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Oanda Reviews for 21 September 2021

I just learned my entire account on Oanda got wiped out from "inactivity fee" because I trusted to use their platform for long term investments.
jeff   27 Apr 2021  
Nice company with a solid reputation. My first account was opened in 2010. Oanda was the first retail fx broker that has provided tick data for all currencies. I still trade with them by testing expert advisers on small accounts. Good solution for beginners with small amount of money.
Greg77   11 Jun 2017  
My experience of trading with Oanda is very positive. There are many features available on the website. If you have a real account, you get an access to huge database of historical prices. I use automated trading strategy and it requires backtesting on history. So I need high quality data and it's available on the website. The main point is that all data available in ticks. I can convert it to different timeframes and there is no need to pay extra money for data from other vendors. If you need good broker and high quality data for testing your algorithms then think twice about this one.
Huckeberry8   29 Jun 2016  
I like them due to deep market liquidity and competitive spreads. Nothing out of the common - just nice stable trading conditions.
Raj   19 Jun 2016  
Listen, I understand that this is a reputable broker but I am not satisfied completely with it. When I started, everything was perfect and suddenly the problems began. That sudden change occurred after I made profits several times. They stopped to execute orders. I thought something was wrong with my desktop, reloaded it and the pause was fatal for my deals. Perhaps I should continue but I’ve quitted at once. Though, it’s a pity. Here they offer innovative trading tools for analyzing the trends and stimulating the market, promise the secure trading.
Andy   2 Jun 2016  
fxcm and oanda are mothere forex brokers to the universe. no forex broker can be compared with them. seriously. once and once again thanks to them
mahesh ch   16 Jan 2013  
rule no 1: trade with oanda or fxcm
rule no 2: trade with oanda and fxcm only for ever and ever
mahesh ch   16 Jan 2013  
the best and top and great and king forex brokers in the world are oanda.com and fxcm.com only for serious traders. because i have been trading with this two brokers for nearly 2 years. i accumulated $2m .
mahesh ch   16 Jan 2013  
Compared to all brokers I've dealt with Oanda is the my favorite.
Nishkalanka FX   21 Sep 2012  
and by the way, the regulators are funded by FX dealer and just regulate how FX brokers can steal from clients. Clients have no recourse to regulators, absolutely nothing, these thugs all work to find ways to steal from the public.Look at the financial crisis caused by these thugs colluding with one another. They are above the law because they have backing of the regulator and the regulator reports to the government which as we now see is also crooked.
todd   9 Oct 2011  
Dangerous twists! I agree and now believe the majority of the positive reviews are funded by forex companies! I practiced and studied system for over 2 years. When I began I had a 93% winning streak for 3 months and tripled my money. However, problems began a day after making my first limited withdrawal. They are limited and Must be done in increments of $9000. After that moment limit orders were always a Pip away or less even with huge moves. Bids all resulted in instant reversal to the bid! I would occasionally get 1:20 return but it seemed I was the only player. After a 2 month retraction and reevaluation I was able to trickle minor income but the -Historical- anomalies only occurred on my trades within seconds of entry! These systems are not regulated appropriately and there are no open source disclosure to its directional purity. In this case as crazy as it seems I see an easy platform to program eliminatory strategies against actively successful investors. Beware!
Will   2 Nov 2018
thanks for the input regulator btw, 25 years ago I was trading with brokers via telephone calls. Yes it took me 25 years but there are many people who trade fx still, I wonder why because you cannot win unless you do physical money really, what do you think?
todd   7 Sep 2011  
ps...I also made profit so am not writing this because of losses, it's because of their utterly useless management and systems
todd   14 Aug 2011  
To Todd, if you want to make an official complaint you should contact IIROC who is Canada's regulator. iiroc dot com
Regulator   15 Aug 2011
Who do you or anyone on here suggest?
Belaj   16 Aug 2011
That would be fruitless and a waste of time because the FX market is not regulated at all, ANYWHERE!!! Sure FX dealers say they are members of the regulators but fail to tell you FX markets are NOT regulated by regulators, ask the regulators, they'll tell you the same too. These FX dealers all work with banksters to rob individuals, you might be lucky and get in and out with some profit but 99.99% individuals lose long term, that's fact.
todd   18 Aug 2011
I was customer with this bunch of crooks for 3 years. Made 17,000 small trades, over 3qtr trillion dollars in small trades. Made money in small amounts until they decided to target my account causing me losses of half million swiss francs. They also overcharge on bank transfer fees. My advice, stay away from them, they are the worst broker I have had in 25 years of trading. They openly brag about staff parties and bonuses on their website. Olsen sits in a office with one secretary over looking lake of Zurich, making billions from traders stupid enough to trade with oanda. This arrogant man refuses to talk to his clients as does his university & childhood friend Stumm in Canada. Client Funds are not protected but kept on Oandas own balance sheet!!!! very dangerous for clients. They often changed my account history transactions to the point I could not montior my account, their IT crowd deliberately kept changing my transaction history, yes, that's right!!! it's illegal. Of course there is also no one to report these thugs to. When I phoned their customer support, they returned my call threatening me. This is how the repay a customer who made over 17,000 trades in 3 years, paid 20,000 in interest and eventually lost half million with them. The platform continously crashes, they widen spreads often to 20 or 30 ticks. Fills never go in the clients favour and I filmed this for 3 years. Oanda are completely useless and should be in prison along with the bankers who support them.
todd   14 Aug 2011  
Oanda has not SLIPPAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
The price showed in grafs is a average of bid and ask line. While in the metatrader is bid price.
Click on chart options (in top of grafh, right corner) and take your own conclusions.
To me the prices close straights

