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LiteFinance Review and Information 2024

LiteFinance Information and Review LiteFinance
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Regulation CySEC
Trading software MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, Sirix
Headquartered Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadine

Since its establishment in 2005, LiteFinance has been a beacon of reliability in the Forex trading landscape, boasting an impeccable reputation. This reverence isn't mere happenstance but stems from a plethora of differentiators that elevate LiteFinance above its contemporaries. Leading-edge technological solutions, highly favorable trading conditions, razor-thin spreads, and a lightning-fast execution speed stand as testimonies to LiteFinance's commitment to excellence.

Unveil the dynamic realm of Forex social trading with LiteFinance. Whether you're keen on mirroring the strategies of seasoned traders or aspire to be a guiding light for others, our automated Social Trading platform is designed to cater to both ends of the spectrum. This intuitive system not only enables you to replicate top-performing trades but also fosters a collaborative ecosystem where traders can exchange insights, enhancing their trading acumen by mimicking profitable strategies.

Through our Social Forex Trading system, you can either harness the wisdom of trading maestros or share your own success narrative. Tailor your involvement to align with your objectives, be it shadowing trades or spearheading innovative trading patterns. Stay synced with the best in the business, and let their moves guide your trading journey. With an unyielding commitment to ensuring seamless user experiences, our multilingual support team is at your beck and call 24/7. No matter your query or your preferred mode of communication, our experts, fluent in various languages, stand ready to assist.

Our sustained success over the years hasn't led to complacency. Instead, it fuels our drive to constantly innovate and broaden our global reach. Testament to our unmatched excellence, over 1.5 million global clients have placed their trust in LiteFinance. The plethora of accolades under our belt - including distinctions like the Best Broker across multiple continents and the rapid growth recognition in Western Europe and Asia - and our inclusion in the esteemed "100 World Finance" list by the UK's premier financial magazine further amplify our industry stature.

LiteFinance's global footprint is continually expanding. Presently, we have established a formidable presence in over 15 countries, with partnerships extending our brand's reach to 216 countries. This expansive network ensures that wherever you are in the world, LiteFinance's top-tier services are within arm's reach.

As part of our commitment to providing unmatched trading opportunities, LiteFinance extends an extensive array of trading instruments under favorable margin trading conditions, which includes:

  • An expansive range of major, exotic currency pairs and cross-rates.
  • Precious commodities like gold and silver.
  • An array of CFDs on globally recognized shares.
  • Prominent stock indices from American, European, Australian, and Asian markets.
  • Cryptocurrencies, Brent, and Crude oil.

When it comes to trading platforms, LiteFinance clients have access to the tried-and-true MetaTrader 4, a global favorite, and the revamped MetaTrader 5. If on-the-go trading is your preference, the WebTerminal ensures you can execute trades from anywhere with an internet connection, sans any software installation. Additionally, mobile applications tailored for various devices and operating systems ensure that the world of trading is always at your fingertips.

LiteFinance (Formerly LiteForex): A Leader in ECN Brokerage

Established in 2005 as LiteForex, LiteFinance has been at the forefront of offering its clients unparalleled access to Tier 1 liquidity across a spectrum of markets, including currencies, commodities, and stocks. This broker showcases a vast array of trading options, from major currency pairs and cross rates to commodities like oil and precious metals, blue chips, stock indices, and an extensive portfolio of cryptocurrency pairs.

LiteFinance stands as a beacon of high-tech, trustworthy ECN brokerage with a robust reputation that has been forged over time. The online platform, tailored to cater to global clients, is not only secure and user-friendly but also supports high-speed trading in 15 languages. It offers an array of tools designed for comprehensive price chart analysis. And for enthusiasts of the globally recognized trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and 5 are both compatible with LiteFinance.

Why LiteFinance is Your Premier Forex Trading Destination

Choosing to trade with LiteFinance translates to a multitude of benefits:

  • Cutting-Edge Platform: Experience a high-efficiency trading environment.
  • Competitive Spreads: Enjoy low floating spreads.
  • Seamless Transactions: Benefit from market execution with zero requotes.
  • Expert Assistance: Access professional support whenever you need it.
  • Rich Resources: Dive into exclusive analytical content and trading signals.

