
  • Expert-Led Investment Portfolios: Dive into themed portfolios such as 5G or cloud, or even utilize advanced algorithms and AI to leverage collective wisdom.
  • Stellar Security: Your funds reside in segregated accounts, ensuring their safety even in rare adversarial scenarios. We uphold stringent cybersecurity standards and always prioritize your privacy.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our operations are strictly regulated by global authorities like the FCA, ASIC, CySec, GFSC, FinCen, and FINRA.
  • Practice with Demo Account: Familiarize yourself with the nuances of trading using our FREE $100,000 demo account.

Our commitment remains unwavering: providing you with a stellar, diverse investment experience, accessible from any corner of the globe, on any device. Your financial empowerment is just a click away. Join eToro today.

An Economical Approach to Trading: eToro's Minimal Fees and Commissions

In the intricate realm of financial trading, clarity in cost structures is crucial. eToro stands out in its commitment to offering an economical trading experience. When you embark on a journey with a long, non-leveraged position in stocks or ETFs through eToro, you're greeted with an attractive 0% commission fee. This isn't just a headline—there are genuinely no spreads, hidden fees, or clandestine charges lurking in the fine print. What sets eToro apart further is the actual rights you acquire in the underlying asset. Rather than merely trading on the asset's price movement, you possess an authentic stake in it, bringing with it all the privileges of ownership.

For those diversifying their portfolios across various asset classes, eToro continues to offer value. Its spreads are not only competitive but are also transparent. Especially notable are the offerings on leading Forex pairs, with spreads dipping to as low as 1 pip—a testament to eToro's dedication to affordability without compromising on the quality of trading experience.

To truly understand the value proposition eToro brings to the table, delve deeper into their detailed fee structures available on their platform. It provides a comprehensive breakdown, ensuring that as a trader, you're always in the know and can make informed decisions. In a world of hidden charges, eToro stands as a beacon of transparency and affordability.

Complimentary Insurance Protection: Securing Investments up to 1 Million euros/AUD

In an effort to provide an unparalleled safeguard to its esteemed clients, eToro has collaborated with the illustrious Lloyd’s of London to offer complimentary insurance. Lloyd’s, with its illustrious reputation, stands among the global titans in specialist insurance provision, underscoring the value and security eToro wishes to bestow upon its users.

This unique offering, however, is reserved for the distinguished Platinum + and Diamond Club members of eToro (Europe) Ltd. and eToro AUS Capital Limited. The insurance kicks in to provide a protective shield against potential losses in the rare scenario of eToro's insolvency or in instances categorized as an Event of Misconduct, as meticulously defined in the associated policy documentation.

It's crucial for investors to be aware of the specifics:

  • The insurance's protective umbrella extends up to a grand sum of 1 million euros or AUD, with the exact amount contingent on the regulatory entity in play.
  • The overall coverage is capped at the collective limit eToro has secured through its insurance purchase.
  • Claims made against the insurance are subject to an excess amount, detailed further in the relevant policy.

Investors can breathe easy knowing their cash reserves, all Contract For Difference (CFD) positions, and securities fall under this insurance ambit. However, a point of differentiation arises with real cryptocurrency holdings—they stand outside the coverage perimeter as delineated in the policy. In a realm of uncertainties, eToro's free insurance is a testament to its commitment to securing its client's investments and instilling trust in the platform.

Unveiling the Era of Collaborative Investing: eToro’s Social Trading

  • An Enthralling Global Network. eToro isn't just another trading platform; it stands as a beacon for over 30 million astute traders and investors spanning across 100 countries. This dynamic network isn't just about numbers but represents a rich tapestry of seasoned investors, many of whom consistently eclipse market benchmarks with their investment acumen.
  • Interact, Engage, and Collaborate. Much like the familiar interfaces of popular social networks, the eToro News Feed fosters genuine interactions. Traders can seamlessly share their insights, innovative strategies, and market predictions. Beyond the mere exchange of ideas, it's a space where meaningful connections are forged, and camaraderies are nurtured.
  • Harnessing Collective Wisdom. Why walk the trading journey alone when you can benefit from collective intelligence? eToro's Top Trader Smart Portfolios allow you to not just join the market discourse but to leverage the aggregated sentiments of the trading community in your investment decisions.

eToro: Redefining the Investment Landscape

Beyond being a holistic solution for stock trading, crypto ventures, and a plethora of online investments, eToro stands distinguished with its commitment to community-driven investing. The platform is more than a mere trading hub; it's a pulsating ecosystem where knowledge interchange is continuous and transformative. eToro’s global footprint isn't just restricted to its primary platform but extends across various social media channels, ensuring its community stays connected and informed.

