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iFOREX Review and Information 2024

iFOREX Information and Review iFOREX
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Regulation CySEC
Trading software Fxnet, The iFOREX Europe app
Headquartered Vashiotos Agiou Andreou Building, Second Floor, P.O.B 54216, Limassol, Cyprus

In the sprawling universe of investment entities, iFOREX Europe stands tall as a regulatory beacon, intricately catering to the nuanced needs of modern-day investors and traders. Steeped in the wisdom of the digital renaissance, our core vision resonates with the ever-transforming aspirations of today's tech-savvy investors. We open the doorways to the pulsating heart of dynamic financial markets, drawing inspiration from the illustrious legacy of the iFOREX group—a heritage enriched by over 25 years of market immersion.

At iFOREX Europe, we blend the age-old sagacity of financial risk mitigation with the brilliance of avant-garde investment platforms. The culmination? A paragon of digital trading experiences that is both riveting and trustworthy.

Charting Our Visionary Path

  • The Synergy of Man and Machine: In a world dominated by algorithms, we fervently champion the synthesis of cutting-edge technology and the indispensable human touch.
  • Empowering Active Investment: We’re not just a platform; we're an ecosystem. We enrich proactive investing with a wealth of educational resources, real-time market analytics, and a formidable global support matrix, positioning you at the vanguard of financial exploits.
  • Uncharted Trading Realms: Plunge into an immersive trading expanse featuring a staggering array of over 750 CFD assets. This includes an eclectic blend of currency, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, and the enigmatic realm of cryptocurrency CFDs.
  • Cultivating Enlightened Investors: Knowledge is power. Harness our profound market intelligence and exclusive educational programs to sculpt investment decisions that resonate with wisdom and insight.

A Panorama of Tailored Trading Features

  • Engage with an expansive CFD asset portfolio boasting over 750 unique choices.
  • Capitalize on an enticing leverage ceiling of 30:1.
  • Revel in razor-sharp competitive spreads.
  • Indulge in uninterrupted trading activities, seven days a week.
  • Experience the elegance of our user-friendly, robust trading app.
  • Commandeer your account dynamics on the go.
  • Leverage elite-grade financial risk management tools.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with insightful market briefings.
  • Unravel the intricacies of trading with our comprehensive educational repository.

The Vanguard of Digital Trading Platforms

Contemporary CFD traders deserve a platform that's both robust and refined. At iFOREX Europe, we’ve sculpted elite platforms tailored to cater to an array of CFD investment needs, with a simple promise: We handle the tech intricacies; you mastermind the trades. Experience the zenith of trading with Fxnet, our custom-built web trading platform. Crafted from the crucible of continuous client dialogue and honed to the pinnacle of perfection, Fxnet exemplifies our unwavering commitment to trader-centric innovation.

Platform Highlights

  • An ergonomic, user-oriented interface.
  • A treasure trove of over 750 trading instruments.
  • Advanced charts, insightful market sentiments, precise signals, and more for a refined trading strategy.

iFOREX Europe Mobile App: Trade on the move with our elite mobile solution. As the world races ahead, so should your trading capabilities. Accessible via App Store and Google Play, the iFOREX Europe App is a masterclass in mobile trading excellence.

Mobile App Features

  • Swift trade executions and continuous trade oversight.
  • Instant access to intricate financial nuances.
  • Up-to-the-minute market and account updates.

Established in 1996, iFOREX isn't just another name in forex trading—it’s a legacy. This detailed review delves into the intricate facets of its offerings, efficacy, and credibility.