Speculator X   21 Jan 2011  
i am from indonesia, oanda is the best broker, who give negative comment for oanda is looser, maybe lose big money.,.,.
Dinar   8 Jan 2011  
Oanda is the Best for day Traders
elionu   4 Nov 2010  
they do not have a way for you to close a position if the platform is down. And believe me it is down much more ofter then you would like. All you are left to do is just hopelessly watch as the market goes against you. So, get a backup broker. On the other hand, outside of news event times you will not have more than a .5pip slippage for your stops and they have tight spreads. do not trade news with them.
user since 2006   31 Oct 2010  
For a good trader one pair is enough for trading
trrrader   27 Sep 2010  
I never had problem with Oanda, Always provided prompt responses. If you are active trader during peak hours than perhaps huge spread can be a problem. I have been with Oanda for 5 years, I would highly recommend. Happy with their java based client that I can run anyplace. Risk and money management are keys to booking profits and cutting losses.
mawan   25 Sep 2010  
Forex is shit, broker are shit, please don't get into this scum business.No one of them are honest...the are all looking for your money...
josue de moraes   18 Apr 2010  
i hv check many broker .. i found the way of oanda doing like asking for document verification before you can deposit any money ... where you money from and where you get your withdrawal to go ARE very prudent practice. AND i m very impress by their narrow spread... this is most important to serious trader.
danny   1 Apr 2010  
used to be trader with oanada a year. at first i knew they are only good one out of the ehole forex out there beside ecn. I like the flexivle various small lot contact, but other than that they are horrible i had experience with. YOU CANT TRADE THE BIG NEWS. some advise for you, have very large account and trade small, dont use stop loss. They will hunt you down.
nek   20 Mar 2010  
funny comments...who can really complain about oanda? I am a rep of Oanda as the other positive talkers ...go get a life, or bs about sthg else!
Uygar Saral   23 Sep 2009  
Best if you know when to trade and not to trade. Best if you trade Eur/usd. If you trade without paying close attention to spread, surely Oanda can empty your account faster than other forex market makers.
Forexia   15 Sep 2009  
Recently, I enjoyed using Oanda but now I have to let them go....simply because their interface is TERRIBLE!! It always has glitches and I always have spyware and adware EVERYTIME the software opens because I scan my computer after I close it out with spydoctor. It always closes out on its own and this is VERY annoying!! Plus, you can&#39;t use an automated robot with the software if you wanted to. It has A LOT of downfalls. I also keep constantly losing money trading. <br />
<br />
Mac   7 Sep 2009  
i use oanda 2 monts now, and i can say a few bad thinds about it, their platform is really silly and slow, especialy on high volatility, and i have expierence in stop hunting, i never play o news coming, but trading on 1h TF ant stpo loss was hit 5 pips from original my SL, thats the bad way to build trust in company, but i will stay whit them and see what goona happen...
cice   7 Jul 2009  
a very old obsolete oldie platform. leverage only 1:50 to low low spread but very high in demand time goes up not 0.8 goes to 2.5 not funny, scarpy platform and leverages changes them please
jon   29 May 2009  
Oanda is one of the best in the forex market and very stable trading platform Two things need urgent improvement One is open position on the chart and the other one is able to hedge trade on open position. One best one is CMS free technical trading systems is good for beginners and hedge trade on open position with out any extra margin.
Ponnu   2 May 2009  
it&#39;s seems that Oanda has deeply stucked in the last century. It&#39;s so obsolete! Awful charts, no trainling stops, no good instruments, very poor technical support... How can one get a trading experience with such company? They don&#39;t give a damn about real needs of their clients.<br />
What about high-tech solutions such as provided by other brokers? It&#39;s a real shame they aren&#39;t aware of the last achiements in Internet-trading.<br />
Besides, today, when other brokers offer spreads starting from 1 pip, they provide an enormously huge spread!
Robert   15 Apr 2009  
38 currency pairs ... is that all?!?!?!?!?.... ugh... it&#39;s not serious for a company which claims to exist for 13 years with offices in three countries.
Dennis   15 Apr 2009  


OANDA is one of the oldest forex brokers operating currently on the online currency markets. The company was established in 1996 through combined efforts of a informational technologies scientist and a financial expert who had foreseen that the internet would change global financial markets in the...

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