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ETrade FX Review and Information 2024

ETrade FX Information and Review ETrade FX
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Trading software Power E*TRADE
Headquartered Harborside 2 200 Hudson Street, Suite 501 Jersey City, NJ

ETRADE, having firmly established itself as a pioneer in online trading, now proudly stands as a subsidiary of the globally renowned Morgan Stanley - an institution acclaimed for its unmatched proficiency in wealth management, insightful investment consultations, advanced research, and in-depth market analyses. Tracing its roots back to the 1980s, ETRADE sprang from the genius of a visionary physicist, who dramatically transformed the retail investment landscape. He introduced a game-changing approach that made online trades possible. This groundbreaking innovation marked the birth of the first online transaction ever presented to an exchange, breaking down barriers and making investing more accessible, effectively sidelining the conventional broker-centric system. Today, E*TRADE is at the forefront, offering an unparalleled digital interface tailored for the contemporary investor and trader.

Mapping Financial Journeys

  • Zero Commissions: Embark on your investment journey without the weight of additional costs. Take pleasure in zero fees for online trades involving US-listed stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options.
  • A Spectrum of Investment Choices: Broaden your financial horizon with an exhaustive range of investment avenues spanning stocks, options, ETFs, and mutual funds.
  • Tech Made Simple: Dive into hassle-free trading on our intuitive online platforms, be it the dynamic Power E*TRADE or our internationally recognized mobile applications.
  • Insightful Market Intelligence: Stay ahead of the curve with our regular market updates and enjoy privileged access to exclusive Morgan Stanley equity analyses.
  • Core Portfolios: Dive into the world of automated investment management. Avail a diversified portfolio under constant scrutiny and adjustment, all for a nominal 0.30% yearly advisory charge and an accessible entry point of $500.
  • Visionary Future-centric Accounts: Design the retirement you envision. Allow our experts to assist you in creating and implementing a robust post-career financial plan.

Maximize Your Experience with Our Suite of Features

Immediate Financial Access: Engage with your funds instantly, even from a zero balance starting point.

  • Complimentary Debit Card: Access funds or shop globally, anytime. Enjoy boundless ATM fee waivers across the US (subject to client eligibility), and tap into versatile payment alternatives via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay integration.
  • Effortless Fund Transfers: We prioritize your unhindered monetary access. Receive a complimentary starter checkbook (for qualifying clients), monitor your money 24/7 with immediate check image access, and effortlessly move capital between financial entities using our proficient Transfer Money utility.
  • Zero-Cost Online Bill Settlement: Streamline your payments with our efficient digital bill service. Centralize and economize on bill management, ensure punctuality with scheduled payments, and manage your dues anytime, anywhere.

ETrade FX: A Jewel in Digital Trading

In the expansive digital trading realm, ETrade FX emerges as a distinguished player. This review delves deep, assessing ETrade FX's trade environment, costs, technology, and much more, equipping potential traders with comprehensive knowledge.

Trading Landscape: ETrade FX prides itself on offering trading conditions that cater to both newcomers and veterans. With competitive spreads, judicious leverage, and an array of trading tools, the platform is designed to capitalize on the ever-evolving FX market. Transparent Costs: Central to ETrade FX's appeal is its clarity in pricing. Although many trades carry no commissions, traders must remain vigilant about possible overnight or "swap" charges, contingent on trade specifics.

Diverse Account Offerings

Catering to varied trading aspirations, ETrade FX introduces: Standard Account: Tailored for novices, this provides a foundational trading ecosystem. Premium Account: A step above, designed for seasoned traders, boasting features like dedicated account management and advanced analytical tools. VIP Account: The pinnacle offering for professional traders, it provides unparalleled benefits. Customer-Centric Support: ETrade FX stands out for its impeccable 24/5 customer assistance accessible via chat, email, and phone. The support's efficiency, expertise, and affable nature are commendable.

Periodically, ETrade FX introduces enticing bonus programs and promotional activities, from deposit enhancements, cashbacks, to trade competitions, enriching the trade journey.

