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Saxo Bank Review and Information 2023

Saxo Bank Information and Review Saxo Bank
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Regulation FSA
Trading software SaxoTraderGO, SaxoTraderPRO
Headquartered Barbara Strozzilaan 310 1083 HN Amsterdam, Nederland

Saxo Bank, since its inception in 1992, has carved a niche as a leading authority in online Forex trading and investment landscapes. Acting as a beacon to global markets, Saxo boasts an expansive range of products and avant-garde digital trading platforms. Our global footprint encompasses over 160 countries, and our services extend to a plethora of institutional magnates.

Dive deeper, and you'll find a diverse financial repository beyond Forex - 11,500 Stocks, 7,000 CFDs encapsulating shares, indices, and commodities, interspersed with ETFs, ETCs, Bonds, and Futures. As a licensed European bank, our operations receive diligent oversight from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Furthermore, our revered membership with the Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors signifies the trust endowed by the Danish Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs.

Platform Spectrum at Saxo

For traders and investors, we present a trinity of state-of-the-art platforms:

Our unique positioning connects aficionados to the pulsating heart of global finance. As a sovereign and licensed institution, we open doors to a mammoth collection of 71,000+ financial instruments. Our Legacy & Vision: Fuelled by the ethos that investing is an odyssey of exploration, Saxo champions the spirit of 'curiosity.' Delving into nascent companies or emerging markets, we invite investors to broaden their vistas. Today, our Danish foundation supports a sprawling empire: a robust banking infrastructure, commendable S&P ratings, and the allegiance of over a million patrons worldwide. Our cosmopolitan team, spanning 72 nationalities, collaborates seamlessly across 15 countries, embodying the essence of global synergy.

Drawing from our Scandinavian roots, we promote a culture of trust, equality, and safeguarding, kindling a trailblazing spirit among our clientele.

Investment, we believe, is metamorphic - it refines perceptions, fosters enlightenment, and catalyzes personal evolution. Saxo's vision is to empower individuals to embark on this transformative journey. Beyond individuals, our technological might fortifies 200+ banks, 400+ intermediaries, and countless corporates, plugging them into the world's financial hubs. The crowning jewel, our SaxoTraderGO platform, stands as a testament to our technological prowess – offering a suite of trading utilities, profound account analytics, and a seamless transition between mobile and desktop ecosystems.

Global Footprint, Local Essence

Regulation and Recognition:

Curiosity Unleashed Delving into Saxo's ethos reveals a profound belief: Investing is not merely a transaction; it's an awakening. It heralds the birth of an insatiable curiosity about the vast tapestry of the world. When you invest, it's as if a dormant compass activates within, guiding you to venture, to question, to connect - with innovative enterprises, vibrant communities, or even uncharted territories. Some may term this an unquenchable thirst or zeal for continual learning. At Saxo, we simply call it 'curiosity.'

Every stride we take, every initiative we launch, is steered by one mission: to stoke this curiosity. We empower our clients, offering multifaceted avenues to make their capital work harder, smarter.

Our chronicle began in the heart of Copenhagen in 1992, fueled by a revolutionary idea - democratizing global financial markets. Fast forward to 1998, and we were pioneers, launching one of Europe's inaugural online trading platforms, seamlessly melding professional-grade tools with accessibility. From those early days, Saxo has evolved into a formidable financial powerhouse: a robustly capitalized Danish (EU) bank, boasting enviable capital metrics, an investment-grade nod from S&P, and the significant title of a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI). With the trust of over a million global patrons, stewarding assets north of USD 100 billion, we stand as an acclaimed beacon for discerning investors and traders. Our clientele revels in a regulated, seamless conduit to a vast trove of 70,000+ financial instruments via our avant-garde platforms.

