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HYCM Review and Information 2023

HYCM Information and Review HYCM
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Regulation CySEC, FCA, MiFID
Trading software MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Headquartered 10th Floor, Nine Queens Road Central, Hong Kong

Recognized globally for its unparalleled excellence in the domain of forex trading, HYCM has fortuitously positioned itself at the zenith of online FX and CFD service providers. This institution stands tall with an illustrious 40-year history, underscoring its dominance and reputation in the forex industry. Over the years, HYCM has remained steadfast in its commitment to facilitating its diverse clientele with a transparent and dependable trading ecosystem, arming them with all the tools and insights required to make well-informed trading maneuvers. A Symbol of Trust and Security HYCM's operations are meticulously regulated by two premier financial jurisdictions, assuring clients of its unwavering commitment to safety. This dual regulation reinforces the brand's promise of providing a robust, secure trading environment, where clients can focus solely on their trading strategies.

Accolades Galore With its commendable performance over the years, HYCM has garnered a plethora of accolades. Prestigious awards like the World Finance’s Best Mobile Trading Platform in 2017 and the Global Banking & Finance Review's Best Forex Broker, UAE 2017 adorn its trophy cabinet. Such recognitions bolster its standing as the go-to online broker for discerning traders globally.

Tech-driven Superiority HYCM prides itself on its technologically advanced trading infrastructure. This includes best-in-class trading conditions, unparalleled liquidity, and competitively low spreads. The company's perpetual endeavor to integrate the latest technological advancements ensures its clientele always has a cutting-edge trading experience, characterized by rapid execution and cost-efficient strategies.

An Unshakeable Legacy Nestled under the vast umbrella of the HYCM Capital Markets Group, the company boasts an extensive footprint in sectors ranging from financial services to property, education, and philanthropy. With its regulatory backing from globally esteemed bodies like the FCA and CySEC, and its presence in strategic hubs like the UK, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Dubai, traders are guaranteed a solid, trustworthy, and industry-leading trading partner. Upholding Client Interests HYCM places paramount importance on safeguarding client funds. Beyond maintaining segregated accounts, client interests are further shielded by protection mechanisms like the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) that covers up to £85,000.00, and the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF) which extends protection up to €20,000.00.

Commitment to Transparency Championing the tenets of transparency and ethical trading, HYCM ensures that client funds are securely stored in distinct bank accounts. In adherence to FCA and CySEC mandates, the firm collaborates with blue-chip banks like Barclays Bank and Eurobank, reinforcing the sanctity of these segregated accounts.


The Gold Standard in Trading The revered MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, powered by HYCM, offers traders a smorgasbord of opportunities across multiple asset classes encompassing currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. With its state-of-the-art features, MetaTrader has emerged as the quintessential trading platform, catering to both novices and veterans alike. Its successor, MetaTrader 5 (MT5), further enhances the trading experience, boasting advanced functionalities like expanded timeframes, diverse order types, and a comprehensive economic calendar.

HYCM, with its illustrious 40-year history, stands as a beacon of excellence in the Forex world. A member of the HYCM Capital Markets Group, this broker has etched its name as a frontrunner in offering unparalleled FX and CFD services globally.

Account Types:

HYCM offers a variety of account types tailored to different trading preferences:

Tradeable Assets

With HYCM, traders have access to a vast array of financial instruments. This includes major, minor, and exotic Forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

In Conclusion

HYCM, with its rich legacy and commitment to excellence, has solidified its position as a preferred broker for many. From their diverse account offerings to their robust educational materials, they offer a holistic trading environment. For those looking for a trustworthy, efficient, and transparent broker, HYCM undoubtedly ranks among the top contenders.

