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Embarking on my journey into the world of trading financial instruments, I found myself gravitating towards eToro, particularly drawn by their social trading feature. As someone who is relatively new to this realm, the idea of copying seasoned traders' strategies without the burden of additional fees was incredibly appealing. With eToro, the transparency is commendable - whether you're copy trading or making independent trades, the fee structure remains consistent, which is a testament to their fair and straightforward approach. Alongside exploring the world of social trading, I've also dipped my toes into passive investing. I cautiously ventured with an investment of USD 500 in a moderately risky portfolio. Although it's too soon to comment on its profitability, I'm eager to observe the performance in the upcoming months. If it aligns with my expectations, I'm definitely considering amplifying my investment. From a service quality perspective, eToro has consistently delivered. Their platform is intuitive, making it user-friendly even for beginners like myself. A noteworthy mention is their fee structure – not only do they abstain from charging service or deposit fees, but their withdrawal fee stands at a minimal USD 5. Of course, one has to account for the standard transfer fees levied by payment systems, but that's par for the course with most platforms. In summary, eToro has offered a promising start for someone like me, eager to navigate the trading waters but seeking guidance and a trustworthy platform. Their transparent fee structure, coupled with top-notch service, makes them a compelling choice for both novice and seasoned traders.
  19 Oct 2023  
Navigating through the myriad options in the trading world, eToro has generally aligned well with my preferences and expectations. One of the key aspects that stand out is the leverage they provide, which scales up to 1:20 on stock indices. However, I've observed that the actual leverage extended can fluctuate based on several parameters, including the specific index being traded and the regulatory body associated with your registered office. While eToro's fee structure might not be the most competitive across the board, they do offer certain advantages that I've found appealing. For instance, when dealing with US stocks, eToro essentially charges zero fees, a perk not universally found across trading platforms. The only associated costs are those dictated by the stock exchange itself and a nominal fixed withdrawal fee. This, in particular, enhances the trading experience, especially for those who frequently engage with US equities. However, there are areas where eToro could make improvements. Their customer support, for instance, lacks a live chat feature on their website, which can be a slight inconvenience for traders who seek real-time assistance. Another aspect that could be enhanced is the currency options available for withdrawals. Currently, they restrict withdrawals to US dollars, which might not be ideal for everyone. Those like me, who sometimes prefer transactions in euros, are left to bear the brunt of conversion fees. In essence, while eToro offers an overall conducive environment for trading, with its distinct advantages in certain areas, there's room for refining certain aspects to better cater to a broader spectrum of traders' needs.
  11 Oct 2023  
Having been associated with eToro for several years, I've navigated various stages of my trading journey with them. I was initially drawn to their renowned copy trading feature, which allowed me to mirror the trades of more experienced traders and gain insights without having to dive deep into the complexities of trading. This gave me the platform to learn, observe, and eventually grow confident enough to make my own trading decisions. As time progressed and I honed my skills, I ventured into creating my own trading strategy. The platform's design not only allows for personal growth but also offers the opportunity to share one's expertise with others. Today, I'm proud to say that I'm among those whose strategies are emulated by other traders, providing me with an added source of income. Furthermore, eToro's referral program has been another avenue for me to capitalize on. Admittedly, reaping the benefits of this program required some legwork. I took the initiative to introduce the platform to approximately 50 individuals, a mix of close friends and acquaintances. Today, as a testament to the platform's user-friendly interface and robust features, many of them are active traders. This activity translates to a steady additional income for me, typically ranging between USD 400-500 monthly, contingent on their trading volume. To sum it up, eToro has been a comprehensive platform that has catered to my evolving needs as a trader. While it serves as a great starting point for novices, it equally offers avenues for seasoned traders to diversify their income streams.
  1 Oct 2023  
eToro consistently surpasses expectations as a broker, setting a high standard in the world of online trading. Their platform is transparent and user-friendly, ensuring that there's no ambiguity when it comes to executing trades or understanding any of the processes involved. Withdrawing your funds is a breeze, devoid of unnecessary complications or delays. Having explored multiple trading platforms over the years, I can confidently assert that eToro stands head and shoulders above the rest in the stock market trading realm. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their reputation for reliability is evident. If you're seeking a trustworthy trading partner, look no further than eToro!