  • Informed Trading: With tools ranging from Morgan Stanley equity insights to real-time news, economic forecasts, and expert sessions, traders are armed with comprehensive data for informed decisions.
  • Innovative Trading Tech: Central to ETrade FX's offerings is its advanced trading technology, supporting both in-house and MetaTrader platforms, celebrated for their user-centric design, real-time analytics, and device adaptability.
  • Upholding Standards: Being under the Morgan Stanley banner, ETrade FX is subject to stringent regulations by major financial watchdogs, ensuring transparency, security, and compliance.

ETRADE FX, reinforced by its Morgan Stanley association, offers an all-encompassing trade environment addressing diverse trader requirements. With its favorable trade conditions, transparent pricing, cutting-edge tech, and reliability, it emerges as a prime choice for those exploring FX trading. Prospective traders should, however, undertake thorough research and perhaps initiate with a demo account to familiarize themselves with the platform before any financial commitment.

Embrace Life's Milestones with Financial Confidence

Equip yourself financially for life's unpredictable journey with the expert guidance of E*TRADE, a distinguished subsidiary of Morgan Stanley. Embark on your investment journey today and harness the power of digital trading tailored to your needs.

Unlock the Power of Financial Freedom

  • Zero Commissions: Refocus your attention from unnecessary fees to a brighter future. Dive into the digital world of US-listed stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options - all devoid of any commission charges and free of account minimums.¹
  • Diverse Investment Avenues: Experience the vast world of investment options. From stocks and ETFs to options and mutual funds, our extensive array ensures you have the tools to chase your financial aspirations.
  • Effortless Trading Experience: Command your trades through our advanced platforms. Whether it's online, on Power E*TRADE, or via our internationally acclaimed mobile applications, your trading experience is streamlined and powerful.²
  • Pulse on the Market: Keep your finger on the market's pulse. Avail yourself of our timely market analyses and gain an edge with complimentary access to Morgan Stanley's coveted equity research.
  • Core Portfolio Management: Experience the sophistication of automated investment. Obtain a well-balanced portfolio, meticulously observed and adjusted, all for a transparent annual advisory fee of 0.30% and a convenient entry threshold of $500.³
  • Retirement Solutions: Forge the path to your post-professional life. Allow our seasoned experts to guide you in sculpting and executing a strategic retirement plan tailored to your dreams.

Your Comprehensive Financial Destination

For the Digital Investment Novice: Venturing into online investing for the first time? Begin your journey with us and access:

  • An engaging online experience tailored to long-term investment strategies.
  • User-centric web interfaces and mobile applications.
  • A plethora of account options catering to varied financial goals.
  • Enlightening educational content and insightful guidance.

For the Avid Trader: Immerse yourself in a suite of resources purpose-built for the passionate trader:

  • Avail of our competitive pricing: 65¢ per options contract and $1.50 for futures contracts⁴.
  • Experience dynamic charting and state-of-the-art trading tools.
  • Benefit from our specialized trading support.
  • Banking with Assurance: Experience hassle-free banking with the prestigious Morgan Stanley Private Bank: Enjoy the safety of FDIC-insured accounts. Transfer cash effortlessly with zero fees. Benefit from competitive interest rates, ensuring your money works for you.

Empower yourself to embrace life's significant moments with the financial fortitude and expertise offered by E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, find the tools, guidance, and support tailored to your unique financial journey.

E*TRADE: Leading the Digital Revolution in Investment

Born from a brilliant vision in the early 1980s, E*TRADE pioneered the online trading frontier, forever altering the landscape of retail investment. Today, as an integral arm of Morgan Stanley—a global titan renowned for its unparalleled wealth management, astute investment advice, cutting-edge research, and deep market insights—we stand tall as the bridge between traditional investment practices and the digital future.

Our inception was nothing short of revolutionary. A brilliant physicist with an inventor's heart envisioned a world where everyday investors could initiate trades online. His groundbreaking approach culminated in the very first online transaction dispatched to an exchange. This monumental stride democratized investment, granting main street investors the autonomy to manage their portfolios digitally, eliminating the traditional dependency on human brokers.

In today's digital era, E*TRADE has evolved to specialize in curating a premium, intuitive experience tailored to the modern, tech-savvy investor and trader. We're not just about transactions; we're about transforming the investment journey.