In November 2021, a pivotal moment marked the company's journey as LiteForex underwent a transformation to become LiteFinance. This rebranding signaled the initiation of an ambitious phase focused on curating a vast ecosystem of avant-garde financial and investment solutions.

The LiteFinance Edge

  • A Legacy of Trust: With over 18 years in the industry, LiteFinance's commitment to reliability and innovation remains unwavering.
  • State-of-the-Art ECN Technology: Trading with LiteFinance's ECN brings along a plethora of advantages, including direct trades to liquidity traders, no broker interventions, prompt executions, no requotes, and the freedom to choose any trading strategy without restrictions.
  • SocialTrading - The New Age of Trading: This platform fosters a vibrant community of traders worldwide, allowing them to harness each other's experiences and insights for mutual success.
  • Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities: The multi-tiered affiliate program is designed to reward not only for bringing in new traders but also for introducing new partners.
  • Swift Fund Withdrawals: Automate withdrawal requests up to $5000, ensuring quick and hassle-free transactions.
  • Embarking on Your Trading Journey: Dive into the world of Forex trading with LiteFinance in just a few minutes. The registration process is streamlined and the minimal initial deposit ensures that anyone can join the market with ease.

LiteFinance: Pioneers in Making Forex Accessible

Dating back to our inception, we were the trailblazers in offering cent accounts with an unprecedented low deposit threshold of just $1. This revolutionary step democratized Forex, ushering in an era where hundreds of thousands found a gateway into online trading. This paradigm shift not only reshaped the trajectory of Forex market history but also stamped our legacy as innovators. Today, LiteFinance stands tall as an international broker, forming symbiotic relationships with a global clientele. Our offerings, ranging from cent accounts to STP and ECN execution accounts, are known for their transparent and favorable trading conditions. Our portfolio boasts of an extensive range of trading instruments: from CFDs on blue-chip stocks, renowned currency pairs, precious metals, and global stock indices to oil.

2022: A Year of Milestones for LiteFinance

  • Revolutionizing Mobile Trading: February saw the unveiling of our revamped LiteFinance Mobile trading app. Engineered for speed and efficiency, the app's enriched functionalities now encompass a myriad of technical and graphical analysis tools. With an expanded arsenal of trading instruments and embedded professional analytics and signals, the LiteFinance app stands out as a landmark in mobile trading innovation.
  • Global Expansion: Our footprint widened in 2022 with the inauguration of eight representative offices in diverse locations such as Singapore, Uganda, Morocco, and Egypt. These strategic expansions are aimed at personalizing our services to resonate with regional nuances and ensuring online trading remains within arm's reach for our patrons worldwide.
  • Banking and Payment Partnerships: As we broadened our horizons, we also fortified our partnerships with esteemed banks and payment systems. This translates to our clients enjoying seamless and convenient local transfers to boost their trading accounts.
  • Broadening Trading Horizons: The year witnessed the addition of iconic trading instruments. Our clientele can now engage with stocks like Coca-Cola, Ford, Tencent Music, and Global Payments, along with novel cryptocurrencies. Altogether, our offerings span more than 30 diverse trading instruments.
  • Elevating Cryptocurrency Trading: In a move to augment profitability, cryptocurrency leverage was escalated to 1:50 in June, enabling clients to venture into more substantial positions and amplify potential gains.
  • Celebrating Achievements: The highlight of the year was the culmination of the LiteFinance Dream Draw-2021, boasting a staggering prize pool of $350,000. Despite initial delays due to the pandemic, the event culminated in a grand online-streamed gala dinner.
  • Accolades and Recognitions: 2022 was a year where our commitment to excellence was acknowledged on international platforms. Notable among these were our victories at the Smart Vision Investment EXPO-2022 and accolades from Gazet International magazine and the British edition of Global Brands.
  • Upholding Data Security: We remain unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding our client's funds and personal data. 2022 saw us amplify our digital defenses, including a domain transition to .org for our website and client profiles.
  • Engaging with Our Community: The year was replete with contests and promotions spanning regions like Morocco, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and more. Our patrons reveled in winning state-of-the-art gadgets, vehicles, and even dream vacations.

At LiteFinance, the journey of innovation and dedication continues, and 2022 stands testament to our enduring commitment to our clients and the industry at large.

LiteFinance Brokerage: A Forefront Leader in Forex Trading

Why is LiteFinance the Foremost Choice for Over Half a Million Traders?