  5 Sep 2023  
Navigating the intricate world of trading on my own initially presented a series of challenges. While I had the passion and drive, I recognized the value in leveraging established systems to guide my journey. This is when I chanced upon eToro's innovative Copy Trades system. Not only is this system seamlessly integrated and user-friendly, but it also democratizes trading by allowing novices and veterans alike to benefit from the strategies of top traders. eToro's platform is intuitively designed, ensuring that even those new to trading can easily grasp how to utilize the Copy Trades feature. But what truly sets this system apart is its efficacy. It's not just a tool for learning; it's a genuine avenue for profit generation. By harnessing the insights and strategies of successful traders, I found myself achieving consistent gains. For anyone looking to elevate their trading game without starting from scratch, eToro's Copy Trades is a game-changer.
  30 Aug 2023  
eToro has always provided a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners. Their platform is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and execute trades. However, during high volatility periods, there can be occasional lags which can affect trading decisions. I've had a mostly smooth experience with eToro when it comes to funds withdrawal. Requests are typically processed within 1-2 business days. However, there were a couple of instances where it took slightly longer, possibly due to high demand. Customer service is a mixed bag. While their representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, the wait times can sometimes be longer than expected. Their online chat feature is convenient, but it would be beneficial if they expanded their support team to handle influxes in queries. eToro’s CopyTrader system is a standout feature, allowing novices to learn from more experienced traders. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of charting tools and indicators. However, seasoned traders might find the tools a tad basic compared to other dedicated platforms.
  22 Aug 2023  
While eToro promotes commission-free trading, they do recoup costs through spreads, which can be on the higher side, especially for certain currency pairs and during major news events. It's essential to be aware of these costs before trading. eToro's platform is generally stable and reliable. However, as mentioned earlier, there can be sporadic lags during highly volatile market conditions, which can be a concern for day traders or scalpers. One of eToro's strengths is its commitment to regulation. It's regulated by top-tier authorities, including CySEC in Europe and the FCA in the UK. This provides a level of assurance regarding the platform's integrity and security.
  3 Aug 2023  
eToro stands out as a broker of exceptional quality in every facet of its operations. Their extensive range of trading instruments is unparalleled, providing a diverse palette for both novice and seasoned traders alike. Beyond just the array of options, the efficiency in execution and the consistent liquidity they offer are second to none when benchmarked against competitors. It's not just about the impressive technical aspects of eToro, but also the trustworthiness and reliability that they consistently demonstrate. Throughout my tenure with them, I've experienced hassle-free withdrawals, a testament to their transparent and client-centric approach. It's refreshing to engage with a platform where conditions aren't just bearable but are genuinely conducive to profitable trading. I wholeheartedly endorse eToro, not just as a mere trading platform, but as a dependable partner in one's trading journey. Their commitment to excellence is palpable, and I find immense satisfaction in my continued association with them. If you're seeking a blend of robust functionality and a trust-worthy relationship, eToro is undeniably a top recommendation.
  1 Aug 2023  
The execution speed is generally quick, but slippages can occur, especially during significant news releases or market openings. It's a common issue in the industry but still something to be mindful of when planning trades. eToro offers a transparent platform where users can view and analyze other traders' performances, fostering a learning environment. Their market analysis section is updated regularly, providing insights into current market conditions. However, the depth of analysis might not be sufficient for advanced traders. eToro's platform stability is commendable, with downtimes being rare. Their partnership program offers lucrative opportunities for affiliates. Additionally, eToro's asset range is impressive, encompassing not just forex, but also stocks, cryptos, and commodities. This diversified range is perfect for traders looking to expand their portfolios. eToro is a robust platform, especially suited for beginners and social traders. However, as with any broker, it's essential to be aware of its strengths and limitations to make the most of the trading experience.
  19 Jul 2023  
eToro is a good reliable broker. They do not make empty promises and do not offer unrealistic conditions. I have earned the most profit of all time with them. At the same time, I did not open a large number of transactions, but I just managed to make good money on one jump. The broker did not interfere in any way, in general, everything turned out as it should and the terminal works perfectly! They withdraw on average in a day or two, without any talk. I definitely recommend.
