Forex Ratings Mission

We at see our mission in providing a trustworthy and reliable platform designed for appraisal of forex brokers currently playing an important role on the currency exchange market.  All the brokers listed with us are well-established and familiar to the trading community. Some listing participants are new but promising companies, which all the more so need to have a closer contact with real and potential clients. Our platform is a perfect place to bring together both brokerage firms and forex traders. registered users are able to cast votes for or against any brokers from the list, and to express their opinions, write comments and reviews on the listed brokers’ performance.  These practices are valuable and called for by traders of all levels. At that, team constantly monitors and moderates the content appearing on the site to eliminate evidently false or fraud messages. We stand for objectivity and professionalism and urge our community follow these standards.

The credibility of voting results and rating positions of forex brokers is guaranteed by a well-developed protection system. And, on the 1st day of every month the prior voting results are being cleared off, and voting starts anew, so any broker from the list has a chance to get to the top. team continuously keeps searching for new and prospective brokerage firms to invite them to join our rating and thus become available for acknowledgement and evaluation by the forex traders.

Brokers who leave our listing for this or that purpose do not disappear from our database though: since the launch of in 2006 we store and replenish the information array so that our visitors at any time can find out who is who in the forex market. platform is remarkable for its availability and ease of use. We take pride in our evaluation solution which adds objectivity and open-mindness to discussions about forex and brokers working on the fx market.

Our listing is a proof that forex market can be comprehensible and transparent, and our site visitors and voters are those who make an invaluable contribution to this construct.