Established in 2005, LiteFinance has grown from its infancy into a global giant in the Forex market. Its impeccable reputation and dedicated service have made it the broker of choice for numerous traders. The company's competitive edge lies in its myriad of distinct features:

  • Pioneering Technological Services: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology ensures that traders have an edge in the ever-evolving financial market.
  • Optimal Trading Conditions: Benefitting from low spreads, traders also experience lightning-fast execution speeds, ensuring timely and effective trading decisions.

Delving Deeper into LiteFinance's Salient Features:

  • A Beacon of Trustworthiness: Over its tenure, LiteFinance has entrenched itself as a reliable force in the financial sector. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and global outreach has solidified their stature in the Forex currency market.
  • Global Recognition: With a clientele spanning the globe, over 1.5 million traders place their trust in LiteFinance. Their excellence has been heralded with accolades such as "Best Broker" in multiple continents and inclusion in the prestigious "100 World Finance" list.
  • Expansive Global Footprint: The company boasts official representative offices in over 15 countries, with partners in 216 countries. This ensures clients receive unparalleled service, tailored to their regional needs and in their native language.
  • Seamless Onboarding Process: With LiteFinance, embarking on your Forex journey is hassle-free. The straightforward registration and minimal initial deposit requirements make it accessible to novices and experts alike.

Diverse Trading Instruments:

  • A plethora of currency pairs, both major and exotic.
  • Precious commodities such as gold and silver.
  • A vast selection of CFDs on blue-chip stocks from premier global stock exchanges.
  • Indices from major global stock markets.
  • Cryptocurrencies, Brent, and Crude oil.

Innovative ECN Trading:

LiteFinance’s ECN system provides direct trades to liquidity providers, ensuring transparency and efficiency. This system boasts advantages like:

  • Direct access to liquidity traders.
  • Uninterrupted execution without broker intervention.
  • Elimination of requotes and potential conflicts of interest.
  • Flexibility in trading strategies.

Cutting-edge Trading Platforms

LiteFinance offers the robust MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms, allowing traders to operate from anywhere, be it through desktop versions, WebTerminal, or mobile applications. Their "One click trading" feature optimizes trade execution, ensuring efficiency with a simple click.

  • Customized Trading Accounts: With options including ECN and CLASSIC, traders can select an account type that best complements their trading style.
  • Catering to Global Diversity: LiteFinance respects global trading norms by offering Islamic accounts, which are swap-free and comply with religious guidelines.
  • Engaging SocialTrading Platform: This platform fosters a thriving community where traders can share insights, copy successful trades, and mutually grow.
  • Continuous Promotional Initiatives: To enhance the trading experience, LiteFinance consistently offers promotional events, which are updated in the "Promotions" section.
  • Lucrative Affiliate Programs: These programs provide avenues to earn without active trading, including Revenue Share, Regional Representative, and CPS.
  • Reliable Analytics: LiteFinance equips its traders with comprehensive analytics, both in-house and from the esteemed Claws&Horns portal. These insights, available in multiple languages, help traders make informed decisions.
  • Unwavering Client Support: The 24/5 technical support, LiveChat feature, and personalized managers attest to LiteFinance's client-first approach.
  • Robust Security Protocols: Data encryption ensures clients’ confidentiality and safeguards non-trading operations.
  • Flexible Payment Modalities: From electronic systems to bank transfers, funding and withdrawing from accounts are made seamless. Additionally, LiteFinance's no-fee policy on deposits and withdrawals further underscores their commitment to client convenience.
  • Competitions and Incentives: Engage in exciting competitions and stand a chance to win cash rewards and other enticing prizes.
  • Swift Withdrawal Process: Requests up to $5000 are automated for quick and smooth withdrawals.
  • Comprehensive Historical Data: This invaluable tool aids in technical analysis, helping traders discern market trends and devise strategies accordingly.

LiteFinance, with its commitment to excellence and client-centric approach, stands as a beacon in the Forex trading landscape. Whether you're a novice or an expert, trading with LiteFinance ensures a seamless, enriching experience.

Dive into the Realm of Forex Social Trading: Mastering the Art of Copy Trading

Venture into the collaborative arena of Forex trading where professionals converge, share, and learn. Whether you're keen on emulating seasoned traders or you're an expert looking to inspire others, our advanced Social Trading system offers a seamless avenue to bridge this gap.

