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I've been engaging with E*TRADE for several months now. While their trading offerings have often impressed me, I've had some reservations concerning their technical and customer support. Technical Support: My experience with E*TRADE's technical support was less than satisfactory. Waiting for an online operator felt like an endless endeavor, sometimes extending to hours. When resorting to email communication, the response time was typically between 3 to 5 days, which in the fast-paced world of trading, can feel like an eternity. Additionally, I found it inconvenient that the chat functionality wasn't available in their mobile app, a feature I believe is crucial for on-the-go traders. Trading and Functionalities: On the brighter side, E*TRADE shines in its trading offers and platform functionalities. They boast attractive proposals, such as commission-free trades on US stocks and ETFs, which is a significant plus for traders eyeing the US market. The Power E*TRADE terminal stands out in its user-friendly interface that doesn't compromise on depth. The automatic chart-building feature, which draws support and resistance lines, is a testament to its intuitive design. The terminal is a haven for those who value detailed analysis, offering advanced intraday and historical charts equipped with over 100 searches and 30 drawing tools. The performance and asset value charts particularly caught my eye for their precision and clarity. Overall Take: ETRADE certainly delivers in terms of value for money. Their commendable range of analysis tools and the overall user experience of their trading platform make it a worthwhile choice for traders. While there's room for improvement in their customer service department, my overall experience tilts positive. At this stage in my trading journey, I can confidently say that I'm comfortable continuing with ETRADE.
  11 Oct 2023  
My trading experience with E-Trade has been quite the roller-coaster ride. While I initially approached the platform with enthusiasm, several experiences have prompted me to reassess my view on their services. Customer Service: One of the primary pain points has been their customer service, which I found to be disappointing. The responsiveness and effectiveness of their support team left much to be desired. Additionally, their website often falls short in providing clear, useful information that traders, especially novices, might need to navigate the complexities of trading. This lack of crucial information can be a hindrance, especially for those who are new to the platform. Platform Usability and Functionality: Moving on to their terminal's user experience, the functionality felt limited, making tasks that should be straightforward somewhat cumbersome. I faced recurrent screen freezes, which disrupted the trading flow and could potentially result in significant missed opportunities in a rapidly changing market. An example of this functional inadequacy is the difficulty I encountered when trying to view something as fundamental as the limit price of an open order. The 'detail' button was unresponsive across multiple browsers. This meant that the only workaround was to cancel the order entirely and start over, which is far from efficient. Financial Calculations: Another major concern was the platform's accuracy in financial calculations. I came across inconsistencies in the computation of net revenue. It's paramount for a trading platform to provide precise calculations as even minor discrepancies can have considerable implications for traders. Given these experiences, I'm cautious about endorsing E-Trade. While every platform has its ups and downs, the issues I encountered here seem fundamental and potentially detrimental to a trader's success. Those considering E-Trade should approach with caution and thoroughly evaluate its features and services against their trading needs.
  14 Sep 2023  
My journey into the world of trading began with Forex, and I've been actively involved in it for over two years. A close friend, familiar with my interest in trading, recommended ETrade to me, and I was intrigued enough to give it a try. What drew me to ETrade: Two features initially caught my attention: the reliable regulatory framework that ETrade operates under and the absence of stringent deposit requirements. This flexibility was an attractive prospect for someone like me who values simplicity in trading platforms. Noticing the Differences: However, it wasn't long before I realized a significant deviation from what I was used to with Forex. The maximum level of leverage provided by ETrade was only at a 1:1.5 ratio. This struck me as unusual, especially when considering typical offerings in the foreign exchange market. Upon closer inspection, I recognized that ETrade is more aligned with stock trading rather than the Forex market. Dipping My Toes into the World of Stocks: By the time I made this realization, I had already committed a small amount into the ETrade deposit. Instead of retreating, I saw this as an opportunity to diversify and delve into the realm of stock exchanges. While the underlying principles of trading remain consistent between Forex and stocks, it's the nuances of financial instruments and market analysis that differentiate the two. To be candid, I initially found myself grappling with these intricacies. However, with time and persistence, I've begun to develop a clearer understanding and appreciation for stock trading. ETrade's Trading Environment: Despite the initial hiccups and the steep learning curve, I've found that ETrade offers commendable trading conditions. Their platform, combined with the myriad of tools and resources they provide, has been instrumental in my ongoing journey in stock trading. Looking Forward: Trading is a dynamic field, continually evolving and presenting new challenges. While my transition from Forex to stocks with ETrade was unplanned, I'm committed to mastering the intricacies and leveraging the robust features ETrade offers. The journey has been enlightening so far, and I remain optimistic about the future.