  • Careers at E*TRADE. Are you driven, dynamic, and fueled by energy? Do you possess a passion for innovation and a desire to shape the future of finance? If so, we invite you to step into the fast-paced world of E*TRADE—a frontrunner in the financial services realm. We're scouting for spirited individuals eager to contribute to our legacy and drive our vision forward.
  • E*TRADE in the Community. At E*TRADE, we believe in the power of community. We're deeply committed to leaving a positive imprint, not just in the world of finance, but in the hearts and lives of people. Through robust partnerships with non-profits, the dedicated volunteerism of our employees, and meaningful corporate contributions, we continually invest in strengthening and enriching communities. Join us as we strive to create a better, more inclusive world.
  • Elevate Your Career with E*TRADE. Many companies tout their desire for top-tier talent. At E*TRADE, we yearn for something deeper. Beyond mere brilliance, we seek individuals with a visionary spark, individuals who can see potential where others see limits. We admire creative thinkers fervently committed to empowering our customers by equipping them with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to become astute, informed investors.
  • Our Cultural Ethos at E*TRADE. At E*TRADE, complacency isn’t in our vocabulary. We relentlessly pursue excellence, always aiming to elevate our standards. By deeply understanding our customers and their aspirations, we foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration, all with the mission to simplify and enhance the investment journey for the everyday individual. If you envision a financial institution that is transparent yet innovative, driven with purpose yet humble in its approach, then you've found a home with us.
  • E*TRADE: Enriching Communities. Living by our values isn’t a mere statement for us—it’s a commitment. We believe in extending our principles beyond business, advocating for what’s right for our customers, staff, shareholders, and the vibrant communities that envelop us. Our pride lies in being an actively engaged corporate member, always ready to champion the cause. Through our partnerships with altruistic organizations, we endeavor to address and serve the diverse needs of our local communities, leaving a lasting, positive impact.

Empower Your Investment: Seamless Account Funding

Delve into diverse ways to bolster your account with E*TRADE, ensuring an effortless and streamlined approach tailored to your convenience.

  • Transfer Money Effortlessly Duration: Up to three business days. Leverage our free 'Transfer Money' service, meticulously designed to facilitate smooth movement of funds between your accounts, even from external financial institutions. Dive into a hassle-free world of financial fluidity.
  • Opt for Quick Wire Transfers Duration: Completed within the same business day. Consider a wire transfer, the epitome of electronic financial convenience. Whether you're moving funds within your own accounts or engaging in transactions across different banks, this method ensures swiftness and reliability.
  • Seamlessly Transition with Account Transfers Duration: 10+ business days. Envisage a complete transition of your financial assets, both liquid cash and securities, from any external financial institution right into the trustworthy arms of E*TRADE or the esteemed Morgan Stanley Private Bank. Let us handle the intricacies while you relish the benefits.
  • Convenient Check Deposits Duration: Up to five business days. Why limit yourself? With ETRADE, you can choose the method that aligns with your preference. Opt for mobile check deposits using our sophisticated ETRADE Mobile app^2, or if you're more traditional, simply send it via mail. Your investment, your way.

Integrated Cash Management Solutions Navigating the financial currents has never been smoother with E*TRADE and Morgan Stanley Private Bank at your side. We deliver an ensemble of advanced, yet user-friendly cash management tools, ensuring you can effortlessly oversee, relocate, and manage the liquidity within your bank and brokerage accounts.

Dive into our Comprehensive Features

Unfettered Cash Accessibility. Round-the-Clock Access: Tap into your funds effortlessly whenever the need arises, without any constraints of minimum balance.

Complimentary Debit Card

  • Ubiquitous Transactions: Whether it's withdrawing cash or completing a purchase, your account is accessible anytime, from any corner of the globe.
  • Nationwide ATM Reimbursements: Say goodbye to pesky ATM fees with our unlimited refund system^2, crafted for our privileged customers.
  • Universal Acceptance: With the ease of point-of-purchase transactions at countless outlets globally, your debit card becomes your worldwide financial companion.
  • Digital Wallet Integration: Elevate your payment experience. Integrate your card with digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, and make transactions online, in-app, or in-store using your Wallet app.