Why Choose Social Forex Trading?

  • Harness Collective Wisdom: Leverage the expertise of top traders by replicating their strategies, ensuring you capitalize on market movements informed by their insights.
  • Engage and Grow: Engage in meaningful dialogues, subscribe to influential traders' newsfeeds, and imbibe their tactics to refine your own trading approach.
  • Flexibility to Lead or Follow: Whether you're an amateur seeking guidance or a professional ready to guide, choose your role in this dynamic ecosystem and work towards your financial aspirations.

Unveiling the Power of the Copy Trading System:

  • Seamless Integration: Connect your account effortlessly with stalwarts in the field. Mirror their trades in real-time, ensuring that when they profit, so do you.
  • A Hub for Learning and Sharing: Beyond just trading, immerse yourself in a vibrant community. Exchange insights, debate strategies, and glean valuable tips, enriching your trading acumen.
  • Elevate Your Trading Game: The platform serves as a catalyst for continuous growth. By observing and emulating successful trade patterns, you're not just copying - you're learning and adapting.
  • Assured Professionalism: With SocialTrading, you're aligning yourself with a system that embodies proficiency. Here, every trade decision is underpinned by meticulous analysis and seasoned judgment, bringing consistency and confidence to your daily trading activities.

In essence, SocialTrading isn't just a platform; it's a transformative experience. Dive in, and let's co-create success in the Forex universe!

Delving into Trading Instruments

Forex Major Currency Pairs: Navigating the World's Largest Financial Market

The contemporary Forex market is the outcome of continual global currency exchanges. One pivotal shift was the adoption of "floating rates" policies in the late 1960s, a stark departure from the prior era where currency rates were pegged, immune to the ebb and flow of supply and demand.

Who powers these massive currency exchanges?

  • Central banks, institutional investors like pension and investment funds.
  • Multinational corporations, ensuring their global operations remain smooth.
  • Individual retail investors, bringing diversity to the trading pool.

With daily transactions soaring into the trillions, currency rates are perpetually in flux. These shifts, albeit minuscule, present opportunities, especially when leverage, courtesy of brokers, amplifies potential gains.

Forex currency pairs are categorized into:

  • Majors: Featuring the US dollar, they comprise seven currency pairs, representing a whopping 70% of global Forex trade volume.
  • Minors and Exotics: The remaining pairs.

Hallmarks of Major Forex Pairs:

  • Ever-present liquidity due to global demand.
  • Continuous trading from Monday to Friday.
  • Comprehensive coverage of popular pairs.
  • Mechanisms for hedging and diversifying risks.
  • Swift order execution for agile trading.

Commodities: Tapping into Tangible Assets

Commodities offer a tangible alternative to the abstract world of currency trading. These raw materials have prices influenced by global events. For instance, geopolitical tensions in gold-producing regions can spike its price, while a surge in Middle Eastern oil production can depress oil values.

Highlights of Commodity Trading:

  • Visible global patterns driven by supply and demand.
  • Market remains active five days a week.
  • Persistent high liquidity.
  • Counterbalancing asset, often inversely related to stock performance.

Given their tangible nature, commodities serve as a hedge against inflation, safeguarding portfolios during economic downturns and stock market upheavals.

Global Stock Indexes: Gauging Regional Economic Health

Stock indexes are essentially snapshots of specific economic sectors or regions. They bundle together stocks from chosen companies, offering a summarized view of their collective performance. When trading stock indexes, particularly Contracts for Difference (CFDs), it's akin to trading the average performance of these select companies.

For example, the FTSE100 provides insights into the UK's economic health. A decline might suggest economic troubles, prompting traders to adjust their strategies.

Benefits of Trading Stock Indexes:

  • Sustained liquidity due to global interest.
  • Opportunities for risk hedging.
  • High sensitivity to economic news, perfect for speculators.
  • Reduced margin prerequisites.
  • Portfolio diversification across a spectrum of instruments.

In essence, whether you're gravitating towards currency pairs, tangible commodities, or regional stock indexes, the trading universe offers myriad instruments to align with your investment strategy and risk appetite. Choose wisely and stay informed.

