LiteForex Reviews and Comments 2021

They let you deposit money but you can't use it on MT4 as they want you to upload your ATM cards, (debit card or credit carf) back to back, is this even legal at all? My money was stuck, all documents submitteed apart from bank card, and yet you can't trade as it disabled in MT4.

Balitok   23 February, 2021  

I initiated a withdrawal. but upto now I've not seen my money. What's going on?

Benjamin Kayemba   17 February, 2021  

I deposited on the 3rd but still now no withdrawal.

Nzuza   16 February, 2021  

Worst broker I've ever seen. Their support is slower than a snail.

Amuda Saliu   5 February, 2021  

Worst broker of all time, to deposit is not a problem at all, but to withdraw is the biggest problem, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Muthoni   12 January, 2021  

I wanted to give a try with this broker. but these number of comments suddenly scared the *** out of me...

frank kimathy   12 November, 2020  

dear broker, can you please check what's going on with approving my cards because you guys don't want to approve my cards both of them.

Togo Sello Frans   5 October, 2020  

This is the worst broker ever. I requested a withdrawal they are unable to approve my deposit. they are unable to make a deposit into my account but this is the exact same account that I used to deposit the money into my liteforex account.

Shanice   2 September, 2020  

Dear Shanice, Specify your account number please. We will check everything. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex   14 September, 2020

System is currently down. And all I can do is watch my money loose coz I cannot come out of my trade. Their chat room is also unavailable.

Myst   20 August, 2020  

Dear Myst, Provide more details please and tell your account number. We need to check everything. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex   25 August, 2020

It seems that I can't withdraw all of my deposits because it stated that my bank card is not verified. I can deposit, but can't withdraw at the same time using same bank card. I did contact clients support, but no reply.

AJ   19 August, 2020  

Dear AJ, Please be sure that you will not have any problems with withdrawal. LiteForex team will help you with any question. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex   25 August, 2020

Can this be possible? I just invested with Liteforex 2 days ago where I was expecting to receive profit after 48 hours according to them. I'm now told that I have won $16,800 beyond my expectations. But first I should again deposit more $250 before I can be able to get access to my funds. I wish to be clear if there has ever been such.

Mezz   1 July, 2020  

Who knows if they really pay contest money to traders who fulfills their requirements?

franklin   26 June, 2020  

Dear franklin, LiteForex company always pays prizes to the winners of competitions. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

LiteForex Official   31 July, 2020

I registered with them since last year. They call me to make deposit and start trading but I decide to review them. But with this withdrawal issues I'm seeing, I m not funding my account anymore. Please I need trustworthy brokers for Nigeria.

Ayodeji   20 June, 2020  

Dear Ayodeji, LiteForex do not have problmes with deposit and withdrawal. You can be sure that your money in safety. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited.

LiteForex Official   24 June, 2020

my withdrawal money already 5 days still not received yet. where is money?

atiqah   9 June, 2020  

Hi atiqah, have you received your withdrawal money? I plan to join the liteforex and am not sure it's a right choice

Bawani   13 June, 2020

Dear atiqah, Did you get you money? Best regards, representative of LiteForex.

LiteForex Official   24 June, 2020

Todays Markets open and my Account money has disappeared. No Low Margin alerts or trades, and no trade losses. Just for no reason, money seems to have disappeared. I have screenshots to prove this... because I expect these things from liteforex to happen. They are very dodgy forex broker for years. nothing has changed.

Chris   9 March, 2020  

They are not paying any commission for my clients. Now they have replied me with this. Please read as follow: "Dear, Your affiliate program was disabled for direct violation of Affiliate agreement, clause 3.2. And it won't be enabled again. This is a final decision and it won't be discussed further. Best regards, Client Service Department"

Shivshankar Kumar Shah   16 December, 2019  

Dear Shivshankar Kumar Shah, May I know your UID number? We will check all information which you are talking about. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex   30 January, 2020

I'm confused by the reviews. Any reply from the liteforex about the withdraw problems?

Ismael   3 November, 2019  

Got bonus from liteforex. Trading is stable without requotes and delays in chart. Bonus usabel for trading but not for withdrawal. All profit from bonus available for withdrawal. I am using mt4 terminal for trading.

Edward   1 August, 2019  

I was using social trading platform from liteforex. Good way to earn without trading skill. I do not understand why I see negative reviews here. I used big sum of money for my copy trade and all my withdrawal requests was completed during several days. At this moment I am still using their services.

Jan   21 June, 2019  

All the positive reviews about Lite Forex are abstract, only describing the allegedly positive characteristics of the company, no specifics, or specific person who received information about the features of the work of this system. All assurances of trouble-free withdrawal, too, do not carry any specifics - these are paid feedback from regular PR managers! And so many people were brazenly robbed! Newcomers who are looking for information about this company Lite Forex - I warn you right away - their work and earnings are your money taken away from you by fraud. And all this is a big fraud with bidding - no bidding, then you will simply be scammed. You will lose a lot of nerves besides your money while you try to get them back. Deceived and thrown customers go one after another! And positive abstract reviews are another trap for new ones to attract new money!

Marcus   4 June, 2019  

Dear Marcus, Please stop to publish libel and false information about our company. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex representative   20 June, 2019

Yess. it is true. liteforex is no good broker. They finance department is *** bad to withdrawls. And support is not reply. Bonus is not really withdrawl. They are bad broker. I warn new user too. This is bad broker.

Yess   14 August, 2019

I wanted to open and fund my live forex account today with Liteforex, but with all these complaints I am really afraid to commit my hard earned funds with them.