Zero-Cost Fund Transfers

  • Barrier-Free Transactions: We staunchly believe that your funds should flow unimpeded, without any obstacles.
  • Complimentary Initial Checkbook: Embrace the convenience with a free checkbook on us, exclusive to eligible patrons^3.
  • Enhanced Oversight: Keep abreast of your transactions with 24/7 access to images of cleared checks, reinforcing financial transparency.
  • Interbank Transfers: Leverage our 'Transfer Money' service to effortlessly shuttle funds between E*TRADE, Morgan Stanley Private Bank, and any other financial institutions.

Online Bill Payment without Extra Charges

  • Universal Payments: Address all your bill obligations, irrespective of the recipient, using our swift and user-friendly Bill Pay service.
  • Efficiency & Savings: Consolidate your bill management. Receive and settle bills digitally, saving both time and the cost of traditional postage.
  • Timely Payments: Ward off the specter of late fees by setting up automated recurring payments, ensuring punctuality.
  • Adaptable Management: Whether you prefer desktop browsing or mobile navigation, manage your payments seamlessly according to your convenience.

Our dedication lies in offering an unparalleled banking experience, redefining the boundaries of financial convenience. Join us in this journey towards effortless cash management. 

For Existing Stock Plan Participants:

Comprehensive Stock Plans Assistance. Navigating through your stock plan journey? Here's how we can elevate your experience.

  • Direct Access: Seamlessly log in to oversee and manage your stock plan account. Your stock insights, just a click away.

Holistic Overview: Within a unified dashboard, gain an expansive view of your stock plan account's dynamics.

  • Customized Insights: Delve into the intricacies of your holdings, segmented by benefit type or action status. Quickly identify grants awaiting acceptance and discern between unvested, sellable, or exercisable stocks.
  • Actionable Notifications: Stay on top of your to-dos with a tailored list of "action items" for timely consideration.
  • Taxation Simplified: Access the E*TRADE Stock Plan Tax Center for a streamlined experience. Retrieve your tax documents, discover cost basis details, browse through FAQs, and arm yourself with educational resources in preparation for the tax season.

Stock Plans

  • For New Stock Plan Participants: Embarking on Your Stock Plan Journey. Swift Onboarding: Initiate your stock plan benefits seamlessly. With our guided assistance, you'll be up and running in mere minutes.
  • For Current Plan Administrators: Effortless Administration Access. Warm Welcome: Your administrative hub awaits! Log into the Client Resource Center and immerse yourself in the functionalities of Equity Edge Online®.
  • For Aspiring Clients: Experience Excellence with E*TRADE & Morgan Stanley. Dedicated Support & Tailored Solutions: Explore the myriad advantages of partnering with an industry leader in equity compensation plan administration and participant services. Through Morgan Stanley at Work, we extend specialized account and service support, coupled with adaptable administration solutions tailored to our esteemed corporate clientele.

Empowering Resources:

Knowledge & Tools for Enhanced Decision Making

  • Elevate Your Understanding: Seek insights on-demand. Traverse our Education page for a profound understanding of stock plan benefits and strategies to optimize them.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Employ our advanced calculators to predict tax implications, simulate potential transaction outcomes, and achieve a deeper understanding of your stock plans.

Activating Your Stock Plan Account

A Walkthrough to Your Financial Future. Effortless Activation: Setting up your new stock plan account is straightforward and intuitive. For a visual guide, watch our video tutorials that depict the simplicity of kickstarting your journey with us. Your stock plan journey deserves clarity, convenience, and expertise. At E*TRADE, we commit to providing just that.

E*TRADE Executive Services: Tailored Expertise for the Discerning Executive

Your equity awards represent more than just a bonus; they're an acknowledgment of the pivotal role you've played in the triumphs of your firm. To harness the full potential of these awards, you need more than just information—you require personalized guidance from seasoned professionals who comprehend your unique position.

