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XTrade Information and Review XTrade
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Regulation IFSC, CySEC, FSCA
Trading software XTrade WebTrader
Headquartered 35 New Road, 2nd floor flat, Belize City, Belize; Vasileos Constantinou 140, 3080, Limassol, Cyprus

Trading financial instruments are in our DNA. For more than 10 years, Xtrade has helped clients to make trading decisions, access liquidity, and manage risks. We connect counterparties with market-leading traditional trading of CFDs on shares, commodities, forex, and indices. Our institutional strength, practical expertise, comprehensive technology, and unparalleled network enable us to deliver a powerful global trading platform when and where our clients need it. Xtrade offers around-the-clock support and delivers world-class solutions to its clients in more than 25 countries. We provide a sophisticated trading platform available on the Web and Mobile. It allows our clients to manage trading activities from deposit to withdrawal, from any place they are in the world.

Xtrade has been providing traders and investors with access to financial markets for over 10 years. The list of the instruments includes various asset types starting from major currency pairs and ending with rare stocks and ETFs. The company's trading standards, platforms and services are approved and backed by numerous international awards. Simple registration, convenient trading platforms, favorable trading conditions, regular updating of technical equipment, educational resources – all this attracts clients and creates comfortable conditions for successful market analysis, trading, investing and risk control.

Important features of Xtrade:

  • Access to 1,000+ assets: currencies, stocks, commodities, metals, indices, bonds, and ETFs.
  • Technical indicators, personalized settings, the ability to trade multiple instruments simultaneously.
  • Advanced WebTrader trading platform that allows for market analysis, order execution control, and control of a free margin level.
  • Negative balance protection.
  • Mobile application and application for tablets.
  • Unlimited demo account with the full set of live-trading features.
  • Exceptional bonus system: opportunity to get up to 60% of the deposit amount as a bonus and other promotional offers.
  • Minimal deposit starting at $250.
  • VIP account from $20 000 with additional functions for analysis and trading and awesome benefits.
  • Educational opportunities. Specialized courses, video lessons, blog articles.
  • Leverage up to 1:400.
  • Trading signals and analytics, which are available for any type of account.

Verification is a necessary part of the registration process with Xtrade. It grants the security of personal data and finances to the company's clients.

Detailed information on the peculiarities of working with Xtrade is available on the company's official website. Feel free to contact the broker's support team to clarify any details, get information and technical assistance.

XTrade company was founded by active traders for traders. The user agreement is focused on the maximum possible safety of investors. It regulates the rights and obligations of the parties and provides the legal framework for mutually beneficial cooperation. 

XTrade Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.xtrade.com/
Address 35 New Road, 2nd floor flat, Belize City, Belize; Vasileos Constantinou 140, 3080, Limassol, Cyprus
Headquarters Vasileos Constantinou 140, 3080, Limassol, Cyprus
Free phone +44 203 8074001
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Mobile trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 2-5
Maximum Leverage 400
Standard account, $ 1000
Mini account, $ 250
Popular payment methods Mastercard, Visa, electronic payment methods
Account currencies USD
Available assets Indices, Commodities, Shares, Forex, ETFs, Bonds
Languages English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Filipino, Malay, Hindi, Korean
Platforms XTrade, WebTrader
Broker type Broker
Regulation IFSC, CySEC, FSCA
Foundation 2003

