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FOREX.com Review and Information 2023

FOREX.com Information and Review FOREX.com
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Trading software MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Headquartered Hadjikyriakion Building 1, 121 Prodromou Avenue, 2064 Strovolos, Office 123/124, Nicosia, Cyprus

Embark on a journey across a plethora of markets, experiencing them via our distinguished platforms, renowned for their innovative prowess. Revel in the assurance that stems from being under the wings of StoneX Group, a luminary in the financial realm, proudly listed on NASDAQ. With us, you get a unique vantage point to pricing channels, a privilege that remains elusive for many. Our Legacy in the Financial Landscape [A visual perspective of towering skyscrapers, symbolizing growth and stability] Since our inception in 2001, we have weathered countless storms. Over two decades, we've witnessed economic highs and lows, seen world leaders rise and fall, yet our commitment hasn't wavered. We've consistently furnished traders with a resilient foundation, equipping them with the right tools to sculpt their financial futures.

Crafting the Future of Trading Together FOREX.com in Numbers:

Journey Through Time: 2021 - Marking a significant milestone with the inauguration of FOREX.com in Europe. Don't solely rely on our narratives. Delve into insights and accolades from some of the most respected figures in the industry. Trailblazing Financial Ventures Our undeterred vision is to empower you with unmatched platforms, in-depth analyses, and impeccable service. Our consistency in delivering excellence is echoed by accolades from both the industry and our cherished clientele. The Pillars of Our Financial Might Our affiliation with the StoneX Group is our cornerstone, granting us the stability and the extensive resources to spearhead industry innovations, setting benchmarks along the way.

Highlights from StoneX Group Annual Report 2022:

Discover Why Over a Million Traders Prefer FOREX.com From our cutting-edge platforms, extensive market access, to our competitive spreads, we're committed to offering a comprehensive trading experience, nurturing your growth with every transaction. OPEN AN ACCOUNT DIVE INTO A DEMO The figure regarding our clientele refers to the new live accounts from January 2019 to July 2021 on a global scale.

Unparalleled Platforms & Tools

Our digital arenas, both mobile and web, brim with industry-leading features including Performance Analytics, an integrated stream from Reuters News, insightful market commentaries, and intuitive TradingView charts, all a mere click away. What's more? On joining our ranks, you'll have access to MT5 tools, a privilege exclusive to the FOREX.com fraternity. Transparent Pricing & Competitive Spreads: Our mantra? Clarity and competitiveness. Revel in competitive spreads, coupled with a transparent pricing module that ensures you're always in the know.

Understand our pricing structure

Efficient & Rapid Execution

Trade with confidence, backed by our rapid, reliable execution model. Our commitment runs deep—we assume full responsibility for every transaction, ensuring there's no external outsourcing. An added advantage? Our innovative price-improvement technology. If the market favors a better price post your trade placement, our system ensures you benefit from that superior rate.

Financial Robustness & Regulatory Compliance

Every trader deserves assurance. With FOREX.com, rest easy knowing you're in collaboration with a fully compliant, financially robust entity. Being an integral part of StoneX—a NASDAQ-featured firm boasting assets worth $10.9 billion—we facilitate superior financial connectivity, bridging traders to global markets. Furthermore, our regulation in multiple global sectors ensures your funds are distinctly separated from ours, safeguarded in leading banks.

Enhance Your Trading Experience

Unlocking Your Price Edge Enter a world where financial transparency reigns supreme. Experience competitive spreads, absolute clarity in charges, and advanced price enhancement technology designed to put more money in your pocket. BEGIN YOUR TRADING JOURNEY Our statistics vouch for our commitment:

Redefining FX Financing & Rollover Rates

We've transformed the traditional approach. Abandon the worries of rollover interest on intraday trades. We tap into institutional-grade rollover rates, ensuring you access them at the most competitive prices. For the swift-paced traders, your trading journey is devoid of rollover interest concerns. Just ensure no open trades linger post 11pm Central European Time, signaling the close of one trading day and the dawn of the next in the global forex arena.

While some brokers might bombard you with continuous, microsecond financing charges, escalating your intraday trading expenses, we adopt a distinct route.