Elevate Your Executive Experience with E*TRADE:

A Deep Dive into the Multifaceted World of Executive Compensation Navigating executive compensation isn't just about numbers, it's about strategy. By partnering with E*TRADE Executive Services, you can benefit from:

  • Individualized Support: Our dedicated Executive Services Relationship Managers provide tailored, one-on-one guidance to cater to your unique equity compensation requirements.
  • Holistic Financial Tools & Solutions: Seamlessly manage and optimize your awards with advanced platforms and resources.
  • Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management Expertise: Gain exclusive access to a wealth of strategies designed for professionals at your echelon.

An Expert By Your Side:

Your Personal Guide through Equity Compensation's Intricacies Your assigned Relationship Manager brings extensive experience to the table. Their depth of knowledge allows them to:

  • Demystify the nuances of your equity awards.
  • Strategically advise you through pivotal equity compensation stages, from grant acceptance to vesting and potential sales.
  • Offer advanced solutions, like the 10b5-1 trading plan, bespoke Equity Award Analysis, or securing a line of credit rooted in your equity awards.
  • Liaise directly with your tax consultant and your broader financial team, ensuring cohesive strategies that maximize your equity award benefits.

Maximizing the Value of Your Equity Awards:

Harness the Potential, Shape the Future With our state-of-the-art tools and services:

  • Equity Award Analysis: Dive into economic projections and potential tax scenarios to anticipate the possible impact on your equity awards.
  • Tailored 10b5-1 Trading Plans: Collaborate with us to devise a trading blueprint for your equity assets, catering to regulatory mandates and minimizing concentration risk.
  • Liquidity at Your Fingertips: Acquire liquidity as required by leveraging your equity, ensuring financial flexibility without derailing your long-term strategies.

Wealth Management: Beyond Basics

Crafted Solutions for the Ambitious Executive E*TRADE, in partnership with Morgan Stanley, offers an encompassing suite of wealth management tools:

  • Goal-Oriented Approach: Whether you're eyeing retirement, crafting a legacy, or other financial aspirations, we infuse your equity compensation into a customized plan tailored for your overarching objectives.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation: Cultivate a diversified portfolio that seeks growth while concurrently mitigating risks. Our strategies consider your executive equity compensation, aligning with your financial persona.
  • Morgan Stanley Total Tax 365: Experience comprehensive tax-management strategies to enhance your post-tax yields and diminish portfolio tax implications.
  • Philanthropic Endeavors: Harness tax-advantageous solutions to realize your charitable aspirations.
  • Innovative Investment Avenues: For the discerning investor, access an array of alternative investments spanning diverse asset classes to further diversify and stabilize your portfolio.

At E*TRADE Executive Services, we understand that your equity awards are not just assets—they're the embodiment of your professional journey. Let us help you navigate, strategize, and optimize every opportunity they present.

E*TRADE Security Center: Prioritizing Your Peace of Mind

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your account remains paramount to us. While we have measures in place to protect your assets, our commitment goes further. With the E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley Complete Protection Guarantee, you can rest assured that you hold zero liability for any unauthorized use of your account. Furthermore, your personal information remains sacred to us – it will never be sold. Ever.

Comprehensive Measures to Fortify Your Account

Layered Defense Mechanisms We employ a multifaceted approach to safeguarding your account:

  • Robust Encryption and Firewalls: Your personal data and transactions are shielded with state-of-the-art encryption protocols. Additionally, our firewalls stand as a formidable barrier against external threats.
  • Dedicated Fraud Protection: We've instituted specialized teams to monitor, detect, and counter any fraudulent activities.
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA): Enhance your account's security with MFA, which mandates two distinct identification methods before granting access. Understand its mechanics [here].
  • Instant Security Alerts: Stay updated with real-time alerts regarding your account's transactions, stock movements, news, and portfolio dynamics. We advise opting for email notifications for swift access. In the event we perceive any fraudulent attempt on your account, a high-priority security alert will be dispatched to you immediately.

Safeguarding Against Fraudulent Activities

Zero Liability for Unauthorized Use Should there be any unauthorized exploitation of our brokerage, banking, or lending services, rest assured, we've got you covered. Your losses are on us. Unwavering Privacy Commitment. Your personal data is invaluable, and we promise never to trade it off with third parties or marketers. Familiarize yourself with the fine details by exploring our U.S. Privacy Policy and Notice.