LiteFinance Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.litefinance.org/
Address Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadine
Headquarters Euro House, Richmond Hill Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadine
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Interest charges on the balance
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
1st deposit bonus
Trading by phone
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Accepts US traders
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Fixed/Variable
Pip spread on majors 0.4
Maximum Leverage 1000
ECN, $ 400
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 10
Popular payment methods Credit Card Transfers, Bank Wire Transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Local Deposits, WebMoney, QIWI purse, OKPAY, Perfect Money, Boleto Bancario, TBL
Account currencies USD, EUR, RUB, CHF
Available assets Precious metals, Currencies, Indices, Oil, Stock CFDs, Commodities
Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai
Platforms MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, Sirix
Broker type ECN
Regulation CySEC
Foundation 2005
Copy Trading Brokers

LiteFinance Traders' Reviews

My experience with LiteForex has been marred by a recurring issue that significantly impacts my trading strategies: the frequent occurrence of spikes that trigger and destroy stop-loss orders. While it's understandable for markets to exhibit multidirectional movements, the nature and frequency of these spikes on the LiteForex platform raise concerns. I've observed that even during periods of stable market trends, abrupt spikes of up to 50 pips in the opposite direction are not uncommon on this platform. Such spikes can be a natural part of forex market volatility; however, their regularity in seemingly stable conditions is perplexing and detrimental to trading. This pattern has led me to suspect that there might be some level of manipulation or artificial market movement being induced by LiteForex. It appears these spikes are not merely reflections of normal market fluctuations but could potentially be orchestrated to trigger stop-loss orders. This practice, if true, is not only unethical but also undermines the trust and reliability traders place in their brokerage platform. The impact of these spikes is significant. They can prematurely close positions, leading to unnecessary losses, and disrupt well-planned trading strategies. Such occurrences have forced me to reassess the reliability and fairness of the LiteForex platform. Given these experiences, I advise traders to exercise caution and vigilance when using the LiteForex platform. It's crucial to be aware of these potential spikes and consider their implications for your trading approach. While I cannot conclusively prove manipulation on LiteForex’s part, the consistent pattern of these spikes in stable market conditions is a matter of concern and warrants careful consideration by anyone trading on this platform.
  10 Jan 2024  

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In my time trading, I've had the privilege (and sometimes the misfortune) of engaging with various brokers, and sadly, my journey with LiteFinance was less than satisfactory. Among the myriad brokers I've encountered, they rank towards the bottom in terms of transparency and reliability. On more than one occasion, I was taken aback by positions being abruptly closed, often resulting in significant financial losses. Such unexpected actions without prior notification not only impacted my funds but also eroded my trust in them as a broker. Additionally, I've had perplexing instances where funds seemed to vanish from my account. There was an unsettling absence of clarity, and reaching out for explanations often proved fruitless. It's disheartening to think this, but it often felt like there were systemic efforts in place at LiteForex to hinder client profitability. In a domain where trust and credibility are paramount, my experience with LiteForex was riddled with disappointment. I genuinely hope others tread cautiously and perhaps consider more reputable alternatives in the trading space.
  1 Nov 2023  

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I am unable to withdraw my money. status is still waiting since so many days. what to do? please help me.

  17 Oct 2023  

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I unfortunately stumbled upon an experience with LiteFinance that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Often heralded by many as a reputable broker, my personal journey with them has been anything but commendable. The core of my grievance stems from an incident where, after establishing a series of profitable trades and subsequently requesting a withdrawal, I was shocked to discover that all my gains had been nullified. This unilateral decision, made without any prior communication or justification, felt both arbitrary and underhanded. When I reached out for an explanation, I was met with a vague reference to their policies that apparently grants them the discretion to invalidate trades they deem 'suspicious'. However, what was disconcerting was the lack of transparency; they provided no concrete evidence or specific reasoning behind this action, leaving me in the dark and feeling cheated. While I've heard others champion LiteForex for their purported transparency and integrity, my experience tells a different story. An upstanding broker operates with clear communication and does not arbitrarily nullify successful trades behind the veil of ambiguous policies. Disturbingly, while my profitable trades were removed, those that were not in my favor remained untouched, further casting doubt on their integrity. In light of my experience, I'd advise potential traders to exercise caution and due diligence when considering LiteFinance. The trading world is vast, and there are numerous other brokers that prioritize fairness and transparency above all else.
  3 Oct 2023  

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The Top Forex Expert Advisors 2024: Performance, Strategy, and Reliability Review

An annual roundup reviewing the most successful Forex Expert Advisors (EAs) based on their performance, strategies employed, reliability, and user feedback. This piece would provide insights into which EAs have been market leaders and why.