  6 Jul 2023  
eToro is a good broker. Before that, I worked with ***, but there were a number of moments that did not suit me. So I decided to give eToro a try. The eToro webTrader app loads and runs much faster. It is possible to place orders at a time when trading on the exchange is not conducted. Take profit orders can be placed taking into account the trailing stop, when the price set in the order is pulled up by the growing trend. There is a tariff for those who trade in securities of different issuers, perhaps one of the most inexpensive on the market. Technical support works well, they respond quickly in the chat.
  15 Jun 2023  
I started working with the eToro broker in November 2022. I liked it - a convenient Personal Account, you can get training in the Training Center, a lot of real-time quotes, news, a large selection of trading instruments. I like that there is 24/7 customer support. I am very grateful to the manager, who quickly resolves all issues. I am pleased. I would recommend eToro. The CopyTrader application also seemed to me quite convenient - it was the very process of working with it that was much more comfortable for me than with the others. And what else can be more important when working with a broker, if not this?
  21 May 2023  
Hello! I started investing with eToro a few months ago. I probably sent around 30k to eToro in several transfers. Few weeks ago, for reasons out of my control, one of the transfers I sent was returned to my bank. I asked eToro about what should be done, and right after that they limited my account. They said I should proceed with the transfer once again, but the support manager probably was in a huge confusion as my account was still limited for both deposits and withdrawals. By the way, I'm a Platinum member and I'm supposed to get priority support, but that's just a huge lie. It's just a marketing trick. No priority and actually no Support at all. Although my account was fully verified and I provided them with every document they asked for, I'm waiting for around 3 weeks for some help in this matter, with no success. My account is limited, with over $19,000 in balance, with no option to withdraw my money in any way. Not even to trade. You'll probably ask me about support? Or even about Support Manager and Priority (as advertised)? That will be a good question, as I can say that even if I asked to close my account or to leave me to cash out my money in some way, there is silence. I only receive some template messages asking me to wait and to thank me for understanding. What? Are you kidding with me? Is there any reason for them to hold my money for that long? I owe them anything? The funds are just in my dollars balance. They are using my money to make profit and there is no sign about getting my money back. Incredible! Right? Stay away from eToro if you want to use your money. Is easy to send them the money in the first place but it becomes impossible to get your money back. I'm begging them for my money. That's not "cool" at all.
  8 May 2021  
I have problems with eToro from the beginning as I can't change my billing address and I have become unable to invest as I can't even verify my account nor talk to anyone from costumer service. My savings are in risk and I regret horribly trying the investment with this app.
  10 May 2020  
Unable to talk to costumer service, unable to change billing address, unable to invest or withraw. only can deposit basing in an extremely advantageous exchange rate. I can't do anything and I feel my savings are in risk of suffer a big cut by these people who jodes from me.
  10 May 2020  
Etoro seems to be known for having this repeated occurrence where they make false trades on their auto trader platform and make you lose all your capital, I lost all $46,000 worth of capital. They are clearly abusing their authority. If you have lost your finances on Etoro or in a similar situation, they are currently being investigated.
  13 Sep 2019  
I was conned into taking a bonus matching my original $17000 investment made over the phone. According to CToptions policy, I cannot withdraw any funds until $30,000 worth of trades has been executed. This was not explained to me and when I wanted to withdraw $3000 from my $27,000 balance, the request said pending for 6 weeks, and after several requests over 6 weeks made to account managers who ignored my requests, I finally got a request denied.
  19 Aug 2019  
eToro has unjustified deleted my profits without any explanation based on any real data or evidence. I think their behavior is very worrying for all eToro users and I think it's appropriate to take action against them.
  6 Jun 2019  
On the long run the fees that they take will take more than you get out of trading or copying a trader. Stay away, fees are to high.
  17 Apr 2019  
What’s the fees they take for copying trader?
