Goutam Das: a success story

Goutam Das: a success story, or how I worked my way at Grand Capital from personal manager to Director of Development in Africa

For hundreds of thousands clients of Grand Capital, communication with their personal manager is an inalienable part of their trading process. heed their assistant’s advice, use their trading tips, together look into complicated cases. Personal manager is your guide in the world of financial markets. Our traders from Africa are well acquainted with Goutam Das, the man who has been supporting them 24/7 for quite a few years. Now we’re ready to announce that Goutam has been promoted to the position of Director of Development in Africa.

Achievements of Grand Capital in Africa in the past two years:

  • 6 regional offices — 3 in Nigeria, 1 in Botswana, 1 in South Africa and 1 in Namibia;
  • partnership with major banks: FNB and Bank Windhoek;
  • over 30 educational seminars and expos;
  • 90000 clients;
  • over 20 payment methods;
  • deposit and withdrawal in local currencies.

Goutam helped many traders from South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria and Botswana start getting consistent profit from financial market trading. During the time we’ve been working on the African continent, we started accepting new payment services and organized over 30 seminars and trading classes. One could argue that African traders received the opportunity of working with Grand Capital thanks to Goutam Das.

Before taking charge of Development in Africa, Goutam had been a personal manger at the company, and a sales manager before that. Unbridled enthusiasm and almost round-the-clock work helped him reach tremendous success at Grand Capital. The best part of his time is still dedicated to work with clients. In order to help them achieve greater efficiency in trading, Goutam actively communicates with them and even started his own Telegram channel for that purpose. It is a constantly updated source of trading signals and a place to discuss trading ideas. Goutam often engages in news scalping and freely gives advice to other traders. The chatroom is open to all traders.

Goutam Das, Director of Development in Africa:

“I’ve always been interested in trading. I remember looking through stock sections of newspapers when I was 12, but with time this hobby became my work. I’m very thankful to Grand Capital for being able to do what I love. My top priority for the nearest future is improving the quality of service and active promotion of our company in Africa. During these three years we achieved many great things, but the success that we already have is not the best we can do. I plan to continue improving our trading services and work towards opening new partner offices. Beside that, we’re focused on meeting our all demands of our clients and ensuring the security of trading.”

From a personal manager to a Director of Development in Africa

Communication with a personal manager is key for traders. It consists not only in an exchange of information. Just like in any other work, personality plays a great part here. We asked Goutam a few questions in order to learn more about him:

Goutam, tell us a little about yourself: where were you born, what did you do before getting into trading?

I was born in Madhya Pradesh, India, got my bachelor’s degree in business administration. During the final years of college I started working at a large hotel network. First it was an entry position, then after a while I was promoted to chief manager of the hotel. But my mind was always set on trading.

After moving to Russia I decided to find work in this industry. I got lucky and quickly joined the Grand Capital team. I can say that the move helped my lifelong wish come true: it’s in Russia that I found my dream job.

Why trading?

As I have already mentioned, it all started when I was a kid. My parents had subscriptions to a few newspapers and I loved reading through the economy columns. Who could have thought that this would become my main profession! Today I work with investments and trading, and I help others profit from this activity. It’s great to have this opportunity, not everyone can afford to do what they love.

How did you start your career at Grand Capital?

I joined Grand Capital in 2016. At first I worked as a sales manager, but I knew I had bigger ambitions than that. When the higher management saw my enthusiasm, I was promoted to a personal manager and then to the position of business development manager. At the time we started actively expanding in Africa, I was working with traders and partners virtually 24/7. When I first went to Africa to hold a couple of educational events, I realized that the industry of financial services isn’t as developed there as in Russia and Europe. That’s why Grand Capital had great potential there. We had an opportunity to become a broker #1 in Africa so we started working more actively there. Within two months we organized six educational events, met local traders, talked to them about financial markets trading. At the same time we established contact with local banks so that our clients could conduct financial transactions easier. In the end we firmly settled in Africa and now have a well-developed network of representative offices in four countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

What will your top priorities be now as the Director of Development in Africa? What about your plans?

For me, security in trading has always been the top priority. It’s important for me that traders trust Grand Capital. We have a solid reputation among real traders and we’re doing everything to live up to it. Another important thing is to provide favorable trading conditions to our clients in Africa. This includes fast and easy deposit and withdrawal methods, the option to conduct transactions in local currency, working with local banks in countries where we’re represented, development of the network of offices so that our clients can receive education, assistance and trading advice right in their home city.

Source   Presented by Grand Capital
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