After giving LiteForex a chance for about six months, I came to the realization that it was a decision I'd rather not have made. Throughout my trading with them, I was frequently confounded by inexplicable and significant gaps in the trades. What was even more perplexing was that these gaps weren't associated with moments of significant market movement. Instead, they appeared during periods when the market was relatively stable. Such inconsistencies strongly suggest that there might be issues with how LiteForex processes its quotes or perhaps even some technical glitches within their platform. But the pitfalls of my experience with LiteForex didn’t stop there. On attempting to withdraw my earnings, I was met with a series of discouraging hurdles. Initially, my withdrawal request was inexplicably declined, leading me to undergo a verification process once more. Thinking this might resolve the issue, I dutifully resubmitted all required documents and went through their verification process again. However, the outcome was just as disappointing the second time around. My subsequent withdrawal request seemed to vanish into thin air, with no acknowledgment or feedback from LiteForex. Ultimately, and most alarmingly, they barred me from accessing my own account, all without providing any concrete explanation. In reflecting on this experience, I feel compelled to caution other traders about engaging with LiteFinance. The challenges I encountered - from trading inconsistencies to withdrawal obstacles and account blockages - serve as a stark reminder that not all platforms prioritize their clients' best interests. It's essential to tread carefully and consider alternative brokers who offer transparency, reliability, and genuine customer support.
  27 Sep 2023  

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I tried to withdraw. Sent email saying I have to pay for tax which I did, the issue could not be solved, kept requesting for more commission, bad treatment.
  23 Jun 2023  

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I am a long-time client of this broker, I will say that the broker has pros and cons, and the disadvantages are significant, these are draining hairpins in reversal market situations, when traders catch a market reversal, accounts are heavily loaded with lots in order to earn a lot, it turns out a small margin of safety of the deposit. Here, with artificial hairpins, they demolish such traders who trade on the entire deposit, usually on small accounts. I am no exception, I recently lost two small cent accounts, precisely because of the hairpins done by the broker. I looked at charts of quotes on several sites, no one has such hairpins. It was the first. Second, why is the stop-out triggered immediately instantly for all trading orders, and not triggered gradually, individually for each order, and often below zero, nothing remains on the deposit?
  19 Jun 2023  

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Heard a lot of reviews about them. Mostly positive, but in addition, I heard that the withdrawal of funds is delayed, it is no longer so pleasing to hear, and there are quite numerous reviews about withdrawal delays. Although I heard the same thing about ***, and even worse, I successfully traded with them. I haven’t decided on this broker yet, opened an account, talked to support, but after so many failures in trading, I’m now much cooler about all sorts of “profitable offers” and so on.
  4 May 2023  

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The ID that I submitted were always rejected. So I message Live Chat and he told me to send him my ID, Next he says it couldn't be process since I have two accounts and advise me to send them an email and mention them my personal information to merge the account. I did. Then they said I need to use another ID do I send my UMID id and live chat didn't respond so I left a message saying "Is this still not enough", I give up then, Thank you. Next I would know was my account if fully verifed. Planning to fund my account but after reading these comments I changed my mind.
  2 Aug 2022  

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I deposited money into the liteforex pro on the proviso it was an automated service. Next I am being called by a stock broker who is saying that he wants to make it my business and that it was not automated. I decided to take my money out then, and only on contacting the bank for a swift code for the terms and conditions to say that you have to have your name on the withdrawal otherwise they will not pay you the amount. To get a swift code from my bank they have only given their details and when they get the money back will deliver it into my account. This seems like a real scam. They also said that on reviewing the withdrawal request, that I had to print out the details and sign with the print review button which is totally not even present on the webpage, so that looks fishy too. Is that another way they can keep your money and say that you didn't do the right process. I had better get my withdrawal back, or this will not be the last time you hear from me!
  1 Aug 2022  

