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Hello everyone, Never ever trust this kind of trading company. I got scammed too for $200. When Ihsancan instruct me to buy more trades to the point he want me to deposit another $1000, to save my money. So i was not sure about adding more profit when i did not earn from my first profit. Instead of sending another profit, i decided to withdraw my $200 but surprisingly Ihsancan begged me to do one more trades to the point ived lost everything. Then he ever said try to withdraw it now from the fact that he new i got nothing left. To this company hope no one can be a victim from them again.
  16 Aug 2022  
Hello! same thing happened to me. First we deposited around $200 then the manager pushes us to invest to $2000. They instruct us to buy losing trades to the point that all the money got liquidated in a few days. Wasn't able to claim my withdraw of 500$ left. Don't get scammed.
  17 Feb 2022  
You never get your money back from them. No withdrawal execution.
  28 Oct 2021  
I have the same experience.at first they let me profit, but than manipulated to send more and more money to save my trades. I was also misguided to loss so they could profit from my money. AkiDZ was my guro. When I did not when I did not take his repeated advice to deposit $ 2000. He got so angry that he made a couple of trades that would definitely lose, and I lost what I had put in.
  25 Oct 2021  
Yes I was scammed too, always asking for money.
  15 Oct 2021  
In a year time I lost all my savings. How stupid I was! They let me profit a little, than misguided me and send me emails demanding more money to save my trades. Yesterday all my possition was closed and I had just an empty account. how can I defend myself?
  9 Oct 2021  
The was what happened to me also.
Ing   25 Oct 2021
Hi everyone who have been cheated and manipulated by excentral account managers and have lost their hard earned money. I am one of the sufferer who has been misguided & scammed by excentral. If we all join hands together, we can jointly file a complaint against them with the South African Authority and request the authority for cancellation of their license and claim our money. The group that has started this platform is a scam too. They are cheaters and they should not be allowed to get away from this. Please join me in my attempt to file a petition against them for cheating and manipulating people like us and robbing us of our hard earned money.
  27 Sep 2021  
I have the same experience.at first they let me profit,but than manipulated to send more and more money to save my trades.I was also misguided to loss so they could profit from my money. How can we defend ourselves? Where is the petition accessable?
Jarmila Kovacova   9 Oct 2021
All who were scammed by Excentral let's join me. They cannot get away with that and must be punished. They are some agencies which promise to help scammed people but all of them want upfront fee-money first. Is it too risky? They want to profit from people's diaster.
Jarmila   15 Oct 2021
If we jointly could file a complaint against the eXcentral, I would be happe to sign it.
Ing   25 Oct 2021
I also requested for withdrawal and i have received the half and rest is pending for a long, last 25 days trading site itself not working for me.
  23 Sep 2021  
I also requested for withdrawal, but event after 10 days there is no response. I sent mail to support team but always getting same response that my withdrawal is in process. They are not good broker. They are Real scammer. Please don't trust them, otherwise you will loose your money.
  18 Sep 2021  
I had truly liked and trusted Eddin P**. but I'd discovered that his a fraud. same on Excentral.
  3 Sep 2021  
I was also scammed out off my money by Eddin P** trade manager.
  3 Sep 2021  
Excentral are real scammers. All my money is gone after trading for 2 weeks with them. I'm disgusted.
  3 Sep 2021  
Same experience as everyone. Fortunately I have not been scammed. But the persistent calls day and night has been annoying. Not able to block the number as they call from many different numbers. Answered one of the calls and had this guy refusing to get off the phone insisting that I hear him out. When I told him I was busy, he threatened and said that he will not stop calling my number as it was my fault to register with excentral and I choose to sign up so I deserve to get such calls.
  16 Aug 2021  
Why this time I cannot open Excentral trading platform. Seems I also scammed?
  12 Aug 2021  
they scam my $6100. may I know how can I get back my money?
abdur rahman   1 Sep 2021
Their licence withdraw from regulator. So trades cannot open. Please check with them about refunds of people capital invested.

