InvestLite Reviews and Comments 2021

This broker is a big time SCAM, be careful. I lost all my 6 years savings with them in one mounth. At the beggining they made me taste the profit. Once I topped up my balance, I started tasting the losses. Huge amounts. They convince you to open new trades (that will never close) and they charge you for every ovenight holding. (Swaps). The call you everyday when you're still new, and once you're trapped they just don't care, they change their behaviours, the never call you and they become rude and irrespectful. It's a scam, I hope someone will read my comment before investing with them.

Me   4 March, 2021  

It's a respectful company that treats its clients really well. Any minor issue I've had was solved immediately by customer support and most of the time trading has been going smoothly.

Harvey   8 February, 2021  

InvestLite offers very good conditions. The leverage is good, the demo account is quite affordable, and the minimum deposit is small.

Charles   5 February, 2021  

It's an amazing company for newbies. At first, I've suffered quite a few losses because of my lack of knowledge but for some reason, I didn't give up straight away and instead started doing a lot of research. Now it's going really well, so far I've made a few really decent withdrawals, and received my money quickly. Customer support is also awesome!

Leon   5 February, 2021  

Seems like you're the only one, cos everyone is complaining about withdrawal.

Nothando   6 February, 2021

This is one broker company who have it all. Hidden chargers, witholding information and with tell you to don't do anything with any transaction done thru their advice even the transaction have significant increase in profits. Plus if you done waiting for their so called advice support call, any transaction done by yourself will be charge a hefty swap fees without you realizing it. Say goodbye to your initial deposit of USD250.

Zahir   4 February, 2021  

I've been trading with InvestLite for almost 9 months. I haven't noticed anything suspicious, everything is quite transparent. Withdrawals are processed mostly with no delays.

Jacob   3 February, 2021  

Beware these scammers. They will convince you saying they have account managers to adivice, but they are putting you to big hell. They are acting like genuine but they looting money of the traders. When you deposit money they start to scame. If you pay 250 dollars from other currency they will deduct not as per the currency rate from the bank, they deduct too much, which we will think normal exchange rate but its not. Then they will tell you to keep trades for days, then they will charge big swap charge, finally you will lose all they money you have.

ismail sabir   3 February, 2021  

I think InvestLite is exactly what a trader needs for making successful deals. All trading conditions are great, the execution is fast, leverage and other trading parameters are flawless.

Sven   1 February, 2021  

Quite a good broker. For a couple of months with them, I earned several hundred dollars, which I think is a good result for a beginner.

Daniel   29 January, 2021  

So far my experience with them is good, I launched a withdfawel few days ago (kind of worried but I'll hold my fear until the 8th or the 9th day), they are ponctual with calling, 95% of the markets suggedted by the accoint manager are profitable. as any other medium experienced trader (I read time to time bad reviews about them but I don't see any bad signs based ln my experience).

Nd   28 January, 2021  

A scam. Not only do they call you to manipulate you saying that they will do well for you, that you don't need to study that you will never understand the market, because they have the experience and are dedicated to that, but the information is wrong, untrue and terrible. in my experience they suggested me a market, since they knew as much as they said they trusted me, it was not enough that I made the operation that the price never went up again, in a matter of two days I lost everything. obviously they called me to increase my account value to be safe with my margin luckily also the risk today is not going to go up, and it would have been even worse.

Ana   27 January, 2021  

InvestLite is easy to trade with. Deposit amount is quite affordable. Besides, withdrawals are processed very quickly.

Rick   26 January, 2021  

The broker keeps on asking me to deposit more and more. Their team work always suggest to pleace order very high risk because thoese are not their money. They do not care their customer to protect my money that I just asked for a little profit per day. Now I lost all my deposit and can't seem to withdraw what was left. Is this a scam? Can someone please help me?

Am   23 January, 2021  

Really efficient broker, withdrawals are quick, customer support always responds, great trading conditions.

Samuel   22 January, 2021  

The broker provides great execution speed and reliable signals. Its learning materials are rather rich and helpful.

Mark Becken   21 January, 2021  

Overall I'm satisfied with this company's services. Although I wish withdrawals went through quicker because I'm an impatient person, it's not such a big issue. Apart from that, I have nothing to complain about.

Lara Hart   20 January, 2021  

I have only been working with this broker for a couple of months, but have already earned almost $ 400. Excellent result. But I had trading experience before. I recommend that beginners learn more and trade carefully.

John Bird   19 January, 2021  

InvestLite has really top quality services. I like the way they approach their clients.

Bruno   19 January, 2021  

It's a top broker for me. I trust this company because it's regulated and really takes care of its customers. Everything works smoothly.

Billy   19 January, 2021  

Investlite is a relatively new platform for me, but the quality of service they provide is great. If this was the first broker I tried trading with, I would probably stick with it.

Eveline   19 January, 2021  

The first withdrawal took more time than I expected which made me nervous but eventually, it went through. Overall, the Investlite is a really nice broker.

Evan P.   18 January, 2021  

Really credible company with amazing customer service. I've had a technical issue with my first withdrawal, which was annoying but as soon as I contacted customer support, the issue got solved.

Jake   14 January, 2021  

I'm really happy with my experience. Customer support reacts quickly and has solved my issue in a heartbeat. Overall, the quality of service is fantastic.

Noel   13 January, 2021  

same here. they want me to open a trade despite that I want to withdraw the remaining amount in my account. please help me to whom should I raise this issue. it seems they are delaying my withdrawal.

Yudi   12 January, 2021  

same here. they want me to open a trade despite that I want to withdraw the remaining amount in my account. please help me to whom should I raise this issue. it seems they are delaying my withdrawal. and keep askinging me open a trade.

kelven   16 February, 2021

Good demo account that really helped me get to know this company. Now I'm trading on a live account and I'm pleased with the quality of service.

Michael   11 January, 2021  

The broker keeps on asking me to deposit more and more. Now I lost all my savings and can't seem to withdraw what was left. Is this a scam? Can someone please help me?

guest   9 January, 2021  

Great trading conditions, fast and efficient execution, friendly customer support. Highly recommend!

Mike   8 January, 2021  

Great broker that has everything I need. I really enjoy its convenient software, which is simple and intuitive yet has lots of interesting tools to try out.

Bradley   6 January, 2021  

It's an average broker in terms of trading conditions and platform but the customer service is absolutely outstanding!

Tom   5 January, 2021  

I can't really compare Investlite with other brokers because it's the only one I've worked with so far, but it's definitely a reliable and trustworthy company. Customer support works perfectly!

Cooper   5 January, 2021  

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