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Regulation CySEC
Trading software MetaTrader4, WebTrader Desktop/Mobile, Custom Web Trader
Headquartered Andrea Zappa & Makedonon 4, Honey Court V, 1st floor, Office 11A, 4040 Limassol, Cyprus

While many traders wonder whether they should invest their money in CFDs, a new broker is set on a mission to challenge their trading skills. And what if you could train for a shot to be part of the 25%? This brand is eXcentral, and it aims to become an industry leader offering professional services and helping traders have a positive approach to trading.  

eXcentral is a promising start-up CFDs broker, offering some of the most competitive spreads in the industry, the exceptional MT4 trading platform, as well as plenty of educational material – basic services with a timeless value. The innovative brand also offers one-of-a-kind weekly free webinars hosted by Michalis Efthymiou, eXcentral’s Market Analyst. Following them you’ll be able to discover the world of trading. In addition, eXcentral offers more educational resources such as exceptional Trading Video Tutorials and valuable Trading eBooks, for traders to continue learning with comfort.

eXcentral clients will receive top-quality assistance that will make their trading journey special. From the very beginning, eXcentral’s team has always been committed to the principles of close relationship with clients, becoming the helper you need. eXcentral’s exceptional team and trained managers will help you diversify your knowledge by teaching you how to use important trading tools and stay connected to the markets. 

eXcentral is a truly innovative CFDs broker, aiming to cover the importance of high-level trading. It is also committed to helping you challenge your trading skills with its diversified assets, education and trading tools – your key to have a chance at being part of the 25%! Intrigued? eXcentral offers the real challenge to help you become the better you - so dare to trade! 

eXcentral trading information

WWW https://eu.excentral.com
Address Andrea Zappa & Makedonon 4, Honey Court V, 1st floor, Office 11A, 4040 Limassol, Cyprus
Headquarters Cyprus
Free phone +357 24 020299
24 hour support
Expert advisors
Free education
Automated trading
Demo account
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Pip spread on majors
Spread Type Variable
Maximum Leverage 400
ECN, $
STP, $
Standard account, $ 250
Micro account, $ 250
Popular payment methods Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer
Account currencies USD, GBP, EUR, CHF
Available assets Commodities, Shares, Indices, Cryptos
Languages English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Czech
Platforms MetaTrader4, WebTrader Desktop/Mobile, Custom Web Trader
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC
Foundation 2019

I decided to get a refund only a day after investing but they never gave my money back. they keep on asking money instead. they never approved whenever I request for a withdrawal until I have zero money left on my acount. Don't invest here! I should've read negative comments here.

Vicky   15 August, 2020  

I've only been trading about 6 month here, so perhaps my opinion is not the most valuable one, yet, I have smth to compare the service with and trading with exCentral creates a nice impression after all. The broker suits active intraday trading. Paltforms are typical : MT and its webversion. The difference that I've noticed here after having a negative trading experience with the other brokerage - quotes are good. No spikes, no other manipulations detected. When I buy or sell market (which I do rarely), the result is definitely not as favorable as working with limit orders, but at least it doesn't take long to execute. The spread is noticable, but at least you don't miss the whole move while they try to execute (which happened to me before with my exbroker) The only thing - I really don't like the idea of inactivity fee here, however,so far I'm ok with that, as I trade almost every business day.

Cris Nowak   13 August, 2020  

Do not be fooled by this broker, at first they will be very friendly to you. please do not invest your money with them. I repeat NEVER. I created an account, at first they gave me a friendly account manager that is continuously convincing me to put additional deposits which I did and I said that I still want to learn to trade step by step that is why I am fine with my account. Then after few days, a different account manager his name is Wasi, he called me saying that I was refused by my first account manager because of such a small account of $1300, this one is very manipulative that he wants you to start big on your account because the account managers like them are not getting a good commission from your account I found them very rude and unprofessional. After our argument on his 2nd call because he cannot convince me to deposit, he told me that I just have to close my trades and just get whatever will be left from my account even losing much money on it, so I decided to close and withdraw what is left for me. After an hour, someone called me again to stop my withdrawal tried to manipulate me to trade the remaining $900 because he is very much sure that I can make profit, so I gave them another chance. I trade my remaining money where he suggested, but while my account is increasing the loss he is very much decisive in trying to push me so hard to deposit, which I did not do this time and lost all my remaining money. This Senior Account Manager Wasi emailed me that he already approved to give me back my $900 but nothing was deposited on my account since then. It's been more than a week now, I lost my hard earned money.

Cathy   11 August, 2020  

This is my worst experience in my lifetime. I started with $250. They keep on calling and asking you to deposit more in the account. To their trap I got myself in and deposited $2000 for trading. They guide you to the wrong investment which recoup very high losses and just like that you account is closed and your money is gone. Being a beginner they are supposed to guide you in the right investment. Shock on you. They are here to con and steal from people. Just 2 days trading and my account bal is $85. For those who want to invest. Run and don't dare to try this. You will cry or invest what you are ready to loose. I cannot advice anybody to invest with this company. Kindly do your research well.

Monicah   11 August, 2020  

how can I temporarily deactivate my trading account with excentral? to avoid being penalized of $80 per month. thank you for your immediate response.

neoTrader   8 August, 2020  

Dear neoTrader,

Thank you for your comment on forex-ratings.com.
Please contact your account manager and inform him/her about your concerns. Should you require any further assistance, please contact our team at support@excentral-eu.com.


eXcentral   10 August, 2020

I would like to withdraw my investment since my status is suspended, because I cannot provide proof of my residence. Our bills & statement of accounts are all addressed to my husband.

Gadi   8 August, 2020  

Dear Gadi,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please contact our team at support@excentral-eu.com and inform them about the issues you have encountered.


eXcentral   10 August, 2020

I really would like to know why eXcentral takes too long time to process a withdrawal? eXcentral took less than five minutes to process a deposit through Rapid transfer for me. But, withdrawal is already taking 8 business days to be processed. Support team just tell me that it can take more time, although eXcentral policies says 3-5 business days.

Anderson Gimenez   4 August, 2020  

Dear Mr. Anderson Gimenez,

We appreciate your feedback, and we are deeply sorry that we were unable to accommodate your refund request within a reasonable timeframe.
We understand your frustration, but sometimes it may take longer for refunds to process. We hope to have your issue resolved soon, and rest assured, your funds will be returned to your account.
If you require further assistance, please contact support@excentral-eu.com.


eXcentral   5 August, 2020

Been trading last night, till now no information from account manager.

Darlin   1 August, 2020  

Dear Darlin,

Thank you for your feedback. Your account manager will be in touch with you in due time.


eXcentral   3 August, 2020

Been trading with them for almost 2 months. My account manager Matan is way beyond expectations, very professional and supporting which was very important for me as a beginner. only issue was when trying to insert more money to my account but on the second or third try works completely fine.

Dr. Dahari   21 July, 2020  

Dear Dahari,

Your feedback is greatly valued, as it helps us maintain excellent standard of service to our customers.
If you continue having problems when trying to make a deposit, please inform your account manager.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

Regulated Broker, support is good, Webinars are amazing, really recommend attending it, Michalis is very helpful . Everything is good so far, one of the best!

guest   21 July, 2020  

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review - it's much appreciated!

We are glad to hear that you are enjoying our webinars with Michalis.


eXcentral   24 July, 2020

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