Trading Landscape

  • Spreads & Leverage: Competitive spreads that start as low as 1.8 pips, with potential leverage reaching up to 1:400 for specific trades. It's imperative, however, to tread with caution; high leverage can amplify both gains and setbacks.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: iFOREX operates with a crystal-clear fee mechanism. While commissions are off the table, traders should acquaint themselves with potential overnight, inactivity, or withdrawal fees.
  • Diverse Account Options: Catering to traders of every shade, from novices to experts, iFOREX offers an array of account types, inclusive of a demo account for risk-free explorations.
  • Expansive Tradable Assets: A vast universe of tradeable assets from forex pairs to cryptocurrencies awaits, offering traders avenues to diversify and tap into various markets.
  • Superior Customer Support: Available in a plethora of languages, the support team is renowned for its prompt, insightful assistance.
  • Bonuses and Promos: Regular promotions, especially for new sign-ups, are on offer, but always remember to navigate the fine print.


In the intricate landscape of forex trading, a broker's regulatory status speaks volumes about its credibility and reliability. iFOREX, an esteemed player in this domain, is accredited and overseen by the esteemed Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) based in Cyprus. This prestigious affiliation binds them to the rigorous regulatory standards set by European authorities, infusing a sense of trust and security among traders regarding the safety of their investments.

With its genesis over two decades ago, iFOREX has traversed a long journey in the realm of forex trading, cementing its position as a trustworthy broker. Their legacy is not merely built on years of existence but on their unwavering commitment to deliver stellar services with full transparency. In the volatile, blink-and-miss arena of forex, the precision and speed of trade execution play a pivotal role. iFOREX, acutely aware of this, prides itself on swift execution rates. This agility reduces slippage, ensuring that traders truly optimize their trading strategies and benefit from the best possible market positions.

For novices stepping into the intricate maze of forex trading, the plethora of learning resources offered by iFOREX is nothing short of a treasure trove. Their diverse educational toolkit spans from insightful webinars, comprehensive e-books, detailed tutorials, to articles addressing an array of trading nuances. These resources are meticulously curated to provide a guiding light, helping fledgling traders to unravel and master the multifaceted world of forex.

To encapsulate, iFOREX presents a holistic and enriching trading odyssey for its users. Their broad spectrum of tradeable assets, synergized with razor-sharp spreads, positions them as a formidable choice for both seasoned traders and novices alike. The intuitive design and user-centric approach of their platform further sweeten the deal, particularly for those making their maiden voyage into the world of trading. However, perfection is elusive, and like any entity, iFOREX has its imperfections. Prospective traders should prudently scrutinize the broker's fee matrix to ascertain its compatibility with their individual trading blueprints. The onus, ultimately, lies with the traders: to dive deep, harness the power of research, immerse in hands-on exploration via demo accounts, and craft well-informed, judicious trading choices.

Navigating the Depths with a Trusted Broker

In the vast expanse of financial data, having a genuine conversation can be a beacon of clarity. At iFOREX Europe, we prioritize individualized interactions, ensuring you receive dedicated support for an enhanced trading journey:

  • Personalized Training Sessions
  • Comprehensive Guides & Interactive Tutorials
  • Hands-on Experience with a Demo Account
  • Enjoy 0% Commission & Competitive Spreads1

Join the iFOREX Europe family. Let’s have a conversation tailored to your needs. Craft Your Unique Trading Strategy

  • Access to an extensive range of over 750 CFD assets
  • Leverage options scaling up to 30:1
  • Benefit from consistently tight spreads
  • Trade flexibility with 7-day a week operations

Dive in Today Trending Assets Leading Market Movers:

  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Global Indices
  • Company Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Zero Leverage Instruments

A Glimpse into iFOREX Europe

  • A proud member of the iFOREX Group legacy
  • Over 59,769 satisfied clients and counting
  • Boasting a rich heritage of 25+ years of expertise
  • Facilitating 4,253+ daily transactions
  • Offering a diverse range of 750+ tradable instruments

Embark on Your Trading Journey Empower Your Investments

  • Mentorship from seasoned trainers
  • Access to a treasure trove of educational content
  • Stay ahead with top charts, market insights, and real-time data

Step into the Marketplace with Confidence

  • Seamless trading with our intuitive mobile app
  • Maintain a bird's-eye view of your account anytime, anywhere
  • Strategic tools for effective money and risk management
  • Stay informed with astute market updates
  • Immerse yourself in our expansive educational platform

Why Choose iFOREX Europe?