XTrade Traders' Reviews

  1 May 2022
Did somebody face any withdrawal nuances while working with XTrade?
I thought I would have issues with withdrawals here but it was before I had joined this broker. I explored the conditions here and I didn't really like them until I tried out trading here. Afterwards, I realized that this company suits me most. others were not so convenient. and yeah, no issues connected with withdrawals. don't worry.
senior Rizzi   12 Aug 2022
  9 Mar 2022
How does a company 'zero out' customer accounts. The first deposit was lost when the news about the decision of the US Federal Reserve to change the lending rate was released (the spread was widened to 147 points at the time of the news release against the standard 14-18 points for this type of account). Moreover, this was the third decision of the US Federal Reserve to change the lending rate for the current year, none of the first two such an expansion was even close (there is a script on the account that tracks the change in the spread), and surprisingly, in the first two cases, the company sent letters (by mail and to the terminal) about the upcoming news and, most importantly, about the possible expansion of the spread. In the first two, but not in this one. Prior to closing, the equity of the account was 250%, the positions were in an equivalent lock. The funny thing is that this account survived the fall of the Swiss franc, but apparently at that time the company did not have such an innovative idea to "zero" accounts. The company's answer is a simple quotation of the client agreement, no specifics, only "water in the ears". Throwing from a "specialist" "to the "specialist" only delays the time, does not affect the result in any way. There is no question of any professionalism, it seems that the students who earn extra money on their summer vacation, who have memorized the regulations, are responsible. Then the situation repeated itself, in a calm market, in the absence of economic news (checked on two news sites). At 8:00, the account equity was 270%, equivalently locked positions, the account has a breakeven trading advisor (taking into account swap, call margin level, and everything that needs to be taken into account), according to his calculations, the stop out should have occurred at a price of 1.13950, however, at 08:09 I received an email notification that the positions had been forcibly closed at 1.14973 and 1.14856, with a spread of 117 pips, respectively. There was a traded bonus on the account, which the company apparently "forgot" to take into account. The company has not yet answered my questions about the reasons for expanding the spread in a calm market, apparently the whole office is coming up with an answer, most likely they will again refer to the regulations.
  11 Jan 2022
I opened a real account with this broker for two reasons. The first - my friend recommended it, so I could save time on testing the broker on my own. Secondly, it offers Webtrader. This platform is very suitable for me. The recommendation was right. At least I don’t see anything suspicious in the trading process that could indicate price manipulations.
  29 Dec 2021
I trade metals and EFTs with this broker. The company suits me. I don’t want to say thousands of praise words. In fact, I see nothing special here but at least I do appreciate that it’s not a scam. I had enough to make sure that it’s genuine. For three months of trading with the broker nothing bad happened to my capital. I mean non-trading reasons, of course. I saw no cheating and I didn’t have withdrawal problems here. As for trading conditions, I think they are quite standard as with many other brokers today.
  27 Dec 2021
I was very surprised when I saw these tutorials. Thus, I can normally learn to trade on a demo account, but sooner or later I will need to open a trading account. I already know a lot, but there is one question that worries me. What are the spreads, big or what?
  23 Dec 2021
I can say that except for ETFs, I trade nearly nothing here. I like to trade ETFs. Earlier I was used to trading stocks but I found that ETFs are just improved stocks when you don’t need to worry about one separate company. However, from time to time I open trades on silver here. It’s my favorite commodity.
  11 Dec 2021
What do I need in order to get priority working on my account and processing my payments when trading with Xtrade?
If you want privileges with this broker, you need to open a VIP account here. By the way, in this case, you can trade with tighter spreads.
Paolo Barbieri   6 Jan 2022
  5 Dec 2021
As a rule, I’m not prone to trusting user reviews about brokers. I’d better look for new brokers on my own. However, this time for some reason I decided to make an exception and rely on reviews. I read Xtrade reviews. I did read a pile of them and I found something interesting there. I even remember what interested me and held me tight. Some reviews had to do with government bonds. I can’t say that I had never heard of them before. I had even seen them with other brokers but I had always neglected them. Somehow those reviews persuaded me to try government bonds exactly with this broker. Once I came to their official site my curiosity to government bonds strengthen after I viewed an article about government bonds on their site. I found it interesting and after this I firmly decided to try government bonds. I should note that government bonds are traded here as any other CFD products.
  24 Nov 2021
The XTrade broker offers quite a wide range of as*sets for online trading with decent conditions. Another advantage of the company’s client-oriented approach is a well-structured bonus system. The first trade is risk-free, welcome bonuses can significantly increase the initial account balance, while the Xpoints system works as a cashback for commissions paid to the brokerage. The only concern for traders might be the absence of tight regulations by such authorities as FCA in the UK. However, comparatively high leverage is able to compensate for that.
  21 Nov 2021
I joined this broker solely to trade government bonds. I should note that I trade different assets with different brokers because it’s very suitable for me. For example, I register some brokers solely to trade currencies, while I trade indices with other companies. I decided to start trading government bonds exactly with this broker. I probed into the company and found out that it’s regulated. It gave me peace of mind. I trade government bonds in the long term only. I don’t see any sense in scalping this stuff.
  12 Nov 2021
I have recently joined your Xtrade brokerage company. I can say that I’m satisfied with the choice of financial instruments here. Secondly, I appreciate your Webtrader. It’s strikingly easy to use. It looks smart in contrast with this obsolete Metatrader. I have a feeling that it’s easier to trade. The platform is visually appealing. It’s important for me. I heard that experts proved that visually attractive things set our mindset to productive work. I have one question. Does your government bonds require a special approach?
Here you don’t directly sell or buy government bonds using a special procedure and a special place as it occurs with real government bonds. Here you deal with CFDs on government bonds and respectively you don’t need any special approach to trade this stuff. Just use their chart to make technical ana*lysis and based on this make your trading decision.
Felix Lien   21 Dec 2021
  9 Nov 2021
I decided to trade with this broker because it has government bonds. If I’m not mistaken these are quite rare assets. Modern official CFD trading made it possible to speculate such specific assets as government bonds. Not so long ago the only possible way to trade government bonds was to attend TreasuryDirect.gov. An investor required undergoing a very complicated verification procedure and opening a bank account. CFD made it all easier and this broker offers to trade government bonds without physically attending TreasuryDirect.gov. It’s much more convenient to trade these assets as CFDs because in this case you don’t need to care about the percentage the government promises to pay out to holders of this papers and inflation that can decrease your gains. Here you just trade it as currencies or any other Forex assets.
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