eXcentral Reviews and Comments 2020

I have been trading with excentral for quite some time now, I haven't had any issues with them. Only some delay in withdrawals, but you get your money back. I was being informed by the support team. If you have any issues, just contact support, don't complain about it here.

Lenny   4 June, 2020  

There is no smoke without fire. look at the reviews online and make your own judgement. The fact that people have to post reviews before getting response says a lot about the integrity of excentral. Do not invest with them, there are more credible platforms!

eve   4 June, 2020

Dear Eve,

Thank you for your comment. Please note that we try to be as responsive as possible, and our team is constantly trying to understand how best to support our Clients. We take reviews seriously, and as we learn from them, we evolve.


eXcentral   5 June, 2020

Guys, this is the worst broker, please do not work through them. I repeat never. I created an account and for some reason I found them very dodgy with manipulating my personal information and quite skeptical, one of them even asked me to install TeamViewer on my computer so that he could teach me somethin but I knew it was to get access to my databases. Well I made it look like I didn't know what that software was but deepdown i knew what he was upto. He was very manipulative with everything guys. I immediately changed my mind and requested for a refund.It took them 20 days to reply my mail and said they would deduct $80 out of $250. I was okay with it considering the danger which could come along with them, I said thats fine and requested the rest of the amount. It's been 4 months now and they neither respond my email nor my call. I lost my hard earned money guys.

Jack Shrestha   31 May, 2020  

Dear Jack,

We would like to investigate your claims. Please contact our support team, we will gladly look this up for you.

eXcentral   4 June, 2020

Anyone successfully withdraw the money? I just deposit n do some trade. Also in winning position. And their account manager keep calling to deposit Usd5K to get bonus n extra bonus $500usd in equity acct.

Kon   19 May, 2020  

Been trading with them for a month now, and I'm very happy with the service. The most important thing for me is to be able to reach my Account Manager whenever I need it, and for my money to be safe. And all of that is good here!

Valentine   16 January, 2020  

I opened a account and after a couple of days decided not to trade and asked that my deposit must be reversed into my credit card. Then they started to bombard me with posts, that i must do at least 2 trades before they pay back whats left. Its thiefing and corrupt. I will do my utmost best to report eXcentral to Google and social media.

Daniel de Vries   11 December, 2019  

Dear Daniel,

We are sorry that you feel this way about eXcentral. Please be informed that all traders who complete the registration on our site, are obligated to confirm that they have read, understood and accepted the Client agreement. You can find our General Fees document in our Client agreement, which includes all the necessary information about our fees.

As per clause 1 of the Withdrawal fees, the Company has the right to charge 80 Euro fees if the Company processes a refund and the Client failed to provide to the Company accurate and/or necessary and/or adequate information/documentation for the verification of his/her/its identity and/or address as may be requested from time to time and/or for any other reason the Company deems necessary, or if there is insignificant (one single position placed on the Trading Account only) or no trading activity in the Client's Trading Account prior to the submission of the withdrawal request.


eXcentral   4 June, 2020

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