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Oanda Review and Information 2023

Oanda Information and Review Oanda
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Trading software OANDA fxTrade, MetaTrader4, fxTrade Mobile, fxTrade API
Headquartered Warsaw, at Zlota 59 Street

In 1996, as the internet began to reshape the world, two visionaries – an IT specialist and a finance professional – conceived OANDA. They discerned the revolutionary impact the digital realm would have on global finance, heralding a novel epoch of e-commerce. Today, OANDA stands as a testament to that foresight, having carved a niche in the forex market with its cutting-edge digital currency offerings. OANDA offers a diverse spectrum of services tailored to the ever-evolving global financial markets. Beyond their pioneering trading software, they also provide insightful trading perspectives, avant-garde investment tools, and resources, making them a preferred choice for both individual traders and major investment firms. Headquartered in New York, USA, OANDA's global footprint extends to key financial hubs in Singapore, Canada, the UK, and Japan.

The OANDA Multi-Asset Trading App Experience

Embark on a journey across the vast realms of Stocks and CFDs with OANDA. Strategically design your investment trajectory, ensuring a well-balanced portfolio. OANDA promises commission-free trading, encompassing forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities CFDs. Whether you align with prevailing market trends or adopt contrarian stances, the OANDA app offers a panoramic view of the trading world. Witness real-time trading habits of contemporaries, assimilate the latest financial news, and harness actionable intelligence via meticulous market analyses, all on your smartphone.

Cryptocurrency CFDs: A New Frontier with OANDA

Step into the exhilarating realm of Cryptocurrency CFDs, featuring prominent names like bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ethereum, uniquely presented by OANDA. OANDA’s unwavering commitment centers around empowering traders with state-of-the-art trading mechanisms coupled with precise financial intelligence. Catering to a vast clientele, from novice traders to large-scale financial institutions, they are also a preferred choice for institutional brokers and personal portfolio managers. Recognized as a distinguished market maker, OANDA stands as an unassailable bastion of financial knowledge, offering users an enviable access to one of the globe's most extensive economic and financial databases. Their offerings span a plethora of currency pairs, even accommodating rare pairs like eur chf and jpy cad. Regardless of your geographical location, OANDA's world-class services are at your beck and call.


OANDA’s Distinctive Offerings

OANDA's proprietary fxTrade platform stands as a beacon of transparency, intuitiveness, cost-efficiency, and customization tailored for every financial stakeholder. Their flagship website, OANDA.com, is a nexus of currency knowledge, brimming with tools, resources, and insights. OANDA's team of seasoned currency analysts perpetually enrich the Forex Blog with comprehensive market evaluations and prognoses. Furthermore, the OANDA Research and Innovation Center remains a hub documenting the latest breakthroughs in trading technologies and product innovations.

Embark on a journey with OANDA by exploring their website, replete with intricate currency analytics, conversion tools, news, and alluring offers. Peruse OANDA’s profile on our platform, sifting through reviews from fellow traders, and don’t hesitate to share your narratives. Each gold star symbolizes a review’s worth, as esteemed by our cherished community members.

OANDA Acquires Prominent Polish Broker: TMS Brokers

OANDA, in its strategic move towards enhancing its global market share, has entered into an accord to acquire a 100% stake in Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers. As a prominent multi-asset class broker in Poland, TMS Brokers offers OANDA a robust launchpad for expanding its operations across the Baltics and burgeoning markets of Eastern Europe.

Since 2019, the leadership of OANDA has been invigorated by the seasoned expertise of Gavin Bambury. Garnering over a quarter of a century's experience in the financial services landscape, Bambury now helms OANDA as its Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, his strategic vision is exemplified as an Executive Director on the OANDA Board. His operational base, fittingly, is located in the financial hub of London.

OANDA Under the Aegis of CVC Capital Partners

2018 marked a transformative period for OANDA. The company transitioned into the portfolio of CVC Capital Partners. Renowned as a leading private equity powerhouse, CVC Capital Partners manages a formidable asset base, exceeding USD 70 billion globally.