Here's what this translates to for you:

Embracing Price Enhancement

Our commitment is unwavering. Should the market favor a better rate post your trade initiation, our avant-garde price improvement tech ensures you're awarded that superior rate. However, dynamic market scenarios might lead to order executions at prices that may no longer hold the best market value, termed as 'slippage'. But with us, rest assured, your interests are paramount.

In the volatile world of trading, every moment counts. When opportunity knocks, our cutting-edge, automated execution technology ensures you're not just answering, but doing so faster than ever before. Dive into the future of trading, where every decision is backed by unparalleled speed and reliability. Embark with Assurance: A vivid graphic paints a tale of unmatched execution speeds and groundbreaking statistics.

Experience Unrivalled Savings with Advanced Price Enhancement Tech. Markets are ever-evolving, and sometimes, they evolve in your favor after you've placed a trade. When that happens, our state-of-the-art price improvement system guarantees you benefit from the superior price, ensuring your trade costs are minimized.

A Bedrock of Financial Stability and Security

In a turbulent financial world, you need an anchor. We are that anchor. With deeply rooted foundations and extensive capital resources, we don't just play the game—we lead the way in reshaping the industry's future. Man in a blue shirt engrossed in real-time data analysis Various devices illustrating our latest financial trends.

A lineage tracing back to the StoneX family, a titan on the NASDAQ with a colossal $10.9 billion in assets and almost a century of steering the financial helm, we embody the essence of trust. Our pedigree is interwoven with a legacy of providing top-tier platforms and seamless execution to the financial industry's leading players.

Empowered by Robust Financials 0ur substantial capital holdings, nearing a billion dollars in cash and liquidity, empower us to continuously pioneer innovations. These tools pave the way for you to navigate the trading landscape with unmatched proficiency. In our unwavering commitment to clarity, our financial ledgers are an open book.

 Key financial figures as of August 2021:

Our Global Regulatory Framework: From Canada's CIRO to Australia's ASIC, our operations span across the world, overseen and approved by nine of the world's leading financial authorities.

Safeguarding Your Investments

Every penny you invest is insulated from our own capital, resting securely in dedicated accounts with premier banks. This architecture ensures that, against all odds, your investments remain untouched should any unforeseen event arise. Our commitment is twofold - we utilize our resources solely for hedging, maintaining a strict policy against proprietary trading. As an added layer of security, we are enlisted with the 'Investor Compensation Fund' (ICF) that promises compensations up to EUR 20,000 or 90% of a covered claim, subject to the lower value. Dive into our ICF statement for a comprehensive understanding.

Liquidation operations are laser-focused, ensuring you get the market's best rate. Moreover, stops and limits are meticulously tracked and executed, guaranteeing optimal rates when the preset values are hit. Furthermore, our margin configurations are consistently aligned with global regulatory bodies, and they undergo routine evaluations.

Woman with a clipboard, epitomizing precision and organization Mitigating Risks, Enhancing Security Our belief is unshakable: stringent regulatory supervision is paramount. We are committed to regular audits and believe in keeping our clients informed about relevant changes. Our business framework is built on multiple pillars, ensuring your trading journey is smooth and secure. This includes a robust:

An Ally in Your Trading Journey Embark on your trading adventure with a steadfast ally by your side. We strive to weave an unbroken, intuitive trading experience for you, enveloped with our high-caliber support team, amicable Relationship Managers, and unambiguous educational resources. Your success is our mission.

Your 24/7 Support Network

Whenever you need us, we're here - from 11 pm on Sunday to 11 pm CET on Friday, we provide a seamless support framework for all your inquiries and hurdles.

Relationship Managers: Your Strategic Advisors

Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge Tools

Our platforms burgeon with an array of tools, meticulously crafted to augment and maximize your trading potential.

Trading Academy: Your Knowledge Hub

Whether you're a newcomer seeking a crisp forex overview, or a seasoned trader aiming to refresh your Fibonacci knowledge, our Trading Academy is your treasure trove of information and skills enhancement.