  • Broad Selection of 750+ Trading Instruments
  • Stringent Regulatory Compliance & Robust Account Protection
  • Quick & Hassle-free Withdrawal Process
  • Customizable Leverage Options
  • Safeguard Against Negative Balances
  • Unwavering Commitment to Stellar Customer Service

iFOREX Europe: A New Era in Financial Investment and Trading

iFOREX Europe stands as a beacon in the financial realm, offering top-tier services tailored for discerning investors and traders. Recognizing the dynamic demands of the contemporary financial enthusiast, we bridge the gap, enabling individuals to immerse themselves in the ever-evolving global financial markets.

In this digital age, active portfolio management is not just a choice but an indispensable asset. It is the linchpin of financial independence and resilience in the 21st century. Drawing from the profound legacy of the iFOREX group, which spans over a quarter of a century, iFOREX Europe embodies the wisdom of traditional financial risk management. When merged with our cutting-edge, user-centric investment platform, it manifests into a holistic online trading voyage, positioning iFOREX Europe at the zenith of online financial experiences.

  • Our Vision: A Symphony of Technology and Personalization. In a world leaning heavily towards automation, we champion a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology and the irreplaceable human touch. Our ethos is not merely about transactions, but genuine, heartfelt connections.
  • Embrace the Active Investing Paradigm. We empower you to be at the forefront of investment opportunities. Our rich tapestry of educational content, real-time market tools, and globally diverse customer support ensures you're well-equipped to be an active investor, seizing opportunities as they unveil.
  • Unlock Boundless Financial Horizons. Step into a world brimming with investment avenues. With an extensive array of instruments at your fingertips, from currencies, shares, indices, commodities, ETFs to cryptocurrency CFDs, your financial canvas is truly limitless.
  • Forge Ahead with Informed Investments. At iFOREX Europe, we're not just your platform; we're your partner. Channeling our vast experience and industry leadership, we curate bespoke educational programs, guiding you every step of the way. Our mission is simple: to empower you to make astute, knowledge-driven investment choices.

iFOREX Europe: Your Gateway to Premier Trading

Step into the elite world of trading with iFOREX Europe's meticulously curated Welcome Package. Designed to seamlessly align with your unique trading aspirations, this package is our testament to ensuring you embark on a journey marked by excellence and distinction. As you navigate the intricate world of trading, we are by your side, equipping you with an array of unparalleled offers. With iFOREX Europe, it's not just about trading; it's about crafting a holistic experience centered around your specific needs and preferences.

Embarking on Your Trading Journey? We've Got You Covered!

Should you seek guidance as you initiate your trading venture, our dedicated trading coaches are at your beck and call. Experience the privilege of complimentary 1-on-1 training sessions, curated to ensure you gain a robust foundation in the world of trading.

Education Package: Enlightening Your Trading Pathway

Deep dive into the intricacies of trading with our exclusive Education Package. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

  • Bespoke 1-on-1 Training: Personalized sessions tailored to enhance your understanding.
  • Premier Trader Guide: Comprehensive insights into strategies and market nuances.
  • Interactive Video Tutorials: Visual learning to grasp complex trading concepts.
  • Demo Account: A hands-on approach to test and refine your strategies.
  • Insightful Educational Articles: Stay updated with the latest trends and trading tactics.