Elevating Your Personal Security Posture

Optimal Password Hygiene for E*TRADE Account Access

  • Employ a robust password combination: Incorporate numerals, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters for heightened security.
  • Steer clear of common words, repetitive sequences (like '123' or 'AAA'), and avoid using platform-related words (like 'ETRADEPASS').
  • Rotate your passwords periodically and ensure your E*TRADE credentials are unique from your other online logins.
  • Avoid recognizable personal data, such as your Social Security number, as part of your username.
  • While we may periodically get in touch regarding your account, remember that we will never solicit your password. Ensure it remains confidential.
  • End each session meticulously by logging out and closing your browser to safeguard against unauthorized access.

At E*TRADE, your security isn't just an objective—it's a commitment. Stay informed, stay protected, and invest with confidence.

ETrade FX Trading Information 2024

WWW https://us.etrade.com/home
Address Harborside 2 200 Hudson Street, Suite 501 Jersey City, NJ
Headquarters Harborside 2 200 Hudson Street, Suite 501 Jersey City, NJ
Free phone 800-387-2331
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Interest charges on the balance
Bonuses, Promotions
1st deposit bonus
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 500:1
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 100
Popular payment methods Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, WebMoney
Account currencies USD, EUR, JPY, GBP
Available assets Stock, Designated Brokerage
Languages English
Platforms Power E*TRADE
Broker type Broker
Regulation NFA
Foundation 2006