ONOS   4 Feb 2023
EToro is NOT the trading company I would suggest. I opened a Canadian account about 5 yers ago. Since I am still working full time, trading was limited so I decided to set my bids on certain companies and let it ride. By mid December 2017, last time I checked, I pretty well doubled what I had invested, which was most likely not significant to Etoro but a lot for me. Thinking I was doing well, I checked again in March and my account had disappeared, I googled and found out U.S. and Canada were cut off. Even though I read there was supposed to be an email to American clients TWO weeks before the deadline, that we were being cut off, there was NO warning; I never received the email with their generous 2 week notice. It must have been very low profile because I had no idea until I searched inline. I contacted customer support and received NO reply. I was ignored. Not significant enough for this big trading company, I am just a little fish in their big pond who is not worth their time. Shame on you Etoro. I am hoping everyone will read this to find out what EToro is really about and people think about it twice to invest money with these insensitive crooks with their 2 week one time notice and then walk away with your money. Again, I did never see that email.
  4 Apr 2018  
I highly suggest to get to know the company first before trusting them fully. I went through the usual problems the clients face with eToro in ... You'll be surprised on what you can find.
  2 Mar 2018  
Looks like this broker is competitive compared to other companies. On other side, the trading software and services are far more appealing and easier to use than in other companies. Also, I have the opportunity to use trading signals feature that is getting probably the main competitive solution among brokers that I have traded with. In addition to developing trading strategy, broker offers effective software and metrics for continuous process innovation and improvement of trading strategies.
  16 Feb 2017  
It is new and it grows fast attracting a lot of traders by quite comfortable trading conditions and I am among those traders. eToro pays attention to education making forex easy for the beginners. It creates wide informational space using crowd-sourcing and comments of other clients – why not? it is cool and helpful to get the needed answers to the questions from people trading within eToro. I’ve learnt rare expert opinion and experience here. I like the eToro platform – here I can play in forex gaining retail trader experience! It is simple and flexible. The access to financial market is fast and steady. I am impressed by the broker’s perfect personal service. They send news and traders insight reports developed by their analysts. I can see, follow and copy the successful trading systems of other investors through the broker’s investment network. I enter it and can get the access to trading history of any trader. This is really like a game. There are no difficulties and tension, just amusement leading to the profit!

  15 Jun 2016  
i haven’t heard much of this broker … just recently decided to try it. it exceeds all my expectations. i enjoy trading here. it offers innovative attitude to trading and a lot of interesting and useful educational material. easy eToro platform is considered to be a social trading platform where i can copy successful traders using technology CopyTrader. they inform me of different facts and opinions. well, they create the conditions attracting rich traders establishing high spreads, large amounts of initial deposits and the price of trades. i haven’t withdrawn yet but until now there are no reasons to concern.
  11 Jun 2016  
The eToro's so called social trading network and auto copying of trades are just bullshit which has nothing to do with real trading and intended to only one goal - drain a novice's deposit. So do not even dream of enriching yourself with those beautiful fake promises.
  4 Jun 2016  
I have read recently that the broker started co-working with Sberbank and now have discovered that the bank's official web site even offers to register a real account with the broker. And it looks like the main idea of this cooperation is the promotion of the broker's social trading community. Going to test this.
  8 Mar 2016  
The connection is good and I cannot use it to my trading!! Too bad, I need to switch into another broker!!! I hope that they will fix their connection if they want to have more traders in their company!!!
  14 Jul 2014  
This is my 2nd broker and all I can say they were good at me on my first six months using them and their true colors appeared when I made a withdrawal 70% of my trading account balance. After that, they keep me disconnected on their platform and it took me a minutes before I can closed my trades and then my final hours came, they cancelled my profit and disabled my trading account.
  20 Feb 2014  
Apart from the spreads being a bit too high and a few teething problems with the copytrade function (resulting in me being fully reimbursed for the lost trade profit) I would say this is a great broker for entry into the Forex market and would recommend it simply because of the ability to copy the best performing traders.
  10 Jun 2013  
It is the worst platform I came across, freezes 2-6 hours every weekduring peak times and times when you can make money.
Poor execution (always 8-10 pip delay for execution on top of spreads). You cannot do market orders and have to wait manually to open trades and when you open you loose out 8-10 pips due to poor execution. There is no trailing stops either.

  6 May 2013  

Everyone seeks to make their hard-earned money work smarter. Whether you're dipping your toes into the investment waters for the first time or have been navigating the financial seas for years, we all aim for a stronger financial future. Founded in 2007, eToro was built upon a vision of...

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