Margin Leverage

Your Trustworthy and Regulated Trading Partner

Navigating the world of trading can be daunting, but with us, you’re enveloped in a cocoon of security and transparency. Our unwavering commitment to adhering to rigorous standards has granted us recognition and permits to operate in a multitude of key jurisdictions, spanning from the US to Japan and beyond.

A Commitment to Excellence Our deep-rooted belief in the necessity of regulatory oversight is reflected in our business practices. Not only do we abide by these standards, but we also champion them, recognizing their role in fostering a stable and trustworthy trading environment. Regular audits form a critical part of our transparent operations, ensuring we stay on the right track and you remain well-informed. Our periodic communication about service alterations reaffirms our commitment to transparency.

Moreover, our parent entity, the StoneX Group, isn’t just any organization – it's NASDAQ-listed. This places it under the scrutinizing eye of one of the world's premier stock exchanges, obligating it to meet the pinnacle of corporate governance, financial transparency, and full disclosure standards.

Our Global Footprint:

A Philosophy Grounded in Risk Management

Your safety and the preservation of your assets are more than just priorities; they’re our ethos. We undertake frequent, meticulous reviews of our operational protocols across all facets of our enterprise. This ensures that our clientele's assets are safeguarded and their interests, always at the forefront.

In this volatile financial landscape, our capital reservoirs stand tall, significantly surpassing regulatory mandates. This robust financial health positions us as a beacon during economic storms, ensuring we can weather them with resilience. Our association with the StoneX conglomerate further fortifies our liquidity position, granting us access to substantial resources both internally and through external credit mechanisms.

Safeguarding Your Interests:

Elevate Your Trading Journey to New Heights Dive into a trading realm that is as intuitive as it is secure, offering unparalleled speed in execution. Our state-of-the-art mobile and web platforms consistently pave the way for industry excellence, empowering you at every step of your trading expedition.

A Legacy of Distinction: Over 30 Accolades

Diversify Your Trading Approach: One Account, Dual Powerhouses

Mobile Trading Experience:

Web Trader: A Trader's Dream:

Superior Execution - Maximizing Your Returns Experience our commitment: if the market shifts favorably while processing your order, we guarantee trade execution at the enhanced rate.

Platform Superiorities:

Unparalleled MT5 Experience Experience the renowned MetaTrader 5 (MT5) like never before:

Exclusive, Advanced Tools

Enrich your trading strategy with tools and insights, setting us apart. From dedicated research portals to cutting-edge behavioral science performance analytics, we offer a multifaceted trading ecosystem. With our commitment to transparency, be confident that there are no hidden costs. You always know what you're paying for. Dive into a vast trading spectrum—over 80 FX pairs, a myriad of 1000+ shares, 15 leading global indices, precious metals like gold, essential commodities like oil, and much more. Harness the power of behavioral science to garner valuable insights into your trading patterns and performance. Stay ahead with curated actionable trading scenarios and up-to-the-minute news. Kickstart your trading adventure by creating an account and making an initial deposit. Or, if you're seeking a no-strings-attached experience, try our risk-free demo account stocked with €10,000 virtual currency. Plus, get a comprehensive understanding of trading fundamentals at our illustrious Trading Academy. 

New to trading? We suggest starting with our user-friendly mobile apps and web trading platform. Compare the features and benefits of our platforms to find the best fit. 

MetaTrader 5 forex trading platform emblem Your Ultimate MT5 Experience Awaits

Experience MetaTrader 5 like never before—equipped with a myriad of tools, standout features, and blazing-fast execution. Fine-tune your strategies with a suite of 20+ specialized apps, offering you unparalleled control and adaptability in your trading endeavors. Plus, enrich your approach with nine distinctive Expert Advisors (EAs), including the sentiment-driven "Sentiment Trader."

Elevate Your MT5 Experience

Master the Power of Expert Advisors (EAs)

EAs empower you with automated trading strategies. Customize them to match your trading aspirations, ensuring flexibility, transparency, and control:

MetaTrader 5: Choose Your Trading Avenue

Transitioning Your MT5 Accounts to Us

Looking to shift from another provider to FOREX.com? Transition in just a few easy steps, and watch your data and analysis sync effortlessly. For those new to MT5, setting up an account with us is a breeze. Begin your journey in just a few moments.