Though our roots remain firmly in Denmark, our branches have spread wide and far, with a cosmopolitan team of 72 nationalities harmonizing across 15 countries. Our Scandinavian lineage imprints core values on our DNA - trust, equity, and unwavering security. This legacy inspires confidence in our clients, emboldening them to tread paths less traveled, to satiate their curiosity. Imagine a journey where every investment widens your lens, reshapes your perspectives, and stretches your boundaries. It's a transformative odyssey, enriching not just your portfolio but your understanding of the world and its myriad wonders.

With Saxo, our ardent wish is simple: Engage, Empower, and truly 'Be Invested.'

Saxo: Powering the Pulse of the Financial World

With an unmatched technological prowess, Saxo stands as the keystone for over 200 banks and brokers, and 400+ esteemed financial intermediaries globally. Our cutting-edge solutions empower a vast spectrum of entities, from nimble fintech start-ups to established banking giants, ensuring they seamlessly connect with global exchanges. Our robust platform facilitates their quest to deliver unparalleled trading and investment services to their clientele.

By The Numbers:

Our Intrinsic Nature In the ceaselessly evolving realm of the financial markets, stagnation isn't an option. At Saxo, we believe in perpetual motion. Driven by insights gleaned from our expansive data reservoirs, we continually reassess, recalibrate, and refine our offerings to better serve our clientele. Our ethos finds its bedrock in the shared principles enshrined in the Saxo Foundation. Our diverse team - an amalgamation of myriad skills and backgrounds - converges on a single mission: to constantly elevate the trading and investment experience.

This relentless commitment to excellence propels us to be forward-thinkers, always a step ahead, always challenging conventional wisdom. Our leadership team, brimming with industry connoisseurs and tech visionaries, frequently pens thought leadership articles. Their insights span a gamut of topics, from the evolving challenges of financial service providers to the emergent waves in global fintech.

Yet, our curiosity isn't confined to finance. We are passionate patrons of the arts, with our offices globally adorned with masterpieces. Our headquarters, in particular, houses one of northern Europe's most extensive private contemporary art collections. At Saxo, we believe art, much like finance, is a mirror to the world, reflecting its nuances, its changes, its beauty.

Experience the Pinnacle of Trading with Saxo Platforms

Embark on a seamless trading voyage with Saxo, where each platform is meticulously designed to cater to a vast spectrum of trader needs and expertise levels, all unified under one Saxo account.

SaxoTraderGO: Excellence in Every Trade

SaxoTraderPRO: For the Trading Connoisseur

Third Party Integration: Expand Your Trading Horizons

Saxo's Impeccable Execution & Pricing: Benefit from our unparalleled execution quality and industry-leading prices. And the cherry on top? We don't levy any charges for connecting to third-party platforms.

Connectivity and Cutting-Edge APIs:

Discover Saxo's Rich Tapestry:

For over three decades, Saxo's mission has been singular: democratize the world of trading and investment. Join us on this quest to unlock global financial possibilities.

SaxoTraderGO: A Symphony of Trading Excellence Experience Platform Activate Account Platform Maestro

State-of-the-Art Trading Arsenal Dive into a sophisticated array of trading and investment utilities, all seamlessly woven into an intuitive interface, making trading both effective and enjoyable. Masterfully designed for rapid executions, our trade ticket minimizes the steps required for order placement. It effortlessly presents all vital details, ensuring clarity at every trading juncture.

A Wealth of Analysis Tools

Holistic Portfolio Viewpoint

Research Alcove

Arm yourself with meticulously crafted research resources, ranging from breaking news, SaxoStrats evaluations, pricing insights, innovative trade concepts to educational content.

Cutting-Edge Risk Management Suite

Embrace our avant-garde tools designed to safeguard your investments and offer superior command over your trading portfolio.