ETrade FX Traders' Reviews

  11 Oct 2023
I've been engaging with E*TRADE for several months now. While their trading offerings have often impressed me, I've had some reservations concerning their technical and customer support. Technical Support: My experience with E*TRADE's technical support was less than satisfactory. Waiting for an online operator felt like an endless endeavor, sometimes extending to hours. When resorting to email communication, the response time was typically between 3 to 5 days, which in the fast-paced world of trading, can feel like an eternity. Additionally, I found it inconvenient that the chat functionality wasn't available in their mobile app, a feature I believe is crucial for on-the-go traders. Trading and Functionalities: On the brighter side, E*TRADE shines in its trading offers and platform functionalities. They boast attractive proposals, such as commission-free trades on US stocks and ETFs, which is a significant plus for traders eyeing the US market. The Power E*TRADE terminal stands out in its user-friendly interface that doesn't compromise on depth. The automatic chart-building feature, which draws support and resistance lines, is a testament to its intuitive design. The terminal is a haven for those who value detailed analysis, offering advanced intraday and historical charts equipped with over 100 searches and 30 drawing tools. The performance and asset value charts particularly caught my eye for their precision and clarity. Overall Take: ETRADE certainly delivers in terms of value for money. Their commendable range of analysis tools and the overall user experience of their trading platform make it a worthwhile choice for traders. While there's room for improvement in their customer service department, my overall experience tilts positive. At this stage in my trading journey, I can confidently say that I'm comfortable continuing with ETRADE.
  14 Sep 2023
My trading experience with E-Trade has been quite the roller-coaster ride. While I initially approached the platform with enthusiasm, several experiences have prompted me to reassess my view on their services. Customer Service: One of the primary pain points has been their customer service, which I found to be disappointing. The responsiveness and effectiveness of their support team left much to be desired. Additionally, their website often falls short in providing clear, useful information that traders, especially novices, might need to navigate the complexities of trading. This lack of crucial information can be a hindrance, especially for those who are new to the platform. Platform Usability and Functionality: Moving on to their terminal's user experience, the functionality felt limited, making tasks that should be straightforward somewhat cumbersome. I faced recurrent screen freezes, which disrupted the trading flow and could potentially result in significant missed opportunities in a rapidly changing market. An example of this functional inadequacy is the difficulty I encountered when trying to view something as fundamental as the limit price of an open order. The 'detail' button was unresponsive across multiple browsers. This meant that the only workaround was to cancel the order entirely and start over, which is far from efficient. Financial Calculations: Another major concern was the platform's accuracy in financial calculations. I came across inconsistencies in the computation of net revenue. It's paramount for a trading platform to provide precise calculations as even minor discrepancies can have considerable implications for traders. Given these experiences, I'm cautious about endorsing E-Trade. While every platform has its ups and downs, the issues I encountered here seem fundamental and potentially detrimental to a trader's success. Those considering E-Trade should approach with caution and thoroughly evaluate its features and services against their trading needs.
  20 Aug 2023
My journey into the world of trading began with Forex, and I've been actively involved in it for over two years. A close friend, familiar with my interest in trading, recommended ETrade to me, and I was intrigued enough to give it a try. What drew me to ETrade: Two features initially caught my attention: the reliable regulatory framework that ETrade operates under and the absence of stringent deposit requirements. This flexibility was an attractive prospect for someone like me who values simplicity in trading platforms. Noticing the Differences: However, it wasn't long before I realized a significant deviation from what I was used to with Forex. The maximum level of leverage provided by ETrade was only at a 1:1.5 ratio. This struck me as unusual, especially when considering typical offerings in the foreign exchange market. Upon closer inspection, I recognized that ETrade is more aligned with stock trading rather than the Forex market. Dipping My Toes into the World of Stocks: By the time I made this realization, I had already committed a small amount into the ETrade deposit. Instead of retreating, I saw this as an opportunity to diversify and delve into the realm of stock exchanges. While the underlying principles of trading remain consistent between Forex and stocks, it's the nuances of financial instruments and market analysis that differentiate the two. To be candid, I initially found myself grappling with these intricacies. However, with time and persistence, I've begun to develop a clearer understanding and appreciation for stock trading. ETrade's Trading Environment: Despite the initial hiccups and the steep learning curve, I've found that ETrade offers commendable trading conditions. Their platform, combined with the myriad of tools and resources they provide, has been instrumental in my ongoing journey in stock trading. Looking Forward: Trading is a dynamic field, continually evolving and presenting new challenges. While my transition from Forex to stocks with ETrade was unplanned, I'm committed to mastering the intricacies and leveraging the robust features ETrade offers. The journey has been enlightening so far, and I remain optimistic about the future.
  21 Jul 2023
Basically, everything is fine. I have little to compare with, but I can definitely say that ETrade FX are not scammers. The company provides access to all key trading platforms, access to a huge number of instruments, which allows you to cover the maximum and trade effectively. Separate respect for the developers for the trading terminal, which ETrade FX is constantly improving and fixing minor bugs with lightning speed, also pleases that new indicators are added from time to time, thanks to which their program wins against the background of competitors or a boring metac, which is stuffed with a lot of things, but in fact it is no better. With regards to the output, everything is more or less. In principle, there have never been cancellations or refusals, but the speed of withdrawal of funds leaves much to be desired. I still want an instant withdrawal of funds, but, apparently, given the current realities, this is hardly feasible. I want to note that I really like working through ETrade FX and, importantly, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. I do not consider myself to be the latter, I am rather a beginner, but the company's individual approach to the client is felt at all levels.
  14 Jun 2023
I have no problems with this broker. Maybe someone will think: wait... This argument will not work, because I am no longer a beginner. I opened an account with ETrade in April last year. For such a long period, any negative would have already manifested itself. And I normally trade and earn money within reasonable limits. I tried different options of trading platforms that this broker offers. There are no serious comments on their work. The money ordered for withdrawal is credited to the bank account in about a week. If you withdraw to webmoney, then faster.
  3 Mar 2023
I didn't stress much when choosing a broker. I caught the eye of ETrade, so I signed up. It's been almost a year. I can rate. Not bad. Trading is convenient. Quality quotes. It was very difficult to work off the bonus. Money is withdrawn, one might say, without problems. Well, except for the problem of slow processing of applications. I got lucky with the manager. We communicate infrequently, but it is felt that the person understands the intricacies of trading. In general, my random choice of a broker turned out to be a very good option.
  19 Feb 2017
My friend has been working at Etrade. I have trading account and it’s still active but investing is more appealing to me. However, etrade has lots of solutions for day traders, position traders and long-term investors. Their web platform allows making all that stuff simultaneously. This use of platform makes me feel like a guru of financial world.
  29 Jul 2016
I was surprised when this giant brokerage firm on the US market offered forex service for retail customers. For a long time it was focused only on stock market. I registered immediately. Etrade offers MT 4 platform for trading currencies. Not bad. Anyway, it is not a big difference if you open account in FXCM. It is identical level of service due to the same technologies and liquidity providers they use. E*TRADE use all these things from forex capital markets because it is introducing broker to fxcm. I am not a customer of fxcm but etrade could’ve been offer better service than retail FX broker. The point I stay with etrade is its reputation. That is much higher then any forex broker has.
  25 Mar 2009
Execution seems to be plagueing the E-trade Financial platform, I thought it was my own server, as told me by ET, but have since read around that it ain't. looks like many of the tech team have left an ain't been replaced. Sad for us as it limits our trading capabilities.
  30 Jan 2007
\"watch this one\" Very ominous Mr. Forex. First of: If you\'re such a knowledgeable, you would know that FX is not for cheapskates. 5,500 is a decent sized account if you\'re into making money and not into playing around and posting baseless posts that mislead others that surf posts to find useful information, which your posts lacks, by the way). Second: E*Trade FX is a white label platform of Saxo Bank, which actually just sends their trades to Deutsche Bank. So how about them apples Mr. Forex.
  24 Jun 2006
Ј3000 is not for the light forex market player. This is about $5500 large again if you are a beginner watch this one
All ETrade FX Reviews