HYCM Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.hycm.com/en
Address 10th Floor, Nine Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
Headquarters 10th Floor, Nine Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
Free phone +357 - 2524 - 5751
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Expert advisors
Free education
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.02
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 0.1-2.8
Maximum Leverage 30
STP, $
ECN, $ 100
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 100
Popular payment methods Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Bitcoin
Account currencies EUR, USD, GBP, AED, RUB, KWD
Available assets Oil/Gas, Commodities, Stocks, Indexes, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Languages English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indian
Platforms MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC, FCA, MiFID
Foundation 1977

HYCM Reviews and Comments

Trading with HYCM has largely been a positive experience for me. Their platform is robust and seldom faces any technical glitches. However, during peak trading hours, I have sometimes faced slight delays which, though momentary, can be crucial in forex trading. I've made several withdrawals from my HYCM account, and typically, the processing time has been swift. On average, it takes about 1-2 business days, which is quite commendable, but I've heard from peers that they’ve occasionally faced longer wait times. The support team at HYCM is responsive. I once had an issue with a trade execution and reached out to their team. They were prompt, and while it took a bit of back-and-forth, the issue was eventually resolved. Their willingness to listen to feedback and act on it is laudable. One of the reasons I continue trading with HYCM is their array of trading tools. They offer a good balance of advanced tools for seasoned traders and basic tools for beginners. The integration of MT4 and MT5 provides additional flexibility in terms of tools and indicators.
  23 Aug 2023  
HYCM’s fee structure is transparent, but I do feel that their commissions, especially on certain account types, can be on the higher side compared to some other brokers in the industry. Knowing that HYCM is regulated by FCA and CySEC gives me peace of mind. Their adherence to international regulatory standards reinforces their reliability. Most of my trades with HYCM have been executed seamlessly. However, I've faced slippage a couple of times during major news events. While this is somewhat expected in the industry, it’s something to be aware of.
  4 Aug 2023  
HYCM scores high on transparency. They offer a plethora of analysis tools, both technical and fundamental, which aid in making informed decisions. Their daily market analysis has often given me fresh perspectives. The stability of their platform is generally commendable. I've been using MT4 with HYCM, and it's been a smooth ride most of the time. The few hiccups I've faced were resolved quickly after reaching out to their support. I’ve recently joined their affiliate program, and so far, it’s been a rewarding experience. The commission structure is decent, and their marketing support is appreciable. On the asset front, HYCM offers a diverse range of instruments, which allows me to diversify my portfolio efficiently. While HYCM has its minor setbacks, my overall experience with them has been above average. Their commitment to providing quality service, combined with their regulatory adherence, makes them a solid choice for forex trading.
  28 Jul 2023  
I feel like hycm is made for me. They have everything I need. Good fees. Good platforms. Good withdrawals. But I have a question. I ana*lysed AT&T and came up with an idea and I want to trade it but I could not do it in metatrader 4. Why is that? Who can help me?
  18 Jul 2023  
XM Human Broker - Transparent, Fair and Focused on the Client

No hidden terms in pricing, execution, or promotions. Same quality of services, market order execution and level of support for all clients regardless of investment size, investment goals and financial situation. Easy and convenient systems for opening and managing account(s), for depositing or withdrawing funds. and for trading the international markets.