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A big scam broker and need to be avoided at all costs. this broker have ecn accounts, but their ecn is not real their chart is differnet from traiding view. lots of manipulations and big slipages. on 23/06/2022 I opened a trade by this ticket #5060624970. I was short on nzd/jpy at price rate 84.725. at 22:00 +4:30GMT they close my trade at 86.487. the rate that is 200 pip higher from the real chart. I contacted them and they told me they will check it out. and after two days they didnt answer and I contact them again and they told me its because of volatility. my trade account is MT5-ECN-5562136
  5 Jul 2022  

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How can global broker shut down its services for about 10 days now? No matter how big the problem, it should have been resolved by now considering the stakes of people involved . Something is fishy. I hope all gets fine soon.
  10 Jan 2022  

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LiteForex is a scam, please be careful. Also had no access to my account for days, eventually when I did my account was blown.
  9 Jan 2022  

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Very bad broker. Their servers froze for 3-4 days. They told me that they would close orders in my favor, so I waited and waited. I couldn't do anything for a week and see my profits turned into loss. And the result: they told me they couldn't compensate my loss profit, only the loss incurred. And they still charged overnight fees for those orders that should have brought me a lot of profit. I'm very angry and frustrated with Lite Forex. This is not a trustworthy broker that you should give your money on. Very bad service. Do not give them your money.
  8 Jan 2022  

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The Best Online Brokers 2024

In the ever-evolving world of financial markets, the role of an online broker remains pivotal for investors aiming for success. As we step into 2024, the landscape of stock trading is more dynamic and technology-driven than ever, necessitating a guide to navigate the plethora of options available. This comprehensive review aims to dissect the essential aspects of choosing a broker, ensuring that both novice and experienced investors can make informed decisions.

This people are heartless. Liteforex is never a good broker. Avoid it before it will be late.
  7 Jan 2022  

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Litefinance website and MT4 services are not accessible since 18 hours now. Anyone knows what's happening?
  5 Jan 2022  

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Worst broker of all time, they are scammers . Very easy to deposit but to withdraw will take centuries. I regret the day I heard about you liteforex.
  7 Aug 2021  

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Worst broker in the whole world literally would have a different candle close from other brokers and would exaggerate candle moves just to take yours stops, if you think I'm lying just compare with other brokers. I discovered late, This broker is the worst for real, I feel so sad cause I've been cheated and take me out of trades I would have been profitable with. I honestly plead with you, don't register with this broker.
  7 Aug 2021  

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What happened to you liteforex? I can't log in either app or web. Take forever to log in.
  21 May 2021  

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I would just like to inform anyone who's planning to join their demo contest. I am telling you as early as now that It would be a waste of your precious time. I joined their April month contest (which is last month) and I manage to win the 1st place with supposedly I am to receive a $4000 bonus that I can use for trading. When I did try to claim the my prize, these people from the liteforex trading department said that I violated one of the trading conditions of their contest which is "Use of quotes flow failures to make guaranteed profits". I calmly responded and asked them to explain what do they mean of this rule and how one can be deemed violating this rule and of course I asked them for proof because as I understand is that this violation has something to do obviously with my trades. They got back to me and to only send me a screenshot of my trades showing my profitable trades using the M1 Timeframe where most of my profitable trades where made through a slippage. So, I said, okay. I questioned their proof because technically no one would know if a slippage is about to happen or not, right? I also told them that I never used M1 TF for my scalping strat and this person responding to me via email from their trading department told me, how come you've made about 20 trades in a day? I mean, you could scalp on any timeframe if you want to and not only on M1. Right? It made me think if these people really know a lot about trading? How could a representative from a brokerage firm has too little knowledge about trading? How? Anyway, I kept questioning them for this unethical move towards winning their demo contest. I even told them that this happened to a demo contest only, what more if I was already trading a real account. They even accused me of using a lagging EA which they said the reason I was able to determine almost every slippage. This is where these people really proved how stupid they are as you can see every trade on a traders' history whether one used a EA or not. I even made a bet to them that I will do a live trading just to prove them wrong but they never responded back any longer until this day. For this, I would strongly advise for people not to trade with LiteForex any longer. If they can find a reason not to grant someone the prize bonus (real money that can be used for trading), what more in a real account? I would also remind you, with that experience where they also showed a lot of slippage could happen, i would rather go for a different broker instead.
  19 May 2021  

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