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4Register FxPro trading accountFxProOverall Rating for FxPro: 4.5 starsTrusted 946 Reviews and comments Broker, NDDCySEC, FCA, FSC...500:1$100
5Register FBS trading accountFBSOverall Rating for FBS: 4.5 starsTrusted 520 Reviews and comments BrokerIFSC, ASIC, FSC...3000:1$1000
6Register Vantage trading accountVantageOverall Rating for FBS: 4.5 stars 34 Reviews and comments BrokerVFSC, ASIC, FCA...1000:1$200
7Register XM trading accountXMOverall Rating for XM: 4 starsTrusted 300 Reviews and comments BrokerASIC, CySEC, FS...1000:1$5
8Register FP Markets trading accountFP MarketsOverall Rating for FP Markets: 4 stars 33 Reviews and comments ECN, STP, DMAASIC, CySEC, FS...500:1$100
9Register AMarkets trading accountAMarketsOverall Rating for AMarkets: 4 starsTrusted 51 Reviews and comments BrokerMISA, FSA, FSC,...3000:1$100
10Register Errante trading accountErranteOverall Rating for Errante: 4 starsTrusted 4 Reviews and comments DMA, ECN, MMCySEC, FSA500:1$50
11Register IronFX trading accountIronFXOverall Rating for IronFX: 4 stars 224 Reviews and comments MM, ECN, STPFCA, FSCA30:1$50
12Register T4Trade trading accountT4TradeOverall Rating for T4Trade: 4 stars 79 Reviews and comments ECN, STP, MMSeychelles FSA1000:1$50
13Register Exness trading accountExnessOverall Rating for Exness: 4 stars 657 Reviews and comments MM, NDDFSA, CySEC , FC...2000:1$1
14Register Just2Trade trading accountJust2TradeOverall Rating for Just2Trade: 4 stars 105 Reviews and comments BrokerCySEC, NFA, FIN...500:1$100
15Register Alpari trading accountAlpariOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 stars 81 Reviews and comments BrokerFSC Mauritius1000:1$100
16Register OnEquity trading accountOnEquityOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 starsNewcomer 0 Reviews and comments STPFSA Seychelles,...1000:1$100
17Register MarketRocks trading accountMarketRocksOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 starsNewcomer 28 Reviews and comments MMn/a400:1$2500
18Register ModMount trading accountModMountOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 stars 11 Reviews and comments BrokerFSA400:1$250
19Register PowerStox trading accountPowerStoxOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 stars 107 Reviews and comments MMn/a400:1$2500
20Register FXNovus trading accountFXNovusOverall Rating for Alpari: 4 stars 17 Reviews and comments BrokerFSCA400:1$250

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