I can't say exactly why, but their personal terminal is different from the good old metatrader. There is something in it. Maybe the operations work faster, maybe, in general, the atmosphere is a little nicer. But, the fact that HYCM has dozens of trading instruments for every taste is an indisputable fact. The withdrawal of funds is not very fast (longer than we would like), the analytics is tolerable, technical support is fast and understanding. When the time came for family reasons to withdraw money from the account and close it, there were no problems on the part of the company. Everything was done as quickly as possible.
  10 Jul 2023  
Although I have just started investing and how the broker behaves with beginner investors who trade themselves, I can’t say anything yet, but I can say that their training program is very extensive and covers the entire stock market. For convenience, everything is divided into topics. During the course, you can ask questions to the teacher. Seminars-webinars are held on live examples, with analysis. Well, if you don’t dare to trade yet, then you can use a demo account. HYCM in general is a good service for customers who invest, and the support is excellent.
  15 Jun 2023  
I want to leave a review about the brokerage company HYCM. A friend invited me here, I liked everything, I will use the services of this company, support answers, quickly helps. I opened a brokerage account in order to undergo training, I study with them, I see there are training courses there. HYCM has good customer service. I am not a very wealthy investor, and I came to them with a small amount. And in the process of communication on opening a brokerage account, all sorts of documents did not even come close to feeling that I was considered a rogue or that they were doing me a favor. The dialogue with the consultant was very polite and pleasant.
  7 Mar 2023  
Today guys from HYCM called me and talk blah blah. When I conversed with them in English because we are talking Spanish then they cannot answer me! Their accent are somewhat Pakistan, Indian accent. They are poor in Spanish as well. Scam broker, red alert!
  13 Sep 2021  
Please please stay away from hycm especially if they offered you the choice to register your account in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ( in which they are allegedly licenced). Market orders execuated through them run perfectly until you start gaining real profits: Your orders start getting seriously delayed ( until major market price changes has occured). Other profitable orders don't even get through even when trying multiple times. They did this twice to me in a way that was too obviously intended to hurt my account ( after gaining good profits each time). And every time, they used ridiculous excuses: Internet speed issues, software glitches, market volatility. Of course with other respectable brokers, you never face those type of issues (especially when it is very obvious it's intentional and timely). I got so many recorded videos showing clearly how they screw up your orders. To be fair to them, when it comes to withdrawing money: they always sent the requested amount in very brief time (at least this is my personal experience). They are definitely a fraudulent company that would throw ambiguous technical reasons for you to make you accept how you got ripped of your money. Please please go with more trusted brokers: they are simply not worth risking your money.
  13 Aug 2021  
I consider HYCM as one of the biggest forex scammers. Please if you are planning to trade with them don't do it. I made profits they refused to send my money instead they sent me some fictitious wire prove. I sent the information to my bank I was told by my bank that such wire information doesn't exist. They are owing me more than $6000. Right now they are not picking my calls nor reply my mails. I have sent them my bank officers name, phone numbers and email. I have sent them my account statement to prove such money never made it to my account.
  15 Jun 2020  
I made an account with HYCM and realized it wasn't the platform for me. I didn't make a single purchase and put in a request to withdraw my funds of $2,000 CAD. I have been waiting to have my money returned to me since February 28th. I have sent countless emails and received very little communication. This company is a complete scam and to not refund someone's money, is completely unethical.
  19 Mar 2020  
Why do they have that many regulations? Isn't just one good one enough? Why didn't nthey stop with CySEC or Britiish regulator. Finally, are all these licenses that they post on their official website real?
  12 Feb 2020  
HYCM's competence leaves no doubt, this is after the second time I withdraw profit. before that I had some doubts, despite the fact that there was positive feedback about the broker, it still didn't help me to cope with anxiety caused by the fear of losing my investment and earnings.
  7 Oct 2019  
I've never regretted that I chose HYCM, I was always pleased with the profit, for several years of trading I managed to set a personal record and if I add up all my withdrawals, it turns out that I brought out several of my deposits. sensible guys work here, I'm talking about tech support. Appealed more than once, all like clockwork, issues were resolved instantly and professionally. Well done!
  1 Oct 2019  
Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

Most traders lose their deposit due to hastily opened transactions, the reason for which is impatience, because the most difficult thing is to wait for an obvious signal to open a position. At the beginning of my path as a trader, I came across this problem every time I opened a terminal. It is this impatience that can drain your deposit, so do not do it. From the broker, in fact, not much is needed to trade, the rest is up to the trader. The most important thing is that if the execution is perfect, as in HYCM, then there is no reason to worry at all. I have been trading for a long time, so I can't say that the rush here is generally inappropriate. For example, this month I close with a profit of 22% of my deposit. And how much I like that the broker withdraws even more than $1000 easily and in future trading the broker will not spoil your life, it is very honorable.
  25 Sep 2019  
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