State-of-the-Art Trading Platform

OANDA’s trading platform, acclaimed for its prowess, now extends its clientele the privilege to diversify their trading across a myriad of financial instruments. These range from Forex in strategic regions like the US and Japan to Forex and CFDs (contracts for difference) in Canada, the UK, EMEA, APAC, and Australia. In addition, US clients can now delve into the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies. The platform's hallmark lies in its impeccable execution paired with cutting-edge trading tools. Backed by TradingView, it offers advanced charting packages replete with the latest indicators and drawing tools.

Unparalleled Currency Data & Analytics

OANDA takes pride in its stature as a global frontrunner in corporate FX solutions. The company's commitment to excellence is echoed in its exchange rates API and the Historical Currency Converter – deemed the gold standard in foreign exchange data. This trusted API seamlessly integrates with ERPs, TMS, digital products, apps, or websites, offering data for over 200 currencies and insights from 25 central banks. Furthermore, clients can delve into the company’s treasure trove of historical exchange rates, which spans across 38,000 currency pairs and stretches back 25 years.

OANDA envisions a paradigm shift in the realm of currency interactions, be it through trading mechanisms or the intelligent utilization of currency data and insights.

Stay Updated with OANDA's Market Commentary

OANDA's comprehensive market commentary is tailored to ensure that traders remain at the forefront of market shifts. These insights are pivotal in identifying lucrative trading avenues and fortifying portfolios against market volatilities. The company's growth trajectory, technological advancements, and esteemed reputation are driven by its dedicated executive committee. Furthermore, OANDA's team of analysts continually offers real-time commentary and delves deep into the significant economic trends influencing the market dynamics.

Dive into global trading with OANDA's app. From Stocks to CFDs, design your investment portfolio with ease. The app offers commission-free trading, trend analyses, and invaluable market insights. The intuitive platform facilitates swift account setups, ensuring traders can embark on their investment journey post-haste.

Why Choose OANDA?

OANDA, with its rich legacy spanning over two decades, offers an unparalleled trading experience. With state-of-the-art tools, comprehensive analyses, and a legacy of customer satisfaction, the company stands as a beacon for traders globally. Access a world of opportunities with transparent pricing, daily recommendations, and mobile tools designed for astute investment management. Join the league of discerning traders and take the reins of your financial journey with OANDA.

MetaTrader 5: A Paradigm of Trading Excellence

Step into the realm of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) — a benchmark platform that has withstood the test of time, establishing its unparalleled reputation in the trading world. Experience order processing that's not just swift, but stands unmatched in its efficiency. The platform provides the versatility of opening counteracting trading positions, effortless modification of orders, and a comprehensive suite of 38 embedded technical indicators, 22 analytical instruments, and 46 graphic elements. Ready to elevate your trading journey? [OPEN ACCOUNT]

Pillars of the MT5 Platform:

Why MetaTrader MT5 Reigns Supreme:

OANDA: The Premier Trading Experience

Step into the world of trading with OANDA, an esteemed and award-winning broker, and unlock access to an extensive global market. With thousands of instruments right at your fingertips, trading has never been more comprehensive. At OANDA, we prioritize keeping you ahead in the trading game — our real-time signals and astute recommendations empower you to make informed decisions grounded in live data. Whether on the move or at your desk, the intuitive OANDA mobile tools ensure investment management remains seamless. In our commitment to provide value, we've eliminated superfluous trading costs. With no commission on a majority of instruments and the transparency of historical spreads, your OANDA account encapsulates the essence of simplified yet effective trading. Every OANDA account is crafted with a singular vision: to provide an uncomplicated trading journey tailored to each individual investor.

Distinguishing Features of an OANDA Account:

The Global Forex Market: A Universe of Opportunities

Dive into the world of the Forex currency market, the planet's most extensive and fluid trading arena. While the trading cosmos is dotted with numerous forex brokers, aligning with OANDA elevates your experience to a new pinnacle. Here's why an OANDA brokerage account is a gold standard:

OANDA's Share Trading Spectrum

CFDs: The Future of Trading with OANDA

OANDA's Value Proposition

Learn and Trade with OANDA: Download the OANDA app and get acquainted with investment through a hands-on approach. Start with a demo account, equipped with 50,000 virtual EUR on forex pairs, and learn the ropes without any risk. Experience a trading journey like no other with OANDA.