  20 Aug 2023  
Basically, everything is fine. I have little to compare with, but I can definitely say that ETrade FX are not scammers. The company provides access to all key trading platforms, access to a huge number of instruments, which allows you to cover the maximum and trade effectively. Separate respect for the developers for the trading terminal, which ETrade FX is constantly improving and fixing minor bugs with lightning speed, also pleases that new indicators are added from time to time, thanks to which their program wins against the background of competitors or a boring metac, which is stuffed with a lot of things, but in fact it is no better. With regards to the output, everything is more or less. In principle, there have never been cancellations or refusals, but the speed of withdrawal of funds leaves much to be desired. I still want an instant withdrawal of funds, but, apparently, given the current realities, this is hardly feasible. I want to note that I really like working through ETrade FX and, importantly, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. I do not consider myself to be the latter, I am rather a beginner, but the company's individual approach to the client is felt at all levels.
  21 Jul 2023  
I have no problems with this broker. Maybe someone will think: wait... This argument will not work, because I am no longer a beginner. I opened an account with ETrade in April last year. For such a long period, any negative would have already manifested itself. And I normally trade and earn money within reasonable limits. I tried different options of trading platforms that this broker offers. There are no serious comments on their work. The money ordered for withdrawal is credited to the bank account in about a week. If you withdraw to webmoney, then faster.
  14 Jun 2023  
I didn't stress much when choosing a broker. I caught the eye of ETrade, so I signed up. It's been almost a year. I can rate. Not bad. Trading is convenient. Quality quotes. It was very difficult to work off the bonus. Money is withdrawn, one might say, without problems. Well, except for the problem of slow processing of applications. I got lucky with the manager. We communicate infrequently, but it is felt that the person understands the intricacies of trading. In general, my random choice of a broker turned out to be a very good option.
  3 Mar 2023  
My friend has been working at Etrade. I have trading account and it’s still active but investing is more appealing to me. However, etrade has lots of solutions for day traders, position traders and long-term investors. Their web platform allows making all that stuff simultaneously. This use of platform makes me feel like a guru of financial world.
  19 Feb 2017  
I was surprised when this giant brokerage firm on the US market offered forex service for retail customers. For a long time it was focused only on stock market. I registered immediately. Etrade offers MT 4 platform for trading currencies. Not bad. Anyway, it is not a big difference if you open account in FXCM. It is identical level of service due to the same technologies and liquidity providers they use. E*TRADE use all these things from forex capital markets because it is introducing broker to fxcm. I am not a customer of fxcm but etrade could’ve been offer better service than retail FX broker. The point I stay with etrade is its reputation. That is much higher then any forex broker has.
  29 Jul 2016  
Execution seems to be plagueing the E-trade Financial platform, I thought it was my own server, as told me by ET, but have since read around that it ain't. looks like many of the tech team have left an ain't been replaced. Sad for us as it limits our trading capabilities.
  25 Mar 2009  
\"watch this one\" Very ominous Mr. Forex. First of: If you\'re such a knowledgeable, you would know that FX is not for cheapskates. 5,500 is a decent sized account if you\'re into making money and not into playing around and posting baseless posts that mislead others that surf posts to find useful information, which your posts lacks, by the way). Second: E*Trade FX is a white label platform of Saxo Bank, which actually just sends their trades to Deutsche Bank. So how about them apples Mr. Forex.
  30 Jan 2007  
Ј3000 is not for the light forex market player. This is about $5500 large again if you are a beginner watch this one
  24 Jun 2006  

ETRADE, having firmly established itself as a pioneer in online trading, now proudly stands as a subsidiary of the globally renowned Morgan Stanley - an institution acclaimed for its unmatched proficiency in wealth management, insightful investment consultations, advanced research, and in-depth...

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