SaxoTraderPRO: Pinnacle of Sophisticated Trading Begin Your Trading Odyssey Activate Your Account Now

Architected for the modern trader, SaxoTraderPRO's seamless interface gracefully adapts to multiple displays, whether you’re on Windows or Mac, ensuring you're always in command. Step into an environment brimming with robust tools, curated meticulously for superior order execution and granular market scrutiny:

360° Account Intellect

Cutting-Edge Risk Armory

Fortify your trading expedition with avant-garde mechanisms designed to bolster security and enhance position management:

Step into the World of International Stocks Unlock Your Account Discover Global Stocks with Our Interactive Platform Tour Begin your journey with commissions as low as USD 0.01 per share Delve into our transparent fee structure and trading prerequisites

Strategize with Precision

Enhance your stock investment acumen with handpicked insights Your Saxo account becomes your gateway to a treasure trove of stock research, innovative investment ideas, real-time market overviews, profound analysis, enlightening podcasts, insightful webinars, and more, all nestled within your trading environment. Venture into potential investment avenues using our elaborate screening tools, coupled with handcrafted investment narratives.

Strategic Portfolio Insights

Evolve and recalibrate your approach by meticulously studying your transactional chronicles, expenditure, and yield. Venture into a Broad Spectrum of 7,000+ ETFs Covering Tech, Healthcare, Green Initiatives, and More Unlock Your Account Engage with ETFs via Our Demonstrative Platform Commence your ETF exploration with commissions starting at USD 0.01 per share Peruse our comprehensive fee metrics and trading modalities

Refine Your ETF Mastery Deepen your ETF insight with our cherry-picked analyses Via Saxo, immerse yourself in a panorama of research spanning diverse ETF landscapes, inspirations, contemporary market revelations, adept reviews, edifying podcasts, seminars, and beyond – all at your fingertips within the trading interface.

Navigate the World of 5,900+ Sovereign and Business Bonds Begin Your Investment Quest Engage with Bonds through Our Platform Walkthrough Venture into the bond realm with a mere 0.05% commission per transaction, and a base trade volume of USD 10,000 for online bonds Survey our all-inclusive fee outline and trade terms

Craft Your Bond Blueprint

Elevate your bond acumen with specialist guidance Saxo unfurls an array of global bond insights, motivational investment avenues, up-to-the-minute market snapshots, seasoned evaluations, podcasts, e-seminars, and more – all encapsulated within your trading dashboard. Dive into 17,400+ Mutual Funds with Leading Fund Custodians Note: Fund availability may fluctuate based on region. Initiate Your Account Invest in mutual funds sans any commission Examine supplementary charges and trade conditions

Heighten your mutual fund proficiency with our select insights Saxo offers a vast reservoir of mutual fund learning modules, investment stimuli, contemporary market snapshots, adept dissections, podcasts, online seminars, and more – seamlessly integrated into your trading environment.

Seize Diverse Opportunities with Multi-Asset Class Options Begin Your Venture ProductList-D Explore options across equities, indices, interest yields, and futures. Embrace the flexibility of options from 20 global exchanges as an agile counterpart to trading foundational securities, all the while leveraging enhanced return prospects against defined risks.

Saxo Bank Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.home.saxo/
Address Barbara Strozzilaan 310 1083 HN Amsterdam, Nederland
Headquarters Barbara Strozzilaan 310 1083 HN Amsterdam, Nederland
Free phone +31 (0)20 225 5900
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Interest charges on the balance
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.05-3
Spread Type Fixed
Pip spread on majors 2-3
Maximum Leverage 200
STP, $
ECN, $ 1000
Standard account, $ 10000
Mini account, $ 2000
Popular payment methods PayPal, Wire Transfer, Debit/Credit Cards
Account currencies EUR, USD, GBP, JPY
Available assets Stocks, Futures, Options
Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic
Platforms SaxoTraderGO, SaxoTraderPRO
Broker type MM
Regulation FSA
Foundation 1992