Pro Package: Elevate Your Trading Expertise

For the seasoned traders yearning for an edge, the Pro Package is your arsenal for trading mastery:

  • Advanced 1-on-1 Training: Delve deeper into market intricacies with our seasoned experts.
  • Complimentary Trading Signals: Arm yourself with real-time insights for informed decisions.
  • Ultra-Tight Spreads: Maximize your gains with our competitive spreads.
  • In-depth Educational Articles: Continual learning to stay ahead in the dynamic trading world.
  • And a plethora of other tools and resources designed to catapult you to the pinnacle of trading success.

iFOREX Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.iforex.eu
Address Vashiotos Agiou Andreou Building, Second Floor, P.O.B 54216, Limassol, Cyprus
Headquarters Vashiotos Agiou Andreou Building, Second Floor, P.O.B 54216, Limassol, Cyprus
Free phone +357-252-04600
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
1st deposit bonus
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 30
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 100
Popular payment methods Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer
Available assets A choice of over 750 instruments to trade
Languages English
Platforms Fxnet, The iFOREX Europe app
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC
Foundation 1996

iFOREX Traders' Reviews

Hi All. Iforex is most worst company as they will promise you for bonus and as soon you deposit they will deny and wont answer any email above this if they even add bonus when you start making profit they will remove it immediately.
  23 Aug 2023  

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I've been trading with several brokers over the years, and I must say, my experience with iFOREX has been less than satisfactory. The service quality leaves a lot to be desired. Multiple times, I've felt as though I was not getting the support I needed. For a broker that's supposed to be well-established, withdrawal issues seem to be a constant problem. I've waited for longer than their specified time frame on three separate occasions. It's frustrating when you can't access your own funds. One of the most disappointing aspects of iFOREX has to be their customer support. I've sent numerous emails detailing my concerns, but the responses are either delayed or non-existent. A broker without good customer support is a red flag in my books.
  22 Aug 2023  

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I've had numerous issues with the trading platform. From sudden freezes to unexpected logouts, it's been a challenging experience trying to execute trades. Not to mention the losses incurred because of these glitches. While the initial low fees attracted me to iFOREX, I've found that there are many hidden commissions and fees that aren't transparent. It feels like they're just trying to nickel and dime their traders. If reliability is what you're after, I wouldn't recommend iFOREX. There have been several instances where the platform has been down during peak trading hours. As a trader, this is the last thing you want.
  27 Jul 2023  

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While they claim to be regulated, upon further research, I've found some inconsistencies in their regulation claims. It's concerning when a broker isn't transparent about their licensing. Order execution has been a constant struggle. Slow order execution times have resulted in missed opportunities and unexpected losses. For those who value speed in their trades, iFOREX might not be the best option. The analysis tools provided seem to be outdated and ineffective. I've tried using them to gain insights, but they've not been very helpful. Other brokers offer far more advanced and accurate tools. There's a significant amount of instability on the trading platform. From random crashes to inconsistent chart updates, it's made me question the integrity of iFOREX as a broker. I'm currently considering switching to a more stable platform.
  6 Jul 2023  

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Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

Well, I decided to leave a review, maybe it will be useful to someone. I had experience with other brokers. At first they lure you with bonuses, the first deposits and withdrawals go without problems. But when you start to replenish an impressive deposit, this is where the problems begin. Well, that's in the past. I consider the advantage of iFOREX is the work of the platform. I am a scalper, I care about the speed of trading execution, which iFOREX can boast of. This is a significant advantage of the broker. I trade, withdraw funds. Everything is fast. If you want to save your nerves, then you will like trading with iFOREX. All success and good profit!
  6 Jun 2023  

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Beware, pure scammers! They work according to a well-established scheme - they lure you with profitable deals on the forex market, virtually everything looks like trading, they artificially make deals profitable, and when the time comes for withdrawals, then some reason will suddenly appear: either they closed the position in the wrong way, or with the wrong volume, etc. As a result, the accounts will be frozen, offering to add endless funds, supposedly to fix the problems that have arisen!
  4 Jul 2022  

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iForex is scam, cannot withdraw your money on easy. don't trust iForex.
  16 May 2022  