  • Spotlight on Top Traders. eToro, with its transparent ethos, has made the task of identifying proficient traders to emulate a breeze. From the Editor's Choice, spotlighting stellar Popular Investors, to the comprehensive search functionalities, users can select traders that resonate with their investment philosophy. Every trader profile is a goldmine of data, aiding users in informed decision-making.
  • The Popular Investor Odyssey. To cultivate and appreciate its community's talent, eToro introduced the Popular Investor program. Here, accomplished traders aren't just recognized, but they're rewarded for the trust they instill in others. The more their strategies are copied, the more lucrative their rewards. For some, this program has not just recognized their expertise but has also transformed into a substantial secondary income stream.
  • Experience Financial News like Never Before. Redefining the way we consume financial updates, eToro’s personalized Social News Feed is where finance meets interactivity. You’re not just updated but can actively participate in the unfolding market narratives. Engage with posts, initiate discussions, or keep your network informed with your analyses. Notifications keep you abreast of vital market shifts, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in your investment journey.

Conclusion eToro is not merely a platform; it's a movement. By democratizing financial knowledge and fostering a collaborative environment, eToro has catalyzed a paradigm shift in how investments are perceived and executed. The future of trading is not just digital; it's social. Welcome to the eToro experience.

Crafting Your Unique Identity on eToro

Your eToro Persona Your eToro profile is more than just a digital footprint; it's a reflection of your trading journey and aspirations. It serves as a gateway for the expansive eToro community to understand your trading philosophy and style. Aspiring to inspire and gain copiers? Take the initiative to authenticate your account, upload a striking profile picture, and craft a compelling narrative about yourself.

Dive Into Your Profile's Quadrants:

  • Feed: Think of this as your trading journal. Here, every post, insight, and comment you make is chronicled. It also showcases your bio—a snapshot of your trading ethos and strategy, so ensure it resonates with your audience.
  • Stats: A digital dashboard that succinctly encapsulates your trading performance metrics since you embarked on your eToro journey. From gauging your Risk Score to visualizing your portfolio's diverse constituents, it's all here.
  • Portfolio: Peel back the layers of your investments. This section offers a transparent view into your trading decisions, serving as an inspiration for others to potentially emulate your strategy.
  • Chart: Visualize your potential! Witness a hypothetical trajectory of a $10,000 investment in your strategy over a period.

Privacy - Your Way: Understanding the diverse preferences of our users, eToro gives you the autonomy to sculpt your profile's visibility. If discretion is your preference, simply activate the 'Private Profile' mode. Tailor your profile's disclosure degree by navigating to the profile privacy settings.

  • eToro Beyond Boundaries: eToro's ethos revolves around the democratization of knowledge and fostering collaborative trading. Hence, we have seamlessly integrated functionalities that allow users to share their trading insights and charts not just within the platform but also on mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter. With our advanced technical analysis suite, curate compelling charts that fortify your trading decisions.
  • Upholding Community Decorum: At eToro, we pride ourselves on fostering a congenial, professional, and respectful trading community. We urge all members to respect and abide by our Community Guidelines, ensuring constructive interactions.
  • Commitment to Confidentiality and Security: At eToro, your trust is paramount. Rest assured, your personal data remains just that - personal. We've fortified our platforms with cutting-edge cybersecurity measures and encryption protocols. Moreover, your funds are securely housed in premier banks. To delve deeper into how we prioritize your security, peruse our detailed Privacy Policy.
  • Embarking on the Fintech Voyage: Are you poised to navigate the exhilarating waters of fintech and harness the transformative potential of social trading? Join eToro, and let your trading journey commence!

Streamlined Investment Solutions: The eToro Way

  • Introducing eToro's Curated Investment Portfolios: Delve into eToro's meticulously crafted Investment Portfolios, also recognized as Smart Portfolios. These are a culmination of diverse assets or adept traders, cohesively aligned under a strategic theme or vision. Whether you're captivated by cutting-edge realms like 5G and cloud technology or prefer the amalgamation of contemporary markets, eToro's thematic Smart Portfolios cater to these interests. Furthermore, select portfolios harness the prowess of advanced computational techniques, machine learning, and AI, synergized with collective community insights. 
  • Elevate Your Trading Journey: Join the eToro Club Experience unparalleled value and premium offerings as an esteemed member of our community.
  • Understanding the eToro Club: Our commitment to fostering lasting relationships led to the inception of the eToro Club. Designed as a token of our gratitude, this exclusive enclave celebrates our cherished clientele. Membership is segmented into five distinguished tiers, with each echelon unveiling a richer tapestry of benefits. Naturally, as you ascend the membership ladder, a plethora of exclusive offerings await.

Privileges of the eToro Club:

  • Unparalleled Service Experience: Relish in tailored support, where every interaction is geared towards enhancing your eToro Club journey. What's more, Club members at the Silver tier and above enjoy the convenience of direct WhatsApp support, ensuring real-time assistance.
  • Financial Incentives: Revel in a host of monetary benefits including reduced fees, enticing crypto staking rewards, and access to the exclusive eToro Money account & debit card. This card boasts unmatched FX rates, amplifying your global transactions. (Note: Availability varies by region)
  • Rich Knowledge Repository: Unlock the doors to exclusive educational content, including live webinars and curated partner platforms. These resources are meticulously selected to bolster your investment acumen.
  • Premium Content Access: Stay abreast of the latest financial narratives with complimentary subscriptions to top-tier digital financial publications.
  • Access to Elite Gatherings: Step into the world of exclusive fintech conclaves as eToro's esteemed guest. Additionally, immerse yourself in riveting cultural and sports events with our complimentary passes.