Saxo Bank Reviews and Comments

My trading experience in the Forex market spans approximately half a decade, during which I've navigated the services of numerous brokers. Saxo Bank captured my attention instantly due to the favorable terms they presented, reflecting a genuine effort on their part to optimize trading for seasoned professionals like myself. Initially, I embarked on my SaxoBank experience with a classic account. While trading the EUR/JPY pair, I noted spreads that were reasonably competitive, hovering around the 1.5 pips mark. Eager to further enhance my trading conditions, I experimented with their Pro terminal. Impressed by its offerings, and lured by the even tighter spreads that touched 1.1 pips, I transitioned to a premium account. Regrettably, my initial enthusiasm soon met with disappointment. Post my initial transactions, I encountered glaring inconsistencies in the platform's stability. Frustrating freezes became a recurring theme, invariably resulting in financial losses. Such technical hindrances, unfortunately, overshadowed the favorable spreads and drove me to seek the services of an alternative broker. In an industry where real-time decisions and swift actions are paramount, a stable platform is non-negotiable, and I hope Saxo Bank addresses this critical aspect soon.
  6 Oct 2023  
I made the decision to partner with SaxoBank when it came to investing my idle funds amounting to 15,000 euros. My choice was influenced by SaxoBank's reputation, which conveyed a level of gravitas and reliability in the investment realm. I opted for the BlackRock portfolio, known for its conservative stance. Consequently, the returns are on the modest side, hovering around the 10% mark. However, I've always been of the belief that it's preferable to have consistent and modest returns rather than chasing aggressive gains that come with the peril of potentially wiping out 200-300% of one's deposit in a short span. Risk management, after all, is at the core of successful investing. When it came to the withdrawal process, I appreciated the hassle-free experience SaxoBank provided. I opted for a transfer to my Visa card. While some might find the 3-4 day waiting period a tad long, I view it as a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. After all, what matters more is the reliability of the transaction, and SaxoBank delivered on that front.
  21 Sep 2023  
My experience with SaxoBank left much to be desired. Right from the onset, I noticed disparities in the quotes they offered, which starkly contrasted with those provided by other brokers. These discrepancies eerily mirrored what one might expect from less reputable trading platforms. Additionally, their TraderGO trading terminal has proven to be quite underwhelming. Its lagging nature and frequent freezes become particularly pronounced during significant news releases, making effective trading nearly impossible during such crucial moments. It's one thing for a platform to have minor technical glitches now and then, but this level of unreliability during high-impact events is unacceptable. Another point of contention is the recurrent slippage. It's not just the occurrence that's concerning, but its consistent manifestation even during relatively stable market periods. And, adding salt to the wound, the slippages almost invariably resulted in a loss, with the broker seeming to close orders at the least favorable rates for traders. After grappling with these challenges and failing to realize any profit with SaxoBank, I decided it was best to cut my losses. I withdrew the remaining funds from my deposit and transitioned to a broker that I believe aligns better with my trading needs and expectations.
  2 Sep 2023  
I would be too naive to believe that everything will go smoothly. Yes, most of the time everything is fine, but, just yesterday, my gold deal flew rapidly to -600$. Yes, this is nothing compared to the income that I receive, which is about $ 3000-3500 per month, but still, if the gold does not even out, I will have serious problems opening the next orders. Although, looking at how the price fluctuates now, I think everything will get better soon. But, in any case, I understand that this is my responsibility, because not using the limiters (SL and TP) is my personal initiative. The broker is excellent for working in the medium term. Commissions are not robbery, orders work perfectly both on the market and pending ones. So I can recommend medium term trading through Saxo Bank.
  21 Jul 2023  
VIP Partners rewards - The luxury you deserve

The VIP Partners Rewards Contest allows Partners to enter the contest and win the returns they deserve for being a valued HotForex Partner. Few fresh deposits and some enthusiastic clients, eager to trade, can lead to fantastic luxurious prizes. If you enter the contest, all you need to do is wait for existing or some new clients to deposit and trade, and not only will you get the usual COMMISSIONS, but you will also secure some great REWARDS too!