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True, it was the worst IForex experience I've ever had. They control the market on their own, have a higher spread than other markets, and do not have a regulation certificate. After a few transactions, I realized they were deceiving me. Please do not enter.
  29 Mar 2022  

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Worst company I ever cooperated.They still call me after 7 years that I stopped trading and they gave my telephone number to other companies too,as I was told by the brokers who call me although I informed I don't want to trade again and to stop bothering me. They are unbearably annoying.
  19 Dec 2021  

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IFOREX is bad and don't pay back your deposited money easily and they procrastinate in paying.
  31 Aug 2020  

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Trading with iforex has been one of the worst experiences of my life. They are frauds and will cheat you of your money after a couple of trades. Most brokers give a "no deposit bonus" of up to $2000 or they give 30-100% trading bonus for every deposit you make in the account. iforex gives less than 5% trading bonus in spite of promising a higher bonus before opening the account. The worst part, they close your deals when they see a small negative margin of 0 in your account (This made me lose over $25,000 which was in the account) My deposits could have been protected had they honoured the promised bonus which would take care of intraday movements. Clearly fraudulent practices - not at all ethical and competitive in the market. iforex closed my deals twice without a reason and re-instated after contacting them (very distressing especially when they do not answer your calls/emails most of the time) claiming there was a technical glitch. Very clever! All the while the India account manager was unavailable to help. What disgusts me the most is that their phone numbers ring but nobody receives the calls. Even their international numbers do not work. They do not have chat support or staff responding to emails sent to them. In an emergency, you are left in the lurch. My account manager Mr. *** gives his phone number which is out of service but calls you if he pleases to do so after receiving an email. This is dangerous when you have invested your hard-earned money and find the contacts are not responding when there is a problem. Please stay away.
  1 Jun 2020  

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Just tried redgistering and depositing some money. as soon as I did I was hit by 7 transactions. the card was hacked through there platform my card had to be cancelled immediately causing issues.
  27 Apr 2020  

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What problem with platform are you talking about here? It's not about single platform, it is about three different platforms with one single access with same credentials. Trade on mobile, web or local platform. It's up to you. I have whole bunch of information. I can download detailed statements of trading results, statistics, more than 200 instruments to trade. I see comments about FXnet like it's a poor platform, but you guys have never traded on this platform if you say so! It's fast, flexible and in some cases better than mt4. Sure, big companies in US can offer better conditions, anyway if you trade with iforex you have much better quality/price ratio. First, minimum initial balance is $100 that much less than many companies have. Another words, what do you want for this price?
  5 Aug 2016  

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iforex is scam d'ont pay to my friends winings 20 000 usd
  24 Dec 2012  

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Future Trends and Developments in Forex Trading with Expert Advisors

The future of Forex EAs lies in the further integration of AI and machine learning technologies, enabling the creation of even more sophisticated and adaptive trading systems. These advancements could lead to EAs that better understand market sentiment, predict future movements with greater accuracy, and manage risks in more nuanced ways.

i'm really not impressed with this company..they have poor trading platform...this is a horrable company....please dont try ????
  7 Dec 2010  

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this platform look simple ok for beginner like me, since i using this platform 6 month ago. for me this platform provide the charting but not showing the open close position and hard to find the exit position. i always got terminated although my internet ok. is that ok for u all...
  9 Dec 2009  

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Anybody using their FXnet Platform. It takes tons of download ? Each time you open the plat form it take much download. Why it so Why can'nt they make musch simpler model like Meta trader ?
  4 Dec 2009  

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i have been trading with iforex from over 6 months now .. withdrawals are paid on time , i would recommend this firm. contact ,e at niteshseth@yahoo.com if you need more information.
  19 Aug 2009  

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I have been with them for 10 months on live account.No major problems experienced.They always paid out my withdrawels on time.
  8 Jul 2009  

Please login to start commenting.

they don't have anything and not trust full .
and don't forget they are not registered
tradeplatform not good

  17 Sep 2008  

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