Dive into a world of prestige, exclusivity, and unparalleled benefits. Welcome to the eToro Club.

Safeguarding Your Assets and Confidentiality: eToro's Pledge

  • Unwavering Commitment to Fund Segregation At the heart of our client-centric approach is an unwavering commitment to the safety of your investments. Every single deposit made by our esteemed clients is securely housed in a distinct segregated account. This stringent practice ensures that, even in the improbable scenario of eToro facing financial challenges, your investments remain untouched and protected.
  • Upholding Superior Cybersecurity Protocols In today's digital age, data protection is paramount. Recognizing this, eToro embraces best-in-class cybersecurity measures to shield your funds and sensitive data. We understand the gravity of personal information, and you have our assurance that it will remain confidential. Your trust is sacred to us, and under no circumstances will your information be disclosed unless mandated by legal statutes.
  • A Platform Synonymous with Regulatory Compliance As a testament to our dedication to operational excellence and transparency, eToro operates under the vigilant oversight of multiple global regulatory authorities. Our adherence to the rigorous standards set by renowned bodies such as the FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CySec (Cyprus), GFSC (Gibraltar), FinCen, and FINRA (United States) reinforces our position as a trusted, multi-regulated platform. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our multifaceted compliance ensures your trading journey remains seamless and secure.

Unlock the Power of Global Financial Markets with eToro

  • Consolidate Your Financial Journey Efficiently manage your comprehensive suite of financial assets, both for short-term maneuvers and long-term strategies, all under one unified portfolio.
  • Zero-Commission Stock Investments Step into the global arena of stocks from diverse sectors, ranging from cutting-edge tech firms to stalwarts in healthcare. Whether it's the vibrant hustle of New York's Wall Street or the bustling trade floors of Hong Kong, with eToro's fractional shares, building a diverse portfolio is a breeze. Enjoy limitless stock investments with an added advantage – no commission, no constraints on trading volumes.
  • Effortless Crypto Trading Venture into the dynamic crypto universe with a plethora of leading cryptoassets and their cross pairs. eToro Crypto is not just another platform; it's a holistic crypto ecosystem, encompassing a trading hub, a secure wallet, and an intuitive exchange. All under the trustworthy umbrella of a fintech leader committed to stringent regulations.
  • Tap into the Richness of Commodities Harness the potential inherent in the globe's premier resource markets. Dive into commodity CFD trading with one-click actions, empowered by ample liquidity and adaptive leverage. Your investment choices aren't constrained by conventional units, ensuring you're not bound to buy an entire barrel of oil or a full ounce of gold.
  • Navigating the Vast Currency Oceans Engage with the pulsating heart of financial markets – the Forex or foreign currency exchange. Seize the chance to buy or sell an expansive array of dominant USD pairs and diverse currency crosses. Leverage up to 1:30, or even 1:400 for our esteemed Professional Clients, maximizing your market exposure while optimizing your capital.
  • Broaden Horizons with Indices Capture the overarching trends of renowned stock exchanges across the world. Indices grant you the powerful lens to gauge and invest in the broad market movements, providing the agility to customize your market exposure in line with your financial goals.
  • Diverse Portfolios with ETFs With Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), investors gain a flexible passage into the vast financial markets. These are not only cost-effective but free from burdensome management fees, paving the path for strategic portfolio diversification. At eToro, we facilitate both direct investments in ETFs and their trading as CFDs.
  • Experience eToro Without the Risk Dip your toes in the vast financial waters with our virtual portfolio, credited with $100,000 for every new eToro account. This provides you with a real-time, risk-free simulation to practice trading across all our offered markets. The seamless toggle between the demo mode and actual trading ensures you're always in control of your financial journey.

eToro: Your Gateway to Empowered Investing

Harness the prowess of eToro through a sleek web platform and a user-centric mobile app designed to keep the world of trading at your fingertips. Dive In Today Embark on your eToro journey, whether through our mobile interface or web platform, and immerse yourself in a universe of unparalleled benefits:

  • Extensive Asset Library: Dive into a repository of over 3,000 assets spanning diverse sectors.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: Experience clarity with our low and straightforward fees.
  • Tailored Features: Whether you're a novice taking your first steps or an expert seeking advanced tools, we've got you covered.
  • Harness Collective Wisdom: Engage with our unique social trading feature, tapping into the insights of a vast community of traders.
  • Curated Smart Portfolios: Step into the world of Ready-made Smart Portfolios, tailored to align with diverse investment goals.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our platforms are designed with an emphasis on ease and simplicity, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

At eToro, we pride ourselves on offering an expansive suite of 3,000+ financial instruments, ranging from stocks to crypto and beyond. To delve deeper into our offerings, head to our Trade Markets Page.

Advanced Trading Through CFDs

eToro is not just about traditional trading. We also provide our clientele access to avant-garde trading tools, encompassing leverage options and short (SELL) orders. Delve into the dynamic world of indices, commodities, and more using Contracts for Difference (CFDs). For a deeper understanding of CFD trading, explore our dedicated section. Furthermore, we're breaking the mold by offering direct market access for certain asset classes. Assets such as stocks and cryptoassets grant investors tangible ownership, with eToro ensuring these assets are securely held in the client's name.