They offered me a strategy with good diversification. Now there are a lot of different assets in my investment portfolio, but at the same time I like the structure, and the intermediate results of investing in general suit me too. In addition, the consultant is always in touch, quickly responds to my requests, advises as needed. In all the time that I have been with Saxo, I have not had any problems, including partial withdrawals, so I like everything about this broker.
  12 Jul 2023  
Unreliable and Limited. The platform is to some extent good; however, if you need to chat with the agent and receive support it is very challenging. The chat can be open for 5 min at most and then it restarts and you end up speaking with 10 agents before you can only address your problem. I never solved one so far. Saxo Bank is also very unreliable. They change margins, fees and their interpretation of regulation without any previous communication and as they seem appropriate, usually on client's damage. They also never send you a name or a link to the regulation they are enforcing. Especially if you are a non EU citizen, avoid it. There are many other platforms in the US which are more reliable and less costly than SAXO. Do a better research. This is a branded mamut which will not survive the New Age.
  23 May 2022  
Very bad experience. I asked them to withdraw some money on the 1/2/2021. I got no response until I made official complaints to the Monetary Authorities of Singapore where I hold the Account and to their "complaints dept". They finally registered the bank account of the receiving bank on the 8/2/2021 but. still today on 17/2/2021 I have not received my money. The people answering the phone are totally irrelevant. I have started worrying about the rest of my money with them and I think I will have to change broker. Its not the first time that I have problems with this broker. Stay clear.
  16 Feb 2021  
Thank you for your honest review, this helps new clients be aware and cautious for sure.
Jonathan Bartsch   8 Sep 2021
Saw an add for NDD Saxo bank trading accounts, later I find they are market makers. below is from their Product disclosure statement. 3.14 Conflicts of interest: Trading with Saxo for the Saxo Products carries an automatic risk of actual conflicts of interests because Saxo is acting as principal and issuer of the Saxo Products and Saxo sets the price of the Saxo Products and also because it might be transacting with other persons, at different prices or rates, or Saxo might be trading with market participants.
  10 May 2018  
Saxobank dead company without support team. In Saxobank doesn't exist support team, they doesn't answer on me emails. It is SCAM broker.
  31 Jan 2018  
That’s not a good broker for some sort of trading strategies. I’ve got very poor performance since started trading using small take profits and stop losses. Other words, spreads too high for scalping. It brings my strategy performance to negative level comparing to other brokers. I also found that results are the same on all main currencies. So my conclusion is to use this broker only for position trading.
  3 Jul 2017  
It's a terrible and not advanced company in terms of trading currencies. In my story, I was attracted by promises of broker's advantages among other firms. It pushed me to open account and make deposit after relatively short period of time. No demo at all! In addition, I had an ECN account, but in reality, there were no advantages compared to other types of accounts. All the same: requotes, wide spreads, etc. If someone wants to protest against my statements, I will glad to provide all the evidence. Unlikely, I won't communicate to anybody from broker after such a negative experience.
  25 Apr 2017  
Please, can someone leave a comment of true experience with Saxo Bank? Look, when I see list of all trading currencies, I get a little confused. There are 182 currency pairs. My current broker offers 32 currencies for trading. The difference is huge especially when I see much better conditions with saxo. What I do not like is a minimum required balance that is $10000. Comparing to my broker it is very high level of entrance even if Saxo bank gives you so many trading instruments. Is it really worth to deposit 10K? What special with trading solutions if broker provides the same mt4 trading platform, regulated by same authorities and have all major currencies for trading?
  2 Aug 2016  
Damn rude tha's all I can say of their night dealer no damn manners at all, system slower than my grandmother walking
  22 Mar 2011  
I'm a Private Wealth Management client in Saxo Bank, what can I tell you about this service?, well, they've made me lost USD 150K trading with Natural Gas futures, they offer a senior advisor for your investments (with a lot of experience) but this only a joke; the senior advisor bought the future contracts without an stop loss order, the result was I lost USD 150K in just 1,5 days. It would be funny for you, but it was not for me, believe me Saxo Bank is not as good as they say.
  8 Apr 2010  
Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

please somebody tell me... which is the best forex borker?
  13 Jan 2010  
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