Oanda Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.oanda.com/
Address Warsaw, at Zlota 59 Street
Headquarters Warsaw, at Zlota 59 Street
Free phone (+49) 6995019607
24 hour support
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Sponsorship contests, competitions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Accepts US traders
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.00001
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 50
STP, $
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 1
Mini account, $ 1
Popular payment methods Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check
Account currencies USD, AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, HKD, SGD
Available assets Forex Shares Shares CFDs Indices CFDs Commodities CFDs Crypto CFDs ETF Funds CFDs
Languages English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean and French
Platforms OANDA fxTrade, MetaTrader4, fxTrade Mobile, fxTrade API
Broker type Broker
Foundation 1996

Oanda Reviews and Comments

OANDA stands out as a distinguished broker, largely due to its affiliation with a renowned regulatory body. When I'm selecting a broker, this regulatory backing is my primary consideration. I meticulously went through their entire user agreement and was pleased to discover that it was transparent, devoid of any hidden clauses or unexpected terms. When we speak of their offerings, they present an impressive assortment of trading instruments complemented by competitive spreads. However, it's worth noting that there are areas where OANDA might improve. The absence of bonus programs is noticeable, and the leverage being capped at 1:50 might not be suitable for every trader's strategy. Additionally, the limitations on fund withdrawal methods – restricted to just card or bank transfers – could pose an inconvenience for some. But, taking everything into account, OANDA emerges as a solid choice, especially for those who predominantly communicate in English.
  6 Oct 2023  
I partnered with OANDA for a span of six months, and my overall sentiment is: "it's decent, but there are stronger contenders out there." The most compelling facet of OANDA lies in its robust safety record. With multiple regulatory bodies overseeing its operations and a solid 25 years of industry experience, there's a certain confidence one can place in their reliability. However, other aspects leave room for improvement. The 1:50 leverage they offer can be quite limiting, particularly when you're working with a modest deposit – it curtails the extent of trading one can embark upon. The withdrawal mechanism, while seemingly straightforward since it's restricted to bank cards, can add up in terms of fees. When you tally up the cumulative commissions, it becomes a notable chunk out of one's earnings. Furthermore, their online platform was, for me, among the least user-friendly I've navigated – its functionality could be vastly improved. To sum it up, while OANDA is competent, the trading ecosystem offers more dynamic and user-centric broker options.
  30 Sep 2023  
Embarking on my trading journey, OANDA was the first broker I engaged with, and regrettably, my experiences were anything but smooth, leaving me simmering with frustration. It's conceivable that the platform may cater aptly to the needs of seasoned traders, but as a novice in the field, I found it disappointingly inaccessible and notably lacking in customer-centricity. One prominent critique stems from the apparent disregard for customers, particularly those who are fresh to the trading world. The absence of bonus programs felt conspicuously neglectful, depriving newcomers like me of potential initial boosts to our trading ventures. Furthermore, the unavailability of cryptocurrencies as a tradable asset left me feeling restricted in a market that prides itself on offering a myriad of trading opportunities. Moreover, the leverage provided by OANDA, pegged at a meager 1:50, raised another substantial barrier, particularly when pondering the financial depth required on a deposit to generate any substantial profits. The capital required to yield handsome gains with such leverage casts a shadow over the accessibility of profitable trading for individuals operating with limited funds. The lack of cent accounts only exacerbates the aforementioned financial barrier, further alienating small-scale and beginner traders. I found myself enveloped in a quandary, trying to comprehend the broad acclaim often directed towards this broker. From my vantage point, it amounted to what I'd characterize as a “nothing burger” – offering little in the way of sustenance or satisfaction for a trader at the commencement of their journey. This leaves me pondering the dichotomy between my experience and the positive narratives, prompting reflections on the variables that might constitute a fulfilling experience for others.
  23 Aug 2023  
For all the time of cooperation, no serious claims. If I'm not mistaken, then they are almost the only ones who allow you to calmly replenish your account from a debit card. Withdrawals can also be made to the card, but I prefer an electronic wallet for this case, it is convenient and fast and no one has any questions. Sometimes there are questions about setting up the terminal, the support guys help, they are very smart. The broker is perhaps not for those who like to trade after work. If you want good earnings, you will have to allocate more time for trading.
  14 Jun 2023  
Why Should Anyone Trade with Hotforex

HotForex is continuously establishing its position as a market leader and offers great trading conditions and competitive advantages to its clients which include, but are not limited to: tight spreads from as low as 0.1, flexible leverage options, top fund security measures, multiple account types, free educational resources, access to daily market analysis and many more!