Fluid Transactions with Minimal Hassle

eToro streamlines the financial journey, facilitating effortless deposits and withdrawals. Our crown jewel, eToro Money*, stands out with free, instantaneous deposits devoid of FX conversion fees, and swift withdrawals. We also support traditional channels like wire transfers and bank cards. Revel in the convenience of low minimum deposits and a unified fee structure. Delve into detailed specifics on our Market Hours and Fees page.

Platform Highlights

At the heart of eToro is a vision to democratize the trading realm. We've crafted an interface that's intuitive yet powerful. As part of our commitment to client empowerment, we've pioneered a range of innovative trading tools, ensuring our community is always a step ahead. Discover more about these groundbreaking features.

Journey with Ease Venture into the world of premier cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more, all from one seamless platform.

Dive In Now eToro bridges the gap between novices and experts, offering an all-encompassing crypto trading ambiance on a platform that's both robust and approachable.

Sculpt Your Ideal Crypto Landscape

  • Expansive Crypto Options: Broaden your horizons by investing in a diverse range of market-leading cryptocurrencies.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging intricate charts and sophisticated analytical tools to track the pulse of each coin.
  • Tailored Watchlists: Curate a bespoke list of your favorite cryptocurrencies and stay abreast of their movements with real-time alerts and updates.
  • Staking Mastery: Amplify your crypto growth by harnessing our staking service, even as you HODL with determination.

Experience a Communal Crypto Voyage Trading on eToro is a collective experience. Harness the power of our distinguished social trading features to bond with a global user base of over 25 million. Discover and emulate the strategies of elite crypto traders via our innovative CopyTrader™ system.

Jumpstart Your Crypto Trading

  • Pulse on the Market: Every eToro trader is endowed with complimentary access to up-to-the-minute crypto research and news, ensuring you're always informed.
  • Strategize with Precision: Implement bespoke risk management tools. Define your Stop Loss and Take Profit thresholds to align with your trading objectives, safeguarding your investments proactively.
  • Test the Waters with $100K: Familiarize yourself with eToro’s intricate features without any risk. Utilize the $100,000 virtual portfolio to simulate real-time trading.

Retain complete autonomy over your investments. Any cryptocurrency you procure on the eToro platform can be effortlessly transitioned to the eToro wallet, ensuring you have unhindered usability and control over your digital treasure trove.

Unleash the Potential of CFD

Trading on eToro Harness the versatility of leverage, short positions, and a myriad of asset choices through CFDs, all on eToro's state-of-the-art platform that's tailored for traders of all stripes.

Dive In Today Advanced Tools for the Modern Trader: Equip yourself with a suite of cutting-edge features spanning from deep research capabilities to precise risk mitigation techniques.

  • A World of Choices: Select from over 3000 tradable assets, whether you wish to leverage popular stocks or go short on renowned indices.
  • Join the Elite 30M+ Investor Ecosystem: Sync with top-notch traders and get the foresight to pinpoint lucrative ventures ahead of time.
  • Empower Your Trading Skills: With eToro Academy, embark on a learning journey through expert-led courses, immersive webinars, and interactive tutorials.

Broaden Your Investment Horizons Maximize profits from every market swing—upward or downward. eToro’s platform enables you to dabble in diverse assets sourced from the world's premium markets:

  • Stocks: 3202 options
  • Currencies: 51 varieties
  • Cryptocurrencies: 74 types
  • Indices: 21 choices
  • Commodities: 32 kinds
  • ETFs: 420 selections

Top-Tier Features Crafted for Precision Trading eToro’s platform is a haven of refined, user-centric functionalities, enabling swift, informed trading choices:

  • Immersive Charting with TradingView: Interact with detailed, dynamic data visualizations tailored for informed decision-making.
  • Pinpoint Order Execution: Benefit from real-time price quotes, ensuring your trades are made with unmatched precision.
  • Masterful Risk Control: Navigate the markets confidently with adaptable tools like take-profit settings and trailing stop-loss mechanisms.
  • Maximize Potential with Leverage: Opt to go short, either leveraged or not, allowing for potential gains even during market downturns.
  • Guard Your Finances: eToro's zero-balance protection ensures you'll never owe more than your initial deposit.
  • Stay Informed on the Move: Receive instant notifications on asset price movements, ensuring you're always in the loop.
  • Trade with a Click: Our one-click trading feature ensures rapid trade executions, so opportunities never slip away.

Be a Part of the Trading Revolution

Join a vibrant trading community spanning millions, and tap into the collective wisdom. Engage with individuals from over 100 nations, witnessing real-time market strategies and participating in rich discussions.

eToro Academy: Igniting Trading Passion Journey into the world of trading with our comprehensive learning hub:

  • Academy Library: Dive into an extensive collection of articles, videos, and more.
  • Digest & Invest: Engage with industry titans as they dissect trending market topics.
  • Skill-Building Courses: Participate in live educational sessions tailored for every proficiency level.

