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InvestLite Review and Information 2024

InvestLite Information and Review InvestLite
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Status Closed
Regulation IFSC
Trading software MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, APPs
Headquartered Belize, 5 Cork Street, Belize City; United Kingdom, 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK

Financial market trading is an arena that requires persistent approach, money and risk management strategies in place profoundly for sustenance and gains. InvestLite arguably is envisioning the needs of the people and tailoring space for them through observations and diligence. It is engulfing into the market place which has strong players in the field and carving the identity among them. Let's rush through the review and find out full details of the broker. 

Bayline Trading LTD Limited trades in the financial market with the name InvestLite. The company follows the laws and norms of Belize and has got itself registered with them. Also, the company is regulated under its jurisdiction. 

Bayline Global World LTD UK and Bayline Trading LTD Belize together operate the website. Both have different addresses:

  • Belize, 5 Cork Street, Belize City
  • United Kingdom, 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK


  • Dedicated support
  • Zero fees and low commission
  • Data safety norms applied
  • High Volatility
  • Cross-platform trading
  • Educational courses

Customer service 

The team of InvestLite supports its customers round the clock. An investor can register any issue with the help of mobile from Monday to Friday between 07:00 to 17:00. It also provides other options such as live chat and email services apart from calls. So, one can choose any method he or she is comfortable with. 

 Education: Platform Demo, Video and Tutorial

InvestLite offers many trading courses for all levels of traders. These educational courses include videos, articles, platform demo tutorial, trading tutorial etc.

InvestLite is a trusted brokerage firm following the norms of Belize. It is regulated under the guidelines of IFSC (International Financial Services Commission). 

Apart from this, the broker provides an excellent service with affordable trading charges, as mentioned in the InvestLite review provided above. It allows the trader to speculate the broad financial market, including the tradable assets such as crypto, commodity, forex, indices and stock. Visit their official site for opening an account.

InvestLite Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.investlite.com/
Address Belize, 5 Cork Street, Belize City; United Kingdom, 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK
Headquarters Belize, 5 Cork Street, Belize City; United Kingdom, 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK
Free phone +442080972824
24 hour support
Expert advisors
Free education
Mobile trading
Copy trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 500
Standard account, $ 250
Popular payment methods Skrill, Neteller, SafeCharge, MIR Limited, Wirecard, DECTA, SSL, Orange pay, Payvision, Trustly, PaySafe, VISA, Emerchant pay, VPay, Mastercard, Maestro, bank wire
Account currencies USD, EUR, GBP
Available assets Forex, Gold, Shares, Indices, Futures, Commodities
Languages Enlish, Spanish, Portuguese
Platforms MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, APPs
Broker type STP
Regulation IFSC
Foundation 2020

InvestLite Traders' Reviews

I did not believe that such a company as InvestLite, which has been operating since 2020 and operating so much in the market of different states, can deceive people like that. I, like many others, got into the same situation, the deception system is built in such a way that a person would be led to replenish the deposit and then to lose it. They first call you on the phone and begin to promise mountains of gold that you can earn $ 1000 or even more money every month, you agree and then the fun begins, they are kind to you, they do everything, only so that you put money in your account as soon as possible, and if you have not yet taken a loan, here they will also help you and take it supposedly for you, but to a greater extent they know that this is their money. The money is received, an analyst is provided to you, and the consultant who worked with you simply disappears. The Expert Advisor is the second action of the scenario - it first helps you place deals and you see how your income grows, but it didn’t happen if you had $500, then he will be able to bring your deposit to $1200 and then randomly tell you how to place a deal and it will go to zero, and it will simply disappear and you will not hear it either. Then they will call you and offer insurance, but with the condition that you need to pay for it again and it will be like this in a circle until you are convinced to lose large sums.
  8 Jun 2023  

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Very bad, fraud company. only one way. all I got is 60$ and lost my hard earned money. never recommend this to anyone.
  29 Jul 2022  