Oanda today is perhaps the only broker with whom it is not scary to invest in the long term. Tools are good enough. They have many offices in major cities. But I solve most of the issues remotely, I have been in the office a couple of times during the entire period of cooperation. I also like that Oanda is constantly improving their products, opening up new markets and new opportunities. This year, Oanda opened up Asia, gave access to gold, and developed new protected products. By the way, they always work within the framework of current market trends, discover what is relevant now. In general, this is the broker you are not afraid to trust your money.
  14 Jun 2023  
I created an account with Oanda March 22 2023. I made a deposit. I saw the process of Oanda and was not satisfied. I asked for a refund and tried to request a withdrawal and it’s been 7 days and have yet to get my money back.
  22 Apr 2023  
Big requotes on Eur/Usd even during active market times. 14 pip difference from price trades on & execution price! I can’t believe that this forex broker is still allowed in the US. Stay away or they’ll take all your profits. I’ve been trading a long time & I thought these behaviors were gone in the US - but not with Oanda!
  28 Oct 2022  
I made deposit payment, was denied, tried to contact several times, but they keep saying thy never received my payment. until now I am still waiting for my money to come back to my account. I feel like thy scamed me coz I lost my money and they don't care.
  12 Jul 2022  
I submitted a support ticket April 4, 2022, and still waiting for any resolution (2+ months later)! The settings on the online platform won't save. No one has reached out to me and when I follow up, I get robotic responses that they'll let me know when there's an update. I'm extremely disappointed in the technical issue and the customer service.
  12 Jun 2022  
Oanda has been great for the short time I have used the platform, but there are some major issues. Almost every week I get logged out while trading then when I try to log back in, I get an error message until my account gets locked out and blocked. Then when I call to unblock my account I'm on hold for over an hour. Seems like oanda is short staffed and they are having software issues - I've reported the problems to oanda and they don't seem to care, so I'm just going to move platforms.
  7 Jun 2022  
I have been waiting over one month for a support ticket to be resolved - the settings on the online platform will not save. Furthermore, I have asked support now twice for information on their fees with no response (there are a lot of different fees and trying to figure out exactly what they are on their website doesn't seem possible). I am going to move to another platform and I do not recommend Oanda. Although their trade layout is clean and easy to read, it's just not worth it - bad customer service and high/confusing fees.
  3 May 2022  
I am having the same issue with the settings! It's been 9+ weeks after submitting a support ticket and nothing. Really terrible.
April   12 Jun 2022
Oanda is a fraud company. I took a forex trade NZD/CHF trade (ticket #1162), the price was nowhere near my stop loss but they stopped me out of the trade and when I questioned it, they claimed it was a market slippage that caused it which is fair enough but what annoyed me was taking £18 instead of £11 the agreed stop loss price! I would not recommend this broker. Please be aware this might happen to anybody.
  9 Dec 2021  
Terrible platform. Customer service is the worst. They have people in India reading off the screen that don't know anything about trading or the platform. The close your trades without warning. Im closing my account with them! Avoid.
  21 Sep 2021  
I just learned my entire account on Oanda got wiped out from "inactivity fee" because I trusted to use their platform for long term investments.
  27 Apr 2021  
XM - Industry Leading Global Investment Firm - Big. Fair. Human.

Servicing more than 3.5 Mill clients from more than 190 countries in more than 30 languages. Over 2.5 Billion trades executed with no requotes or rejections. Access to 1000+ instruments from 6 asset classes, 16 full feature trading platforms, 4 trading account types, 25+ secure payment methods and 24/5 personal customer service.

Nice company with a solid reputation. My first account was opened in 2010. Oanda was the first retail fx broker that has provided tick data for all currencies. I still trade with them by testing expert advisers on small accounts. Good solution for beginners with small amount of money.
  11 Jun 2017  
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