Ideal for those wanting to run their EAs uninterrupted. Fulfill our criteria, and you might qualify for our tailored trading systems on a fortified server, all at zero cost.

Who's Eligible for EA Hosting?

EA Hosting Features:

FOREX.com Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.forex.com/
Address Hadjikyriakion Building 1, 121 Prodromou Avenue, 2064 Strovolos 1st Floor, Office 123/124, Nicosia, Cyprus
Headquarters Hadjikyriakion Building 1, 121 Prodromou Avenue, 2064 Strovolos 1st Floor, Office 123/124, Nicosia, Cyprus
Free phone +357 800 700 27
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Free education
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Accepts US traders
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 1
Spread Type variable
Pip spread on majors 1.1-1.3
Maximum Leverage 50
STP, $
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 2500
Mini account, $ 500
Popular payment methods Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal
Account currencies EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CHF, JPY
Available assets Spot Metals (US unleveraged trading, UK and AU leveraged trading), CFDs (UK and AU only)
Languages English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, German
Platforms MetaTrader 5, WebTrader
Broker type Broker, MM
Foundation 1999
Bitcoin Forex Brokers

FOREX.com Reviews and Comments

I've recently started my journey with FOREX.com, and while my experiences have mostly been positive, there have been some aspects I feel could be improved. Firstly, their customer support services need a bit of refining. On a few occasions when I reached out, I encountered substantial delays, often having to wait for more than three hours before receiving a response. Such waiting times can be a bit disheartening, especially when you're in need of prompt assistance. However, on the brighter side, I've found the rest of their offerings to be commendable. Order executions have been swift, ensuring minimal time lags. Moreover, the platform itself showcases stability, even during high trading volumes or market volatility. One of the key factors that resonated with me was their spreads, which I personally find to be competitive and in line with my trading strategies. I appreciate that no broker is perfect, and challenges can arise in any service sector. I am optimistic that FOREX.com will take feedback like this into account and continually work towards enhancing their customer experience. I plan to continue with them and am keen to see how our relationship evolves over time.
  6 Oct 2023  
Having been a client of FOREX.com for approximately a year, I've had the chance to thoroughly evaluate their offerings. On the whole, I've been largely satisfied with the level of service I've received. Their order execution is lightning-fast, ensuring that I can capitalize on market opportunities in real-time. Additionally, I've found the broker's spreads to be quite reasonable, which is an essential factor for any trader looking to maximize profits. The inclusion of cryptocurrency as a trading option stands out as a significant benefit for me. In today's evolving financial landscape, having the ability to engage with digital currencies provides a competitive edge, and I'm pleased that FOREX.com offers this. However, there are a few areas where I feel the company could enhance its user experience. The foremost among these is the website interface. Navigating through the platform can be somewhat cumbersome, and its design lacks the intuitiveness I've encountered on other trading sites. Moreover, the sole availability of English as a language option is quite limiting. While English is widely spoken, catering to a global clientele requires a more inclusive approach. The claim of multilingual support has, unfortunately, not matched up to my experiences, and I've found language barriers to be an occasional challenge. While it's true that the website's design doesn't directly influence the quality of transactions, it does play a role in the overall user experience. Having a more user-friendly interface and multilingual support would undoubtedly make the platform more accessible to a broader range of users. I hope that as FOREX.com continues to evolve, they'll take this feedback onboard to further refine their offerings.
  20 Sep 2023  
Having partnered with FOREX.com for just under a year, I've garnered a comprehensive perspective on their operations and offerings. When it comes to order execution and the spectrum of available trading instruments, the platform shines exceptionally. The sheer volume of assets available for trading is commendable, catering to diverse trading preferences like mine. The convenience of having a myriad of options at my fingertips cannot be overstated, and the precision and swiftness with which orders are executed only amplify my trading experience. Coupled with competitive spreads, these factors make for a compelling trading environment. However, there are certain facets that somewhat mar this otherwise smooth experience. One notable aspect is the size of the withdrawal commission. While one expects to encounter some fees in the world of trading, the extent of the withdrawal fee is a tad discomforting. Moreover, periodic delays in transactions, albeit sporadic, do hinder the overall efficiency. Engaging with the support team about these issues, I've been informed that due to high demand, there's an overwhelming load, leading to prolonged processing times. While I understand that delays can occur in high-demand scenarios, as a client, it doesn't necessarily alleviate my concerns. That being said, the majority of my experiences with FOREX.com have been positive. Despite the minor hiccups, the platform's strengths, in my opinion, outweigh its shortcomings. As of now, I am inclined to continue my partnership with them, hoping that they'll address these feedback points and further refine their service.
  3 Sep 2023  
Please stay away from this company this is broker totally scammer don't open account in this company. I deposited 600 usd and earned 1429 when I try to take profit company said we can't give you the profit amount you can withdrawal deposit amount. Now my account has suspended. Please be careful.
  29 Aug 2023  
XM Human Broker - Transparent, Fair and Focused on the Client