Experience CFD Trading, Risk-Free

Curious about eToro’s CFD trading but hesitant to take the leap? Experiment in demo mode. Every eToro account comes bundled with a $100,000 virtual portfolio, letting you hone your skills risk-free.

Master the Art of Investing with eToro's Virtual Playground: Sharpen your financial acumen and strategies with eToro's generous $100K virtual allowance, designed to simulate real-world investing experiences.

Dive In Today Kickstart Your Virtual Investment Journey

  • Set Up Your Virtual Wallet: Open an account and enjoy a generous $100K credit to curate and fine-tune your virtual investment portfolio.
  • Experiment Across Asset Classes: Dive into diverse investment avenues such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and beyond.
  • Engage with Market Maestros: Engage in enriching dialogues, sharing and imbibing strategies from the platform's crème de la crème investors.

Educate yourself about the intricate dynamics of global markets, refining your investment strategies at a pace that suits you—all without a hint of financial risk. And when you feel primed and ready, effortlessly transition to the realm of real-time trading.

Launching Your Free Demo Account: A Quick Guide

  • Register on the eToro platform or sign up for free.
  • Navigate to the Virtual Portfolio option, conveniently located in the drop-down menu under your username.
  • Embark on your journey of simulating trades in live markets, all without a financial tether.

Unveil eToro's Robust Demo Features

The eToro demo platform isn’t just a mock market; it's a comprehensive investment experience:

  • Seamless Portfolio Management: Navigate with ease through a sleek, user-friendly interface.
  • Deep Dive into Real-time Data: Leverage advanced analytical tools to monitor the real-time pulse of multiple instruments.
  • Test Risk Parameters: Flexibly apply leverage, set Stop Loss, or configure Take Profit settings to understand their impact.
  • Sync with Global Trading Elites: Discover and replicate the strategies of esteemed traders worldwide.
  • Explore Thematic Investment Bundles: Sample eToro’s meticulously curated thematic portfolios.

Experience the effortless blend of innovation and intuitiveness, anytime, anywhere with eToro's demo trading app. 

Your Demo Trading Universe: Boundless Choices

With the eToro virtual account, the world's leading markets are at your fingertips:

  • Stocks: Dive into global equity markets.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Trade popular digital currencies.
  • Commodities: Invest in tangible and intangible goods.
  • Currencies: Delve into forex markets.
  • Indices: Gauge the performance of major stock market sectors.
  • ETFs: Explore diversified investment avenues.

Why Should You Opt for a Trading Simulator?

The eToro trading simulator isn't just a tool—it's an immersive learning ecosystem. Especially for novices, it presents the golden opportunity to experiment, make missteps, and test various investment strategies without the looming shadow of financial loss. Beyond that, it provides a firsthand experience of eToro's top-notch trading environment, tools, and features, instilling the confidence required to navigate the real investment world.

A Simplified Guide Peel back the layers and get a crystal-clear understanding of eToro's fee dynamics. Here’s a breakdown of eToro's charges related to deposits, withdrawals, and trades, simplified for everyone.

Embark on Your Trading Journey Initiate Your Free Account

  • Leverage Professional Tools: Access an array of advanced features tailor-made for modern investors.
  • Harness Collective Wisdom: Benefit from the insights and strategies of the vast eToro community.

Transparent and Fair Fee Structure

  • Zero Management Fees: Experience freedom from management charges, even when you're replicating the moves of seasoned traders or investing in diversified portfolios.
  • Trade Stocks at No Extra Cost: Engage with the stock market without the burden of commissions. However, it's essential to note other potential charges like bid/ask market spreads, foreign exchange conversions for non-USD transactions, withdrawal fees, and inactivity penalties.

A Fee-free Experience, with a Few Exceptions

  • Completely Free Trading: Revel in a trading experience devoid of commissions, management fees, rollovers, ticketing, or any hidden broker costs.
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Fees: Be mindful of FX fees if you're dealing with non-USD deposits and withdrawals.
  • Nominal Withdrawal Fee: A modest $5 charge applies to each withdrawal, ensuring that your funds reach you securely.

With eToro, you're not just getting a platform to trade and invest but also a transparent ecosystem that respects your hard-earned money. So, delve into the world of trading with full knowledge of the fee structure and trade with confidence.

Introducing eToro Money: The Evolution of Money Management

Step into the future of effortless financial management. With eToro Money, we're transforming the way you engage with your finances, ensuring every transaction you make is faster, smarter, and more cost-effective.

Unlock eToro Money This dynamic financial tool is designed to integrate perfectly with your eToro investment account. This union promises:

  • Zero Delays: Instant deposits without the worry of conversion fees.
  • Swift Access: Gain immediate access to your funds whenever you need them.
  • Transparent Pricing: Absolutely free. No lurking subscription fees or concealed charges.