Vajira Solomon   19 Sep 2021
It is a pure scam and I can not withdraw my money, please report to police.
  9 Aug 2021  
100% Scam. Same experience with you guys here, they called me days and nights even I emailed to them to terminate my account. At very beginning, I was attracted by an online article. After I registered with my $250, I did fact-check online and found that the whole thing was a pack of lies. With proof of news report, the celebrities didn't ever invest through them, the reporter and his story was not true. Thanks to your reviews here, I reported the case to my bank and decided not to give eXcentral any document even though I won't get my money back. However, two months gone, I was still disturbed by their calls (already received thousand calls with 54 different tel. numbers) even I told them I have reported to the police. May be one day they will stop calling when my account goes to zero. Advice to investors: 1. fact-check before investment 2. Never believe what they said 3. Report to the police or your bank. 4. Beware of these scams in the market. Don't invest blindly and lose all your hard earned money.
  29 Jul 2021  
did you manage to get back your withdrawal?
lee   5 Aug 2021
I had the same problem! But the bank cooperated me and I got my money back! 100% Scam!
Raya   31 Aug 2021
I had the same problem! But the bank cooperated me and I got my money back! 100% Scam!
Raya   1 Sep 2021
I had the same problem! But the bank cooperated me and I got my money back! 100% Scam!
Raya   3 Sep 2021
I had the same problem! But the bank cooperated me and I got my money back! 100% Scam!
Raya   13 Sep 2021
If you people can stop harrarsing me, I'd be grateful. I get calls at 3am back to back, when i'm at work, when i've told the person on the line i'm not interested, theyre insist on calling and calling and calling. the number is unblockable cos it changes daily. I will lay charges.
  29 Jul 2021  
Total Scam. My Account Manager Lyudmila F kept in demanding more deposits more deposits after parting with 500$ with false promises of bonuses,oil trade,etc which are fake. They are geared at enticing to deposit more hence loose more funds. They are scams per excellence. Avoid them at all cost. If I get this lady manager by any chance I will blow her head into pieces.
  26 Jul 2021  
Please do not believe eXcentral. They would make you deposit another 250USD to able to make a withdrawal of your initial 250USD. They are scammers. And they will keep calling you non stop to ask you to make a deposit. They will say that the 250USD is for the license and you have to make another 250USD to active your account when the account have already been activated. Can anyone tell me how to withdraw my initial 250USD without depositing any more money in? I would like to take back my money.
  5 Jul 2021  
This is exactly what is happening to me now, keep calling me over and over again. And yet i received email from them saying that the money has been transfer to my account. Never provide a proper receipt and no date given.
Eddy   21 Jul 2021
They called me for days even at night to get my 250 us dollars. I was about to make a deposit by tomorrow. Thanks for your messages guys.
kipangu   15 Aug 2021
Pls don't invest with excentral. I lost about USD29k. Keep on pestering to deposit money and loss my investment due to wrong advise and keep in the dark. not sure what is going with my open positions.

  3 Jul 2021  
Exactly wrong advice. And when they see your account has good money they open so many positions for you enough to blow your account at once. Total scam. Terrible.
Lyn   29 Jul 2021
Everyone must go to police and complaint register for the scam company excentral. Please aware and help to other person won't lose money. Because excentral cheating for innocent people. Please help for innocent people. Please go to police and complaint this scam company.
  2 Jul 2021  
eXcentral, the company with the worst support online! They are scammers, quick to receive but will never process withdrawals. Everyone go and complaint to police.
  2 Jul 2021  
I was stupid! Got attracted by a YouTube advert and clicked, subsequently registered for a trading account. I can't deny, should have done more homework before making that click! Got uncomfortable with providing personal info and documents, and could understand, this is necessary to activate my trading account. I had a very negative experience with another company and do not want to share personal info. Emailed to terminate account, even without refund! This met with so much challenges, and dozens of calls daily! If this company is legit, i believe there is a policy to handle scenario like mine. Do they have to hound me daily to "encourage" me to trade? Now, I feel demanded to trade! I just want out!
  29 Jun 2021  
A daylight robbery outfit. USD7500 disappeared from my account.
JY   30 Jun 2021
They are calling everyday for doing trading.
  28 Jun 2021  
Please can someone tell me how to make a withdrawal. The link doesn't work from the email. Will they ever give me my money back?
  23 Jun 2021  
Please can someone tell me how to make a withdrawal. The link doesn't work from the email. Will they ever give me my money back?
  22 Jun 2021  
what I really admire is the 1:30 leverage you got for vip members! and i'm happpy to be a vip member at your company. this flow of deposits and withdrawals drives me crazy.
  22 Jun 2021  
Excentral helped me by providing me with everything I needed in regards to sharpen my knowledge of the markets very patiently. I am very pleased with your services so far.
  21 Jun 2021  
idk how much i wasted before i signed up to excentral. imho i didn't think i will finally start earning out of cfds trading. my advice choose crypto as often as you can out of 160+ options the company provides. and don't be in a hurry to withdraw as this money can let you accumulate even more. my strategy is like that: i store my earned money at the platform to keep on trading and once a week i make a new deposit of a sum that's not so big for me like $500. at the end of the previous month i withdrew almost everything and it was a pretty impressive sum of money. about 60% of my earnings was stimulated by crypto orders and some of commodities.
  18 Jun 2021  
The only thing that will make me stop trading with eu excentral is when my account manager stops working with me. Simon is truly perfect! if I could make any money without the help i got. The advice i always receive is so efficient so that my orders are always money making. traditonal currencies and commodities trading is always good. but after what elon musk started doing to crypto market, my choice is frequently to trade crypto cfds! believe me you'll succeed.
  15 Jun 2021  

eXcentral is a CySEC regulated forex broker established in 2019. eXcentral is a promising start-up CFDs broker, offering some of the most competitive spreads in the industry, the exceptional MT4 trading platform. eXcentral offers trading Commodities, Shares, Indices and Cryptos...

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