No hidden terms in pricing, execution, or promotions. Same quality of services, market order execution and level of support for all clients regardless of investment size, investment goals and financial situation. Easy and convenient systems for opening and managing account(s), for depositing or withdrawing funds. and for trading the international markets.

The most understandable and understanding broker I have met. The entire interface of both the personal account and the terminal is intuitive. The analytics is solid (yes, not without misfires, but for 10 trades to work out, it’s already too much and even somehow not interesting. With the help of Forex.com, I have from 6 to 8 trades in plus. To be more precise, I derived the average from 100 positions. Of which about 66-72 orders are triggered in a plus. My experience in the market allows me to say that this is a very good result. And this more than compensates for not always pleasant spreads. As for understanding, I want to note that this is the first broker in my memory, which does not change its attitude towards the client after refusing to deposit and deposit money into the account for more profitable transactions. Fortunately, having opened an account with Forex.com, I forgot about such troubles. Reviews are generally not absolutely my theme. I could convey something not the way I wanted, but I hope you understand everything. But I thought that I should also comment on the situation, because, opening an account with them, I shoveled a bunch of extraneous opinions, but I didn’t find answers to those questions that I highlighted here. All good and profit!
  13 Jul 2023  
In Forex, as in any other business, you need to understand what you are doing and why. You can't treat it like a casino. It is necessary to study strategies, not to be scattered on everything at once, but to choose a narrow direction for yourself and analyze economic events in it. But, also, do not forget that the market is a market, so even the best strategy may not work at a certain moment. In order to avoid this or minimize such situations, you should enlist the support of a specialist. Too many pseudo-analysts have appeared lately. Personally, I spent a lot of time looking to meet the very person who would be much smarter than me in terms of trading. And I found it. One of the Forex.com analysts was able to minimize my risks.
  4 Jul 2023  
I read a lot of different reviews and reviews on brokers before making a deposit. Only FOREX.com does not have such problems as the rest. In the end, I chose this proker. In principle, not bad, good service. There are enough tools for work and do not interfere with trading. I don’t know who writes about a scam here, but as if about all DCs, no matter how much I read, they write about everyone like that. I conclude that these are either competitors or customers who are trying to make a million for 10 bucks! Well, that doesn't happen.
  14 Jun 2023  
I like the broker. There is everything for trading. Withdrawal commissions are not large, and sometimes you can withdraw at all with 0 commission. The broker quickly resolves all issues, finds out who is right and wrong, in which case he reimburses. One of the few DCs where you are not reached by calls. They don’t stir up, they don’t climb, they don’t call and they don’t offer anything. This is their main advantage. Under the terms of the norms, what is the reason for the negativity in some people, I finally don’t understand, panic is out of the blue. In terms of the speed of execution of transactions, as many writes, it is really top. The variety of financial instruments is decent. My rating for the broker is 5 points!
  5 Apr 2023  
Avoid this platform. At key times when economic data drops and you need access to your account to trade around the latest data the system will go down for up to an hour, you lose most of your equity and they ignore your customer support claims. Look for another firm with better systems capabilities.
  10 Nov 2022  
Don't waste your time trying to deal with Forex.com in my experience this investing platform do not appreciate your business and do not appreciate you're putting your money in their hangs. Since I try to open an account they never have the courtesy to call me as a customer who's trying to invest in their platform, if you call them be prepare to waste time on the phone until someone answered if they don't hang up the phone after you been waiting for almost 30 minutes forcing you to call them again, their people do not show any effort or empathy in trying to help you because at the end of the day they supposed to be grateful you want to put your money in their hangs but even though their customer service it's the same like a Federal Employee in a Food stamp office or any other one who their people only care about their pay check and do not interested to service as a customer service.