Revolutionary Features

  • Maximized Savings on Every Transaction: Say goodbye to unnecessary fees. With eToro Money, every €1,000 deposit can save you up to €15, completely eliminating FX conversion costs. 
  • Prompt Access to Your Finances: Never wait for your money again. Experience the convenience of instantaneous withdrawals directly from your investment account.
  • Unified Currency and Cryptocurrency Management: Navigate both your fiat currency and top cryptocurrencies effortlessly. Securely store, transfer, and manage your assets all within the eToro Money app.
  • Seamless Money Transfers: Send and receive funds with ease, making transactions with friends and family a breeze.
  • Fortified Security: Your financial well-being is our priority. With funds secured in a renowned bank, rest easy knowing your investments are protected.
  • Quick Onboarding: Dive straight into a smoother financial journey with our swift and user-friendly setup.
  • Transparent Pricing Model: Our commitment to transparency means no hidden costs or subscription fees. Your financial freedom starts here.

With eToro Money, you're not just getting a financial tool; you're gaining a partner dedicated to making your financial journey as seamless as possible. Ready to redefine how you manage your money? Join us.

eToro Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.etoro.com/
Address Level 3, 60 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Headquarters Level 3, 60 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Free phone +61-1800-778-583
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Accepts US traders
Digits after the dot in quotes 4
Minimum position size 0.1
Spread Type fixed
Pip spread on majors 2
Maximum Leverage 400:1
ECN, $ 50
Standard account, $ 50
Mini account, $ 50
Popular payment methods Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin
Account currencies EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CHF
Available assets Bitcoin
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish
Platforms eToro webTrader, etoro Openbook, eToro Mobile Trader
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC, ASIC, FCA
Foundation 2007
Copy Trading Brokers
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Embarking on my journey into the world of trading financial instruments, I found myself gravitating towards eToro, particularly drawn by their social trading feature. As someone who is relatively new to this realm, the idea of copying seasoned traders' strategies without the burden of additional fees was incredibly appealing. With eToro, the transparency is commendable - whether you're copy trading or making independent trades, the fee structure remains consistent, which is a testament to their fair and straightforward approach. Alongside exploring the world of social trading, I've also dipped my toes into passive investing. I cautiously ventured with an investment of USD 500 in a moderately risky portfolio. Although it's too soon to comment on its profitability, I'm eager to observe the performance in the upcoming months. If it aligns with my expectations, I'm definitely considering amplifying my investment. From a service quality perspective, eToro has consistently delivered. Their platform is intuitive, making it user-friendly even for beginners like myself. A noteworthy mention is their fee structure – not only do they abstain from charging service or deposit fees, but their withdrawal fee stands at a minimal USD 5. Of course, one has to account for the standard transfer fees levied by payment systems, but that's par for the course with most platforms. In summary, eToro has offered a promising start for someone like me, eager to navigate the trading waters but seeking guidance and a trustworthy platform. Their transparent fee structure, coupled with top-notch service, makes them a compelling choice for both novice and seasoned traders.
  19 Oct 2023  

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Navigating through the myriad options in the trading world, eToro has generally aligned well with my preferences and expectations. One of the key aspects that stand out is the leverage they provide, which scales up to 1:20 on stock indices. However, I've observed that the actual leverage extended can fluctuate based on several parameters, including the specific index being traded and the regulatory body associated with your registered office. While eToro's fee structure might not be the most competitive across the board, they do offer certain advantages that I've found appealing. For instance, when dealing with US stocks, eToro essentially charges zero fees, a perk not universally found across trading platforms. The only associated costs are those dictated by the stock exchange itself and a nominal fixed withdrawal fee. This, in particular, enhances the trading experience, especially for those who frequently engage with US equities. However, there are areas where eToro could make improvements. Their customer support, for instance, lacks a live chat feature on their website, which can be a slight inconvenience for traders who seek real-time assistance. Another aspect that could be enhanced is the currency options available for withdrawals. Currently, they restrict withdrawals to US dollars, which might not be ideal for everyone. Those like me, who sometimes prefer transactions in euros, are left to bear the brunt of conversion fees. In essence, while eToro offers an overall conducive environment for trading, with its distinct advantages in certain areas, there's room for refining certain aspects to better cater to a broader spectrum of traders' needs.
  11 Oct 2023  

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Having been associated with eToro for several years, I've navigated various stages of my trading journey with them. I was initially drawn to their renowned copy trading feature, which allowed me to mirror the trades of more experienced traders and gain insights without having to dive deep into the complexities of trading. This gave me the platform to learn, observe, and eventually grow confident enough to make my own trading decisions. As time progressed and I honed my skills, I ventured into creating my own trading strategy. The platform's design not only allows for personal growth but also offers the opportunity to share one's expertise with others. Today, I'm proud to say that I'm among those whose strategies are emulated by other traders, providing me with an added source of income. Furthermore, eToro's referral program has been another avenue for me to capitalize on. Admittedly, reaping the benefits of this program required some legwork. I took the initiative to introduce the platform to approximately 50 individuals, a mix of close friends and acquaintances. Today, as a testament to the platform's user-friendly interface and robust features, many of them are active traders. This activity translates to a steady additional income for me, typically ranging between USD 400-500 monthly, contingent on their trading volume. To sum it up, eToro has been a comprehensive platform that has catered to my evolving needs as a trader. While it serves as a great starting point for novices, it equally offers avenues for seasoned traders to diversify their income streams.
  1 Oct 2023  