FidelCastro   7 May, 2020

This is an update to my previous review about liteforex, Its over 76 Days now and what they keep saying about my withdrawal status is that they have sent it, have provided them with my banks statement on 2 occasions, they will only reply that they forwarded it to the financial department. be wise look for a better Broker unless you want to trade your funds like demo and not withdraw

Joshua   16 May, 2019  

Hello, If you have any documents or written correspondence proving that you had business with such a comapny, I can direct you to a comapny Protecting Investors being scammed or not educated enought to trade on the Financial Markets. They seem decent to me and are making at least some progress with my case.

Anthony G.   20 May, 2019

Lite Forex (Worst Forex Broker). Dear all, Please be informed that I have an Islamic account (Swap free) and commissionable in lite forex since 29 Jan 2019. I have a total deposited to my account USD 750 and I made the profit and the first week of April my balance is USD 1238.58. On 8th April when I requested to withdraw the full amount of my money, they deducted USD 517.23 as swap charge but my account was swap free. They did not charge swap amount when I closed my trade but they did charge USD 517.23 after withdrawal. Even they did not inform me that they will charge swap after withdrawal and I lost USD 517.23. So please stay away from lite forex to save your money.

Md Mojaharul   10 April, 2019  

Dear Md Mojaharul, May I know your account number? We will check all information which you are talking about. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

LiteForex representative   10 April, 2019

My Lite Forex Account Number: MT4-ECN-589894

Md Mojaharul   16 April, 2019

Thank you for this comment. What happened to you is scary. I have downloaded the app, but luckily I didn't make any deposits yet.

Charmaine Smit   28 July, 2020

Liteforex is a big scam please stay away from them they don't pay withdrawal I have a withdrawal pending from them for over a month today, from the history it was marked complete but they didn't actually send the money to me. Contacted them with both my bank statement still no sign of payment yet.pls stay away from liteforex broker

Joshua   1 April, 2019  

Dear Joshua, May I know your account number? We will check all information which you are talking about. Best regards, representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

LiteForex representative   9 April, 2019

Lite Forex does not pay withdrawal on time and they will ask you to wait after 1 month if you have intentions to just trade and not to withdraw then you can trust lite forex with your money otherwise a word is enough for the wise

Joshua   22 March, 2019  

Till date they are not paying. I think liteforex is a big scam. Stay away

Joshua   1 April, 2019

Especially useful for me are statistic and educational articles from this broker. I've followed advices which i can find in articles and predictions it helps me make my trading more profitable. Broker's trading strategies which o got from iOS app are valuable complement to any level of trading experience. I think each trader will find positive sides in this broker. I am trading by using stop loss and take profit everything working stable.

Mickhael   20 February, 2019  

liteforex removed my all fund MT4-ECN-581120. liteforex big scamer

md sahr alam   5 February, 2019  

Dear md sahr alam, Please note that we notice several attempts of login for the accounts with non-deposit bonus from the same IP. This is a strict violation of the conditions of the bonus program. Please be informed that your withdrawal from 581120 will be returned and results of your orders will be cancelled due violation of bonus program conditions. Best regards, representative of LiteForex

LiteForex representative   14 February, 2019

I have been trading in LiteForex since first day of my trading practice and they have been so good and improving each year.Their social traiding platform is great and proftable. Now I am using the scalping strategy on ECN. I don't want to get negative experience in trading. I hope that this broker will work during many years.

Madri Servik   10 January, 2019  

LiteForex is nonprofessional broker. I made withdrawal on 18.12.2018 (the amount is poor 100$) and have not received money yet. I asked reason and their answer was that they had already made withdrawal and blamed card processing center. It's very nonproffesional from their side. Please think beefore you choose LiteForex as your broker to avoid problems like I have now.

Nino Gabelashvili   27 December, 2018  

I apologise. I found out that withdrawal problem was Bank's fault. Today I received my money finally.

Nino Gabelashvili   4 January, 2019

I am begginer in forex. I decided to open account with LiteForex as my colleague recommend me. I traded and made a little profit, so I decided to withdraw my poor profit and made it on 18.12.2018. Regarding agreement it needs 1-3 days, but I was surprised when I didn't receive money on my card 21.12.2018. So I contacted to support team and asked reason. They said that they have some problem with card payment. Does anyone have the same problem? I don't know it's just coincidence or I am scam. Please give me advice

Nino Gabelashvili   22 December, 2018  

I have real account with liteforex and with other brokers also. I trade with worldwide brokers as liteforex and other. There is a little differences between trading conditions of this brokers but quality of trading can be different because brokers has different providers. I do not have any serious problems with liteforex. This is a good broker with nice conditions for traders. I can say one thing if you want to use scalping strategy you need to use ECN account. I am using standard account and this strategy is not comfortable for this type of account. Also I like to use carry trade strategy by trading with liteforex and another broker.

Vikus   20 November, 2018  

Would you like to know if LiteForex is trustworthy? Many traders are afraid of opening an account with the 'wrong' company, as they have heard enough about the bucket shops and fraudulent activities in the field of currency trading. However, most of the forex companies are in fact secure, with responsible and honest operational practices; it is just important to choose the FX broker right.

Along with other factors that need to be taken into consideration, the potential client should get acknowledged with reviews of traders already registered with LiteForex. Of course, the reviews can be of different kind, positive as well as negative, as it is unreal to find a broker matching everyone's expectations. But, taking a notice of the ratio between good and bad impressions, you can understand and conclude for yourself, whether this broker is credible.

Our team sees that the traders' reviews published with us are objective, realistic and do not contain any advertisement or subvertisement on LiteForex.

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