  19 Jul 2022  
I opened this account with forex.com back in May of 2021. I was able to trade once, I lost a good chunk of change. Then I try to trade again and my trade is disabled, so I have a web chat with them to see what is going on with that they send me an account closing form, would not give me a reason as to why. Now they will not send me my money back. Granted, it's $154, but it's MY money. My original bank account had closed down due to my finances during covid 19, and now they won't send my money. They give me some piff about money laundering. So if I was a money laundering trying to wash $154, not saying I am, because who would try to wash only $154 is not worth the risk in my eyes, does that give you the right to steal someone's money?
  27 Apr 2022  
Do not do it. Don't make the mistake of ignoring all these reviews. I know I should have not. They are the worst for refunds, they accept your deposits quickly and painlessly, but try to withdraw your funds! Then they will give you all sorts of scripted excuses. Save yourself the trouble, time and money and deal with a well reputed broker. They will keep telling you that they are a registered and legitimate broker, so does that guarantee they wont try to scam you !! I know first hand and many others that have reported here and on other feedback platforms. Never ever again.
  17 Mar 2022  
This is meant to be informative, this review is for beginners and intermediate traders. I was able to deposit money using ACH meaning they just take it directly from your bank account this took seconds! Now for the not so good! I was so excited to trade and immediately I realized the spreads on all pairs were in there 50’s to 100’s on basic pairs like usd/cad etc! I thought ok well it must be the wrong time so I waited and waited hours turned into days!! The spreads are still that high to this day!! There are hidden rules, please read. when you place trades: let’s say you placed 4 trades right, two are in profit you can not take the profits until you close out the losses first!!!! This was huge to realize… the leverage is so tight at 1:50 even wouldn’t let me place more then (4) 0.01 micro lots on a medium sized capital account not like I was trading a hundred dollars! Also I am currently trying to get my money back into my account I was told it’ll be 7 days for the withdrawal due to regulations on ACH! My thing is you took the money in seconds but you can’t let me withdraw until 7 days! If your a beginner please hear me please I know this may be common knowledge to most experienced traders but you will not be able to place buy and sell at the same time with this broker, so if you place a trade and try to offset the loss with placing another trade going in the opposite direction you will not be able to. One position eithier all buy or all sell. One more and final thing. I am experienced I’m no novice as this is my job. If you place a trade that you know is 100 percent going to work for the most part they will take at least 40 min to do the right thing and put you in profit and once your in profit it’s only a blink of the eye and it’s gone! Or they will sniff your position and build the tiniest tiniest tiniest candle just so you will get the smallest profit. this has happened almost every time I placed a bid! I am being honest this has been a not so good experience and I’m hoping to get my withdrawal which is my money! BTW I’m looking at the spreads now they are all 50 and higher!
  7 Mar 2022  
Thanks Elena for your value information but at the same time I feel so sorry for you bad experience I was almost to begin in doing business with this people I request to open an account and they begin giving me hard time with the source of my income requesting me prof how I get my money but even though after giving the prof where my is the source of my money they still need more information I call them multiple time and make me waste my time on the phone they have very poor customer service and they do not appreciate you putting your money in their hands.
Carlos Parga   19 Jul 2022
No stop loss allowed. No customer service.

  5 Mar 2022  
Award-Winning NDD Execution

All client trades are executed with No Dealing Desk* intervention. Most trades are filled in under 10 milliseconds, with up to 2,000 trades executed per second.

Beware, do not use this joker of a broker. Incompetent and untrustworthy. It takes too long for deposits and withdrawals. Insanely high spreads and no rollover interests. They are constantly withdrawing money from your account that is way higher than other brokers. They close your account if you start making money. You have been warned.
  3 Mar 2022  
All FOREX.com Reviews

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