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eToro consistently surpasses expectations as a broker, setting a high standard in the world of online trading. Their platform is transparent and user-friendly, ensuring that there's no ambiguity when it comes to executing trades or understanding any of the processes involved. Withdrawing your funds is a breeze, devoid of unnecessary complications or delays. Having explored multiple trading platforms over the years, I can confidently assert that eToro stands head and shoulders above the rest in the stock market trading realm. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their reputation for reliability is evident. If you're seeking a trustworthy trading partner, look no further than eToro!
  5 Sep 2023  

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XM Human Broker - Transparent, Fair and Focused on the Client

No hidden terms in pricing, execution, or promotions. Same quality of services, market order execution and level of support for all clients regardless of investment size, investment goals and financial situation. Easy and convenient systems for opening and managing account(s), for depositing or withdrawing funds. and for trading the international markets.

Navigating the intricate world of trading on my own initially presented a series of challenges. While I had the passion and drive, I recognized the value in leveraging established systems to guide my journey. This is when I chanced upon eToro's innovative Copy Trades system. Not only is this system seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, but it also democratizes trading by allowing novices and veterans alike to benefit from the strategies of top traders. eToro's platform is intuitively designed, ensuring that even those new to trading can easily grasp how to utilize the Copy Trades feature. But what truly sets this system apart is its efficacy. It's not just a tool for learning; it's a genuine avenue for profit generation. By harnessing the insights and strategies of successful traders, I found myself achieving consistent gains. For anyone looking to elevate their trading game without starting from scratch, eToro's Copy Trades is a game-changer.
  30 Aug 2023  

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eToro has always provided a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners. Their platform is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and execute trades. However, during high volatility periods, there can be occasional lags which can affect trading decisions. I've had a mostly smooth experience with eToro when it comes to funds withdrawal. Requests are typically processed within 1-2 business days. However, there were a couple of instances where it took slightly longer, possibly due to high demand. Customer service is a mixed bag. While their representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, the wait times can sometimes be longer than expected. Their online chat feature is convenient, but it would be beneficial if they expanded their support team to handle influxes in queries. eToro’s CopyTrader system is a standout feature, allowing novices to learn from more experienced traders. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of charting tools and indicators. However, seasoned traders might find the tools a tad basic compared to other dedicated platforms.
  22 Aug 2023  

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While eToro promotes commission-free trading, they do recoup costs through spreads, which can be on the higher side, especially for certain currency pairs and during major news events. It's essential to be aware of these costs before trading. eToro's platform is generally stable and reliable. However, as mentioned earlier, there can be sporadic lags during highly volatile market conditions, which can be a concern for day traders or scalpers. One of eToro's strengths is its commitment to regulation. It's regulated by top-tier authorities, including CySEC in Europe and the FCA in the UK. This provides a level of assurance regarding the platform's integrity and security.
  3 Aug 2023  

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eToro stands out as a broker of exceptional quality in every facet of its operations. Their extensive range of trading instruments is unparalleled, providing a diverse palette for both novice and seasoned traders alike. Beyond just the array of options, the efficiency in execution and the consistent liquidity they offer are second to none when benchmarked against competitors. It's not just about the impressive technical aspects of eToro, but also the trustworthiness and reliability that they consistently demonstrate. Throughout my tenure with them, I've experienced hassle-free withdrawals, a testament to their transparent and client-centric approach. It's refreshing to engage with a platform where conditions aren't just bearable but are genuinely conducive to profitable trading. I wholeheartedly endorse eToro, not just as a mere trading platform, but as a dependable partner in one's trading journey. Their commitment to excellence is palpable, and I find immense satisfaction in my continued association with them. If you're seeking a blend of robust functionality and a trust-worthy relationship, eToro is undeniably a top recommendation.
  1 Aug 2023  

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The execution speed is generally quick, but slippages can occur, especially during significant news releases or market openings. It's a common issue in the industry but still something to be mindful of when planning trades. eToro offers a transparent platform where users can view and analyze other traders' performances, fostering a learning environment. Their market analysis section is updated regularly, providing insights into current market conditions. However, the depth of analysis might not be sufficient for advanced traders. eToro's platform stability is commendable, with downtimes being rare. Their partnership program offers lucrative opportunities for affiliates. Additionally, eToro's asset range is impressive, encompassing not just forex, but also stocks, cryptos, and commodities. This diversified range is perfect for traders looking to expand their portfolios. eToro is a robust platform, especially suited for beginners and social traders. However, as with any broker, it's essential to be aware of its strengths and limitations to make the most of the trading experience.
  19 Jul 2023  

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eToro is a good reliable broker. They do not make empty promises and do not offer unrealistic conditions. I have earned the most profit of all time with them. At the same time, I did not open a large number of transactions, but I just managed to make good money on one jump. The broker did not interfere in any way, in general, everything turned out as it should and the terminal works perfectly! They withdraw on average in a day or two, without any talk. I definitely recommend.
  6 Jul 2023  