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From the beginning onwards I requested them to withdrawal my profit but the person (Salah) always make a wrong commitments with me. But, When I start to asking continuously about the profit withdrawal finally he made withdrawal of 94$ and the amount credited after two weeks. When I ask why it’s taking more than two weeks to credit the payment he was giving the reason for that the first transaction always taking time, but after the first transaction credited successfully I asked him to make the withdrawal of my remaining profit, he simply replied me that the total amount including the profit he use to trade, he did that without my permission. I asked him, what was our agreement, I will withdraw my profit time to time and you can trade my 6358$ (with the condition of keep always margin and safe trade) and I will add again 5000$ every first of next month. But he never listen me and he introduced one Mr. Nair ( their manager) he making force to credit more amount for trading so that you will get more profit I told him clearly that I don’t have additional money. The person Salah was appointed to guide me to trade with them and from the beginning onwards I clearly told him that I will withdrawal some amount end of this month for my credit card payment or else I will get fine from bank moreover I will not get money (5000$) for the next month trading as well, and I told about this matter frequently whenever morning he call for me new trading and he simply said , that you can withdraw the money on same day but the day comes and I request him to withdraw my money he told me, if you have 6000 or 7000$ invest right now it is a good time to earn more profit (not like the past month) and you can collect the money same day along with your past profit as well I told him dear several times I told you that I don’t have money I have only some amount I keep separate for my expenses (4500AED) then he told me 4500 AED means you can invest 1000$ that you transfer quickly I will make profit for you and he make me force to trade again with what I have remaining and the same day he told me to open some positions with high value and more quantity. I believe the person who guide me past month and I open the positions as he guided. Next day I wait for his call (they always calling through internet they never give any contact no except their InvestLite app - only the option we can chat through app) two days over they didn’t contact me and I chat through their app but no one replied me sometimes they reply sometimes not , through chatting I request them to withdraw my profit , the next day one of person (Sidharth) called me and told that your current positions are at risk you need to arrange 9000$ to maintain current situation. I ask where is Salah who guided me past one month he replied, he is not in office in order to maintain the current situation you need to invest 9000$. I told him I already invest 6358$ but except 94$ you didn’t withdraw at least my profit until now and now you are telling me that your positions are at risk you need to invest 9000$ or you need to open an another position for trade again. he make me force to open another position (bmw -2.80 buy by market) and he cut the call. I tried to contact with them another three days but no one contact me and I got fine from my local bank and they catch my salary and I don't have single money for my expenses and I need to return 17054 AED to bank. After third day I come to know they closed all open positions themselves without any coordination with me and no response at all. It is a request, kindly help me to withdraw at least my invested money.
  26 Aug 2021  

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Hi lijo, I have lost around 8000aed with them. I got Siddharth and then another person. Same scenario. But unfortunately these are fraud and I also didn't get my money back.
Sid   2 Feb 2022
Hi. I had a similar situation, just 60$ is what I got. never let me take my profit.
Hope   29 Jul 2022
InvestLite do not conduct business in line with what is required by the Regulator. They use hard sell tactics and offer poor investment advice. They do not undertake risk profiling and do not explain upfront what their trading methods are. I have lost in excess of $220,000 but was told "not to worry". Apparently they could turn this around with the small balance left on my account! I would strongly urge anyone with little or no knowledge of investing or trading to avoid using this company.
  2 Aug 2021  

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I feel for you. same experience, very bad company, one deposit no withdrawal. Me too lost a huge amount.
Hope   29 Jul 2022
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I have invested US$3350. I lost all the money.
  2 Aug 2021  

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I feel for you. I have lost a huge amount with this company, they should not be allowed to operate, their conduct is deplorable.
Kimjsy   2 Aug 2021
I feel for you. I have lost a huge amount with this company, they should not be allowed to operate, their conduct is deplorable.
Kimjsy   3 Aug 2021
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