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eToro is a good broker. Before that, I worked with ***, but there were a number of moments that did not suit me. So I decided to give eToro a try. The eToro webTrader app loads and runs much faster. It is possible to place orders at a time when trading on the exchange is not conducted. Take profit orders can be placed taking into account the trailing stop, when the price set in the order is pulled up by the growing trend. There is a tariff for those who trade in securities of different issuers, perhaps one of the most inexpensive on the market. Technical support works well, they respond quickly in the chat.
  15 Jun 2023  

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I started working with the eToro broker in November 2022. I liked it - a convenient Personal Account, you can get training in the Training Center, a lot of real-time quotes, news, a large selection of trading instruments. I like that there is 24/7 customer support. I am very grateful to the manager, who quickly resolves all issues. I am pleased. I would recommend eToro. The CopyTrader application also seemed to me quite convenient - it was the very process of working with it that was much more comfortable for me than with the others. And what else can be more important when working with a broker, if not this?
  21 May 2023  

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Hello! I started investing with eToro a few months ago. I probably sent around 30k to eToro in several transfers. Few weeks ago, for reasons out of my control, one of the transfers I sent was returned to my bank. I asked eToro about what should be done, and right after that they limited my account. They said I should proceed with the transfer once again, but the support manager probably was in a huge confusion as my account was still limited for both deposits and withdrawals. By the way, I'm a Platinum member and I'm supposed to get priority support, but that's just a huge lie. It's just a marketing trick. No priority and actually no Support at all. Although my account was fully verified and I provided them with every document they asked for, I'm waiting for around 3 weeks for some help in this matter, with no success. My account is limited, with over $19,000 in balance, with no option to withdraw my money in any way. Not even to trade. You'll probably ask me about support? Or even about Support Manager and Priority (as advertised)? That will be a good question, as I can say that even if I asked to close my account or to leave me to cash out my money in some way, there is silence. I only receive some template messages asking me to wait and to thank me for understanding. What? Are you kidding with me? Is there any reason for them to hold my money for that long? I owe them anything? The funds are just in my dollars balance. They are using my money to make profit and there is no sign about getting my money back. Incredible! Right? Stay away from eToro if you want to use your money. Is easy to send them the money in the first place but it becomes impossible to get your money back. I'm begging them for my money. That's not "cool" at all.
  8 May 2021  

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I have problems with eToro from the beginning as I can't change my billing address and I have become unable to invest as I can't even verify my account nor talk to anyone from costumer service. My savings are in risk and I regret horribly trying the investment with this app.
  10 May 2020  

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Future Trends and Developments in Forex Trading with Expert Advisors

The future of Forex EAs lies in the further integration of AI and machine learning technologies, enabling the creation of even more sophisticated and adaptive trading systems. These advancements could lead to EAs that better understand market sentiment, predict future movements with greater accuracy, and manage risks in more nuanced ways.

Unable to talk to costumer service, unable to change billing address, unable to invest or withraw. only can deposit basing in an extremely advantageous exchange rate. I can't do anything and I feel my savings are in risk of suffer a big cut by these people who jodes from me.
  10 May 2020  

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Etoro seems to be known for having this repeated occurrence where they make false trades on their auto trader platform and make you lose all your capital, I lost all $46,000 worth of capital. They are clearly abusing their authority. If you have lost your finances on Etoro or in a similar situation, they are currently being investigated.
  13 Sep 2019  

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I was conned into taking a bonus matching my original $17000 investment made over the phone. According to CToptions policy, I cannot withdraw any funds until $30,000 worth of trades has been executed. This was not explained to me and when I wanted to withdraw $3000 from my $27,000 balance, the request said pending for 6 weeks, and after several requests over 6 weeks made to account managers who ignored my requests, I finally got a request denied.
  19 Aug 2019  

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eToro has unjustified deleted my profits without any explanation based on any real data or evidence. I think their behavior is very worrying for all eToro users and I think it's appropriate to take action against them.
  6 Jun 2019  

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On the long run the fees that they take will take more than you get out of trading or copying a trader. Stay away, fees are to high.
  17 Apr 2019  

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What’s the fees they take for copying trader?
ONOS   4 Feb 2023
EToro is NOT the trading company I would suggest. I opened a Canadian account about 5 yers ago. Since I am still working full time, trading was limited so I decided to set my bids on certain companies and let it ride. By mid December 2017, last time I checked, I pretty well doubled what I had invested, which was most likely not significant to Etoro but a lot for me. Thinking I was doing well, I checked again in March and my account had disappeared, I googled and found out U.S. and Canada were cut off. Even though I read there was supposed to be an email to American clients TWO weeks before the deadline, that we were being cut off, there was NO warning; I never received the email with their generous 2 week notice. It must have been very low profile because I had no idea until I searched inline. I contacted customer support and received NO reply. I was ignored. Not significant enough for this big trading company, I am just a little fish in their big pond who is not worth their time. Shame on you Etoro. I am hoping everyone will read this to find out what EToro is really about and people think about it twice to invest money with these insensitive crooks with their 2 week one time notice and then walk away with your money. Again, I did never see that email.
  4 Apr 2018  

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